Sprint to ditch two-year contracts for all smartphones by the end of 2015

Sprint will join T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless in abandoning the traditional two-year contract for selling smartphones by the end of 2015. The news comes via a new interview with Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, who said the company will slowly move towards selling smartphones at full price via a leasing business model.

Sprint is already making the move to the new leasing model with today's reveal of iPhone Forever, which will allow customers to upgrade to a new version of Apple's smartphone at any time while keeping the same monthly lease rate.

T-Mobile has not offered two-year contracts for a couple of years now, and last week Verizon Wireless also ditched the contract model. This decision by Sprint means that AT&T will be the only one of the four major US carriers to still offer two-year contracts.

Source: Sprint

  • Ok.
  • For someone whose family is on an older plan and whose member on average keeps their phone 3+ years, the two-year contracts are the best option. I recently played with the online options for upgrading and noticed that choosing other options (such as the Lease) does not lower my monthly plan. In fact, I end up paying more for a 24 month lease than my usual 200 dollars up from for a contract with my monthly contract bill being the same.
  • But you said 3 years. You're paying the extra fees into your plan for an extra year. According to sprints own site that's about 25 a month. 3 years means you've paid about 900 plus your 200. The full price payment or up front option is actually much better if you keep your phones a while
  • What are these "extras fees"?
  • They're hard to notice since they've always been baked into Sprint. The plans were always incorporating the cost and Sprint was reluctant to do no contracts. You can see the fee on their plans page. If you try to do any family plan these days, it's 40 per device if it's under contract, 15 if it's not. https://www.sprint.com/en/landings/sprint-lease.html You're on the contract option, you'd be best with easy pay. Leasing is the worst option. Notice that there's no "fee" per se but you're paying more for the plans. They've always been that way but they've only recently offered discounts on paid for devices
  • Actually, the monthly amount included the subsidized price of the phone. However, most times after that 2 year contract is over.. you are STILL paying the same amount.
  • Exactly. It would be foolish to remain on a subsidized plan without getting a phone for that long. You are giving away money to Sprint. Leasing isn't exactly a better option if you don't mind keeping a phone 3+ years. Buying your device outright or making installment payments until you own the device would be ideal. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Moto X Pure Edition...... (Work on Every Carrier) (Has financing through Motorola) Keep the carriers to what they really are, DUMB PIPES...! Galaxy Note 4 {Sprint 5.1.1}
    Galaxy S III {FreedomPop 4.3}
    LG G2 {Sprint 4.4.2}
  • Looks like T-mobile is winning. Everyone is adjusting their plans accordingly. AMAZING!
  • This should drive down phone costs, since it will not be hidden in your payment. $200 to $300 phones plus a low monthly bill will be much more attractive. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ya I'm curious how much profits T-Mobile can eventually garner with this model. I'm just glad that you aren't locked by a 2 year contract. Getting out of phone payments is way easier if you aren't happy with your carrier. That plays into the consumers hands and forces carriers to keep the quality up imo. Verizon doesn't really care YET but I am sure there will be a time where they will have to take T-Mobile serious as a change in the whole business model. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is why they are doing this. Because people would ETF out leaving them with lost revenue. Now if you want to leave you pay the remaining balance on the full retail of the phone. It takes a few to destroy a good thing. A lot of people were doing this and the carriers were losing money. They don't get subsidies on these phones. They get them for full retail and then lock you into a contract with the subsidy built in. When you break the contract and theoretically save a 100+ for breaking the contract they lose out. Now they will do a device payment plan and if you cancel you pay the remaining balance. Problem solved on their end. You also get the benefit of having a separate device 0% interest and if you pay the device off, your bill is less. Before the subsidy continued even if the plan went month to month. I like this better because if I pay the device off now I can upgrade, if I don't want to I pay 15 a month for the device as before it was 40 regardless. To each their own I guess, can't make everyone happy.
