Should I upgrade from the Galaxy Note 4 to the Note 5?

The time comes each year when the phone you have is thoroughly supplanted by a newer version. In the case of the Note 4, just shy of a year on we have ourselves a new Note 5 to look at — and of course the next step is questioning whether you should upgrade or not. The Note 5 isn't all that exciting to anyone who has a Galaxy S6 right now, but if you're sitting with a last-generation Note 4 you're likely looking to see if the grass is greener.

We're here to help you make that decision — read on.

Read now: Should I upgrade from the Note 4 to the Note 5?

Big leaps in hardware, with two caveats

Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4

Looking at the Note 5 and Note 4 together, there's no shortage of hardware differences to point out. After making a nice move to metal styling on the Note 4, Samsung blew it up and went with a different metal design in the Note 5. It then went a step further to kill off all plastic on the phone, with nicely-curved glass on the back.

The Note 5 looks nice, and more importantly feels really great as well. The curved back and rounded edges — along with the overall smaller dimensions — go a long way toward making this Note work more like a normally-sized phone, and it's great. And let's not forget that the Note 5 made the move to a one-touch fingerprint sensor in the home button, which in itself improves the usability of the phone.

You can't argue it's big step up in hardware, even with the loss of removable battery.

Of course on the other side of the coin, you're losing two big features for many Note users — both a removable battery and SD card. The 3000 mAh battery is sealed up tight in the Note 5 (more on battery life in a bit), and the only expansion slot in the phone is for your SIM card. On the upside, you now get built-in wireless (both Qi and Powermat) charging, which before required a thick replacement back plate or a cumbersome third-party wireless insert.

In terms of hardware overall, there isn't much argument that the Note 5 is a clear step above the Note 4. Having a phone that's easier to hold and use is a big plus, and the fact that it looks and feels dramatically better than the Note 4 just adds to it. The gains in usability are likely to far outweigh the loss of a removable battery and SD card for most people, and those who are really clutching to those features may even be convinced when they hold and use it.

Similar software, with a couple new features

Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4

We saw a fresh take on TouchWiz with the launch of the Galaxy S6 that was quite a bit lighter and simpler than what was available before, and that same refined experience is on offer in the Note 5. It doesn't differ dramatically from what you'll have on an updated Note 4 running Lollipop today, but there are a few subtle changes. The launcher and full suite of stock icons have been flattened out and rounded on the corners, giving the system a more cohesive look but hardly changing how the phone actually works. No matter which phone you use, you're still getting a full-on TouchWiz experience.

The only big change to the experience is in terms of display density (or DPI). The Note 5 declares on a system level a higher display density (not to be confused with pixel density, which is unchanged from Note 4 to 5), which tells apps how many virtual on-screen dots fill each physical pixel of the screen. The higher density means the Note 5 just shows more on the screen than the Note 4, rather than just making things bigger. So that larger screen is actually working for you, showing more messages in Gmail, more map in Google Maps and more tweets in your favorite Twitter app.

Software improvements are nice, but in themselves aren't enough to call for an upgrade.

The software surrounding the S Pen has changed in looks compared to the Note 4, but not dramatically in function. Air Command has received a facelift to be easier to select apps, and you can now even customize it with apps of your own, whether they fully support the S Pen or not. Once you launch any of the apps they work generally the same, though, aside from Screen Write which now has a neat "scrolling capture" screenshot method baked in. At this point it isn't clear how many of these S Pen changes will make it back to the Note 4, if any, so you may only get them with a phone upgrade.

The refreshed look and new S Pen changes are nice to have, but in themselves will not be enough to get you to jump ship from your Note 4 up to a Note 5. Only the higher software density may be enough to move the needle, but still is a relatively small part of the phone experience. There are plenty of features and improvements to be seen in other areas that make the upgrade worth while.

Oh, and, uh — don't put the new S Pen in backward.

A bump in performance, with similar battery life

Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4

Though the software may not look too dramatically different from what you have on a Note 4 with the latest Lollipop update, there's a pretty considerable change in performance. The octa-core Exynos processor and 4GB of RAM in the Note 5 have plenty of power together, and with what are surely low-level software tweaks it blazes past the Note 4 (at least our Snapdragon model) in a variety of tasks.

The phone is faster all around, and doesn't sacrifice battery life

Multitasking is quicker, apps load faster and operate smoothly, and the camera launches to taking pictures in just a few seconds. Of course if you never set the Note 4 next to something else to compare it you're likely just fine with the performance of that model — but once you get the Note 5 next to it and start to compare speeds it'll be tough to forget. Whether or not just a software update could bring such performance improvements to the Note 4 down the road is debatable, but you know when you're getting a Note 5 that it will certainly be faster than your Note 4.

And even with improved performance and a slightly smaller battery (3000 mAh versus 3220), the Note 5 isn't worrisome on the battery life side of things. As we found in our review, the Note 5 can easily make it through a full day of use with 15 or 20 percent battery left. And if you happen to have a particularly though day ahead of you, a few minutes with a compatible fast charger will be plenty to add an extra 20 to 50 percent to that battery.

Beyond the massive changes in external hardware, the performance is possibly the biggest reason to make the move from Note 4 to Note 5. It's that big of a change, and having it not come at the expense of battery life is important.

A similar camera, but that's a good thing

Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4

The Note 4's camera took a dramatic step in quality beyond what the Galaxy S5 offered just a few months earlier, and the new camera setup in the Note 5 (same as the Galaxy S6) isn't as dramatic a jump. The 16MP sensor is the same size but a new-and-improved component, and though both are optically stabilized the Note 5 is just a tad more sensitive to light. The Note 5 can take absolutely wonderful pictures in a variety of situations, and does so just as fast as any other phone — and while the Note 4 is still very capable camera-wise, the Note 5 is just a tad better.

The Note 4's camera is no slouch, but the Note 5 is leading the industry.

The other changes are in the software, where Samsung has cleaned things up a bit. The interface is simple on both cameras, but the Note 5 has the ability to quickly launch the camera at any time with two presses of the home button, and the camera launch itself is dramatically faster. The Pro mode on the Note 5 also includes the ability to switch on RAW capture, as well as manually control shutter speed between 1/24000 and 10 sec in addition to the rest of the standard Pro features. The Note 5 also includes built-in YouTube Live streaming, though that isn't quite as big a draw as it may seem at first.

Much like the software changes noted earlier, there isn't anything particular about the camera that should make you jump to the Note 5. The Note 4's camera is still very capable, and though the Note 5 is just a bit clearer in the day and more capable at night the differences aren't that dramatic.

Bottom line: If you can afford it, the Note 5 is a worthy upgrade

Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4

When you take everything into consideration, there's plenty about the Note 5 that warrants an upgrade over the Note 4. Sure people will mainly focus on the lack of a removable battery and SD card, but to do so is completely ignoring the better external hardware, boosted performance, S Pen improvements and small bumps in both software and camera.

The only thing really holding you back from moving from a Note 4 to a Note 5 is the price. Even if you bought the Note 4 on the first day of availability (and many purchased well after that point) you're not even a year into that purchase, which likely means you're still working on a contract or a payment plan for another year before you're "ready" to upgrade. At $700 or more depending on where you buy, the Note 5 isn't cheap — and you can likely only get $325 or so back for your used Note 4 at this point.

