Sony's super-high-end Xperia XZ Premium now on sale at Amazon and Best Buy for $799

Sony's latest super-high-end phone, the Xperia XZ Premium, is now available in the U.S. at the rich price of $799. The open sales come after a week of pre-orders, but the retailers are the same: Amazon and Best Buy are the best places to go.

Even though it's been over three months since Sony announced the new flagship — and therefore flagships from Samsung, LG, HTC and more have since launched — it still has an impressive spec sheet. If you're willing to drop the cash, the Xperia XZ Premium is offering a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage (plus SD card), a 3230mAh battery, IP68 waterproofing and of course that ridiculously dense 5.5-inch 4K display. The XZ Premium also has a new 19MP camera with 960 fps slow-motion video.

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Big money gets you a whole lot of specs, but still not a fingerprint sensor.

Despite its high-end price, the frustration of not having a fingerprint sensor in the U.S. version of Sony phones continues with the XZ Premium. It's pretty much inexcusable at this point, but as previously discussed this is likely a contractual issue that Sony is stuck with for the time being. Considering that the near-identical phone is on sale in the UK and Europe with a fingerprint sensor, we're looking at the same sort of situation as previous Xperia phones where the fingerprint hardware is there and Sony is disabling it in software.

For all of the quirks of Sony's U.S. phone strategy, it has managed to figure out distribution properly. Take your pick of retailers.