  • You have to wait 6 months or pay the subsidized portion of the phone off in addition to the ETF. It's in the contract. I learned the hard way.
  • They're not winning at coverage, either.
  • So AT&T is the only major carrier left with contracts now right?
  • This is 2015, getting rid of contracts makes sense.. unless you're an old human lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • +500000000 Exactly what I'm saying its just an undercover contract without getting a subsidy on the phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's only a matter of time before they announce their abandonment. Just wait Posted via the Android Central App
  • ATT is ditching 2 year contracts on September 1st. Posted Via my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using the AT&T Network.
  • They got rid of them 3+ years ago.. Or at least gave you the no contract option. I joined AT&T with a BYOD Nexus 4. No contract pricing, just paid for data and $15/ line added to the account..
  • That's what the article said.
  • At. The moment at&t 2yr contracts are available online so that's going away soon I bet Posted via the Android Central App
  • AT&T gave you a no contract option 3+ years ago..
  • Not sure this is a good thing or bad thing. I've always had the 2 year contract on all my lines. Posted via the Android Central App
  • More flexibility and more transparent pricing.  Now, we just have to wait and see what they do with the monthly service fee pricing once it has been de-coupled from the phone cost and you're no longer paying a subsidy fee every month.
  • My guess is they won't lower the monthly service fee at all. This is an attempt to boost revenue.
  • Devices are cheaper to add if they're paid for. 40 per line if not, 15 if it is
  • So because you've always had a 2 year contract makes it a good thing? What is the benefit to having a contract when the phone costs more than buying it outright?
  • Some of us have done the math for our plans. As long as I upgrade every two years with my plan on Verizon, over that two years I save $400 on a contract versus going with device payment plus data package and access fee on Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile.
  • I'm glad it works in your favor as many wind up paying more for the ability to pay for their phone in installments.
  • That if they didnt lower the monthly cost. If you had off contract pricing you'd be better off buying it outright every two years.
  • It's about the same.
    Contract plans are generally $20 more a month than the Easy Pay plans, when you want plans with no extra phone lease contract.
    The differences comes in with Easy Pay giving you the option to pay your device off earlier and get a lower rate.
    It's all still contract plans unless you you bring your own device that's fully paid for. Trading one type of contract for another. Buy "unlocked or full price". Galaxy Note 4 {Sprint 5.1.1}
    Galaxy S III {FreedomPop 4.3}
    LG G2 {Sprint 4.4.2}
  • There is more money to be made by letting customers upgrade whenever they want.
  • They're all over that. Have customers pay for a phone they never get to keep, then sell that to someone else for $400 in 2 years? It's like free money.
  • +infinity Galaxy Note 4 {Sprint 5.1.1}
    Galaxy S III {FreedomPop 4.3}
    LG G2 {Sprint 4.4.2}
  • Looks like I will be paying for my phones out right Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's essentially how car leasing works.
  • exactly - sprint is slick on this one. BUT since most will damage their phones, they wont be eligible to upgrade.
  • yup
  • They just killed mine by leasing me an M9 for free Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wow,that's awesome,how do you like it
  • I'm happy with it especially after going back to my EVO LTE after my wife broke her G2 and took mine. I could have got the G4 for $5/mo but ended u8p not being swayed by the anti-810 hype
  • I killed mine a year and a half ago when I got the G2.
    Best move I ever did.
    Paid off the G2 early. Bill went down. Was paying $80+tax, down to $60+tax, down to $45 Prepaid (I'm on WiFi most of the time anyway).
    After all that and a year (Sprint releasing device ID's), I pay $35 a month on Boost with my Sprint LG G2. (got unlimited data back) Galaxy Note 4 {Sprint 5.1.1}
    Galaxy S III {FreedomPop 4.3}
    LG G2 {Sprint 4.4.2}
  • How is paying $22 a month ($264/year) for a new iPhone every year on Sprint's iPhone Forever plan paying full price?
  • You are also giving it back so you never really own the phone..like a car lease.
