SoundCloud launches its own music subscription service

SoundCloud has rolled out an app update, which adds a new subscription service. Going up against the likes of Spotify and Play Music, SoundCloud Go is free for you to try for 30 days and will set you back $9.99 a month thereafter. Highlights of this new subscription service from SoundCloud include ad-free experiences and the ability to enjoy your favorite music when offline.

Since this is SoundCloud, one can look to expect a catalog of content that will not only feature major artists and record labels, but also uploads from indie and unsigned accounts. It's an interesting approach to music too, incorporating the advertisement model for free streaming, enabling those without a paid subscription to enjoy whatever music is made available for that specific tier.

Be sure to either download the app or updated it through the Play Store to check out this new service. It appears to be only available in the U.S. and we have yet to see the update hit our handsets so give the store sometime to propagate.

Rich Edmonds