But if you can afford the difference in price and don't absolutely need a removable battery, you should absolutely consider an upgrade to the Note 5. It's a solid bump in so many areas from the Note 4 that it's tough to resist.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • With all the hubbub surrounding the note 5's omissions, it's hard not to be cynical about why this post was written. I guess I fell for it anyway. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think both are great phones that show Samsung's very best in a particular year. Really, it boils down to your usage pattern.
  • Yeah, that's my thought too. Also, there's the fact that glass is a HORRIBLE MATERIAL FOR A PHONE. Obviously, it has to be used on the screen. That's a given. But, considering people drop their phones constantly, why would you put such a brittle material? And why is AC okay with this? They rag on the s-pen design flaw, but love the glass back. WHY? I'm not saying the Note 5 isn't a great phone. If you've never had a Note (and obviously don't care about the lack of removable storage or battery), then definitely I'd say get the Note 5 but to say it's a worthy upgrade from the Note 4 simply because of some minor performance tweaks and "better external hardware"? That's ludicrous.
  • Those Samsung $ go a long way towards making such design gaffes and usability flaws be overlooked. Same as the Moto X hysteria back in 2013. Conspiracies aside, I would never call the Note 5 a "productivity monster" with a limited, sealed, and constantly diminishing battery. For TRUE power users--and yes, those are a very small segment of the populace--there is simply nothing that beats a Note 4 with a massive microSD card installed and a spare battery or even a massive aftermarket battery installed. I would have been totally with Samsung releasing a S6 Edge + with glass, gloss and gimped specs IF they had kept the Note 5 a powerhouse with the same industrial design as the Note 4. A Note 5 Active is a strange but interesting step in the right direction. And no Android device, especially a non-Nexus, is future-proof as long as its software is subject to the whims of Samsung's flaky support and carrier mandates. A Note 3 is still a powerhouse spec-wise but it'll likely never receive an official Marshmallow update.
  • For the replaceable battery issue moving to the 5, just buy a power bank, I have one that charges wireless and wired now because I used to replace my battery daily, not only does this charge my battery full three times, it's just like carrying battery's around. Also the SD issue, I already had a USB adapter made by Samsung, always have a USB on my Keychain so that fixes the no SD card issue. Think outside the box people there are so many things out there for this and is why all manufacturers are heading away from them. Oh and I went from a 32 gb model to a 64 gb model so that helps also. People say replaceable battery and SD card is power users, I think true power users are smart enough to think outside the box for solutions and not think that there gone, I can't use that phone now. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'd much rather carry a slim spare battery than a power bank (or quickcharger & cable). A spare battery slips into pockets and is barely noticeable, if at all. Power banks...not so much. A built-in SD card slot is a much cleaner solution than piggybacking a USB key. Do I want a USB key tethered to my phone while watching movies or listening to music? Nope.
  • Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Try saying it with a French accent. Posted via GS6 Active - aka GS6 M.E. (Manly Edition)
  • And these options he mentioned as a workaround are all additional purchases. Every person that brings these options up (I've read a lot) never say that is gonna cost more money to get these it's not like Samsung is giving powerbanks and USB keys away for free Posted via the Android Central App
  • A pretty small, lightweight, power bank that is very easy to carry around is much cheaper than a stock Samsung battery. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The small ones won't give much of a charge either. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Does your power bank charge your phone to 100% in 30 seconds, when you find a power bank that does that, please let us know. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You can carry around a spare battery in your wallet. Not only that you don't need to tether it to the phone for hours which is a major hassle.
  • A replaceable battery, like the powerbank, also costs money.;
  • agreed!
  • But they're giving away free spare batteries and cradles to charge them? My box was missing those...
  • They are not giving away batteries and SD cards either.
  • MAybe you should go for a cheaper phone then......
  • You all sound like morons! Saying you all have to carry around a USB stick, OTG cable, battery pack, Do you have your balls in a pack on your belt as well? Being able to have a choice is what makes (made) Android great. But it seems the manufacturers increasingly want to be as close to Apple's model as possible which is regrettable not to mention unprofitable for them. Samsung will be looking for project negative zero this time next year as the Note 5 is bombing! I don't want to use all my data streaming things I already own and having to pay for them twice or having to pay to store hem online. I don't want to carry around more objects and have a smaller battery which gets me less battery. I'm not in the crowd who swaps batteries daily but I like to yearly which is impossible on the new Samsung's. Every battery story I have heard from Samsung Note 5 owners have said the battery is simply OK and barely makes it a full day. Also most of the things mentioned are additional purchases as many have said but most already own a microSD and even though we might not use it everyday a IR blaster was cool to have. You guys are making excuses for a phone which is supposed to be a productivity machine and for power business users. I don't consider 32/64GB even a medium amount of memory. And productivity users DON'T CARE what their phones look like as we put them in cases (well 75% of all of us do)! Basically Samsung has taken Apple's model and adapted it for their own but the problem is those who want an Apple phone aren't going to look at Samsung and say, man that is what I would rather have. Not unless there are some other factors like cheaper price, more features, etc. And right now they can get a 128GB iPhone 6+ and not a Note 5 one. Plus why buy a cheap Apple imitation while the real thing is the same price if not cheaper! The only reason knockoffs do well is that they are cheap! You guys sound ridiculous making excuses. No SD, use your limited data plan which will cost you 25x as much. No removable battery, carry around a brick or get near a wall charger, oh and in a year when it goes bad spend the $100 and month to send it in to be fixed. No IR blaster well too bad! Go ahead and enjoy your new Note 5. Don't forget to try out the new RAW camera images and 4K video... Oh wait your can't?! I mean after you get the 32GB model you'll be at 22GB after updates and app installs/updates. Then I mean RAW pics only take up what, 20MB each (vs about 3MB for a normal JPEG. But wait you can ave a ton of great 4K videos when you go on a trip... oh no you can't as with that 22GB left you'll be lucky to get 5 videos 10 mins long each (4GB per 10 mins). Don't worry you can take a pic and copy into the cloud.. err no, no signal or slow speeds. No sorry it wasn't slow speeds but I'm simply out of data for the month! But I can take out my OTG cable and copy it to my SD card, oh wait I dropped it in the sand. Now you just spent an hour of your life copying files when you could have been enjoying your vacation. That is how stupid you all sound when the Note 5 should have had a huge 4500mAh removable battery, metal frame/plastic back (as signal levels on the Note 5 are horrid next to an all plastic device like the Note 3), microSD card (and I don't want to hear they can't do it as they can if they wanted to and I'm willing to bet next years phones will have them), 128/256GB models, IR Blaster, front firing stereo speakers. And for the love of God Samsung give up that stupid patent on a n automatic s-pen ejection! We all know Samsung phones have great internals, for the most part, paired with a great screen but they need to be more than that to sell. They were more than that up until this past year which is why they were number one. I don't think it's coincidence that now Samsung is falling now that they are no longer offering users choice. Will Samsung learn... I doubt it!
  • Fifth Element, you have said exactly what I wanted to say... trust me Samsung I want the Note 5 but dammit, yes, you have taken away 3 things I use almost daily... Fifth Element is the only one that mentions the IR blaster.... I use that ... when my wife hides the remote I always have my trust Note 4... and can turn the TV down or change channels.. BTW the Peel Smart Remote is awesome. OK, I don't use the changeable battery daily but I do take pictures daily and they go on my SD card. The battery in the Note 4 goes from 6AM to 11PM or more every single day... so I haven't had to use my spare. As far as your fancy glass is concerned... who cares, I have put my phone in an Otter box case... Every phone I have owned. SAMSUNG I love the improvements you have made internally... improving the S pen, which I use daily, and the camera, which I use daily. Also faster speed... but you took away so much that we who use the Note series love you have made it very tough to upgrade. Maybe just maybe you will make a Note 5 extreme. Yes I am willing to pay more for it.
  • My Lord. That's a grand slam of a post!
  • Wow, you not only sound clearly ignorant, mad, hater and super psycho. It's a better phone get over it. Instead of making mostly negative comments to make you feel better look at it the other way around. You sound very mad and pathetic.
  • What are you talking about? I'm not any of those things you mentioned in your post except for perhaps mad. As many of us who have posted on these types of threads, we are Samsung supporters who have been ignored. Most complaining have a Note device now and feel that Samsung has gone against everything they have stated, amd created, in the past. If we stay silent Samsung won't know how we feel and they should. All companies should be made aware of their failings so they can correct them in the future. I'm not a business owner but if I were I would want to know what my customers wanted so I could fix it. The Note series has become a joke and it will sell as such but they need to know why it will. And as tired as you are of reading posts like these we are tired of reading posts from people who think it is ok for Samsung to do a 180 in their most prominent product line. Not to mention following the sales model that they l have staunchly opposed in the past (read: Apple). The market will show Samsung that they have a horrible business model but it is up to us, the users, to show them what is wrong with that business model. Most of us love of Samsung devices, Sam's a few issues, and we want our devices back. I'm surprised no other company, looking at you LG, hasn't made a large pen device with great specs? I mean if they did it could be east money for them?! Hell, I'd even say no pen if you make a nice large device with great specs! I'll even be happy to wait till spring for the Snapdragon 820! Since the only thing that really pushes companies to change are other companies. So have a good week Wesley, sir.
  • Absolutely right on the money. Couldn't have said it better myself. Just for those reasons I will be picking up my new Note 4 in a few days and enjoying all the features that I've come to expect from Samsung's top of the line phone. It will be my last Samsung purchase.
  • Spot on. I have a Note 4 with a spare battery I carry in my wallet. Yes, my wallet. Once I forgot to charge my phone and swapped it for a new one in seconds. I use the Peel app as a smart remote for the 5 TVs and cable boxes throughout my house. Now Samsung has dropped the IR blaster. Are they insane? Drop the stupid heart monitor on the back instead that no one uses to fund the IR blaster. Glass back? My case covers my back, so what's the point? With Gear VR video files easily using up 2 to 4 GBs each, my 128GB external SD card comes in very handy. Transfer to/from an external USB drive is too slow and inconvenient. Downloaded Audible books, Spotify playlists, home video recordings while offline riding on the NYC subway are real use cases requiring real local storage. Samsung doesn't even offer a 128GB model, WTF? I will skip this year's Note and hope next year Samsung gets this right before I ever upgrade to a newer Note.
  • Ditto!!!!!!
  • +1!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Epic post. I couldn't have said it better myself. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nothing more, nothing less. Thank you. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I 100% agree with you! I think samsung made a huge mistake trying to copy apple. we loyal note fans are angry because if we really wanted the iPhone we would buy it. i feel like samsung forgot about that and now they made a horrible device that in my opinion isn't as good as the last generation note phone. i am also upset that samsung basically downgraded this years model and yes i do believe samsung could like you said put all of the things that we are wanting in the phone. i really hope for samsungs sake that they bring back the things that the note fans want otherwise they will fail and that is on them, i really hope next years model is better otherwise that will make me very disappointed.
  • I agree with you 100%
  • YES! I couldn't say that better my self thanks for expressing what we feel 'FifthElement" :)
  • Thanks Fifth Element. I just bought my Note 5 yesterday and I'm returning it. This battery doesn't last me 8 hours. I don't like the fact that I can't use my SD card and change the battery in this very expensive phone. I always carry an extra battery in my purse for my Note 2 and I like the flexibility of an SD card. You are absolutely correct and thanks for your post!
  • Yea, but it doesn't matter how much you B***H and whine, you will get to a point where you will have to get one of these devices and move on, with with the guy on top, I take my phone to a really high level of daily usage, and I really have milked my note 5 the last two weeks, and Mophie has been my savior. I went with the 64 Gb model and I decided to start fresh ( Just Contacts, and started all over again just putting the stuff i needed) and I'm absolutely loving the smoothness of it all. This is the way manufacturer's are manufacturing their high end devices, you will have to make a choice sooner or later, specially if you want to take advantage of all the new goodies coming from google.
  • If that day comes, then yes, we'll obviously need to resolve ourselves to the fact that the SD card slot is gone. It's not yet, though, and being vocal might show these companies there is still viability in it.
  • LOL at carrying around a power bank when a slim extra battery in it's clear plastic case can't even be felt in the pocket. As far as the USB OTG, the Note 4 can use that AND an installed SD card at the same time making file transfers even more of a breeze. Thinking outside the, more like thinking within the box........that Samsung puts people in. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm sorry I'm not stuck with one way of thinking, there are a ton of solutions out there for this. Also battery charger, battery's and SD card cost money as well so that argument of a power bank, USB adapter costing money is a more point, I spent the same. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The point is there's no reason why that "thinking" is necessary. It's a pain in the ass to have to bring a large power charger with you which also requires you remain tethered to it for however long it takes to charge. With a spare battery, it's a simple swap and you're at 100% again. And carrying around a USB stick is also a pain in the ass when the SD card is IN the phone already.
  • You're not really thinking outside the box as you say. You're being forced by Samsung to research alternative options. I don't have to do that with my Note 4, and it's a very valid reason for staying away from the Note 5. Regardless of all your "solutions", what are you going to do in a year or so IF your Note 5 battery degrades noticeably? I just bought a new battery for my Note 4 for $20 (OEM Replacement) and it has done wonders for my Note which I bought last October on release day. It sounds to me like you're happy with carrying around many different items to accomplish the same thing. I thought the point of a smartphone was not needing all the additional pieces of equipment? I get home, swap out my tired battery and swap in the new, and i'm off for the evening with a full battery. I don't need a USB dongle on my keychain because i've already got my house key, gun lock key, truck key, and keyless entry fob. I don't want another nonsense item hanging from it if I don't have to. With the Note 4, I don't have to. With the Note 5, you do if you want more storage. Again, you're not thinking outside the box. You're willingly allowing Samsung to turn you into a pack mule.
  • Wow all of you that keep bitching about the Note 5 not having a swappable battery & SD card slot are retarded... I Own a Note 4 but I dont need to swap batteries out all the time & barely use my SD card as it is. Listen to (LegalAmerican) He sounds like a Small Weiner Guy that has to drive around a big truck to compensate, because notice how he purposely goes into offtopic Unneeded Unwanted blabber about EXACTLY what is on his key ring (my house key, gun lock key, truck key, and keyless entry fob) Seriously who the F**k other than a low self esteem person needs to assure them selves that everybody knows they've got a "Gun" A "Truck" & dont forget the "Keyless Entry Fob"? Really dude are you seriously trying to be a "Keyboard Bad-Ass" cuz other than to feed your fake ass alter ego & try to convince others that your someone other than a "Keyboard Joky" why did you feel the need to even take the time to type that bullshit out, face it you most likely live at home with your parents, you do have a key ring but what keys are on it are much different than what you say, more than likely you have a house key in case you come home after 11pm, a car key to an older beat to shit honda civic that you put a $30 muffler end on from Autozone to make it sound like total shit Rice Rocket ( but you think it make you look cool), & that wireless Key Fob you talk of is non existant unless your holding your parents keys after they sent you to pick up pizza & allowed you to take their car cuz your to cheap to use your own gas to go get it, I know this is true because if you did have any type of alarm system on your car who would ever need to tell people that its WIRELESS? (last time i checked no one offers a WIRED version) & who the hell needs to basically spell it all out by including "FOB". You've got some serious Small Penis Syndrome happening, you should really think about sticking to your Zelda Warrior Princess games or World Of WarCraft before someone steals your Unicorn.... As for Power users you act like your putting yourself into that category, but why sit & watch movies on a 5" screen all day (well i guess that would be a big screen after using the urinal for you). A power user is not someone that loads their phone with Movies & Music cuz really do you go out at night to a club & sit in the corner watching your movies or trying to hear your latest Lady Gaga music download on your phone that has a speaker port thats a 1/4" wide? No a true Power User is one that would be constantly on the phone, responding to emails & texts, & sometimes making those last minute adjustments to their Power Point Presentation or Excel Spreadsheet. Oh & those TRUE Power Users would have no need for an extra battery to swap out because unless they're commuting they're in their office where last i checked come standard with tons of power outlets & you can even have a wireless charger on your desk to eliminate the need to plug it in, so they'd be able to pick it up when they needed to respond to a txt or make a call & then back down it goes onto the wireless charger while they WORK (WORK may be a foreign concept to you, because being the lead McFlurry maker at McDonalds doesn't really count, but your fine with that cuz your able to listen to your crap music downloads & show a few co-workers that you have the latest popular movie release already downloaded on your phone before its out on dvd & you can prove it cuz you have 40GB more worth of movies on that SD card of yours, just make sure you dont fill up to much of that space cuz you wouldn't want to run into a space problem when you go to get the new version of Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds. SD cards are no longer necessary when we know have that Cloud that allows us to have basically unlimited anything & everything, without even having to spend money I have over 140GB of OneDrive Space & multiple 50GB DropBox Accounts that came with all new Samsung phone purchases the last time around & the time before that for 2 years, Then you just get yourself a 6TB WD MyCloud External NAS Drive (Yes the same accessibility as DropBox etc. except tons more space with NO annual fees... So In short your a Dumb-Ass & I felt the need to Point someone out like you, & Getting the Note 5 even though it doesn't have an SD Card slot or a removable battery, it is about 10x faster being that its a 64 bit OCTA-Core Processor compared to our Note 4 Quad Core 32 bit processor & the 4GB of Ram isnt just 1 Gb more than our 3GB on the Note 4 because if you had looked into the Specs sheet of the Note 5 you would've noticed that not only is it the New DDR4 but its also soldered straight onto the Chipset making the Latency basically 0 (time it takes to transfer info), I think even though I dont consider myself as any type of power users but rather just a tinkerer that runs down the battery only because im constantly using multiple apps or trying out new ones by downloading them over the network, I am leaning toward trading Up to the Note 5 from my Note 4 although the "Smart Phone" I'll be turning in for that gaurunteed $200 Trade-In will be a much older junker because as long as it works they take it LOL. So Yes I can Have My Cake & Eat It Too, Ill still have my Note 4 & have the new Note 5, but I may just wait a bit longer for them to release the 64GB Variant which shouldn't be long. Stay in School, Educate Yourself on any & all topics that you choose to put your two cents into. Next time leave out your made up crap. if you had kept going with your made up story I'm betting that you would've tried to somehow work in how your dating a girl that is a perfect 10 & how your constantly hit on by the hottest chicks in the club when your out, thats just the way your type makes things up, (ill bet its all those Movies & music on your removable SD card. Thanks for being that easy target for a bit of fun lol. keep up your marginally entertaining stories im sure you've got a bunch of them just trapped inside waiting to get out...
  • Wall of text .... "K.O"!!!!
  • Educated people don't normally talk about other men's Pennis's. I had the note 4 I'm test driving the note 5. Very nice phone. But I think Samsung can keep there sealed up glass phone. I used to make fun of apple and there glass phones.. Who the hell thinks glass is a great material for phone is beyond dumb... I will stick with my LG with removable battery /SD card... Posted via the Android Central App
  • First off I had all the stuff that I posted already so I wasn't forced into anything. Second I upgraded from a Note 3, anyone saying that's not a pretty big upgrade doesn't have a clue. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh and to your battery comment, I have a tech friend the works for Sprint that can change out my battery for only the price of the battery, so that isn't an issue for me, all these big rants, remember everyone uses the phone different and has different ways to get stuff done. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You obviously DO get it.
