Sprint does a 180, brings back two-year contract options for smartphones

Sprint is bringing back two-year contract pricing options for its smartphones. The company previously announced it would ditch those contracts in August 2015, and it finally did so in early January 2016, but now the wireless carrier is offering those pricing plans again.

What happened? According to what a Sprint spokesperson told FierceWireless, it was based on customer demand:

"We listened to our customers and are giving them more choices to get their new device," Sprint spokeswoman Michelle Leff Mermelstein told FierceWireless. "Sprint is the only carrier to offer the most choices to obtain a new device -- lease, installment bill, two-year contract or pay full retail price."

The trend has been to offer customers either full price for purchasing smartphones or offer them under extended leases. T-Mobile has ditched two-year contracts, and AT&T has also gotten rid of those plans as well.

Source: Sprint

John Callaham