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Battery life bug tied to camera access in KitKat also fixed

One of the big issues with Skype on mobile devices, battery life, is expected to be improved dramatically today with the latest update to the Android app. According to Skype, after installing version 4.7 of the app you should be able to keep the app running all day "without noticeably affecting battery life." The savings come from a complete reworking of how Skype runs on mobile devices, but also from turning off group chat notifications for now.

Realizing that group chat notifications are still a big deal for many, you'll have the option to turn the feature back on at the expense of some battery life right now. Skype says that in future updates it will have the kinks worked out on how to offer group notifications on by default while keeping the same great battery life included in this release.

Another big battery fix for KitKat users is also included in the update, fixing the issue where Skype was keeping the Camera app running in the background. The latest Skype update is already available in the Play Store at the link above — go update and see how your battery life improves.

Via: Skype