  • Jason, The problem is not being stuck in a way of think. The problem is that the way of thinking that you are using to make this hollow argument is faulty. Nothing. I mean absolutely NOTHING comes close to a swappable battery that is slim, cheap, and can almost INSTANTANEOUSLY return your phone to 100% battery life with almost zero bulk and complication. It is the favored method of power management for power users because of one simple thing. It's far better, period. Listen to these guys who are responding to your post and you will learn some important things.
  • Simply not true. I'd dare anybody to question my "power user" status, and I think having fast charging and wireless charging clearly trump the battery packs. I've had every Note to date, and used spare battery packs for each... until the Note 4 made that completely unnecessary. It's convenient that every one seems to forget that you have to buy the spare batteries also. You can buy at least 3 additional fast chargers for the price of an OEM spare battery during the launch window. Also, you have to factor in the cost or "thought" around keeping both batteries charged. Ok... you swap it once. Then what? The first one is dead, clock is ticking on the second. You either have to buy another dock/cradle to charge it separately (ahem... 3 more Fast chargers to spray around everywhere), or you double your charge time on the phone itself just to reset for the next day. Come on people... there is no spoon!
  • I am guessing you under the thinking that everyone uses a cell phone the same, I don't need a swappable battery, I have a charger in my car, a wireless at my desk at home and at work, I use my phone a ton but at the same time moment I'm done, bam wireless charging, you guys make life so hard and keep crying over SD card and battery, I understand your points, and understand its about choice I already said this, but everyone keeps going lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • What if I already have an SD card? I can re-use that rather than having to buy an OTG USB on top of a power bank. Just because there are other options does not mean they are better options. In the end the best solution right now is SD and a removable battery. Will that change eventually? Yes, but it had not reached that point yet. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is more of an argument, but not that there's an expense to having a powerbank. There's pros either way. Your option, smaller and more compact. But what if travelling with your partner and each have a phone and tablet? Carry 4 batteries of just the powerbank?
  • I agree with you, I have wireless charges pretty much everywhere I am with my phone lol, but when I'm not I have my wiress/wired power bank, people always assume here that I keep it on me, I just keep in in my glove compartment in the car for those times I'm not going to be near an outlite for the night. It doesn't bother me at all. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Again I am explaining this issue. Try walking around Disney World trying to recharge your phone with an external battery instead of just slapping a fresh one, NOT FUN! Waiting for a charge instead of 10 second change. I want an Android phone, not a fruit phone, As far as storage, I carry around movies and all my songs on my phone and NEVER had a speed issue with a microSD card. Samsung decided it had to make an iPhone and I for one do not want it.
  • Make it an iPhone? So I am guess most Android manufacturers are making iPhone then because most do not have an SD card or replaceable battery. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep, exactly, you are starting to see the point.... We are all seeing less and less choices just like iPhones.
  • I agree, all I was saying is I found ways to deal with it, I still wouldn't call this or any other Android phone an iPhone. But I do see the points made about choices. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Most? You got some stats to back up most androids are sealed with no SD? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Kinda odd your using ur phone that much at Disney World, but I understand in the situation a replaceable battery would be better. But movies and TV shows, I have and have had a Plex server for that, I would rather use Plex then an SD card anyday. And before you say but but that cuts into data, I don't have to worry about data, I actually have a good cell phone plan. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I know this is a late reply but this story never showed up in my AC app. Anyway, I was using my phone a ton at Disney World. We used the Disney World app to find our way around the Magic Kingdom which came in very handy. We also used it to manage our fast passes. Again very handy. Also used my phone to take videos and pictures of the kids. What frustrates me is not the lack of SD card or removable battery. It's that my phone that isn't even a year old isn't being updated with all these great features. I know Samsung makes money from devices but why would I buy another Samsung knowing that don't bother updating their current devices. Like what feature will the Note 6 have that the 5 won't get and so on. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Try going hiking and be in need of a charge to look at a map, herb guide, flashlight, or listen to your audio book. No plug there and the less you carry, the farther you hike. A fully charged, spare battery always comes in handy for me. I can't see the sense in getting rid of this option. I use it whenever I want to reboot my phone too. I take it out when its low and I want to make sure nothing is draining it. I used it when my phone got a virus/ hacked. I love the option of taking out the battery.
    I see the lack of an sd card as a way of them to try to force us to use unsecure and compromisable cloud storage, then start charging us for it and holding our private info hostage until they get their money. I never want to use cloud storage for private documents, photos, videos, or files! Period!
    What is the difference in the price of the 32gb note 5 and the 64gb one? I can get a 32gb class 10 micro sd card and add it to my phone for 12 to 17$. I also pull it out and put it in other devices when I want.
    I respect all these arguments for and against the new note but I won't be getting the new and improved note this time. The loss of these options is too great for me. I will be waiting for the next one or looking at other modles/brands.
  • I won't repeat all that's been said here about your flawed thinking but I'll bring up just one ... You assume I carry a battery around (I don't) - I have it at home on the charger and swap batteries when I get home (100% charge in 60 seconds). I don't understand people thinking "Fast charging" in 1.5 hours is fast.
  • Good post.
    In many situations so called "fast charging" is a joke compared to simply making a near instant battery swap. That's true fast charging.
  • yeah that's pretty effin' smart- carry around extra gear just to make up for what $am$ung took off the 'updated' version.
  • I understand the lack of SD on the S6, but to remove it on the Note AND not offer a 128GB option like the S6 has is idiotic imo. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm guessing they didn't sell well on the S6 (the 128 gb) and that's why they decided to not do that on the Note 5. But if they were going to try a 128 gb model it should have been the Note they tried it on for sure, Note users tend to want more storage so odd move by Samsung. What I'm wondering is if they will release it one day due to so many people that are wanting it. I guess time will tell but I feel they won't :( Posted via the Android Central App
  • Having a flash drive in your pocket isn't going to replace the ability to have apps that are all really installed and ready to run. If you have the ability & time to keep something attached to your phone all the time, great. Not everyone has that luxury! Many of us buy androids for the fact we can adapt the phone to our lifestyle, not the other way around. Now that Samsung has decided to make an IPhone clone I'll have to find a new brand that still gives me what I need & want in a phone.
  • I agree with JasonKrewson
  • So how does one replace the I/R Blaster that they've grown to love and was featured on the previous Note models?
  • HKK, Have not seen you out on the interwebs in many years. I see you still have good insight on tech. :-) I like your thoughts on the power users Note 5 and S6 Edge +. I truly expected Sammy to go this way and have two distinct products that would be fabulous for both market segments. One for the pop-culture crowd and one for the work-horse crowd. Unfortunately, they just threw everything into the pop-culture mix. I'm sure that's the fatter market overall. But, that's why there have been droves of power users taking over AC and other sites with pitchforks. This article itself shows that AC editors are listening and willing to create more click bait for the rage. At least Andrew made a slightly balanced statement like "The gains in usability are likely to far outweigh the loss of a removable battery and SD card for most people, and those who are really clutching to those features may even be convinced when they hold and use it." When the S6s came out the tech journalism community (aka Nexus/Google fan club) basically discounted SD & removable batteries as irrelevant. At least now, these guys are starting to refer to them as having some sort of merit. That's what happens when Samsung anger blows up in your forums and you can't ignore it any longer. Andrew (and others) have apparently never experienced the liberation of swapping batteries during the day or while being mobile. They write over and over how the sexy curved breakable glass and pretty scratchable aluminum is supposed to overwhelm Note 2,3,4 users so that they don't miss SD and replaceable battery. Then the next article over is "Which Case to Get for the Note 5" ... LOL! No kidding. I personally love the shape and exterior design of the 5. But the huge productivity losses of battery, SD and durability costs of freakin' cheesy glass make this phone a no go for my Note 3 upgrade. I've begrudgingly settled on the Note 4 instead. Many Android (and of course Apple) users have no option for replaceable battery, therefore they don't use it, and don't really see the need. A coworker of mine saw me swap my battery a few months ago and said ... "dang, I wish my iPhone had that". He had never contemplated the possibility. He just lays, sits, or rides around tethered to a charger never thinking about a better way. In the same way tech journalists and mobile nuts just settle into the "manner" of their device of choice and live with it. Samsung has done a great job of collecting all the SD/BatterySwap people into their camp. So when they now give us the middle finger and downgrade their devices the rest of the tech community can't even relate. Here's hoping Sammy releases an active N5 without too much bezel, replaceable battery, SD, water resistance, and built in durability. If they did it, I promise I would throw a lotta money at it. I'll buy the Note 4 and hope for either an Active (which I doubt), or hold longer for Samsung to give us our toys back with the Note 6 (if they don't drop the Note altogether), or for LG or Moto or Sony or someone to pick up the power-user flag and produce a new "Swiss Army knife" Note killer in the future.
  • Love this post. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Very well said. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well said. I'd prefer to have removable battery and SD slot plus SIM cards
  • Well said. If you've never really used it, you wouldn't know. Posted via Android Central App
  • I wouldn't count on an active they already screwed up the S6 active by only offering 32GB. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would like the return of the IR blaster also. Posted via the Android Central App
  • All that you said AND once any manufacturer locks their bootloader, they are destined to fall quickly from the lead. When HTC did it with EVO, I bailed and went to Sammy. Now that Sammy has done it, my next phone after my Note 4, will surely be with another manufacturer. And, it's certainly not because I do custom ROM's. Generally, I don't. I just don't like being limited in my choices. It's my phone, I paid for it, leave my choices (both good AND bad) up to ME!
  • Yeah, the glass back is OBJECTIVLEY inferior to the Note 4's soft touch plastic back. It may be SUBJECTIVELY prettier, but that's a matter of opinion. Personally I think it's ugly, as all you will never see anything except fingerprints and skin grease. But a glass back is a practicality nightmare.
  • On what basis is it objectively inferior?
  • On the same basis a glass car would be inferior, collisions. Collisions with the ground when it comes to a glass phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Less grippy - Objectively inferior Far less durable - Objectively inferior Non removable / changeable - Objectively inferior More temperature extreme to touch - Objectively inferior Hope that helps.
  • I've used the Note 3, 4, and 5. It's not ludicrous. The Note 5 is much better. Also I never drop or break my phones so I don't worry about the glass. Formerly owned an iphone 4 and a Nexus 4 without issues. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why is the note 5 better than the 4?
  • Your previous phones explain your satisfaction for the Note 5. You are their focus and obviously they are being successful at aquiring their target audience. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If your good at babying your phone then the Note 5 is great. Against everything in me, the lure of new and shiny almost had me upgrading to the 5 from the 3 the other day. I had decided to try and live without the swappable battery and SD in favor of the lighter and better feel and mostly the superior internals. When I went to handle it at the store the display unit already had a shattered back after one weekend on display. I despise fatty sloppy cases on my devices AND I'm pretty active with my phones. Have dropped my Note 3 around 2 dozen times in 2 years on a variety of surfaces. So I knew this thing would be shattered in within weeks and not months. Love the Note 5 in many ways, but it's just not for me.
  • It all depends on how much the Note 5 changes are worth to you. I deliberately chose the word "changes" rather than "upgrades" because not everything about the Note 5 is an upgrade imo. The Note 5 glass back is pretty, but it lets the phone slide everywhere. I have a S6 and I must be very conscientious where I lay it down. It also wants to slip out of my shirt pocket more readily than my Note 4. Of course you could remedy this with a case, but it would be a shame to hide such a beautiful phone in a case. Regarding the removable battery and memory, I am not going to beat that dead horse. Each person is either on one side of the fence or the other. I prefer having the option of more memory, even if I never use it. I also prefer swapping a fresh battery over quickcharging. I have quickchargers at home and work, and I use them every day with my S6. I realize the Note 5 gets better battery life than the S6, so I am not exactly comparing apples to apples. But I never worry about the battery meter on my Note 4. I consider myself to be a heavy user, and I have yet to blow through two Note 4 batteries in one day. Quickcharging is ok for fixed batteries, but having a swappable battery offers a sense of freedom you will never get with a fixed battery. Also, if you have a Note 4 with an AOSP rom, Xposed or similar mods, remember that you won't have those for Note 5 for a while (if ever). When was I using my S6, I forgot how much I missed Xposed. I agree that if you have never had a Note and you are looking for a Note-sized device, the Note 5 is one of the best upgrade options available (as long as you can tolerate Touchwiz). But if you have a Note 4, then you might want to keep it. If you prefer stock(ish) android, then you should definitely look elsewhere.
  • First, people are not suppose to drop their phones and second, only smart people should upgrade since the not so intelligent people would insert the S Pen backward!!!!!!!!!!
  • The post was written because this is a question we get asked A LOT every time a new phone comes out. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You know how it goes... we all have preconceived opinions, then you post yours. Despite every attempt to be as unbiased as you can.. I have seen you guys slam and destroy some products... you can never get it right. If your opinion matches their, then you are a genius, and if your opinion doesn't match theirs then you are a Samsung tool, a fanboy, a paid spokesperson, etc. As soon as people read the headline, their comments were already written. I doubt many of them even read the article. I actually saw one comment that said "Why is the Note 5 any better than the Note 4?" ... ummm, that was the article, they laid it out for you. I for one love the Note 5, though I did have a defective unit. When I went to switch it, there were very few Black, 64gb models available. I think they are selling well... even with the day 1 crowd (like me!) Of course everyone said that they had plenty in White!
  • No omissions here brother. The battery life on my note 5 is much better than the the battery life I was getting on my Note 4 even if the size is smaller. Use Google Drive and Google Photos and you don't need removable storage. The SD Card slot on my Note 4 was empty because of this. I also disagree with the article about similar cameras because the photos from my Note 5 are much nicer than the photos I got from my Note 4. The display is nicer, the footprint is smaller, new air command and S Pen are much nicer, and the phone is much faster than my Note 4. Plus I'll get Android M much sooner than I will on my Note 4. This phone is hands down a huge upgrade in real life experience even if it looks minimal on paper. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well it definitely sounds like you weren't getting the full experience the Note 4 has to offer so that's probably why the 5 suits you. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Sounds to me like he is rationalizing buying a Note 5. Which anyone would likely do, especially considering how much Samsung wants for it. But for me, the difference is not worth $400.
  • Not that I wasn't getting the full experience its just that the Note 5 offers much more. I experienced a lot of lag also on my Note 4 although I'm sure 5.1.1 would fix it. Also the screen density on the Note 5 is higher allowing me to add 5x5 icon grid in Google Now Launcher while the Note 4 only allowed 4x4. Not is the screen only nicer but gives me more usable real estate. Trust me this phone in real world use smokes the Note 4. You have to try it before you dismiss the upgrade. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Did your N4 have these issues out of the box, or did this laggy experience develop over time? If it's the latter, I would expect you to have the same problems with the N5 a few months down the road. I hope you dont , but I'm skeptical about Samsung in general now.
  • Exactly. My S6 was screaming fast out of the box, but Touchwiz revealed its true nature with time and the more stuff I put on it. I don't think Touchwiz is optimized for 64 bit architecture.
  • No it was laggy out of the box especially with 3rd party launchers. I have the T-Mobile variant running 5.0.1. Like I said maybe 5.1.1 would fix it but TMO hasn't released it yet. I wiped the phone on more than one occasion and still the same. Note 5 is like butter. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What alot of mainstream consumers dont realize is exactly what you said, that over time any "fast phone" will start lagging the more you put on it. One of the great things about having the ext SD was being able to alleviate that by moving apps from internal system storage to external as well as using memory boost with apps like rom toolbox. As far as the google drive and cloud storage solutions. That won't be a workaround for everyone until having a good cell signal/free wifi is commonplace. Not everyone lives in a metropolitan area and not everyone has the cash to throw down on an unlimited data plan. Not to mention unless you fork out more cash for certain cloud based storage solutions your data upload and download is capped at a certain point so forget about downloading large files if thats what your plan is.
  • TJWINS, I am genuinely glad you enjoy your Note 5. I played with a Note 5 in the store and I'll admit it launches apps marginally quicker than my Note 4 (5.0.1), but the difference is perceptible. I don't notice any lag on my Note 4 because I have all window & transition animations disabled and I use Nova Launcher. The Note 5 screen density *is* higher, but you can increase the Note 4 DPI by modding the build.prop. I realize screen density and DPI are different things. But you if all you want are more launcher icons, you can achieve the same result on a rooted Note 4.
  • I'm on T-Mobile Jump On Demand program where I can upgrade anytime so I'm afraid to root the phone so I stay unrooted. I use Google Now Launcher because I loved it on my Nexus 6 when I was on AT&T but the Nexus 6 isn't available on Jump On Demand but hopefully the Huawei Nexus will be but even if it isn't I'm thrilled with the Note 5 and don't mind staying Note as it has no weaknesses and I'm getting used to the S Pen. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I feel you weren't getting the full Note 4 experience because you stated the battery life is better on the 5 (my Note 4 battery life is better than the 5's based on the extensive battery life thread in the forums), also because you state your sd card slot was empty so you didn't experience the ease of moving physical media from one device to the next therefore saving you a ton of cash, your camera was obviously not appropriately tweaked to get the best pictures because the camera on the 4 (which is nearly identical to the one in the 5 with the exception of a small change in aperture) is fantastic compared to any other phone, and finally because the Note 4 is blazing fast especially if outfitted with one of the many awesome roms on xda (my personal favorites are FireKat and PopRocks). The full experience of the Note 4 can't be beat hands down by any device currently on the market. This is usually the case with Note devices as it has been said many times once you go Note you can't go back. This year is a little different as we can just hope for next year. P.S. As far as the screen density, I've always used Nova so I can use the screen real estate to it's maximum potential so the new density means a hill of beans to me. As far as trying it, I did go into a Best Buy and spent about 30 minutes with it. It was enough time to save me a lot of money. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I did the same thing, went to worst buy and tried out the Note 5 which also had a Note 4 right next to it, both were super fast "fresh OS with no apps loaded". I also liked the Note 4 design better "but that's just me".
    My Note 4 "with Nova Launcher" is not going anywhere anytime soon, does everything I need it to do and does it well, and it should be even better with 5.1.1 "whenever Samsung decided to push it out", since they are trying to milk the Note 5 as much as possible. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I owned both and there is no way the Note 4 has better battery life than the Note 5. I never said the battery or camera aren't good on the 4 but trust me they are much better on the 5. I only use Google Now Launcher and I can't adjust colums or rows on it. Google Now automatically does 5x5 on the Note 5. Also I'm on T-Mobile Jump On Demand so I can't root or run custom roms since I have to give the phone back the next time I jump (which would either be the Huawei Nexus or Note 6) so in my current situation Note 5 wins hands down. I guess it depends on how you use your phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I've maxed out at 8 hours SOT and average 6 on my Note 4. Check out the FireKat thread on xda and you'll see many more with comparable battery life. Posted via the Android Central App