  • I'm sure you'll be able to pay it off and keep it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • $22 x 24 months = $528, which is about the cost of a base-model iPhone, so that seems perfectly reasonable.  I haven't read much about the "iPhone Forever" plan thing.  I'm wondering if Apple is actually helping carriers by subsidizing this stuff, to try and entice people to the iPhone, especially since the plan seems (at least from the name) to intentionally "lock" people into the iOS ecosystem.
  • Some details... the iPhone Forever is a 21 month lease, $22/month. At any time, the customer can turn in their phone (which closes out their lease) and start a new 21 month lease on whatever newer iPhone is out at that time. If they decide that they want to keep the device, I believe they can wait for the lease to end, then pay the lease EOL payment (which is typically $200-$250 on a two-year lease, not sure if it will be different for this 21-month lease).
  • Same as a car lease.
  • As opposed to paying $200 up front and the rest of the device being subsidized.  In theory, this means that the subsidy cost of the device gets taken out of the monthly plan fee, and the actual cost of the device, which you were always paying anyway, is now more transparent.  It should also mean that, should you decide to keep the device after it's paid off, then the amount you pay per month should go down.  With the old subsidy model, you paid for the device *forever*, since part of your monthly plan was to pay for the reminder of the device, but that fee never went away no matter how long you kept your device.
  • Um, no, with the old subsidy model you didn't pay for the device "forever", you paid the lower up-front price and you "paid off" the rest of the phone by agreeing to a 2-year service contract that is in no way connected to the phone you bought, which didn't include any additional per-month phone costs. That's why there are still people upset over the elimination of 2-year contracts - if you were planning on keeping your phone for 2 years, the subsidized prices were great deals.
  • You are perfectly illustrating the problem with the subsidy model.  Do you really think that the carrier is just "eating" the extra $500 that you didn't pay for the device?  There's a reason that 2-year-contract plans are more expensive than the pre-paid plans that require you to buy your own device.  The whole reason for the 2-year contract is so that the carrier can make sure that they get their money back for the portion of the device that they paid for.  Your contract is absolutely connected to that phone, which is why you can't upgrade whenever you want.  What the subsidy model is good at is hiding how much you're paying for the device, versus how much you're paying for your service. With the way the US carriers have been doing business for years now, even if you paid full price for your phone up front, you still paid the same amount per month as though you the carrier had subsidized the device.  The carriers *loved* it, because it was pure profit for them.  How many people still walking around with an iPhone 4s? Sprint's current financing plan actually does lower the monthly service fee (since they're not subsidizing the device), although I think there are still some problems with they way they've implemented it.  Especially the fact that the monthly discount goes away once you're done paying off the device, which allows them to "appear" to be taking the subsidy cost out, and then sticking it right back in once you shouldn't be paying it anymore in the first place. Again, part of what you pay per month when you're on contract most definitely is to pay for the portion of the device that you didn't pay for up front, because the carriers are not going to just "give" you that extra money.
  • Wyldkytten, my father just upgraded his iPhone 4s three weeks ago, hence the reference ;)
  • He'll my parents finally got rid of motor razr flip phones in march.. Note 3 and note 4 Posted via the Android Central App
  • You are right and wrong to your comment. You can't upgrade at the price of what is would cost to upgrade, but you can always buy at full price of what the new phone you want is. Both 2 year agreements and phone financing you are still paying a subsidy for the phone. Wireless reps also make more spiffs off selling phone financing. It's still a contract. Posted Via my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using the AT&T Network.
  • Dude correct me if I'm wrong but weren't u on Tmo in Phoenix? And u were loving the speeds u were getting? If true why did u go to at&t Posted via the Android Central App
  • Uh, I live nowhere near Phoenix. Posted Via my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using the AT&T Network.