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Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Sony phones are like a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Big on production but the finished product is always lacking something.
  • 100% agree. Since they still offer fingerprint sensor in other regions, it strikes me they are merely trying to continue their cost savings by not paying licensing fees. If they are selling a low cost budget phone, that's one thing. At this cost, there is no excuse. Further, it opens the door to the question, "where else did they skimp on costs?" Still getting in their own way, I guess.
  • Search the web, apparently the fingerprint reader IS present in the Xperia phones but disabled by firmware for US versions. This is due to "external factors" (patent / contractual obligations) in the US... In short, Sony was told that if they wanted to continue to do business in the US they had to make the "business decision" not to include the fingerprint sensor!!! (told by who???)
    See: Some Android sites explain how this can be re-enabled by the users. That was certainly the case with the XZ ( Therefore nothing to do with "cost saving", as it will probably cost more to have to manufacture 2 different versions rather than simply one and disabling the sensor by flashing a US specific firmware at the end of the production line!
    This purely due to how business is done in the US!
  • I have finger print reader on my Sony Experia Z5 Premium and it is flawless and convenient. Of course I had to import it via Amazon. The other thing missing on this phone is wireless charging. Looks like I will be getting the Note 8
  • Looks like a border to me on that phone. I don't see anything borderless. And that screen size look way smaller than 6"
  • I wish I knew what the specific details are. Incredible to think that a ZTE phone has something a Sony phone doesn't.
  • DOA already with no biometric security in the US.
  • Hardly. It's DOA for a number of reasons, a finger print reader probably isn't at the top of the list. I personally don't use one (FPR), but when you combine the fact it's not available at carriers, lack of advertising and more of the same.. your left with enthusiasts, like us, who have a lot more market choice then your average consumer. And I love Sony! My tablet and cell phone (up to 3 weeks or so ago) were both Sony, and the second they trim those bezels I'm back on it, bio-metrics or not.
  • In Canada we have the fingerprint reader so it's all good. I love sony phones!
  • It's a year out of date.
    You've got to go edge to edge now if you are making a premium phone.
  • For me, the killer features are:
    1) the 807 ppi!. I will use this device as my main device but also for VR. 807 ppi greatly reduce the "Screen Door Effect" where you see the grid between the pixels magnified by the VR headset... the larger the pixels, the more apparent is the grid !.
    2) the camera. I have an excellent Sony DSLR and their camera sensors and software are excellent. Also, 960 fps is going to be fun to play with.
    3): Snapdragon 835 + 4GB + 64GB of UFS memory (3 x faster than traditional eMMC memory) = superfast phone. Sure I would like an edge to edge screen, but the bezels size is secondary to me. They may be less "sexy/trendy" than the current bezel-less phones, but I don't mind... I am in the UK and mine is arriving on Friday 2nd ! can't wait...
  • I agree. Its edge to edge or nothing at this point. Even the Essential phone is to little of an innovation (that camera syphilis is really gross). Hoping the Note 8 handles the slim bezels much better. Also.. Any company who outs a phone with decent sized top/bottom bezels and calls their device "bezel-less" is officially DOA, and will 100% lose respect from those who aspire to have a bezel-less phone. So if you work for a company and notice them doing this, step up and do something about it before its too late.
  • Umm no you don't have to be like everyone else just to make a premium phone. We don't need every OEM copyong each other just for the sake of fitting in. But Sony does need to cut out those bezel and for goodness sake try to get the price down for an unlocked phone surrounded by more easily accessible and arguably better competitors.
  • What phones have an edge to edge display? Like 2 and you have to deal with the edge of the screen bending backward...
  • I don't understand the appeal. Your fingers and palm will cover up part of the screen just by holding the phone and if the edge of the screen is curved it will distort the image on the sides of your phone. Also, the corners of your display will most likely be round and last time I checked content isn't delivered with round corners nor a strange 2:1 aspect ratio which means you'll have a cropped image anyway. I'll pass on that weird display trend. The only thing it is good for is marketing images.
  • "if you're willing to drop the cash” Ah no we're not willing. Sony can take a dump on this. Then they wonder why the smartphone division is failing. This right here is a big reason.
  • Yup. The fact that it's not available, again, through carriers shows that they don't know how us consumers purchase phones mostly... By walking into a carrier store and purchasing through (likely) some payment plan. They there is no fingerprint, and to top it all off you have like 30% bezels and a 4k screen with a small battery. I have zero interest in this phone at this point. Haven't bought a sony phone in many many many years either.
  • Good luck with that strategy Sony.. I have lost faith with Sony phones. I'm still holding on to my Z3 Compact because of the battery life and easy to use with one hand. But newer Sony phones don't offer that kind of battery life anymore. And the camera sucks. Yeah, just like the reviews from any tech sites.
  • UK and Europe???
    I know it's an island and it goes through the Brexit and all, but I thought UK was in Europe (until further notice, don't they hold an European Union passport?).
    Is UK a geographical area all by itself? At least Sony knows that UK is in Europe as they treat them the same!
  • Perhaps it's a different region when it comes tofirmware revisions. Either way it's a pointless discussion.
  • The UK normally gets things before the rest of Europe since it speaks English unlike the rest of Europe. That's why that differentiation is normally made.
  • $799?
  • Somebody. Anybody. Buy it and let me know how you like it.😂😂
  • Tempted to buy but too many phones already pre-ordered (U11 and Essential). I think I'll pass on this one.
