Spotify has a new feature that lets you scan a barcode and play a song and it's pretty f'ing cool!

In February, Spotify removed its in-app messaging feature, which instantly made it harder to share a song with a friend. What they have now totally makes up for it.

According to Techcrunch, more details are coming Monday May 8, but a feature that lets you scan a special barcode and instantly play a song is live and it's pretty glorious.

Each song has a unique code attached to its album art (you bring that up the same way you always did) and using Spotify's in-app camera you take a picture and the song plays. The feature works whether you're scanning it from a friend's phone or from a screenshot that you can send through any messaging app. It's a simple feature that works just like it's supposed to work, and we love it when that happens!

There are some great ways this might go viral, too (see Snapchat codes). Being able to post a small image anywhere on the web and it plays a song for you means sharing music becomes a lot easier. This is bound to be great for Spotify as well as everyone who likes listening.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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