  • It really comes down to how much cheaper your per-month costs are if you pay off the full phone's cost over time versus the typical 2 year contract model. As you mentioned, in the past your monthly costs were the same no matter how you bought the phone (meaning if you paid full price you were getting screwed), and ultimately the issue comes down to the difference in total cost over a 2 year span. If in fact the new no-contract system is cheaper than how it was in the 2-year plan system (or even comparable), then this is a win, but speaking as somebody who had the option to switch from a 2-year contract to the EasyPay option a few months ago when upgrading to a Nexus 6, the EasyPay option would have been far more expensive (I was also locked into a family plan, so I admit my situation was a bit unique). There's also the issue of what you have to do with the phone at the end, because in the 2-year contract era as wyldkytten states you could sell the phone at the end and get some money back, whereas with these lease systems you have to give the carrier the phone back, so you lose out on what you could have sold the phone for. Certainly I would hope the end result is a much less convoluted payment system where the phone is fully divorced from the service (as it should be), but I remain skeptical that this actually provides a better deal for anyone on how things used to work. Time will tell, I guess.
  • I agree, Peanut Master.  All of Sprint's (and everyone's, I believe) current options allow you to keep the phone after it's paid off in 24 payments, or even pay it off early and keep it.  A "lease" generally implies that what you're paying in counts as equity towards to the item, should you decide to keep it at the end of the lease, with the option to simply return it at the end of the lease.  That's what separates a lease from a rental.  And you're correct about the monthly plans.  If they reduce the cost to where it's at least a break even for the service+financing (and you're actually building equity in the device), then it's a win for consumers.  Otherwise, this is just another way to "trick" people into paying even more than we already are for our cellular service.
  • I'm fine with my families current plan and phones. We have 4 lines, unlimited talk text and web. we pay $260 per month. Tell me how the new plans and non-contracts are cheaper? it is very confusing. At sprint they told us if we wanted unlimited it would be $110 for 2 lines with unlimited talk , text and web. If we wanted to add 2 more lines, since we have 4, it is $50 per line. that is already at $210 per month. we then have to "pay the full price of the phone" through lease/easy pay that is about $27 more a month per phone that we are going to be paying off that will be adding to the bill. so far that is $318/month. Even more, we have insurance on our phones so thats about $10 more per line. thatt would have us at $358/month. idk how that is cheaper than the plan and "contracts" we already have. they say it is cheaper, i doubt it. if you know of a way that it will be cheaper and a better way to explain to my dad please let me know. He does not want to go to the sprint store for the reason of facing a $300+ monthly bill. thank you.
  • Are you getting a corporate discount? $260/month including insurance seems very cheap for a four line plan. Don't forget that at $27/month per phone you probably each have top tier phones. This probably means that you guys paid $299 each for the phone when you got it and let's figure about 7% tax so $320/phone. $320*4 phones/24 months=$53.33/month. So paying nothing up front on the new plan is like paying 313/month on the old plan. In theory you could get interest on the savings with the new plan but that really isn't a big deal. So you can't compare the new plan cost to your old plan cost without figuring out the added monthly cost of the up-front payment of the phones. The old plan still cost a lot less $313/month vs. $358/month which is why I'm wondering if the old plan either wasn't including insurance or had a corporate discount you aren't adding to the new one. The other thing to consider is that if anybody keeps their phone longer than 2 years the new plan really starts to come out ahead as the new bill would go down by $27/month per person who keeps their phone longer than 24 months where the old plan stayed the same. The old contract plans work best from a savings point of view for people who religiously purchased a new phone once the two years expired and they were eligible. Even more so if you could sell your old phone though the price a two year old phone will fetch has gone down dramatically over the last few years. The downside to that logic though is it is "encouraging" people to buy new phones every two years at $300/phone even if their old phone is working fine. That is why the handset manufacturers like Apple and Samsung loved those plans. I'd imagine the carriers got volume discount pricing so they still made money with people who upgraded every two years however they made the most money on people under the old plans who kept their old phones for 2.5 years+.
