The Sidekick Remote control, as reviewed by

Let's face it — there's a pretty good chance that the remote control that came with your Fire TV — or your Apple TV, or your Roku, or even a Mi Box or Nexus Player — just doesn't cut it. Too few buttons, too few functions.

But you don't want to spring a hundred dollars or more on a proper remote control. So what to do?

Enter the Sidelick. It's a little clip-on with programable buttons that can add a great deal of functionality for just a few bucks. (About $30, actually.)

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  • I love my SideClick for my Amazon Fire TV. No need for multiple controls, can power the TV, control audio on my surround system, and change inputs between the FireTV, Xbox, and Chromecast.
  • 100% agree, completely a worth while purchase. I was hesitant due to the $30 price tag, but i got it all set up and its so nice only having to worry about one controller now
  • Sidekick, Sidelick, Sideclick - will the real product name please stand up and be recognized?
  • I like a little "sidelick" from my 'sidekick" every now and then, but I think this may be the wrong website for that.