  • would love to hear your thoughts on your note 5 battery performance in 5 months time when it degrades and there is nothing you can do about it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Don't do ROMs, but I totally agree everything else in this post. LOL at folks still stuck on 4x4 launcher screens when so many good (Nova etc) cheap launchers give so much more control.
  • I was going to mention roms earlier but didnt. Many people are still scared to root their phones even though now you have apps for that. I'm still on my note 2 and rocking lollipop 5.1 build while most people i know with newer phones are still on kit katt. The awesome thing with alot of these roms is you can change the dpi settings to your hearts content and many other things
  • TJWINS....You are so incorrect about telling people "you don't need removable storage". Like myself, not everyone has ether unlimited data plans OR access to WIFI. Streaming or contestant upload/download is NOT a viable option to everyone. Plus... Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Box FREE accounts are also limited. I have more space on my Note 4 than those sites combined (32GB internal, 128GB SD)! The 128GB SD set me back only $48! I have yet to touch the Note 5, but I can say, I have zero lag on my AT&T 5.01 Note 4. I also use Nova Prime as my launcher and enjoy a 5 x 7 home screen, so you are incorrect about the Note 4 only allowing for 4 x 4 icon grid! Maybe Touchwiz only allows 4 x4, but not the Note 4 itself.
  • Well I pay $1.99/month for 100GB of storage on Google Drive which is peanuts and very well worth the storage space plus I'm with T-Mobile so I get 10GB/month of high speed data with no overages and streaming data doesn't count towards my 10GB so I use my phone differently than most I guess. Plus I'm on wifi at home. It saves me a lot of headaches when moving from phone to phone and peace of mind knowing all of my data is safe in case I ever lose my phone. I only use Google Now Launcher and you can't add more columns or rows to it so in my situation and the way I use my phone cloud storage is the way to go. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would hate to use google drive to store my pictures when an SD card slot would do a better job of accessing the images when you are in a place that don't have data coverage, like a plane. When I go on trips, my sd card have tons of movies that I can watch and I don't need to worry about streaming.
  • I'm on a plane 6 hours per year. Cmon guys lets talk about day to day real world scenarios. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Great selling point...the Note 5 is for A select FEW users like yourself with limiTMobile and the features that you have on your plan. Congratulations on finding a great phone on a quirky carrier.
  • Quirky carrier? Sure the coverage is not as good as AT&T but I save a lot of money, get much more data, free streaming, and the latest and greatest phone whenever I want. The positives outweigh the less than perfect coverage so I'll take that all day. I'm now carrying a note 5 because I'm with T-Mobile but I would still be carrying a Note 3 if I was still with AT&T and my family would still be sharing a 15GB bucket versus the 60GB we have now with 6 lines. Yeah that sounds like a quirky carrier to me SMH. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What happens if you are in an area without 4G coverage? My Micro SD card doesn't even notice.
    What happens if there were a 4G outage or technical issue? My Micro SD still wouldn't notice.
  • Andrew Martonik should be banned from writing future articles on the note series. Ever since last year, he has totally had his head up his ass!
  • If anyone asks me, this is what it boils down to. If you want a new phone, don't swap batteries and don't mind the lack of an SD card slot and just want a better looking handset that's absolutely futureproof while being a productivity monster, then yes. Upgrade to the Note 5. If you swap batteries often, live on a large SD card, don't find anything wrong with your Note 4 and just like using it, then keep it. I'd stick with the Note 4 personally, but it's not because the Note 5 is bad. Far from it, actually (It's brilliant). It's just my usage pattern. :) It's your decision.
  • I tried to feel out the Samsung rep for how we do battery replacements when the battery starts to go dead...apparently you have to send the phone in. As someone who does a battery swap for a fresh battery every 1-2 years, this is kind of a big deal in addition to not being able to swap batteries as normal activity. Plus with a smaller battery than the Note 4, Samsung has not improved the battery situation. Also, I don't need an SD card, but I need 64GB minimum to make it through the next 2 years. Samsung charges $100 for that extra 32GB (ridiculous and technically more than Apple per GB) which makes the phone I would need even more expensive. It's no longer price competitive without the SD card slot if you need 64GB and your screwed if you need more than that. I thought since the Note 3 & 4 offered 32GB base + SD slots, removing the SD slot would push Samsung to a 64GB base. No such luck. I think these issues affect more users than you think.
  • And if you rotate batteries, the loss in recharging capacity will be less noticeable over time. I bought an two Anker batteries + charger on Amazon for $25. They last just as long as the OEM battery. By rotating all three, the battery capacity of each will diminish by only 1/3 the amount a single fixed battery would over the same period of time.
  • Nothing is future proof. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't see how the Note 5 can be future proof when it only had 64Gb of storage max soldered into it. Heck, only a couple years ago everyone thought 16Gb storage was future proof, now it's 32Gb. With the size of apps and 4k video, downloadable music, and app data cashing, storage will undoubtedly be an issue. No phone repair shops I know of can solder in a memory upgrade. Samsung axed expandable storage and removable batteries to keep their phones from being future proof plain and simple. But rightfully so considering the raw power of the phone, some users would otherwise wait years to upgrade. I'm personally going to wait and see what happens with the Note 6. Just picked up a z3 compact and HTC M9 for the price of a Note 5 to hold me over till the Note 6 comes out. Posted via the Android Central App on the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
  • Probably should have worded it better. "Future-proof" in terms of updates.
  • This is an excellent post. Cuts through all the crap that the article puts forth and just gets right to the "brass tacks" as they say. I think it's totally accurate. Never before in the Note line have users had to make such a compromising decision to upgrade or not as they have with the 5. Samsung definitely upgraded, but for the first time they significantly down graded features important to many. Before it has always been "Are the improvements worth the money?" Now the question is "Are the improvements minus the downgrades worth the money?". Time will tell if this works for them. :-\
  • Being a guy who uses a G4 with an extra battery and 128GB SD card, I perfectly know where Note 4 users are coming from, but I had to look at 2 sides of the spectrum. Really, before buying anything, do some research and think about what you're getting over what you own and what you might lose from what you own. Weigh the 2 and decide which one is more beneficial. The Note 4 is known to me and a lot of people as the ultimate Swiss Army Knife device. It can do anything you want on a phone and then some. The Note 5, to me, is still considered that, but not as much as the 4, personally. The LG G4 can be considered one as well, but it's just behind the Note 4, mainly due to the lack of a pressure-sensitive stylus.
  • I would say it is not worth it unless you win one or are gifted one. Performance will never be noticed. I doubt there is a single app out there where you'd see a difference in performance. I see it says there is a difference in the article but I am going to have to watch a few videos of a clean Note 4 rom and a Note 5 side by side because i have a really hard time believing it. You lose the replaceable battery and SD card which can be a big deal depending on your useage. The only reason to buy the Note 5 would be if you really like the aesthetics and are not going to use a case.
  • I Just went from the note 4 the the 5 and I can't tell a BIG difference in performance. If you ever pick up a note 5 and play with it, you'll see what I mean.
  • Let us know how the Note 5 performs in a few weeks. Multitasking on my S6 went to crap.
  • I'm a couple weeks in to mine, still working just fine.
  • That is good to hear. Maybe the Touchwiz team finally figured out how to do multitasking on Lollipop.
  • Yeah I stopped reading after your first line, there's a HUGE difference in performance between my Note 4 and my S6. This performance gap widens after the N4 gets Lollipop. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Is Lollipop slowing your Note 4 down? Honest question, because I haven't noticed any hits to performance, ever since I upgraded.
  • I have seen it.I use my note 4 a lot.It lags a lot with 5.0,kit kat was way better in performance but I heard 5.1.1 fix it.I think its a memory management issue.
  • Man, I've been lucky to not have an of those issues on my Note 4. Sure, it suffers from the occasional stutter, but that's the extent of its woes.
  • I have no more lag on LP [now] than I did on KK. Of course the first two weeks I was on LP I wanted to go back to KK due to lag but reflashing clean solved the problem.
  • It may seem like it doesn't have issues, but you'd see how bad the stock ROM is if you flashed CM on your note 4 or used a Nexus 6 for a day. Any Android device with 3 gigs of RAM should be able to frequently hold at least 15 to 25 background apps in memory. The note 4/5 and every other Samsung device are terrible when it comes to this, holding no more than 5 to 6 recents and constantly killing background apps from memory.
  • I may take you to task on that challenge and try out the Nexus 6 for a day. I'm curious to experience exactly what you mean.
  • If you did, what you would notice on a nexus 6 or your note 4 with CM 12 is that your last 20 to 25 used apps stay in memory most of the time. Meaning every time you go back to them they're open and ready to go. That's really the way Android is supposed to perform with 3 gigs of RAM. Samsung devices however aggressively kill apps that should remain in memory. That means you see a whole lot more apps reloading, which is another way of saying lag. Even the iPhone 6 with 1 gig of RAM holds far more used apps in memory than the note 5. There's something seriously wrong there
  • True X 10000. That's one reason staying on the Note 4 is wise because the newer devices are getting locked down more and more. With the Note 4 I can move back and forth between KitKat and Lollipop roms and the speed is so much better than any stock experience. I'm not sure about the ROM scene with the Note 5 but I hope it's good for those people insisting on it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The memory management issues are intentional, and all of Samsung's phones and tablets have it to varying extents. The note 4 and 5 both act the same way as far as killing apps in the background. They typically won't hold more than 5 or 6 recent apps in memory at any time. That's unacceptable for a device with 3-4 gigs of RAM and its also the main reason so many complain about touchwiz being laggy
  • Funny thing is that changing a particular value in the build.prop file solves the issue...nearly.
  • It's a few values that need to be added and changed. But apparently the recent info floating around online seems to be more effective on exynos variants and not as much on snapdragon variants
  • I couldn't use a Samsung product if there was no way to root it precisely because of this. No way I'll be tied down to Samsung's whims when it comes to software. My Note 4 is a beast and I go back and forth between KK and Lollipop. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The problem is you see basically the same RAM management issues on debloated touchwiz ROM's such as omega, emotion, etc. Debloating doesn't solve the issue. Samsung's memory values need to be changed.
  • Didn't help the performance at all and absolutely killed my battery life. The S6 is much faster in every days tasks. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What does it matter if neither of them hold more than a few background apps in memory before they start getting killed? Both of them lag much more than the same hardware running a lighter, more optimized ROM.
  • I'd really like to get an idea of this HUGE performance gap that you're describing. Tell me what happens. Do apps open 3 - 5 secs longer on a Note 4 than on a Note 5. Do you stand around and wait forever for an app to open while on a Note 4. Does the browser slow down to the point that it's unusable on the Note 4 compare to the Note 5. Please be specific on these huge performance gaps.
  • This is nonsense. The note 4 is smaller than the note 3 so no real issues with size. It's a note! 3 gb and an exynos octa core processor 1.9 quad 1.3 quad is quite enough to do anything you want with the software and apps. It's running lollipop as well, battery life has never been an issue on the note 4, apart from note 5 there is really no other phone of any make that can hold a candle to it. I have no issues with the plastic back, love the metal rim. I'm using a 64 gb sd card and the 32 gb on board storage is nearly used up. So I definitely need a phone with more than 64gb which counts the note 5 OUT. Even if they make a 128 gb version they will price it out out of my reach. The screen is brilliant on note 4, I Doubt there can be any but marginal improvement on note 5. I'm waiting for note 6. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm with you on all of your points. Honestly, if my Note 4 dies, I'll likely try to get another Note 4 or move on to a different phone (maybe the G4). I know it's been said over and over in every comment section, but it really does bear repeating. I need that SD card slot. Period. Even if it weren't for the fact that phones tend to die long before an SD card does (which makes moving data simple and easy), 32 GB simply isn't enough anymore with how big apps are getting (Slacker Radio takes up 779 MB alone. My total application usage is 9.44 GB and I don't even have /that/ many apps) and how much space the OS takes up (on my Note 4, it takes up 7.78 GB) and how easy it is to get movies onto your phone. We need to get to a point where 64 GB or even 128 GB is the standard base before I will even consider giving up an SD card slot.
  • But here's the bigger question: I have the opportunity to get a 64gb Note 5 for $20/mo (or 32gb for $10), but I'm currently rocking a Nexus 6.... I've had Samsung before, and ultimately left because of TW. The new TW seems like it's pretty damn light (in comparison from what it has been when I used it on an S3). I just seem to bounce around from stock based phone to skinned phones. OG Droid > Fascinate > Moto X > Thunderbolt > Galaxy Nexus > Galaxy S3 > Note 2 > Droid DNA > LG G2 > LG G3 > Nexus 6. Any time any phone I've had has a AOSP port or CM ROM, I'll definitely install it. I guess I'm just all over the place, haha. On Sprint BTW. Oh who am I kidding, I'll probably get a Note 5.. eventually.
  • What is going in in your life that TW made you drop a phone. Dramatic much? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think you interpreted that statement a little to harshly. You'll notice I had two Samsungs back to back. I just was kinda tired of TW and wanted to try something else. Wasn't real fond of it over time. Just wanna those, "ok time for something different" situations, ya know?
  • How exactly is that dramatic? If he didn't like it, then he didn't like it. The same way some people won't use a Windows, OSX, Or Linux computer, because they don't like the look or feel of the software. Same difference, what's it to you?
  • Good article. Wanted to upgrade at bb but verizon wants me to pay up to upgrade via edge,262 and give up note4. You showed me that note5 is not worth it. Now waiting for Moto x or new nexus. Thank you
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • NO Posted via the Android Central App
  • I agree with everything in your article Andrew, with the exception to one statement. I personally know several people, myself included, who jumped on the Note 5 bandwagon from the s6. Even though I had the Active, this phone last just as long now that I have tweak a few things, just as I did on the Active. It actually looks better to my eyes for the colors and clarity, not to mention the improvements to the camera. The speaker is louder too compared to the s6. Everything performance wise is better too.... So I am very happy with it. My only concern is how slick the phone is naked and waiting patently till my case comes in Posted from my Galaxy Note 5
  • I'm sorry, but, in my opinion, even if you can afford the jump, it's just not worth it. An extra gigabyte of RAM, a slightly better camera, and faster but limited onboard storage all all you get for your Note 4 plus some hard-earned cash: I don't think you'll notice that much of a difference between the cameras;
    Sure, storage may be faster, but it's limited to what version of the phone you get, unless you have an external drive;
    I'm not convinced that battery life is exactly equivalent to the Note 4. Hell, battery life sure isn't equivalent for those individuals that'd lose the ability to just swap batteries on-the-fly. People may be seeing that there's not much of a difference, now, regarding battery life between the two. However, in 06 months to a year's time, when that battery starts to lose its luster, those people that made the jump from Note 4 to 5 will regret losing the ability to just purchase and swap a cheap replacement or even an extended version. If you're on T-Mobile's upgrade plan or any for that matter, you've got money in the bank, and keeping the Note 4 for longer than 6 months to a year was never on your radar, then, by all means, make the jump. But, if you're like me, and you paid or are paying full price for the 4 and expect to get some years out of it, then it is absolutely NOT worth it. Before anyone gets bent out of shape, this is MY opinion, formed by me playing with the phone in-store and from playing around with my friends' Note 5's.
  • Good write up. I agree with the conclusion. My Note 4 runs great on Lollipop, I have 3 batteries to swap out and a few SD Cards. I have no reason to make a move to the Note 5 right now. It isn't because I don't like the 5 or think it's a bad phone. It just doesn't make and sense to upgrade to me. What I have works great and does everything that i need and more.
  • Same here. I've had Note 2, 3 & 4 and this is the first time I have not been irresistibly compelled to upgrade to the newest version. I am very happy with my Note 4. It runs like a champ, lasts over a day on a charge, storage space will never be an issue, and the camera is still one of the best available on any phone. When I get tired of Touchwiz, I can flash something else. I have no good reason to sell it, and I'd rather spend the money I'd spend on a Note 5 on something else.
  • Test Posted via the Android Central App
  • No need to get testy.
  • I have you loud and clear,. How do you have me, over?
  • LOL.
    " This is the BBC World Service.
    Please retune your device." Posted via the Android Central App
  • Successful test
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Posted From my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface pro 3
  • I'm happy with my Note 4, but if I could afford it, I'd upgrade.
  • OK for one the note 5 has also taken away the Ir remote, for you tv
    2 most people put there phone in a case
    So who cares what it looks like
    You can make the phone look like the way you like by putting on a nice case Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why did samsung downgrade the smart select from the note 4 to the note 5. With the 4 you can use smart select to select text in an image and for example dial a number or get directions. In the note 5 smart select size nothing more than an image crop for the screen write which was out on the Note 3. This is disappointing that samsung would get rid of this nice feature completely with the note 5! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Place both phones in one of the industry's best cases, a UAG. They will look and feel in your hand practically identical. ROM the phone with one of the many great, super fast, debloated roms on xda and they will both be blazing fast. Use both of them heavily during a day you're out and about (ie on vacation). By 3 pm you will have 100% battery life on your Note 4 by just swapping out the battery while you'll be experiencing battery anxiety with your Note 5. Take lots of pics and video on said vacation (or work outing or whatever) and don't worry about where to store it on your Note 4 with a 128g sd card or start hunting for WiFi on your Note 5 so you can unload some of that media to the cloud. Get back to your hotel and take your Note 4 to control the TV or set your Note 5 to charge for the evening and use the filthy hotel remote. Thanks but I wouldn't trade my Note 4 for a Note 5 + 100 much less take a loss and pay more for the Note 5. Don't get me wtong, give me one free and I'll take it because it is still great but otherwise I'll wait for the Note 6 and hope it meets my needs as well as my Note 4 has. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I recently went on a family vacation where we were constantly on foot, trolley, boat, or taxi (Boston). Basically, there was no situation that allowed me to conveniently plug my phone in for more than 5 minutes or so. But I was packing my Note 4 with a 128GB microSD card and a spare battery in my pocket and I was able to talk, browse, entertain my daughter with videos, navigate and, most importantly, take photos and videos all day long without having to worry. Yes, I know there are oodles of portable battery packs, some even supporting QC 2.0. But do you really want to juggle a battery pack, a phone and a fragile microUSB connection on your lap when it's easier to take 15 seconds and pop off the cover, swap batteries and keep on going? If the Note 5 had a sealed 4,100 mAh battery standard as originally rumored that would help the case considerably. Having 64GB storage in the base model with 128GB as an option would help even more. But a gimped battery and 32GB storage model with no IR blaster just reeks of cost-cutting by Samsung. Same story with all of their other 2015 releases. Cost and hardware feature-cutting galore while no substantial improvements to TW.
  • Bravo, EXACTLY! I would only add that after a year the battery will degrade and then you are SOL up the creek if you know what I mean...
  • Great comment, I guess people who don't travel much can't appreciate having spare battery. A battery bank needs to be dongled constantly to you phone for charging to work, that's a major hassle, doubling the bulk of the phone and making it very tricky to use it while being dongled.
  • +1 Posted from the last of a dying breed...Galaxy Note 4
  • Nice sig! :)
  • Battery Anxienty ... great term. Have not had that since I started using swapped batteries in my Nexus.
  • "Having a phone that's easier to hold and use is a big plus, and the fact that it looks and feels dramatically better than the Note 4 just adds to it." I get so tired of these types of comments in reviews about the Note line. Everyone buys a Note knowing that it wont be as easy to use one handed as smaller devices. Sure, the Note 5 might have improved on that, and that's great. But that doesn't equate to a con with the Note 4.
