Sony Smartwatch 3 stainless steel

The folks at Sony are launching a version of their SmartWatch 3 with a strap worldwide this week. However, the company has yet to announce a price tag for the new variant of their Android Wear-based device.

Sony did reveal that the SmartWatch 3 stainless steel edition will come with a voucher for six months of free access to Todoist Premium. That will also be true for the upcoming adapter for existing SmartWatch 3 owners, which will allow them to use any 24mm watch strap. The special holder will also come with brown or black leather strap options. Sony says that the leather and stainless steel straps will be sold as separate accessories for current SmartWatch 3 owners sometime this spring.

Be sure to check out our hands-on impressions from CES 2015 of both the stainless steel Sony SmartWatch 3 and the strap holder.

Source: Sony