  • Have one arriving tomorrow. Bought it from the UK. So it is in English, has the warranty, fingerprint sensor will work, am getting an external bluetooth speaker as a promotional gift, and best of all it only cost me $676.63 US. No tax and a $100.00 speaker brings the total price down to $576.6s shipped. People need to learn how to wheel and deal. Not too hard if you try.
  • Dang that's a good deal.
  • Care to share where you bought it from?
  • Awesome! Let us know how it is! People are too lazy to look around and find a good deal. Also the US seems to want to FINANCE everything. Yeah it's 0 percent but it locks you into that carrier, or you have to pay full price if you leave the carrier, which is actually more than you can get it outright off the web or elsewhere. US household debt non mortgage, is aorund $17000. That's crazy. Anyway if you never used a sony you can't say much. To each their own. I am using the Xzs and it's is a thousand times better than my old samsung. They hold up great with all the other competition in speed test and everything. In my mind I don't care if I have edge to edge or not. Does not bother me one bit. That's just a personal feeling though.
  • Only recently started using Sony as my Moto G5 was stolen and that was only to replace my S7 which died of "not paying that to replace a screen". Started with z1 compact, great, then z3 compact, amazing, best small phone ever, and now I am on an xperia X, despite the mediocre reviews I am loving it, hasn't let me down once, and gaming buttery smooth. So I am very very interested in the new Sony phone, specs are always top notch, ok design never changes much but in the UK they certainly give you bang for your buck. And playing my PS4 on it when the wife is watching telly, genius.
  • Maybe for $599.99, but I'd still rather get a different phone. Besides carrier payment plans are how most people in the US buy phones, I don't have the money for a flagship lying around and saving up for it, I'm likely to buy something more practical and useful than another new phone lol.
  • Meh I'm good with my s8+ until the Note 8 comes out.
  • Fear not USA, the XZ Premium will sell well in the rest of the world.
  • What a silly CONtract to sign. What an OVERpriced device. Why are they still here - I know why...they figured out that charging a body, to a niche market gives them a healthy ROE - why else are they releasing the same device aesthetically basically year upon year, cause' someone is buying them LOL....and this fingerprint lack...who is the contract with, I skimmed the article hyperlinked didn't catch it, but it can't purely be marketing or something whoever this " agreement" is with, has to be benefiting from their lack of presence AND had a legit reason to prohibit them selling here with them !!
  • Only hardcore Sony fans will buy this of which there are very few, and they'll continue losing money. It may even be a bigger fail as most high end Samsung and iPhone buyers won't be tempted.
  • Would love to buy this. Might wait for the American version to go on sale though.
  • I love Sony phones and can't wait to get my hands on this. Am grateful there are still some choices out there. Some of us don't want what everyone has out there: ie a Samsung or iPhone. I'll have to go for the import version!
  • I just got this phone yesterday and it's absolutely a beast. SOunds are loud and crisp. Screen is the best on the market, the overall speed is so snappy. The phone is amazing. It's really the best out there. Yall are crazy to not give it a try. It's basically the same price as the S8 with better specs... I got an international version so the phone has the fingerprint scanner and my tmobile network works perfect with LTE displayed on the bars.
  • What better specs, besides a higher density display? Both have the same CPU, 4GB memory, 64GB storage w/Micro SD slot.
  • Their mobile bottom line must be working out to charge this price and sell so little*... KEYᵒⁿᵉ
  • I'll go amd play with the demo units if possible but that's as close as I'll get to getting one.
  • Not with them bezels
  • Those big bezels allow front firing speakers.
  • I'd consider one if they bothered to get wifi calling on T-mobile. Even OnePlus can manage that.
  • Same here. I have an Xperia and love the phone but have to use a T-Mobile microcell thing. I'd suggest getting one if you are in an area with horrible coverage - like me. What's annoying is that the microcell disrupts my wireless subwoofer so it's a tradeoff....but it shouldn't be.
  • I'd consider that at home but I work in a basement of a hospital. The only carrier that would get signal down here is Sprint due to antennas the hospital has set up. I don't think I would be able to use a microcell thing here.
  • wireless subwoofer? why?
  • My Z3 on t-mobile had wifi calling. Does this one not?
    Granted, it was a tmo branded z3
  • On this LG V20 now, and that Galaxy Note 8 is next in my list. I don't necessarily see myself moving off of Samsung anytime soon, after that. No, no Sorny. I got that Sorny 4K TV this year, but no Sorny, nah son. It is dope, though.
  • No fingerprint scanner. Large bezels... And all for $800!!!!!??? Nope. Wait a few months.
  • The finger print scanner is there it is a firmware flash away.
  • Fingerprint scanner is in the international version, but not the U.S. version. likely due to patent issues.
  • Hardware is there, just software limited. Hence why the firmware flash was suggested to enable it.
  • Do you see the specs? Is there a better 4k screen available? If you install any official Sony ROM outside of US (Canada, UK, etc) the FP works. Sony will even help with the ROM flash as much as they can. If price is no object this a great phone as an alternative to the floods of Samsung and Apple out there...many people can drop a grand on a phone and not even blink... Not me, I have an Axon suits my needs and was like $300
  • Why not buy the international version at for what looks like $720 or so plus includes a finger print sensor. I'm thinking about getting it from them, I just want to take a look at it first and I can't find any local store to do that. Anyone know where to find this on display? Best Buy doesn't seem to have one to look at either.
  • For those of you wanting the fingerprint scanner just the the UK variant. Since the phone is Unlocked it'll work just fine with carriers in the US
  • NeverMSRP on eBay has the XZ Premium for $695 new. It's the international model so the fingerprint sensor will work.