Snapchat Spectacles

If you live in one of eight or nine massive cities around the world, and were paying attention to a website that frequently crashed, you may be one of the lucky folks to have found a bright yellow vending machine in your area selling Snapchat Spectacles. If you were eager to get a pair and didn't care to wait in a long line with no guarantee you'd get one, eBay usually had a few at twice the price shortly after those vending machines ran dry. Assuming you were one of the people oddly curious about this wearable camera but not willing or able to find one of these obnoxious vending machines, you probably decided to wait until Snapchat stopped screwing around and sold the glasses like a regular company.

Surprise! That day is today. Snapchat has finally started selling their Spectacles online for you to order like a normal human being.

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Whether you're interested in the striking Coral, the brilliant Teal, or the less ostentatious Black, all three colors of Spectacles are now $129.99. Snapchat has also made the $50 charging case and $10 replacement power cable available to order through the site, in case you need to accessorize. It's everything you need to get started on you Spectacles adventure, and at the time of this writing had a 2-4 week delivery delay due to how many people were ordering the glasses. Good luck!

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