  • Again, you're assuming the cost will go down on the monthly service fee now that it is no longer subsidizing the cost of the phone. The only reason I haven't switched to one of those plans is because the plan I have now (with subsidies) is cheaper than their new plans without.
  • You're correct, there.  If they don't charge less, then it's a rip-off.
  • The question I have is 'will contact plans be grandfathered even when I upgrade "? Sprint store reps generally can't provide accurate information.
  • I'm sure. Heck, I'm still on the framily plan and in no way am i changing. And if they make me, hello t mo! :) Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm on the 1500 unlimited family plan. Right now they are offering me lease options to where I'm only paying $5 per month on a phone
  • I'm on the 'old grandfathered' 1500 unlimited data family plan also. Did your plan cost get reduced when you opted for the device payment rather than subsidized? I doubt it.
  • Bingo! They don't. A no-contract option is bad for us on the Everything Data 1500 plan.
  • I too am on the 1500 unlimited family plan. I just upgraded (lease option) my sons S4 to the S6. $4 extra a month and my plan stays the same. At the end we buy the phone for "around $200" , upgrade to a new phone, or continue the lease at a higher $19 /month. Oh, and get a case because the phone has to be pretty much in pristine condition when you give it back. All in all I'm just happy I didn't lose my family plan!
    The plan cost did not go down, stayed the same plus the extra lease fee.
    Posted via the Android Central App
  • *yawn* Posted via the Android Central App
  • Hopefully this won't turn out like the cable companies that constantly jack up the rates for long term customers to subsidize new customer deals. I actually signed a 2 year contract with my cable company to lock in my rate. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Looks like the mid range market will start to have a nice space to grow since people will now realize how much these high end Galaxy/iPhones really are behind these contracts. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Na if that was the case then people would never go to rent a centers That's basically what it is now lease to own so just pay 24 easy monthly payments for the phone
    Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep, they better start allowing unlocked phones or I'm gone when my contract is up. Biggest reason I did a contract again was because I got the G3 for $1 and sprint was offering the $15 a month loyalty credit last December on the iPhone lease so I got my wife her stupid iPhone she has to have for $10 a month over 2 years which was cheaper than paying $300 up front. I see a pair of unlocked mid range phones next year running on cricket once I tell her how much a new iPhone will cost. Posted via the Android Central App
  • A lot of people think so, but I don't think it's going to happen. The bulk of the Installment Billing agreements I see are for the same high-end devices that people were buying anyways. In fact, I would bet this move only makes the high-end devices *more* popular.
    Example: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6plus
    2 yr agreements. 6plus is $100 more. Ouch, that's hard to justify.
    Installment Billing: 6plus is only $4.16 more per month? Hey, that's not so bad, why not?
  • People, people, it's still a contract. Say you get a Note 5, 30 bucks per month, what do you think happens 6 months down the road if you want out? Pay me know or pay me later. I hope I'm wrong, someone help me out. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Att needs to do this!
    Will anyone be buying iPhone or $650+ android flagship now? Unless they are stupid enough to lease it Posted via Android Central App on 1+1
  • Starting September 1st of this year AT&T is getting rid of two year contracts. Posted Via my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using the AT&T Network.
  • Source? Posted via Android Central App on 1+1
  • Talked to the ATT Corportate Office this morning. Office of the President is my reference. Give them a call. Posted Via my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using the AT&T Network.
  • They've already killed contracts in there spring (indirect) stores. Can only do it through corporate Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would like source too looked for said September 1 AT&T no 2 year contract and found nadda...but since it was said on the internet it MUST BE TRUE Posted via the Android Central App
  • The only reason companies are making this transition is because there is far less risk associated with a installment based plan than a subsidized plan. Anyone working in the mobile phone industry understands this.
  • What's the point on a network that you cannot byod? You have to get it through Sprint anyway. Unless my monthly bills suddenly get lower this hurts existing customers. My bill won't get smaller but now I don't get $400 off my next phone. A good reason to switch carriers I guess.