  • It does when the are the same size, which they are. You can be right if you are comparing a 5'' phone to a 5.7'' phone, but not two of the same size. Personally I find smaller phones harder to deal with than the larger ones. Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • But no one bought the Note 4 expecting it to be an iPhone 4 in size. I know I didn't. So it was NEVER something that needed to be mentioned about what made the phone not as good as it could be. When I read the reviews on this site for the Note 4, there was always comments about the size being a negative. But it's a freaking Note. I'm 100% fine with the size and I've never even come close to dropping it while using it 1 handed.
    That's great they slimmed this one down for people who wanted a slim phone. I prefer a phone to not feel fragile so I like hefty devices.
  • Ok it is not a con to the note 4, but it is a positive for the note 5 Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • How can it look better when all I see in the glass was fingerprint
    And the glass is too slippery for my sweaty hands so it doesnt feel good at all. My hands just get sweaty all the time. Posted via the Android Central App
  • DRAMATICALLY. Really? You're right. It's hard to take people seriously who make statements like that. Yes, I think the Note 5 has better feel in hand due to being lighter, slightly narrower and having the nice curved design. The glass back is slippery, so that's a downgrade from the nice rubber design before. Yes, I'll say the 5 is better. But saying it's DRAMATICALLY better is just not honest. It's not like going from a brick to a playing card or something.
  • Absolutely, if you can afford it. It's literally the best phone ever Posted via the Android Central App
  • Best phone ever with a sealed battery I'd say. IMO, the Note 4 is the best phone ever. :-D
  • No.. the Note 5 is not a worthy upgrade. How can you recommend that? You should get fired for misleading people. Also, did you purposely not upgrade your Note 4 so the settings look different? Cause my wife's Note 4 settings are exactly like the Note 5 in the picture.
  • He should get fired for having an OPINION that differs from yours? Maybe you should re-evaluate yourself, instead.
  • +100
  • Fired for stating his opinion...... So he should be fired because he didn't like the LG G4 and preferred the Galaxy S6, and also because he liked the Note 5? Sheesh, don't let the hate take control of you.
  • Fired? Jeez dude, chill out a bit.
  • Yesss... yes... let the hate flow through you...
  • For me it was looks! I realize this thread is more from Note 4 to Note 5 but... Sure- I'd read the stories in the couple of days prior to release that detailed what would be missing from N5. My frame of reference was slightly different though- as I was not coming from a Note 4- but a Nexus 5. Having the Nexus 5- I've already dealt with lack of swappable battery, and no SD Card. What was big deal for me though- was Nexus was pure Android with no BLOAT. That would mean the 32Gig I had on Nexus and the 32 Gig on the Note would not have the same "cushion" due to the extra space taken by touchwiz, Samsung bloat, and ATT bloat. I would also lose quick OS Updates direct from Google. Once I had that body in my hand, and saw how good it looked and felt- there was no turning back. As good as the Nexus looked in its day- the Note 5 just looked and felt outstanding. Chris
  • I'm in nearly the same boat with my Nexus 6... batter and SD thoughts are the same here. I stream about everything I need (music, Netflix, Plex) since I have unlimited data with Sprint. But do I want to try this new TW???
  • They completely changed smart select. It's essentially the same as screen write now. So if you were big on the S-Pen and it's specific functionality then you're downgrading with the Note 5. Sure Air command looks pretty now but does that really matter?
  • Will wait till they put back all they took out of the note 4 not buying a phone with the headphone jack at the bottom of the device Posted via the Android Central App
  • Get a apple be done with it you can get apple accessories everywhere If there is a bug in apple software there
    Can put out, patch for all the phones at
    Once Samsung can not do this
    Apple when you get a software update
    It's quick, not with Samsung
    Samsung does not support there older
    Phone's very long with hardware accessories, like from note 4 to note 5
    Just go to a Samsung shop you will see what I mean,
    The apple has better speakers more bass, you get to many ads with Android
    You have to keeping cleaning the up
    So they don't drain you're phone Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nice Grammar "get a apple" lol go to school Posted From my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface pro 3
  • Lmao too funny
  • You can get Samsung accessories everywhere
    75% of the "new" features in an iPhone are two year old Android features, why not get the real ones instead of the knockoffs?
    Sasmung as well as several OEMs have a program to do virtually the same thing. Software updates are not as important as you make them out to be. Besides, I like having my phone the way I want it, not the same as everyone else. LG, Samsung,Moto, HTC, Sony...they all have a style their own.
    There are hardware accessories still available for the S4 up on the Samsung website. You can also find tons of accessories for older phones out there.
    Samsung has crappy speakers, you got that one. iPhones are not much better, HTC puts them both to shame...hey I have a choice unlike you
    WTF do you mean ads? You know how I really know you have no clue what you are talking about? I mean I knew before but this ices it.
    I do not clean anything up and my 2.5 year old phone ran as good as the day I bought it. I have choice in what I want, you get what they give you
    I have features first, you wait two years. To each his own, if you like it stick with it, but do not lie about Android, you look like a fool.
  • I consider losing the IR Blaster a major loss as well Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep, it is nice feature when I cant find my remote and need to open my tv Posted via the Android Central App
  • AC has been a bunch of Samsuck ass lickers as of late...
  • I have a Note Edge and seriously considered the Note 5 in a store. For my purposes the Note 5 is more of a trade off than an upgrade. I like the Note 5's faster performance, improved camera speed and Samsung Pay. I don't care for the glass body, which is beautiful to look at when clean but slippery and shows fingerprints like crazy. I don't want to give up the edge screen, the battery and the SD card on the Note Edge. I use the edge screen all the time and occasionally swap out the battery for an immediate full charge. The biggest problem for me upgrading to the Note 5 is storage, I have almost 70GB of data on my Note Edge and if I go to the Note 5 I will be installing and uninstalling apps and videos. Right now I'm not interested in moving to the Note 5 but if Samsung Pay takes off and the Note 5 Active (which is more my style) is released with 128GB storage I might switch.
  • Do you actually get use out of the edge? I've been considering switching from the Note 4 to the Note Edge just to satisfy my need for a "new phone" without actually giving anything up from the Note 4.
  • Not worth it. You run the risk of fewer/delayed updates due to that model's moderate sales figures and you go backwards in screen size and battery capacity. Stick with the Note 4 and get a Tab S2 if you want a new Samsung device to play with. Or better yet, vote with your $ and don't support Samsung's latest models that value style over substance!
  • I agree on every point. I like the edge feature, but I honestly do not like the width in hand and the fact that its hard to pick up off a table etc. Weird, but my wife's Edge just never felt right in hand. Super nice otherwise tho.
  • I know what you mean about how it feels in the hand. Fortunately when I bought Samsung's wallet case for the Note Edge, which replaces the back cover, the phone became much easier to grip.
  • It may sound silly but I love the edge screen for my night time clock. It is just the right size and brightness and travels with me. I also like the edge screen for notifications, answering calls without losing the main screen and controlling Spotify. That said, I don't think it is worth it to switch from a Note 4 to a Note Edge.
  • Note 5 is better than the 4 by far. I couldn't stand that stupid swipe finger print reader the touch is 10x better. Never bought a spare battery and can't put my apps on SD card anyways. I will happily use this phone till the note 6 and then upgrade again. It's only a year. Note 4 is old! No matter how u look at it the 5 is still an upgrade. Posted from my NOTE 5
  • Got my wife a note 5 last Friday.. . we are/were both on S5's... Vzw... I was waiting for the note 5, because of the battery life concern on the S6. Here is what I figure. I have two N7's, N10, and Tab s 8.4. None of those have battery issues.... And yes I know I don't have to charge my Nexus batteries all that often. However I do have to charge my tablet battery virtually every day. I have noticed no difference in battery capacity on any of those devices. The way I figure I'll just do it insurance claim in a year anyway and get a free device when the battery goes bad My wife is a moderate user of her phone and she is getting a solid 40 hours of battery out of her Note 5. That convinced me. I ordered a 64gb Wednesday. Waiting for it to arrive today. It is by far the most refined device I have ever used. My wife loves it and could care less about technology. Also these units are built in Korea and they seem much better in initial quality over my first 3 S5's that were china built. Also talking to my local Verizon store they are telling me they cannot keep the note 5 in stock and are selling a ton of them particularly to iPhone users. So I guess Samsung got what it wanted. Also note that Verizon is not going to stock 64 gig devices until Christmas time they are only available online Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah Verizon can't keep these Note 5's in stock, the 3 that get a week that is. LOL My son manages a Verizon Store and he tells me they get about 3 of these devices a week. So, you aren't saying much by saying they are selling out. They aren't selling a ton of them either and most of the folks buying them aren't iPhone users. Samsung screwed the pooch on this device and for many users the reason the would have upgraded. Sure they will sell some of these, but these won't even remotely take market share from Apple on their next device drop coming in a couple of weeks. Also it seem that Samsung is just emulating Apple anyway, instead of keeping what they had going with the Note line. I know I won't be upgrading my Note 4.
  • I like that they managed to downsize it, however marginally, and I like the curve on the back - good, ergonomic design. But glass? I just don't get it. I'm not one of those guys who thinks "premium design" is a dirty phrase, but I just don't understand the penchant for glass. Metal I understand. Leather too. Also ceramic, kevlar, high-grade poly like you find in the Lumia line, and any number of other materials. But I CANNOT STAND fingerprint magnets like glass or glossy plastic. My previous complaints about the Galaxy line were: TouchWiz, AMOLED, and that damn glossy plastic. Note that I never minded the plastic part of that equation, just the gloss. Now I could use a 3rd party launcher to mitigate TW, and I could run Basic mode on the display to help me get over my AMOLED issues, but GLASS??? Hell no. And yes, I know most people put a case on their phones. I don't. Oh, and that sealed battery. Ugh. I could do without the SD card, but going from an M7 to a G4 reminded me what it was like knowing that I could replace the battery once its capacity became diminished by use after a year or so. Don't care about swapping out on a daily basis, but I'll be damned if I'm going back to a phone that loses its battery mojo a year into the relationship. Maybe next year, Sammy. Give me a reason to come back... Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think it's irresponsible to convince people they don't need the convenience of a removable battery and storage. I had the droid turbo and an s6 which i had to give both back for the lg g4 to regain these features. Had my uncle and niece almost leave the Android eco system (until i convinced them the iphone is the same setup) because they continuously ran out of juice and storage due to music libraries and photos. They also didn't want use their entire data package up in a couple of days because they Had to stream or upload everything due to limited storage
  • Taking it a little too seriously. I have a N4 and swap batteries and have an external SD and use the IR blaster often. I can't pretend there aren't people that use the phone differently. When they had the N4, they didn't bother with the hassle of swapping batteries, didn't have an SD card, or use the IR blaster. You can't seriously think they'll mourn the loss of features they never used. Posted via the Android Central App
  • For years we were told it was no big deal but now that Samsung has done it, people are losing their shit about it. Is that Appalachian Brewing CO in your picture?
  • For years we were told by Samsung users that it WAS a big deal, and that big deal was one of the standards they waived when touting Sammy's superiority over the other OEMs. Now we have an interesting opportunity to see the true colors of that crowd; those who continue to make a big deal over it were clearly serious about Samsung because of the features they offered, while those who now say it's not a big deal were serious about Samsung because they're Samsung fans come hell or high water. Note that I'm not talking about all Samsung users. Just those who were on the removable battery/SD card train and have now either stayed the course or done a 180, pretending it never mattered. Unfortunately, Samsung has somehow attracted a fanatic user-base that behaves very much like the Apple maniacs that we find so irritating. For many, Samsung can still do no wrong. There are a couple of people on this forum that would buy a phone made out of cardboard and turds if it was Galaxy-branded. But it's no fault of Samsung's that some kooks think they're the second coming of Christ. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Put me in the field that thinks Samsung has screwed the consumer by choosing style over function. I'll be sticking to my Note 4 with a giant smile on my face.
  • Make no mistake about this. Sammy's #1 reason for this is PROFIT!!! These phones are cheaper to make. They have greater profit margins. They'll push people to upgrade faster. They'll break and require replacement faster. When the battery dies it won't be off to eBAY for a $5 replacement ... it will be brand new phone. All your points are correct. But rest assured the bean counters have taken over the wheel on the Samsung Mobile bus.
  • I have a Note 3 and it's almost time or a new phone so I'll be probably going to LG with a smile on my face. I'm tried of Samsucks horrible updates, bugs, 1 year slowdowns, horrid GPS,
  • Back when Google decided to kill the sdcard, it was still important.
    Back before qc the removable battery was very important. I still want both but I am not sure that they are as important as they were three years ago. The opposite of what you say is true as well. It is kinda funny to see some who said two years ago that these were not important piling on Samsung now Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • If every flagship phone came with at least 64GB (but preferably 128GB) of internal storage, then yes, I'd begin to question the need for SD support on a mass-market basis; not that there won't always be some people who genuinely need SD, but 9 out of 10 users could get by just fine. I don't think I'll ever be convinced that there isn't a need for replaceable batteries though, even if the masses don't know they need them. Battery life on EVERY phone diminshes noticeably after the first year or so (though fanboys of whatever chosen manufacturer will deny this). The only acceptable means to mitigate that is the ability to purchase and install your own affordable replacement. I've done the sealed battery thing, and no fancy bells and whistles like QC 2.0 or ever smaller auxiliary battery packs can make up for cell degradation. And yes, you're right about some of the crowd piling the outrage on Samsung. They were perfectly content with sealed batteries and no SD in their other phones, so they shouldn't use this as an excuse to bash on Samsung. It's petty and hypocritical. But the others - those who have always stuck to their guns on these two features being essential - well I say let them vent. They have a valid complaint and they're not being hypocritical. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Word! If there was only such public outcry when reviewers were bemoaning the "plastic" "non-premium" FEEL of Sammy's Galaxy predecessors. I personally LIKED the lighter weight plastic because it didn't significantly sag my breast pocket. Reviewers everywhere complained about this and Sammy responded. This "feel/premium" comparison was totally SUBJECTIVE, but began Sammy's inevitable descent down the road to ruin. A path it continues to follow, emulating a follower, not a LEADER.
  • Well, I've had my Note 5 since release day and it's going back to Best Buy this afternoon. Just not enough to warrant the price. Picking up a mint Note 4 for $300 on the way back from Best Buy. Works for me.
  • Why are we downplaying SD cards and removable battery's for looks? I want a phone I can actually use longer not a better looking phone I mean who said current gen phones or the note 4 are ugly? Posted From my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface pro 3
  • You mean besides that Nexus leak? no one. I do not think that it is going to be that big a deal, nowadays, with the sealed battery with QC. I could be wrong as I have never experienced it, but that is what I am going with right now. We will see on Friday
  • But I don't need a way a quickly charge my phone I want one that will last longer QC is awesome but manufacturers are using it as an excuse to thin down phones and have smaller battery's. Posted From my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface pro 3
  • I agree and it is a crappy trend. I am in the cap of make it 12mm thick and give me an extra 1500mah Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • I'm in the same boat as you Posted from the still capable LG G3
  • Influence of Apple and Samsung's marketing $, since Samsung is aping Apple at every possible turn these days.
  • Hardware maybe Software, look the other way around. Software counts for more...
  • If you use your phone for a long period of time, samsung will have less profit Posted via the Android Central App
  • Samsung does a lot more than make phones Seems like everyone forgets that Posted From my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface pro 3
  • Absolutely. Oh, and remember how AC and the tech media in general fawned over the chamfered aluminum edges of the Note 4 last year? All of a sudden it's junk that's being replaced by this years Premium Royalty. LOL.
  • Agreed. Read my previous post.
  • Love the note series, upgraded every year but not this year. Note paying 800$ + for a phone that looks like a iPhone, I really don't care about the sdcard but i do care about the battery, I'm thinking either new Moto or the new nexus. By the way note 2 was my favorite. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I still have my note 2 and have note 4
    Still like my note 2 alot Posted via the Android Central App
  • But you can't change the battery on a Moto or a Nexus. Posted via the Android Central App
  • But they also cost a lot less. Besides, even if I were itching badly for a new upgrade (I'm not, from my Note3) but if I were, I'd lean toward getting something NON Samsung just to 'vote with my wallet.' I don't want to give them the false impression that I approve of their design choices.
  • For me, the reasons listed on the article are not enough to make the change, I'm a power user and a bit of quick wireless charging doesn't do the trick for me. Also I know many people think cloud storage is the future but I'm not comfortable with the idea of my information, my personal memories, etc. being in the cloud of some company so the sd card is a must for me.
    I think overall Samsung is trying too hard to debunk Apple and the IPhone monopoly and if they don't realize the main reason android users have Samsung practically at the top of the market is because it is different from iphone they're going to loose some important niche market. Personally I don't see that great of a difference on the note 5 that would push me to upgrade from my note 4 so that lives aesthetics and truth be told the note 5 and S6 look like iphones and feel like iphons, I don't like iphones so that is definitely not a plus for me.. I think that if people want an iphone they're just going to buy one and the "test drive" thing they're pulling with iphone users just sort of gives me ground to make this statements.
    I just hope Samsung moves forward with the next phones and not backwards, and just for hints: imitating Apple is going backwards.
    (Not because appel is bad or anything is just that appel already exist so why would u want to move that way?) Posted via the Android Central App
  • The phone is replacing the computer. Would you be happy with a 64 gb hard drive? No. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Two different classes of device, but I will bite. The chrome book is doing pretty well and touted around here vs the traditional pc. Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • I have the Note 4 and now the Note 5. Agree with all of the article. I would add though that for me, the camera double-tap to open is really a game changer. While the camera itself it just a tad better, the ability to open it SO quickly from anywhere - even with the screen off - in a second or less has been transformative. If you have kids, you know the benefit of being able to grab your phone and take a good picture fast (before the moment is gone).
  • I think the camera speed and quality is the most appealing feature of the Note 5. The camera starting in 0.7 seconds on a double tap is terrific. I can tolerate a little lag when using regular apps but for taking photos speed is very important.
  • Yes the Note 4 runs outdated software, bad design, bigger than Note 4, everything is better on Note 5. That's subjective anyway and I would never use an older gen phone even if given free. Posted via the Android Central App
  • And in a month the note 5 will be running outdated software too
  • And it will be until q3 next year it will get a update Posted From my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface pro 3
  • Come on you know that isn't true at all Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • All batteries wear down eventually. Great battery life on day one won't be great in 9-12 months. If I'm paying all this money for a phone and plan to keep for more than a year, I want to be able to replace it. Also, it's nice to have all your pictures/music stored locally to transfer to the next phone you buy. These are huge omissions, for the sake of a slippery glass back. I've played with the Note5 and it's nice, but it'd go in a case regardless, so who cares about the "premium build" after about 10 min of it being naked. And Notes are supposed to be big phones anyway, if you want a small phone, get the S6. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's not difficult I do a phone replacement when I hit my 6 month mark I simply call Verizon and tell them something to the effect like my speaker phone no longer works .I tell them I went through all the steps I even went to the Verizon store and they told me the phone is defected .I tell them.this on the phone and before you know.ot I have a replacement device in the mail.i been doing this scam for years! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I doubt many here consider having to run a scam as an acceptable way to make up for what they consider to be poor design. Posted via the Android Central App
