For those of us out there, including myself, that never leave home without some sort of protection on our phones, the leather LG G4 might be the one (and only) exception to the rule. There are alternatives to consider, if the naked lifestyle won't keep your worries at bay. Hit the break for the nitty-gritty.

Cover that leather? Are you crazy?

Maybe so. The reality is that most G4 owners that opt for that sweet leather back aren't looking for the quickest way to cover it up. And we can't say we blame them. With the leather door you gain a fair amount of grip, texture, and style that you can't always find in your average case. The downside of course, being you leave your G4 wide open to the elements, and potentially the concrete. A risk many are willing to take, but let's be honest: as nice as that leather is, it's not doing diddly squat for handling impacts. Not to mention the eventual wear that comes from extended use.

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Case. All day — every day.

You're not alone. Whether you're looking to preserve the leather as long as possible, or you just don't care what it takes to keep your G4 protected from damage — options are available.

While most of us here at Android Central can't say we'd purposely choose to cover our leather G4, we understand the importance. Still we see users baffled that anyone would ever cover their brand new device, but aren't we past that now? One's commitment towards the longevity of their smartphone is not something to underestimate — leather or plastic.

For starters, you can increase your case selection greatly by dropping $85 on a plain battery door, possibly cheaper through eBay — swapping out covers depending on the occasion. Because, while many case manufacturers promise that their entire line up will fit both style covers, that's usually not the case (puns left at the door). The quicker, cheaper solution is to find the perfect case that will accommodate a slightly roomier fit for that leather back, which is easier said than done. Folks in the forums are mostly opting for bumpers — simple, affordable, and not a huge compromise in terms of looks. Another excellent option we've seen up close and personal are clear cases for the LG G4, such as Spigen's Ultra Hybrid. We're talking slim, completely transparent, and able to show off your precious leather door while keeping it safe from wear and tear at the same time.

The verdict

If you can't part ways with the traditional leather look and feel, but want the flexibility of extra protection, snag a plain battery door for those occasions where a case is undoubtedly a good idea. Afterwards, pop on your luxury leather cover and call it a day. Everyone has their own preference of how they want their device to look, and the LG G4 is no different.

We'll be covering more cases and covers for the LG G4, encompassing both plastic and leather doors to give a better idea of what's available and fits best. So, keep your eyes peeled for those. For now, sound off in the comments and let us know if you're strictly leather for life, or already protected with a case that works for you.

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