AirPods have an affordable competitor in Soul's True Wireless ST-XX Earbuds

Soul just unveiled a new addition to its lineup of stylish, true wireless earbuds, and they're one of the most cost-friendly options to date. The True Wireless ST-XX Earbuds are now officially available in a variety of different colors to match your style at a retail price of $69.99.

These fully wireless earbuds were designed for listening on-the-go, whether that means while you're working out at the gym, running down the sidewalk, or heading to the beach. They feature IPX5 weatherproofing for protection from sweat and rain, along with Bluetooth 5.0, so you can keep listening to your music and take calls while your phone stays dry in your pocket or bag.

The ST-XX earbuds aren't just a good fit for athletes — they're a great pick for students too, especially with how they're priced. They can last for about six hours on a single charge, though with the charging case that's included with the earbuds' purchase, you can power them up anywhere to keep listening for up to 20 hours. The case functions not just as a portable battery for the earbuds but also an easy way to keep them protected while traveling.

Now available in six different colors, including lemon yellow, raspberry red, navy blue, sakura pink, matte black, and pure white, there's an option to suit just about anyone's personal style, and the charging case you'll receive comes in that color as well. Early adopters of the ST-XX can even save 20% on their purchase right now at Amazon and Soul's website through August 4. That drops their price to just $55.99, though even if you miss out on that offer, they're still some of the most affordable true wireless earbuds you'll be able to find on Amazon at their regular price of $70.

Alex Smith
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