  • In the end we all pay more because of people like him. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm thinking we all pay more because of pure provider GREED! He couldn't replace his phone that way unless it's covered, which basically means he pays for it (so do I!) Insurance is a racket. It's the 1 thing we pay for, but hope we never have to use & when we do, the insurer figures out a way to screw either us or someone else in line to maintain their profitability. I'm not saying he's right, but if it makes him feel better about those monthly premiums, SO BE IT.
  • Oh I can afford it, but I'm not interested in the Note 4s. At best it's a side upgrade, but in reality it's a downgrade due to loss of features hardware and software wise. Not to mention I despise that freakin fingerprint magnet glass back (I use my phone naked). Samsung has lost their way with the Note series this year chasing the whole form over function B.S. and blurring the lines between the S and Note lines. Hope it comes back to bite em in the ass and they're forced to come back to their senses with the Note 6!
  • I agree with you on everything except it possibly being a down grade. Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • I think it's a down grade Posted via the Android Central App
  • SO far you have made about 5 posts here and in the forums and they have been about bashing Android. YOu like the iPhone and that is fine, but your thoughts on Android leave a little to be desired...
  • "Sidegrade" maybe but not a downgrade. If Samsung updated the N4 as a N5x, it'll be the better phone and probably outsell the N5 albeit with less premium materials. The N5 is like a big middle finger to the we true Note line enthusiasts. That said we are really a minority and Samsung may have made a brilliant business decision with form over function in an attempt to dabble in Apple territory. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Middle Finger is right ... but I must disagree ... a GLASS back aint premium on a mobile device any more than aluminum would be a premium material for a ... car tire. Glass is rediculous outside of anywhere but in front of the camera ... before it's shattered.
  • This article points out that unlike every other year, this year's Note upgrade isn't automatic. An upgrade for me is when I get more or better or faster of what I already have and then that's coupled with additions that I didn't have previously. That's what's been true of every new Note until this one. This one is more of a trade off. You get some things but you give up some things as well. So while I like the look of the Note 5 and I think Sammy's done some pretty good things regarding some of the hardware, I trade that off on the things that will are lost in moving from the N4 to N5. For me the gain isn't worth the loss, but I understand for many others that will not be the case. To those I say enjoy the N5, it's a great device just doesn't meet my needs as much as the N4 does.
  • Your first sentence is dead on! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Question about the RAM management issues. Does the Note 5 come loaded with software from Cheetah Mobile? If the answer is yes then the Note 5 is a no go. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Probably if it has the Smart Manager app installed like on the S6. Basically Clean Master, only worse since it's part of your phone.
  • Old and busted: "Touchwiz uses too much RAM!"
    New and sparkly: "Touchwiz doesn't use enough RAM!"
  • I would not switch from my note 4.. Among others, the main reason is the lack of IR sensor.. crazy crazy crazy
  • Agreed. It's quite interesting to see usage patterns vary quite a bit. I don't blame folks cos you won't miss what you never used. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Motorola got it right this year. They listened to the customer. Waterproofing, SD card, removable battery, 21 megapixel camera, unlocked, and fast updates straight from Motorola, and 400 price tag. =winner. Motorola x pure gets my money next week. Posted via the Android Central App
  • But no ois. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Isn't it also missing a gyroscope? If so, that's no good. Even $99 Walmart phones have that... Edit: nevermind, looks like the X Play is missing it, not the X Pure. That's not confusing at all.
  • Yeah, you might want to check those specs again. Specifically regarding the battery. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I PROMISE if they would bring the uhhhh M-pen and apps I would so be gone. Just to pi$$ off Samsung if nothing else. But they have me on that dang pen!
  • Hopefully someone here knows, where can I get that wall paper they are using on the Note 5 in the pics here, also they have it on the review of the Note 5. Been asking everywhere. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would like to know that too
  • I pretty much posted this question on every Note 5 post and never had a response yet :( Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's a common practice, they do that with computers too. Add a couple of new features and take some away that way you never feel complete. People fall for it all the time. My suggestion if the phone you have now works and has important features you need, like an sd reader or allows battery swapping then don't fall for up grades that are really not that important.
  • It all depends on whether you use those features. I never swap my battery. And I hate the fact that I have to root my phone in order to get certain apps to be able to use the microSD card. So the Note 5 would be perfect for me. Not for you, maybe, but for me.
  • The Note 4 allows for both CDMA2000 voice and LTE data on Verizon while, as I understand, the Note 5 does not support this. This would mean that for most people, most of the time, they can't do a call and wireless data at the same time if they 'upgrade' to the N5.
  • Excellent point! I use this frequently on my Note 4. To do it on the Note 5 requires VoLTE (Voice over LTE) or what Verizon refers to as "Advanced Calling". It's so advanced it's not ready for prime time yet. So I think it's premature for newer phones to drop the extra radio! :(
  • It's funny that I've read over a dozen or so Note 5 reviews/Note 5 vs Note 4 comparisons and not 1 of them has given the N4 the nod. But then I thought to myself why would they. Every tech site over the last 5 years have always insulted Samsung's design and put their plastic design in the "con" category. Now that every tech site approves of their "premium" design. The sky is the limit for Samsung. The people who are mad at Sammy for changing their design should really be mad at these tech sites, because they're the ones who forced Samsung's hand. Posted from the last of a dying breed...Galaxy Note 4
  • I think that's because tech reviewers didn't drop a grand for the phone, they have a free loaner unit to prop up for website hits and ad revenue. If both the Note 4 and 5 were free to you, of course the nod would always to go the new shiny 5. If, however, you can get a 4 for $300 and a 5 for $900+, you are more critical. I reached the conclusion that the 5 isn't worth an additional $600 to me. Pretty simple analysis, really. I mean I may grab a 5 on Swappa in ~6 months for cheap, but then again I have to worry about a battery that's been quick charged 200 times. That makes me nervous. Yes I know ~1,000 charge cycles! but the longevity of any sealed battery is apparent and real. My work iPhone barely limps through the day. It's 8 months old.
  • You're not charging it right..Seriously. If you're constant;y going from 100% to 0% and back again then, yes, your iPhone could have a battery issue. By the way, you didn't state what iPhone you have? My 6+ easily get's 48 hours on a single charge...with everything running on it...and I mean everything! Better then my previous Android phone(Razr MAXX HD). And I've had this phone since October 2014.
  • I've never understood that mentality. But I guess being ex-military I look for function over looks.
  • If I big worry in your life is what material the back of your phone is made of you got problems. I'll take plastic and removable battery any day. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes. You should. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Click bait
  • Then why did you click it and comment. Posted via the Android Central App
    I've never had a Note, but that's the coolest S-Pen feature that has been omitted from the Note 5 for seemingly no reason.
  • Yep. This is a deal-breaker. I frequently lasso'd non-copy-able text with the S-Pen and converted it to text. Now it's gone. 5.1.1 on the Note 4 may get rid of this as well, but for now it's still there and incredibly useful. Shame on Samsung. I guess this is due to copyright concerns (lol). Edit: nevermind, it's there. Just hold the S-Pen button while selecting and you can copy it.
  • I honestly didn't know the Note 4 had that ability until I read that thread. It's probably one of the coolest features on a phone I've heard of in a while.
  • I edited my post. It's still there.
  • If the feature has been removed, that's a bummer. But I can't help but wonder if Samsung removed it due to all the complaints about "bloated Touchwiz", and this was a slimming down effort. I guess there's no pleasing everyone.
  • How the phone feels is pretty much not material as it spends its entire life in a case. I'd rather the finger print reader be on the back, not front. Wireless charging is not that needed particularly when charging on the go. No replaceable battery is not a big deal. I never replace it on my Note 4 as it already has long battery life, quick chargers does the job and external battery pack for emergencies. The lack of an SD slot and a max of 65GB on-board storage is a big fail. The only positive reason to move from the Note 4 to the 5 is for the processor but the Note 4 does well already. I'll wait for the Note 6.
  • After 10 months of fast charging, my Note 4 battery life started getting wonky. Battery low warnings at 40%, phone shutting down unexpectedly because of "low battery." A $20 replacement fixed that. How's that going to work on the Note 5? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Pay $100, mail off, two weeks later get it back? Terrible.
  • Yup. PITA, and hope you get it back in the same condition you sent it in. Posted via the Android Central App
  • No I shouldn't, to answer the question I just don't see a compelling reason to, the new note is a very nice looking phone, but so is the note 4 besides the fact that looks are way down on the check box list of what I want/need in my phone.
    I'm going to wait and see what Microsoft cooks up I read on Forbes today that the new handsets will have surface pen support, if it's a monster I might consider it, I always carry two phones one for work and the other for everything else so maybe keep the note or the nexus 5 and grab one of Microsoft's new units.
    Choice is a beautiful thing.)
  • When, not if, the Note 5 starts to suffer from the inevitable bootloop of death that seems to plague a lot of Samsung devices (the Wife's S3, S4, S5, and Gear Fit all have had it, plus I recently went through it with my Note 4) the immediate and easiest solution is to take out the battery and restart the device. Kinda hard to do when you can't remove the battery. (Just did a quick search and the S6 also suffers from it). The SD card is an even bigger issue for me because I really like having high quality, i.e. lossless, music files. You can fill up an SD card pretty quick with only a few albums.
  • As much as would love to say I agree. The Note 4 is still a good phone and the build quality doesn't matter much if you are going to put it in a case. The Note 5 is an excellent phone, my wife has it but it didn't wow me enough to provoke to be jealous of the new latest and greatest Note. Great article though, and the Exynos processor is legit, that I will admit.
  • Dont you agree it feels like a giant galaxy s6 w stylus?
  • Pretty much! The Notes were always different from the S series, but this year they are very alike Posted via the Samsung Note 4
  • I do not hate the Note 5 -- and indeed, I think Samsung Pay will be great -- but as a Note 4 owner, I just do not see a compelling reason to upgrade. And it's not even the features that the Note 5 lacks (i.e. non-removable battery, no microSD slot and missing IR blaster); me personally, I could live without them all (except for maybe no microSD, since I use about +25Gb plus another 60 Gbytes on my 128 GB microSD card now). To me, except for Samsung Pay and the fingerprint scanner, there is just nothing "improved" with the Note 5 for me to change. The glass back on the Note 5 is a complete non-issue. For one thing, I really don't care for how it looks. I will leave the "cute" and "sparkly" too teenagers girls with their faux bejeweled iPhone 5 cases. And for another, I use a folio case with all my phones. Thus, even if I had a Note 5, I would not care about the glass back one way or the other. If it looked great, it would still be "hidden" in my folio wallet and if it were fragile and I was afraid it would break (as everyone should be with a phone with a glass back) it would still be "hidden" in my folio wallet even if I cared and thought it was gorgeous. Moreover, because I do keep my phone in a case, wireless charging is also a non-issue with me. For me, it's much easier and quicker just to plug in my Note 4 while it's still in my wallet than to take a Note 5 out of a case or something to wirelessly charge it and then put it back in when it's charged and I'm ready to use it. So again, what's the benefit with the Note 5? As for TouchWiz, maybe I've gotten used to it but honestly, it really doesn't bother me. Just disabled Flipboard and was ready to go. In fact, I have a Dell Venue 7840 that is stock Android, Lollipop, and truthfully, all-in-all I actually prefer TouchWiz on my Note 4 to stock Android on my Dell. So again, what's the benefit of the Note 5? Performance ... I have no problems with my Note 4. Everything opens quickly and responds well. I won't even argue that the Note 5, in theory, may be faster but if my applications on my Note 4 open in 0.25 seconds, I'm not going to care if they open in 0.2 seconds on my Note 5. So once more, what's the advantage with the Note 5? The same with the camera. Even the reviewer admits that the camera on the Note 4 is pretty good. I won't argue that the Note 5 may have a slightly better camera but if I really need better pictures than my Note 4 can provide, I have a DSLR for that. I dare say that in most situations where the Note 4 would not take an acceptable picture, 99.7% of the time the Note 5 is not going to take an appreciably better one. So again, why the Note 5? Again, I won't say that the Note 5 is a bad phone; it's not. But if you have a Note 4, I just don't see a good reason (aside from maybe Samsung Pay and, admittedly, better fingerprint scanning) to "upgrade" to a Note 5.
  • I just cant see myself purchasing the Note 5, the 5 feels like a big galaxy s6 w the stylus!!
    Ill take the performance hit instead of losing my expandable storage anyday. Im hoping samsung will listen to their power users and release the Note 5 Pro. Ill pay extra to have a device w expandable storage and replacement battery.
  • A Note 5 Pro. That would be awesome. I wonder how many of the Note 5 users would lament their purchase and want to move to the Pro. Posted via the Android Central App
  • All of them, but they would not come here and tell you. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Interesting name concept, yet I like it. Note 5 pro! Posted via the Samsung Note 4
  • i have a sickening feeling that the bean counters at Samsung have taken control of the ship. The new cheaper less featured devices are cheaper to make, force overpriced storage options on power users, and create a larger market for aftermarket schlock. Until the engineers and enthusiasts wrestle control back this could be a long ride.
  • I recently cracked the screen on my Note 2 (in an Otterbox Defender no less). Sprint or Amazon hasn't had the Note 4 on their website for sometime but was able to get a deal at (local Best Buys did not stock either). I didn't want the Note 5 for all of the reasons mentioned here. IR Blaster nice when in the lunch room at work (gives you a nice guide too not just channel buttons ). The removable battery is nice because sometimes it is nice to remove the battery to reset the phone should it happen to lock up (could count on 1 hand how many times the Note 2 needed this). I would hate to have to take my phone in or send it out for such a simple fix. Obviously Samsung took a page out of Apples book with no removable SD card to increase profits. I would never dream of using a phone without a case, just too active to risk screwing it up (even with the gold standard of cases I broke my Note 2). Long story short I purposely bought the Note 4 instead of the Note 5.
  • Same here goodwrench.
  • Assume there will no longer be a vr? The storage isn't enough and the battery will be dead in 30 mins. It's a huge backwards step
  • Samsung goes the way of apple. I for one will never get a Note 5. Lets face facts no amount of fixed space is ever enough. I suppose if the note 5 had 128gig and 256 gig models I could probably live with it but 32 or 64 would be a joke. My current note 4 has the built in 32 gig which is currently fine for applicaitons but totaly lacking for music and videos. Yes you can stream music and videos but why burn through a limitted data plan and pay your carrier mega dollars. The average movie is a gig. typical data plans are 10 gig shared. I have a 128 gig micro sd card in my note 4 that cost 72$. it is 3/4 full of music, movies and Maps (Here). Streamng also limits you to an area that has cell service. Lets face it you cant drink at AT&T as it is the land of NO BARS. All carriers have holes in seveice even in cities. For that reason alone you need the extra space an sd card provides. Being able to change batteries is a plus. I will say I dont do it as much anymore because of the quick charge but it is still nice when you forget to charge your battery to be able to swap it out. It is also nice to be able to do it when you know you will be away from a charger for long periods of time. This can be solved by portable batteries but it is not as convient. I guess when I look for a new phone Samsung will be off this list. Luckily I have time as the Note 4 is still a great phone.
  • I think if you don't really need a S Pen then instead of buying this one but a G4 instead Better performance, camera than note 4 without any compromises and you also get a phone without slippery and fragile glass back Posted via the Android Central App
  • But the g4 software tho Posted From my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface pro 3
  • It's not that bad actually, I played around with it and liked it. Smooth and fast with no aggressive RAM management Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agreed. It's not nearly as bad as everyone seems to think it is. As a matter of fact, it's not "bad" at all. There are a few UI quirks that could be bothersome for some users, but then again, others might find those quirks to their liking. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That is the only thing keeping me in Samsung's camp. G4 my favorite phone, but no G-pen. Uggggh.
  • Another reason to get note 5 is samsung pay beta. I got accepted to the beta today at 1 pm. I'm gonna finish setting it up on ny s6e plus and try to use it to buy my lunch :) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ah, NO! My wallet works just fine and provides multiple forms of payment (ex. cash, debit or credit). No single point of failure! As such IMHO this is NOT a feature one should consider as a reason to upgrade....
  • Just used it and it's pretty awesome. It's a feature I will use every day... just because it's not something you would use doest mean it isn't a valuable feature to others. Anyways the faster on board storage alone would be enough reason for me to upgrade from the note 4 to the 5.... plus note 4 looks outdated compared to the looks of a note 5. The list goes on and on. Only thing I would miss from note 4 is the ir blaster. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nope but it's one more good reason to upgrade. I for one will use samsung pay no doubt. Hey everybody has there reasons to upgrade might not agree with yours . When I got the gs6 edge folks asked why didn't I just get the cheap gs6 since it's basically the same phone. I told them cause it looks cool that's it no other reason Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's one thing I was looking forward to on the 5... since Samsung, Verizon, Tmobile, or Google has found ways to NOT let me use Google Wallet since the S3 - the Nexus7 - and now my Note3. But I'm not giving up my SD/IR/Battery for it.
  • I would say NO.. Heck, I don't think Im going to upgrade, now that is the wrong word... but Im not going to switch... from my current Note 3 to the Note 5.. I like my removable battery and SD card. and YES I use both
  • That's great! No need to upgrade from your Note 3 ever! The rest of us will continue to enjoy our Note 5 with excellent camera, fast wireless charging, incredibly fast and smooth software experience, and amazing S-pen and Android M, N, O and P.
  • The Note 5 is definitely an upgrade for me. I have never used a second battery for my phones and 32 or 64 GB are more than enough for me. Besides that the note 5 kills the note 4. The design is leaps and bounds better and it is more powerful and future proof.
  • Future proof? A cell phone? Give it 4 months and ANY phone starts to look dated!
  • He said more future proof. Some of you are just becoming hysterical.
  • To pick a nit, the OP said "more powerful and future proof." The word MORE modifies POWERFUL in the sentence but not FUTURE PROOF. Anyway, there is no future proof cell phone especially one with a sealed battery!
  • Should I upgrade from the Galaxy Note 4 to the Note 5? NO!!!!!
  • Don't forget that there's no IR blaster on the Note 5. I'm not going to give up my Note 4 for a phone that doesn't have an IR blaster.
  • That's hilarious. We'll see how long you hold onto that Note 4 when the rest of the world is on Android N. You'll be able to turn your TV but it willl be an even more laggy experience than it is now.
  • I'll still get a new phone, but I'll wait until one comes out with an IR blaster. I'm concerned, though, because early renders of the Huawei Nexus don't have an IR blaster either.
  • The N4 is butter smooth. If you are having problems with your phone you should take it in for service/training.
  • The Note 4 is buttery smooth ... right up until the Note 5 comes available. Then it instantaneously becomes a laggy, slow, and powerless POS resembling a Kyocera flip phone from the early 90s. Had you said this about the Note 4 three months ago, you would have gotten ran off this board. Deny it now and you get sneered at. It's just weird how that happens.
  • Spot on!
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is better. The 5 is just a fashion model to be visually adorn.
  • And you're saying it's better because you've actually purchased the Note 5 and used it in the real world.
  • Correct.
  • We should not have to choose between having the note and the edge screen. They did it right with the note 4 and the note edge but this year they should have the note edge on both sides of the screen. For me it's the battery life. My note 4 was nearly dead by 6 or 7pm everyday. I don't want to have battery anxiety all the time!! So I got the mugen extended battery with cover, wireless charging and kickstand. My phone lasts 2 days now. Can't add something like that to the n5 except maybe a battery case...if one is made.
