LG V10 Snap Video

There are a lot of ways to take a few short video clips and build them into something better. We first saw the concept from HTC with their Highlight feature, and since we've seen companies like Motorola and Google do the same. LG uses what they call Snap Video on the V10, and it's another awesome camera feature that's easy to use and is a lot of fun.

The way it works is pretty similar to the way other folks are doing it — shoot a handful of short clips (in this case they're three seconds long) and you can assemble them into a video that's up to 60 seconds in length. You can do things like adjust the playback speed of your clips, trim your video and even add a theme complete with music. Spend a few minutes and you get something that looks a little like this.

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To get started, look for the Snap icon in the second screen while you have the camera app open. When you tap on it, you'll get a window that tells you how you can take short clips and edit them into a minute-long video. Tap that away and you're ready to get started. Note that you'll need to decide you want to create a Snap Video before you start filming — you can't import other videos into a Snap.

Next, you need to find exactly what you want to take video of. Point your V10 in that direction and tap the record button to grab your three seconds of awesome. You can also hold the button down if you'd rather make a snap of just one longer clip.

LG V10 Snap Video

When that's done, you're ready to take your next clip. Do the same thing. Keep doing it until you've got a handful of cool video clips that will make for a great little short film. When you're satisfied, press the save label to save your stuff.

Open in to view the clips in order. While you're viewing, you can tap the edit button to make it better. You should totally edit it because that's where the fun part happens!

In the edit view, you can trim the ends of your video, or grab a few spots and make the playback slower or faster. You can also pick a theme and some background music, which can play with the recorded audio or replace it. Finally, you can title your video and slap your name on it as the author.

This is a really cool way to get creative with your LG V10. It's also easy, which means anyone can do it and you don't have to be some sort of film school genius. So grab your V10, make some Snap videos and have a blast!