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  • Exactly, for us old sprint users with the legacy plans this is a slap in the face to us, pushing us off these old plans and putting us into these lease plans when we don't even sweat phones like thst. You have 30 dollar a month sero users thst still use basic phones thst will be quite pissed. For us it makes no sense, I keep phones for a while anyways. I will look at leaving sprint and getting a moto g or something like that. These new plans with phones are going to be at least 75 a month when you lease the phones. That's 20 more than what I pay now on a subsidiary plan with a 100 dollar down note 4. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's a hustle to get more money out of a customer, I'm a sero P user I pay 50 a month, I get phones for cheaper when sprint lowers the price and I do pretty well, this new lease thing is just a hustle to charge a flat rate for the phone, no sprint bill with this new lease plan is gonna be what I pay now, ripoff. Better to buy 3rd party and connect at t mobile or some other cheap 30 to 45 dollar a month plan, huge rip off. Cell phone companies are jut taking advantage of the nerds who salivate over the newest phone everyday. I'm buying all new phones off swappa and ebay now, sprint is gonna kill sero completely.
  • In the long run won't companies like Swappa suffer? Eventually there will be a lot less phones to "swap" if everyone had to give it back after the lease.... Posted via the Android Central App
  • When i had sprint it was this fee and that fee, municipal tax, 911 fee, and not much in data service, I said after 10+ years, NO MORE..... Good Bye!!!! Posted via Android Central App
  • With the exception of some prepaids that roll it up into the plan, every carrier has taxes.
  • I don't upgrade until next year and I am on the 1500 ED Family plan. If I have to pay more each month when I upgrade, I think I will switch to T-Mobile. There is no reason for me to stay with Sprint anymore. I have been with Sprint 14 years now. I might as well go with a company that will give me more freedom with phone choices and faster data speeds.
  • Wasn't planning on upgrading this year (again) but I may do it before they switch models just so my family rate doesn't go up. That's 4 phones I need to buy now. Only have 1 that has another month before it's eligible. All the others are over by at least a year. Oh well. Merry Christmas everyone! Posted via Android Central App
  • What happens if you're currently in contract? My in-laws have my wife on their plan with Sprint. Thankfully I left Sprint in 2013 Posted via...The One
  • If you are still in contract they will honor the contract until the original agreement term has ended.
  • 10+ years with Sprint and this may drive me out. I might just have to switch to a GSM carrier with more choices of phones and simpler sim switching capabilities. Bad move Sprint. Posted via the Android Central App
  • How about and Android Forever plan?
    ...Make that an Android 4 Month Plan :)
    I agree with the poster who said $200 contract and $350 ETF was better....and I might add eBay is your friend. Subsidies were good in a way. I will say this, I think Sprints leases are affordable and fairly priced. $22 including a yearly upgrade is great. $18 for leasing a G4 is awesome too... Just waiting till there are no post-paid plans and I can buy an iPhone and SIM at the supermarket and switch SIMs and carriers whenever I need to. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Considering I'm on a sero plan with 500 minutes unlimited text and data...this new initiative screws me over. They will probably force me off when I upgrade.
  • Sero P user here too, I feel the same way
  • How will this affect my unlimited data? I have had an unlimited family plan since 2001 and say that I have been happy with it. I upgrade to the latest and greatest every 2 years. I can handle a lease... I don't typically keep my phone when the upgrade comes along. My concern will be my data. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So I end up paying about the same price per month but have to give the phone back after 2 years? How is this a good thing?
  • Haha!! Exactly!!! It isn't a good thing for you, but it makes the consumer feel so warm because they label it as no contract when you are. I was at a AT&T store this past weekend and a sales rep was talking to me about the AT&T Next and 2 year agreements. On their ATT Next 24 month, you have to sign a 30 month committment and you are elgible to trade your phone in at the 24 month and upgrade or you can continue paying on the phone and own it at month 30. So you are signing a longer contract and paying more over the course if you do their Next 24 month as compared to a 2 year agreement, you buy it at less cost today and the rest is built into the plan over 24 months that they make up. Plus these sales reps make extra spiffs for selling phone financing.
