In February, Spotify removed its in-app messaging feature, which instantly made it harder to share a song with a friend. What they have now totally makes up for it.

According to Techcrunch, more details are coming Monday May 8, but a feature that lets you scan a special barcode and instantly play a song is live and it's pretty glorious.

Each song has a unique code attached to its album art (you bring that up the same way you always did) and using Spotify's in-app camera you take a picture and the song plays. The feature works whether you're scanning it from a friend's phone or from a screenshot that you can send through any messaging app. It's a simple feature that works just like it's supposed to work, and we love it when that happens!

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Scan the code Spotify finds the song The music plays!

There are some great ways this might go viral, too (see Snapchat codes). Being able to post a small image anywhere on the web and it plays a song for you means sharing music becomes a lot easier. This is bound to be great for Spotify as well as everyone who likes listening.