Sony's latest shot at mixing up the smart phone camera game isn't actually a phone at all, but rather a camera accessory that interfaces with any Android or iOS device. Announced at IFA 2013 in Berlin, the Cyber-Shot QX100 and QX10 are completely self-contained cameras with drastically higher quality sensors and lenses than any phone available now.

These Cyber-shot QX cameras pair to Android devices either manually or with NFC, and once connected feed all pictures and videos taken to the connected device for instant sharing over mobile networks as if they were taken with the phone itself. The QX100 and QX10 both offer high-end point-and-shoot camera sensors, optical zoom and several advanced features that come with a stand-alone camera — the higher-end QX100 even offers the same sensor and optics as Sony's RX100M2 camera.

Announced: Sep 04, 2013

Released: Sep 09, 2013