  • Maybe its just me (and most other people I talk to... not on forums) but isn't typical upgrade pattern every 2 years for people? Even on plans like tmobile and others that are switching to "no-contract" phones, the price is often spread across a couple years. This applies to all my iOS using friends as well. Barring switching carriers, change of job, or outright breaking their phone - 2 years seems typical from my observations. As such the more likely question is should I upgrade from the Note3 to the Note5? For me, the answer is still no. (Just me - Not you... me.) SD/Battery/IR all factor into this. Plus the fact that the Note 3 is the best phone I ever had. (I don't care for that saying by the way. Since upgrade cycle is about every 2years... I HOPE advancements have been made. No doubt the Note5 would be my best phone - in some regards.) It's just the value proposition considering the removed features, that fact that my phone still does everything I ask of it, and that I don't see anything OUTSTANDING for my use case to warrant the cost. Oh, I also consider the lack of an 'Edge' version of the Note a removed feature... as that is the version I would have leaned towards. Again, I have no doubt the 5 is a great phone.. but for me the answer is meh... followed by 'I saved over $600 this year!! So I'm not TOO disappointed.
  • Yes you should. Sell me your Note 4 please. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's probably better to just port the new software features over to the Note 4 (or wait for someone else to do if) rather than buy yourself a phone with 10% better specs and two less features. As for stability and Touchwiz, Cyanogenmod is probably a great option for you, and I'm sure it won't take long for someone to port all those Note features into that, too. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the official Android Central app for... Well... Android!
  • Also, screen density is easily fixed by a quick root and installation of Resolution Changer. If you don't want to root, I'm sure there are ways to do it rootless. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the official Android Central app for... Well... Android!
  • Once I put the phone in a case, like almost everyone else, I never see my phone aside from the screen. I could care less about the glass back and metal sides. I like being able to pop in a fresh battery and instantly at 100%. I carry a battery pack for emergencies but it takes forever to charge the phone back to full. SD card is a must have feature. I get all the talk about the cloud but if I don't have service, all that awesome information in the cloud does me no good. As for thumb drives with adapters, I can't count on two hands how many of those I have lost over the years plus I can't charge my battery at the same time as I use the thumb drive to watch a movie. No SD card, no thank you. As for the software features, why won't Samsung update these features into the Note 4? Oh wait, I guess they want to force you into a new phone just like they want to force you to adapt to the features and not the features we want. There is another company that is notorious for that. It's logo is a fruit with an bite taken out of it and there is a reason I don't buy their phones. Samsung needs to innovate again and stop chasing apple. It used to be the other way around. Sad times indeed. I am waiting to see what the LG G4 pro is going to be. Rumors are very promising if they come true. If not, the I will gladly use my Note 4 until Samsung comes to their senses next year. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Thank you for reading my mind. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the official Android Central app for... Well... Android!
  • How long can a Note 4 owner hang onto a phone that is laggy? I mean, if having a swappable battery and SD card is your most cherished phone feature, why haven't you upgraded to the LG G4? You'll be waiting until the rapture if you think Samsung or any other OEM is going to release a stylus-oriented smartphone as good as the N5 but with a swappable battery. It's just not going to happen.
  • Laggy? I guess you don't know anything about rooting and putting custom roms. I have a Note 2 which still works great as a smart phone after flashing the latest rom which pretty much gives me most of the features of the newer phones. The Note 4 can also get most of the features of the Note 5 when the correct rom is ready for it. A Note 4 user can hold off upgrading for at least 2 to 3 years and hopefully Samsung will realize that they made a mistake.
  • If your N4 is having performance issues you should consider taking it in for service or user training. The N4 is butter smooth.
  • Lollipop broke N4, both my wife's and my Note 4 became laggy with Lollipop. I tried stock, tried ROMs, still a POS. It was smooth under KK, but LP is the worst thing that has graced Android. Even 5.1.1 has not fully put the memory leak issue at rest. Hopefully M will be awesome. Going to Note 5 has been a breath of fresh air. Biggest upgrade I have ever done, maybe except from HTC Desire to Galaxy S2.
  • Did you try PopRocks? You could also roll back to KitKat and use FireKat. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I feel as if most of the people are kidding themselves into trying to justify their purchase of a phone with minimum upgrades from the last. I personally still use my note 3 with the zero lemon battery 10,000 mah and can't seriously consider any phone with a sealed battery. I don't care about how thin a phone is I want it to last. I work 12 hour shifts and after 1 in the morning things slow down and I start streaming YouTube and showbox movies. I also have unlimited data via T-Mobile. I am a power user and that stock battery on the note 5 simply wouldn't cut it for me. 5 or 6 hours screen on time is a joke to me, but I'm assuming I'm in the minority. My next phone will be a note 4 and if Samsung don't get it together it will be my last. I'm the definition of a Samsung fanboy. I have had all Samsung phones I rock the gear s watch even my tv is Samsung. The moves they have made to appeal to the apple crowd is making me lose faith in their products and business model. I don't want a damn fruit phone in a Samsung package I want options!! I am pissed of but more so let down by Samsungs direction. I will wait a few months to see what comes out but I'm 95 percent sure I will get the note 4 with the zero lemon battery immediately. After that well....balls in samsungs court. I will go with whomever gives me the most options. LG looks to be getting my business sooner than later. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Your definition of Samsung getting there act together is person only to you . There no reason for you to have to justify not buying the n5 by the same token folks like myself fill it was a upgrade from our previous phone many being n4 and n3 . But that's our opinion and choice . I'm thinking there a lot of you guys in denial. Actually you really want the n5 but by convincing yourself there's faults with the n5 it'll make you fill better at night by not buying . Then there's the guys with the n4 who are taking it way to personal hey I had two different n4 regular and the edge liked them both that's why I purshase them in the first place .but after owning the gs6 in my opinion just a mush better optimize version of TouchWiz. And for me the n5 is even more so and no its not leaps and bounds better then the n4 but it's noticeable better in day to day operations. . The 4 gigs of ram is maybe what TouchWiz needed all alone . Hey some will still claim it's not a power phone now that the phone is sealed . But make no mistake this phone is powerful and omitting the things that some claim they cannot live without its still a note . So hey if you want to keep your n4 are n3 more power to you that's your choice. Me and other have moved on that's our choice but like they say don't knock it till you tried it . And from what I've read in these forums some that didn't like it at first end up buying it anyway. ..and would you believed they like it Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nevermind. - Lengthy post deleted.
    I'm tired of this runaround. I'm not in denial... but for me it is not worth the $$ to upgrade - even from my Note 3, even though I've been planning to for over a year. So its not a money or jealousy issue either.
  • Oh wow! Awesome post. And you're absolutely right.
  • Oh No! I have to upgrade from a Note 4?
    Now I have to buy a Note 4, and still wait for a European Note 5 before I can get my hands on one. SMH
  • The Note 4 is better than the Note 5 for a great many owners but that doesn't mean the Note 6 won't be better. Thank goodness we have a lot of choices that come close to suiting the needs of almost everyone. Samsung made the Note 5 to woo iphone users but forgot that there must be something different to budge someone to change. Samsung went so far are to offer free use for a month to iphone users;why not to current Note owners?
  • One additional feature/characteristic of the Note 5: It runs considerably cooler than the Note 4 with Lollipop. (I have/had a zooper temp widget running on both phones).
  • Sealed battery + Sealed SD card = Spying Machine. Should be illegal. No!
  • Note 6 = 6000mah removable slot battery the size and shape of a micro sd card; with a pop out 5 TB storage bar sized and shaped like an old 3200mah battery.
  • But no IR Blaster. Do not want! :-D
  • I really love the Note 5. I also have a iPhone 6+ and end up using the Note. The camera is waaaay better.
  • Know knock on the iPhone 6+ . But I was wondering why folks that are obvious andriod people and samsung in particular. Why you purchased the iPhone also . There are more then a few on these forums that have done the same thing . Just wondering was there a void that's missing from Android that apple gave you do tell
    . Posted via the Android Central App
  • My case is thus. I have one for work, both as a tester and an on call, I have a kid that has one so it gets looked into and as a tech guy it is good to know all your options. What is the big deal? If I was OK with the hassle of two ecosystems I would buy an iPad as well. Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • Lack of removable battery and sd card storage is something isheep have been doing for years and honestly samsung copied the iPhone disgustingly this year, have the iPhone test drive, and released the note and edge early to beat the iPhone release. they want iPhone users. however I wouldn't be surprised if samsung puts the features back in the note 6 due to the outcry.
  • I don't think that's gonna happen. This is there design format now like it are not . So from your omissions apple holds the patent on sealed phones. ..not ,so I guess htc nexus and many of if not all the new Chinese phone get a pass cause they all have sealed phones . Hum now your really reaching Posted via the Android Central App
  • After owning this Galaxy S6 since it came out, I am going on record as saying glass phones are overrated. It's a finger magnet, slippery and fragile. Further, TouchWiz pretty much mutes any performance gains from the newer hardware. The Note 4 seems like a much better buy. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Haha that's funny you said that do realize the n4 also runs on TouchWiz dude stop trolling keep it real Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think you missed his point Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • The point that it's a better buy sure there under $400 now .that doesn't make it the better phone Just cause its cheaper but to each his own .. hey every man knows his limits Posted via the Android Central App
  • Upgrade? I'm still using a Note 2, which still works perfectly fine, although I've recently picked up a used Mega 6.3.
  • This would be a good time to go from the N2 to the N4 given the aggressive pricing of the N4.
  • Not buying note 5 .... Posted via the Android Central App
  • My first switch from iphone is note 2 then note4.. Coz u have option option option ..well for example cloud services reducing pics resolution and annual or monthly pay or we'll delete ur history.. Thats why i used SD .. Replacing batteries more comfort than charging it outside with powerbank with usb wire.. IR loved it have many devices and controlling them by note4 not 5 defferent remot controllers.. By Ending the option i'll stick with my note after that LG or iphone. SALUT :)
  • Its not about jealousy or envy lmfao, it's about options that Samsung has taken away from the people who supported and got them to where they are now. They we're different and now they are becoming apple. My opinion, they lost touch with their Original supporters and that's not a good thing. I could purchase the note 5 if I wanted, I don't, they have taken to many steps back and not enough forward. They should of built on what they already had instead of taking away. They should have kept the Note....a note with ir blaster and all. Then it would of been a step up. I would of purchased it without blinking. If all phones go this route then I'll be forced to get onboard, but as long as there are companies making phones with replaceable batteries and storage I have options. Note 4 will be my last Samsung phone if they continue this unless I have no other options. Don't be salty because I believe differently than some of you, enjoy your note 5 as I'm still enjoying my note 3. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well i gotta say the Note 5 is totally awesome. Im coming from the Note 4 before that the Note 3 and before that the Note 2. Once you go to the Note 5, you just never look back and i'm being totally frank as an average user. I am typing this from my Note 5 and I have my Note 4 just retired and its laying on my dresser. After about a week of using the Note 5, i wanted to just see the Note 4 for once and so i turned it on and i played with it a little, and let me tell you there was no regrets upgrading and you could tell instantaneously the big difference. Note 5 is just more smoother, faster, instantaneously responsive, sleek the content on the screen is more how i do i say...crisp, the camera whoa....can anyone say snap shot in under a milla second? Note 5 is to a Ferrari what the Note 4 is to a Corvette. I would recommend the Note 5 to everyone.
  • Good post. The internals of the Note 5 are just beastly, like the S6 phones. Outside of that is where the wheels start coming off for a lot of power users that are well documented in there disappointments on here.
  • Agreed. I have used every Note and the upgrades back then felt tiny compared to what I get from Note 5 from Note 4. A lot of people comment here based on how they feel about Samsung in general without even using the Note 5 - which they have a right to. But the Note 5 is a HUGE upgrade from Note 4 - unexpectedly so.
  • Corvette can spank ferrari's butt any time...any place. But no, IMO, this isn't an upgrade when you lose functionality.
  • After having the Note 5 for a full 24 hours I can say I'm slightly disappointed. I can do without the removable battery as I've had all iterations of the HTC one series and moto x. The biggest disappointment with this phone are 2 standard android features that have been omitted. One, you cannot HIDE apps that you do not want to see. The second, which is huge for me, you cannot select whether you want an action to be completed only once or permanently. By default your actions are set permanently. I have to continously clear defaults Posted via the Android Central App
  • No, hell no. Posted via my Nexus 6 or Galaxy S6
  • People are making WAY TOO MUCH of a big deal about the fact that the Note 5 doesn't have a MicroSD slot or a removable battery. The majority of people that buy these phones never buy a spare battery or even worry about expandable storage. If you have to carry spare batteries and MicroSD cards around with you, that's a clear sign that you spend entirely TOO MUCH time on your phone. The Note 5 is superior to the Note 4 in every way and is the nicest phone Samsung has made to date - nicer than the Edge+ seeing as the Edge screen is really just asthetics. Its amazing how well Samsung can make a phone once they strip away all of the gimmicks. For years people complained about Samsung using cheap materials and now they fix that and people still complain.
  • It's debatable about it being nicer than the S6 edge plus. The s6e plus is more expensive than the note 5 as well. Before I bought my s6e plus I debated getting the N5 but couldn't put the s6e plus down after checking it out. While I got not thrill or must have feeling for the note 5... I use the people and app edge more than I ever used my spen on the note 4... they are 2 different phones geared to 2 different people and the S6 edge plus just happens to look better than the N5 so that's another bonus... :p Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes its worth it.
  • I for one am glad Samsung ditched the removable battery and micro SD card slot. I don't care for removable battery or micro SD card. I have an SD card for my Moto G and it's causing my phone to lag often now. I'm used to having internal memory and no removable battery and no micro SD card as I'm coming from an iPhone. All I care about is my phone being speedy and fast internal storage provides that for me and memory cards become corrupted. Posted via the Android Central App on my Moto G 4G 2nd Gen
  • How did having ad SD card SLOT slow you down? You didn't have to put SD in there... you could CHOOSE not to use it. And why is the removable battery such a pain if you never remove it? The point is, there used to be options, which allowed ALL OF US to use the phone to our liking. Even if the SD caused a lag (which I've never seen myself (I don't use it for apps) that was a trade-off I could make if desired. The claim has been made by some that the 'complainers' are just 'jealous' or are trying to justify not being able to afford the new hotness. I'm not sure there isn't a good number of people here trying to justify spending that money... it like Aesop's sour grapes... 'meh... didn't need those features anyway.' Realistically, for the majority of us however, I think it boils down to us having different use cases for these devices. Neither use case was judged as right or wrong... because neither was... it's up to the end user. And THAT'S where the Note line had it right up through the 4. It previously allowed all these different use cases to co-exist by offering flexibility and choice... and most here never even had to consider how the other half used the device.
  • This is from an iPhone user that took the test drive. I actually got in on the deal. Received the "trial" two days ago. I chose the Verizon carrier version - they actually already have an activated sim card in it with a phone number, data, etc. Prepaid I guess. You can use it like that or forward your calls to that number from your current phone, too. They sent me the 32 gig White model (roughly 22 gigs available inside with all the pre-installed stuff). My impressions so far... Great cameras (rear and front). Very VERY nice screen. Good handling for a large phone. Decent update to the pen. WiFi and cell antennas seem stronger. Fingerprint reader WORKS. Oh.... but..... the BATTERY... UGH! I can literally watch the thing drain sometimes even with power saving measures and background things off at times. In my two days with it, it makes it through the single day-just. Barely better than the iPhone battery in that regard and I think once more people use it this will wind up being one of it's major flaws. At least the charger that comes with it is a rapid charger. No idea if Samsung is going to try to talk us into buying these units at the end of the trial. They didn't come with extra pen tips like a "new" boxed model. If Samsung offered me a decent discount on the phone I'd consider it, but with a retail price of $700, the battery issue isn't worth it for me, so it'll go back in a couple of weeks. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wow one of the biggest critics of the note 5. Using the phone for a few days. You've been bashing the n5 for the last week but yet you really deep down want it just don't want to have to pay for it like the rest of us . Just proves my point that oh yea you guys want it yiu just can't get over the buyer remorse. And your assessment of the battery is highly subjective to the individual . My experience with my n5 is that the battery is on par with my n4 and that I can live with Posted via the Android Central App
  • The difference is night and day (upgrading from note 4 to note 5). There is no way I will go back to note 4. I have used every Note thus far and I once thought I needed an extra battery, but I have not been switching it since Note 3. Sdcard would be nice but I learned to live without. I still have 15gb free after installing 90 apps and have Shawshank Redemption 1080p on my internal storage. Oh, i bought the 32gb I let my wife use it for an hour and she changed her mind from waiting a couple of months to get the Note 5 to "order it now".
  • I'm still stuck on a Note 3 due to costs. But the 2 noticeable takeaways are what affect me a lot. I went to NYC a few months ago. I had bought new oem batteries before that, and since I was taking so many pictures throughout the day and using GPS too, I'd drain the battery down by noon. It was super nice being able to carry a thin extra battery or even two, and have 100% literally within seconds. As others have mentioned I could have bought a smaller power bank, but taking pictures with something tethered to it charging not a fun experience make. Also, because I was taking so many pictures and videos, I didn't have to worry about space either. I had bought a 64gb card in addition to the less-than-32gb internal available space. And my limited home internet connection in Michigan is pretty crap so I can't backup to the "cloud" whenever I feel like it. If I were to buy the 64gb note 5, I might be able to get away with not having a SD card option, or as some have pointed out, get a USB otg option, but that seriously kills the laudrd styling. But the replaceable battery...I can't upgrade due to that. I'm constantly on my phone and swapping in a fresh battery throughout the day is a must. And many reviewers seem to be forgetting that since phones are so good now, more people are hanging onto them longer.
    How's that battery life treating you 2-3 years on? As such, I've sadly decided to upgrade to a Note 4 when the price on the used market drops to a level I can afford.
  • Well right now the n4 is under $400 you better jump on one while there still out there. And I'm glad you gave a honest assessment of why you're not buying the phone price being a big factor Posted via the Android Central App
  • As an owner of a Galaxy Note Edge since April, I have no desire to upgrade to any phone for years. This phone is a beast and, since this was only released on Verizon back in February, it's tech is still relevant to me. If you own a Note 4 and are looking to see if the Note 5 is something you are interested in, I'd say give it a small test drive at your local corporate/electronic store. I played around with the phone for an hour at Best Buy a couple of weeks ago. The screen is sick! Great pixel density, clarity and the colors really pop. Samsung has outdone itself on the Super AMOLED screen front. The bump up in RAM (4 GB) is noticeable compared to the Note 4/Note Edge (3 GB); the screen transitions and scrolling are very snappy. The S Pen seems to have improved, although I can't really see those big differences between Note 4 and Note 5. I've got to tell you, I've been spoiled by the Edge screen and if I were to get another Note or similar phablet to replace the one I have, it would need to have that Edge screen functionality and the S Pen. Although I know there are solutions out there, I am a staunch supporter of SD card slots and having the OPTION to swap out the battery. Samsung removed that feature and those, IMHO, are deal breakers for me. (I know, dead horse! It is still less choice. That's just how I feel.) If you had a Note 3 and are upgrading, I would actually recommend the Note 5. This is a beast of a phone and the camera alone would sell this thing. Posted From my Verizon Galaxy Note Edge via the Android Central App... And Don't Eat The Yellow Snow!
  • No expandable memory or removable battery. Plus what's the point of making an all metal/glass phone when you're most likely going to put a plastic case on it? I'm going for the next nexus at least they're more likely to have an sd card. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So what's the point of you coming on here just to tell that your getting another phone . Why wouldn't you just go to the nexus forum and just say Hey I buying the nexus phone . The point of you guys coming on a note 5 forums just to confess your buying a different phone is pointless . So got buy it already Gezz Posted via the Android Central App