  • Att has already ditch 2yr. contracts on the southeastern part of the US as a "trial" run. Eventually, the rest of the regions will follow. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have 6 lines and paying anywhere from $12.50 to $35.00 per line makes my bill $100 to $150 more than I would like it to be. I regret ever signing up to purchase a phone on monthly payments. I will never put my self in that situation ever again, either I buy a Nexus or Motorola X and finance the phone through them
  • At the moment I'm in a 2 year contract with AT&T. Unlimited voice & text and 3GB data. Total monthly bill before tax is $57. Where are the hidden charges? We all need to stop thinking that what ever option we have everyone should have it. Why don't we just get what we want and leave everyone to get what they want whether it be a 2 year contract, BYOD, jump, edge, etc. Seriously, options are good.
  • Options are very good, but I don't think the carrier employees can handle all these options. I think they are trying to simplify things for themselves. Get everyone on only a few different plans and its easier for them to manage. Plus these new plans make the carriers more money. Its not saving us anything.
  • I usually pay $99 to $199 for a new flagship with Sprint, and I'm satisfied with the cost of my monthly bill, service, unlimited data, etc. I would rather not pay much more than I'm currently paying each month. And I'm not interested in leasing a phone. I typically purchase at full retail price for my Verizon line, though. If I do the same with Sprint, I'll likely start keeping my phones a lot longer and waiting for better deals.
  • This is a Bad idea..... Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have a family Everything Data - 1500 plan, with seven phones on it (I'm not sure how that happened years ago, but I'm pretty sure it's no longer available). My bill is $319.55/month, or $45.65/phone, including ALL taxes and surcharges, for unlimited data, text, and talk. We use well over 10GB of data per month. Seven people can get a subsidized phone every two years - at $200/phone, that works out to only an additional $8.33/month (or zero if they choose to keep the phone longer). I don't see anything currently offered from Sprint that can beat that deal. If someone else sees a better deal from Sprint, please let me know.
  • 2-year contract should long gone; in my home town, contract is never required, except if you want to get a new phone at discounted price or for free, and there's no such things like activation fee, termination fee (without contract), bra bra bra.
  • Sprint didn't ditch the contract pitch on me. I placed an order online through Sprint.com to pick it up at a Sprint store. I paid full retail price via debit card for a Samsung Galaxy Note5 with NO CONTRACT. However, when I went to the Sprint store to pick up my phone, the Sprint retail consultant wouldn't "release" the phone to me without a service plan contract. When I placed my order online, I chose the "pay full price, no contract" option of $40 /monthly. Anyway, he insisted that I sign up for a 24 month service plan contract with Sprint. I informed the retail consultant that when I ordered the phone online I paid full retail price and that I ordered it with no contract required. He kept persisting that I sign a 24 month service plan contract with Sprint. I told him I'm not going to sign up for a 24 month contract plan for a phone that I paid full price for. Next, he's canceling my order. Well, isn't this just great. For 7 to 10 business days Sprint will have $881.79 of my money, and I have no Samsung Galaxy Note5. Bye bye, Sprint !!! Who needs this grief.
  • The Cell Phone Providers Made their Money On Leasing, I had a phone come up for upgrade, so I went online to reserve my phone at a Sprint store for pickup, I went and they said they could only do a pay easy plan of lease option, they said I couldn't get to renew 2year contract at the store anymore. So I thought to my self, okay..., I will just go around them (sprint store) and Go to Apple Store Directly to pickup a phone and still get my 2year contract. Checkmate... and I'll keep my phones after 2 years contract. oh yeah fyi retail iphone 6s Plus 128BG goes for $850 and i'll get it for $399 plus if I trade in my iphone 5c and get $200 credit so that puts me at paying $199 for a New iphone 6s Plus 128GB. Thank you