  • He's here to answer the question this article is all about. Very relevant. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Firstly, this isn't a Note 5 forum, it's an article. Secondly, the article is about whether it's worth upgrading from a Note 4 to a Note 5; this subject invites discourse on the pros and cons of the phone. Hence some people post responses about why they're not getting the Note 5. Hope that answers your question. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I just get my Note 5 ,coming from plastic break since the S2 ,I love it, SD Card not a problem and Spare battery never had one never needed one either, that is why I love my note 5 battery is better than the note 4 even though it's smaller, phone is faster without that SD card ,,,,like I said love my now 5 most of my pics are on Google photos. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Two weeks ago I wouldn't have suggested an update from a Note 4. But having spent a week with the new Note, man I could never go back. This is the best Android phone I've ever used. Andrew's review was spot on! Note 4 is still a great device and there would be no shame in continuing to rock it (especially if you had no intention of upgrading this year anyway). But those who are on the fence, GO FOR IT. It's an amazing device!
  • And it's just that simple . Posted via the Android Central App
  • I love the Note 5. I was reluctant due to the non-removable battery, but I got over it quickly. This phone is sleak and premium. And it just feels good in the hand. Perfect size thanks to the smaller bezels. Perfect upgrade from the Note 4.
  • I absolutely hated my time with my much so I returned and got a G4. It has everything the note5 should of had. All Samsung achieved was making an iPhone with a stylus. Hopefully someone at Samsung reads these forums and understands what Galaxy Note users want.
  • You see folks it's just that easy
    That's the beauty of android your have choices. That's why I can't understand the wasted energy on hating samsung . Don't like the n5 get a g4 are what ever that's cheap and move on with your life Posted via the Android Central App
  • No.
    Nah. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I bought the Note 5 and love it. I've been an avid iphone user, but had to switch up.
  • Simple answer "No". The Note 5 is as bad as the Fantastic Four movie. Wait for the new LG Pro and you'll be happy.
  • This is a really good and helpful article! Thank you!
  • I posted a similar poll a couple of weeks ago, pitting the Note 4 against the Note 5. See here: So far, the Note 4 is beating the Note 5 27 to 20! Someone said that AndroidCentral forums are one of the few websites that Samsung employees can get to from their offices. If that is true -- and even if it's not -- I hope Samsung is taking note (no pun intended) that more people seem to prefer the Note 4 over the Note 5. For those who have not seen it or voted in the poll, take a look and vote your preferences. I really am interested if more people are like me and prefer the Note 4.
  • My personal opinion on the whole thing is it comes down to benefits of a phone. I look at the detail of the features I need in a phone. I use the IR Blaster on my phone, I use a SD card as I have a lot of real estate documents for my business put on that which can easily be transfered if needed, plus I like the idea of being able to pop in a freshly charged battery if I'm out on a house showing or a real estate appraisal without having a wall outlet available to charge my phone. So for me I will stick with my Note 4. I just recently upgraded to a 128gb card as well bought the QI backplate which adds a little bit of depth to the back, not as "bulky" as what is exageratted. Bought the Samsung Wireless charger and there I go, I can either do wireless charging or fast adaptive. If you don't use any of the features that I just mentioned above and don't mind a sealed battery and no removable storage. Then the Note 5 is perfect for you. Again, this is just my personal opinion.
  • I wasn't gonna switch, but did. I've been using the N5 for 5 days now. A much better phone in multiple ways. Faster camera loading. Zero lag. The battery is a beast. The phone is easier to handle. I plopped a $10 clear case on it for protection. I also purchased a Samsung clear view case. It has scratches after several hours of light use. Made it feel like a Note 2. Don't waste your money. This Note 5 is the best phone ever produced. The best available device of its kind. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I take exception to the claim that the Note6 has "better external hardware." That is completely a subjective opinion. A case that breaks so much easier than the prior one is not better (IMOP). Yes, the glass/metal LOOKS nicer, but I'll take function over looks any day.
  • Also removable battery isn't a concern either for me as I'd just buy a Power Bank. Sure I'm limiting my choice on Android but as I said in my last comment internal memory and non removable battery suit me better and as I have unlimited data streaming from the cloud doesn't affect me either. Samsung has the right idea with the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5 in that they all come with a minimum of 32GB of built in storage. Posted via the Android Central App on my Moto G 4G 2nd Gen
  • I'll stick with my Note 4 thru the next cycle. These improvements are pretty minor and not worth an upgrade at this time. I'll probably stick to even number Notes going forward. Hopefully the N6 will have major improvements.
  • I'm Note user from day one.
    And, no! I will not and wouldn't upgrade to Note 5 , though this is the best phone on the Planet, IMO
    The reason is that this version of Note 5 was made for hunting iboys-base ONLY. And in the nest of Apple : US. That's why it came earlier in US(before the iphone)Many other Samsung's moves also proves it. For the US zombies the sealed "premium design" is the most important "feature".
    Samsung didn't think about us , the real Note users, with this Note 5.
    Let's hope the next coming version (say EU version) later , will be for us.
  • Wife and I have Note 4's and played around with my mom's upgrade Note 5 for a week before dropping it off. The Note 5 is clearly the better phone in almost every way. The only software feature missing that we found is the touchscreen photo capture.
    The wife and I are w
  • Waiting for Note 6 and do hope they have the sd cards and removable batteries, but we'd also live with what the tech brings us at that time.
  • Actually since the gs6 samsung has been using the double tap on the home button which in my opinion much faster to start the camera rather the memory slot and removable battery comes back is any bodies guess I personally haven't missed them one bit . Posted via the Android Central App
  • I can deal with the battery thing, but removing support for an SD card is too much to ignore as it was functionally one of the features that made it stand apart from other phones. The Note 4 is already a fine phone and less than a year old. The improvements to me are small in comparison to the loss. A business phone targeting power users with no SD card? To me that makes no sense. It makes me sad that I thought I'd be staying with Samsung for a while, and now it looks like my next phone will be by a different device maker that supports memory expansion.
  • Well your choices will be getting slimmer and slimmer most of the newer phones are doing away with memory card slots reason being the internal memory and the newer processor work much better and more efficient when they're all as one. People keep saying it's a apple move that Sammy is pulling it couldn't be farther from the truth
    I more about power and efficiency . Do this simple test before you judge go to your local carrier and do the same task . With your phone like jumping in and out of apps take some pictures with both then try to view the pictures right away . You will see a huge difference between it and all the other notes then come back here with your honest opinion Posted via the Android Central App
  • We get it Phillip, you like to bash the Note 4 now and you think you are so cool because you have the brand new Note 5? Congrats on your purchase because from your posts you sound like you want someone to congraulate you on purchasing it. Is the Note 5 more superior to the Note 4? By all means no. There is no lag on either device at all. As for a comparable difference. I had the chance to compare my Note 4 with a fellow real estate agent at a open house today that has the Note 5. You can't even tell a difference in the load time of taking and opening pictures, doucments and apps. His phone has wireless charging, okay so does mine. I have a QI backplate which makes my phone do the SAME wireless charging. Plus this was the great part. We were in the middle of a 2G area in Wagoner Oklahoma and while he couldn't load some of his doucments because he likes to save contracts to the cloud. They wouldn't load, while I was able to access documents directly from my Note 4's SD card, as compared to the Note 5. There isn't a huge difference and this is coming from someone that has been able to use both the Note 4 and Note 5.
  • Well we'll agree to disagree on which phone is faster . BUT Your assessment of note 4 bashing is way off . Just give my opinion of what I see yours is different. If you've been following my trends then you know I love samsung's products. I've had all the notes to date and liked every one of them . But I'm hearing what I fill are a lot of false facts about the n5 that don't make any sense from a technical stand point . The claims that the n5 is not a power phone just cause it omitted the removable battery and media card is ludicrous. Those things are in know way what make a note a power phone . It's all the multitasking that the note is famous for is what makes it a note and that super pen all those things are what makes a note a power phone . As far as n4 guys hey its a hell of a phone so if your happy with it I'd wait for the n6 . But all the crazy mindless claims that the n5 is anything less then a Power phone is simple some old fashioned hating going on . Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well if you really feel that multitasking is one of the things that makes the Note line a power user's phone, then I'd have to say that's not a mark in the Note 5's favor. Unfortunately, the RAM management issues make heavy multitasking a no-go. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Let's see now. Can not change Battery. No SD card. I had an iPhone 3Gs; but, changed to the Note because I wanted a larger screen. I now have a Note 3 which is working quite well. Since I got a Note, Apple later out with iPhone with a competitively-sized screen. No SD card mean that I'll probably be stuck with whatever capacity the local stores have, regardless of whether a I'm talking iPhone or Note 5. I'll call this a tie. There's an Apple store where I could take an iPhone if I have battery problems and have it fixed, as i did when i dropped the 3GS on the brick floor and cracked the screen. It was fixed in 5 - 10 minutes. (I had Apple's iCares.) I would have ship a Note 5 somewhere or buy a new Note whatever if I have battery problems. Given the proximity of the Apple Store and there now being iPhone with a large-enough screen, if it comes down to inability to change battery and no SD card, I'll go back to the iPhone next time around.
  • Note 5 a lot of things which are not good. most of all its battery is not good. its not any better than S6 edge. in my first two days it have pretty bad battery. before I went to bed my battery was 80 percent when I woke up it was less than 40% ( battery show drain cuz of weather app) next day I charged at 5PM and it hardly last 12hrs and I didn't use it much. no photos mostly playing music an hour or calls
  • Something is wrong because my note 5 has lasted over 2 days with 1 charge. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Bottom line is that Samsung removed features from the Note 5 and that's never a good thing (ir blaster, sd card, removable battery). Sure there are work arounds but isn't the reason why we upgrade is to get rid of the work arounds. This is the reason why this is the first Note phone I won't buy. Not bashing it but it really deals like more of a downgrade from my Note 4. One more thing, nobody has mentioned the fact that Google has had a change of heart regarding sd cards and will treat SD cards more like internal storage in the upcoming Android M software. Huge feature.
  • I own a Note 3 which I never had replaceable battery or used an SD card with. I also own a Note 4 that I have two spare battery charging kits and a 64 GB SD card. I am now the owner of a Note 5. Here are MY impressions. I was a skeptic because I have spent the past 10 months with the Note 4 worried about my battery usage in spite of having swappability when I needed it, clearing cache partitions, worrying about lag on my device being slow; aggravated about how slow the camera launches, recent apps tray slow to open and all the clunkiness that I have had from day one requiring constant attention. The Note 4 despite all of that was still the best phone in my opinion. However, I always desired more out of it and felt that it just lacked something. It could be faster, smoother, less clunky in performance. I still love it, but it's in the drawer now. I'm not one to let others guide my decisions when it comes to my purchases. I just do me. I bought the Note 5 for a 14 day test drive. The note 5 for ME is a definite upgrade. As a battery swapper, I am very pleased with the battery life if the Note 5. Fast charging is perfect and I no longer desire the swappability because if I'm about to leave my house with 30% left, 10 minutes on quick charge will revive me for hours upon hours with the improved standby time. I am averaging 5.5 to 6 hours of SOT which is more than I got with my Note 4. Standby time has significantly improved. The quick launch of camera is amazing. Finger print scanner flawless over the swipe version. Wireless charging not a big deal to me but nice nonetheless. The device is much faster, the device is smaller and I can use with one hand even with my case on. It feels finally like a complete device. These are the things that mattered to ME. The device is just as productive as ever for me. Plus there are OTG SD card workarounds. The bottom line is that this device WORKS FOR ME. If it doesn't work for you that's fine. I understand why because I had reservations about it too. However, Just do you and stop griping about it. I'm holding on to my Note 4 mainly because I like keeping phones and I have invested a lot of money in accessories to make it what I wanted it to be. Turns out I found that in the Note 5. If you want all that's missing just go to LG and problem solved. With change comes pain. Don't knock it till you try it though. I have no stake in Samsung and how well they do with this phone. I'm just happy they made it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • My note 5 is the best decision I've made in my phone history. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agreed. It runs so much nicer than the 4 ever did. I'm loving it Posted via the Android Central App
  • So what about streaming music with music apps to a bluetooth head unit (car radio). The issue that many have had with the Note 3 and Note 4 is the skipping/stuttering music. This has been my experience with both the Note 3 and Note 4. I thought for sure when I got the Note 4 Samsung/Google would have fixed this. NOPE still going on. So, I don't see myself jumping on a Note 5 because for me streaming my music via Bluetooth is a key use for the device. Pretty sad that I had to buy a damn iPod Touch for this purpose because of the crappy support of Samsung and Google.
  • Upgraded to the 5 from my 4, like I do every year. Happy ever since. Latest greatest!
  • For the Note 4 owners in here, we will not win the argument with the newly christened Note 5 owners, who have to justify their $800 purchase, it's the same thing as trying to win an argument with an iPhone user, it's just pointless, no matter how much sense or data you have to back up your statement. Posted via the Android Central App
  • At the end of the day enjoy the phone you own. The END. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Each to his/her own! Note 4 all the way! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes upgrade. It's a great device long battery life and a great interface. Under the hood is upgraded so it makes the note 4 less of the two Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm sooo happy I got the note 5. Much faster than the 4 in every way, screen looks a bit better, feels worlds better in the hand, battery lasts longer, camera opens immediately and Focuses much faster. No more multitask button lag!!! Web browsing is much better. Finger print scanner is actually useful. I could go on and on. I can understand wanting expandable memory, I don't need it I can just use the cloud. Unlimited data for the win. No battery swap? I really don't care, it lasts me through the day no problem, and it charges super quickly. You all can complain about the missing features, but all in all the note 5 drops a big steaming load on the 4. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I've had to deal without a physical QWERTY keyboard with the demise of Palm & the Droid 4. Time to take a stand against omitting removable batteries & SD cards!!! >:-/ Posted via the Android Central App
  • Couple of things. As I live in England I do not get a choice to upgrade from my Note4 to a Note5. Shame on samsung for ostracising a whole continent. They'll lose hundreds of thousands of customers by doing that. Secondly, as I upgraded from a S5 to a Note4 about 4 months ago because the S6 lost the removable battery and SD card I would not have upgraded to a Note5 anyway. So I am at a loss now when it comes to Samsung premium devices. I have no where to upgrade my Note4 to. As I change my phones once a year I'll have to go backwards and get a A7 or A8 next year when the time comes. I can just about live without the removable battery as I always have a spare phone to hand which is the A5 at the moment. But what I cannot do without is an SD card. Both my A5 and Note4 have 128gb SD cards in them both full to the brim with video, pictures and audio. I have a power bank which I rarely use at the moment as the Note4 does not need it but when I get the A7 or A8 it'll have to be there for my phones when I am out and about or stuck on a plane for 12 hours. I do have cloud storage but it is not an option when on the train or plane or at my partners where the signal is very poor. Samsung has lost its way and will continue to ostracise customers like me with their current mobile device strategy - or lack of one. As others have pointed out the reviewer does not have to shell out hundreds of pounds for a phone and then live with it for one or two years. So the aesthetic of it is not that a high a motivation for me. All that glass won't last year's. Samsung has fallen for the negative press reviews about the plastic in previous devices and lost its way. It'll soon be like blackberry and Nokia in the mobile phone market if it carries on like this. Posted via a kicking Note4 on Lollipop.
  • I wouldn't do that if I was you.
    I'm am feeling really sorry I bought the Note 5. The internet connection is lousy, really really bad, very slow. If you do a lot of bidding like me, you'll lose everytime.
    Every time you want to change the wallpaper, it deletes all your icons from your home screen and I had groups on mine.
    The phone service is the worst out of all my phones, so many dropped and non-connected calls.
    Every time I touch the side of the phone, and I am not talking about the buttons, it totally messes up and/or freezes you on the home screen.
    The maps crash way more frequently then the previous models.
    I can go on and on, so really think hard before you buy this phone. Customers are already getting rid of them on Ebay.
  • For those of you who did switch I found this article that may help:
  • I was offered either the Note 4 or the 5 at almost the same price in Taiwan (contract expired so I had right to get a phone at much reduced price). Tried both (Note 5 is for sale in Taiwan). Bought a Note 4. 5 is a nice piece of hardware but:
    - Just 32/64 GB memory ( I have 160)
    - No removable battery ( I have two)
    - That glass back doesn't look any strong and I use the phone everywhere.
    - Taiwan Note 4 already has a 64 bit exynos cpu. This makes the jump to 0.14nm technology less appealing.
    - Battery on note 5 doesn't last that long, unlike some tests seem to state. I am happy with the Note 4. I just hope updates and me quick so I'll also cover the software part. I need the device to work. Working without removable battery and SD card for me is virtually impossible.
  • Montblanc extreme flip cover, e starwalker s-pen. .look it up make your note 4 laugh at the note 5 .paired together the Montblanc accessories make a exceptional note 4 experience .
  • The IR blaster is reason enough to keep my Note 4. It's not just a spare TV remote...the Beep'n'go app takes advantage of it, and stores all of your "reward" cards. Airmiles, Shoppers Optimum card, every one. Do you have any idea how much that reduced my wallet by? No longer having to carry all those cards around? And because the app uses the IR, it works on EVERY SINGLE scanner at any store.
    I'll keep my Note 4,and wait until the 6 to see if they listen to their customers.
  • The article states that it's going to help one make a decision. It reads more like a demand that one must be a fool not to upgrade. I tried the Note 5 and I'm returning it, going back to the Note 4. I actually disliked the smaller, sleeker, slippery feel of the Note 5. I've used my Note 4 without any case and had no problems. That would NOT be true of the Note 5, it's just way too slippery. And if you're going to put a case on a Note 5 vs. no case for Note 4, the Note 4 is actually smaller. Plus, the absence of an SD card (major) or removable battery (significant) makes the Note 4 more functional for me. Same screen size and resolution, no significant difference in battery life, $700 retail price = not worth it to me.
  • I will admit however that the built-in wireless charging on the Note 5 works really well and is a very nice feature.
  • Love my note 5, except for the data automaticallyshuts down if you're on a call.. ( Verizon Wireless )
  • I just bought a brand new note 4 after carefully looking at both the devices. For me fixed battery and no SD card support was a serious let down. If note 5 had them I would have bought it
  • Here's my two or three cents.. For what its worth. I just upgraded from a Note 2 to the Note 4 instead of the Note 5 based on online research and thinking over similar points made within this thread. I just today called my carrier to find out what an exchange would cost me to get the Note 5; it's like $2 a month more to our plan so the cost difference is negligible. The only reason why I called today is because despite the incredible features and overwhelming upgrade from the Note 2, that old need for the newest & fastest itch just got to me , so I thought I'd check the difference in cost and do some research which led me here. Reading this thread thoroughly scratched said itch and reinforced my decision to purchase and keep the Note 4, over the Note 5 and I'm grateful for the insight everyone. I am a "power user". I run a business where I am constantly on the phone, sending email, using work related apps and taking notes on my, well, note. When I come home, it's always by my side ready for use and then again before bed like many of us do to check up on the world. My impression of the Note 4 is it's just incredible hardware. The battery life has fooled me in believing all phones are this good. My wife's new S6 certainly is, but we use ours differently. You can fully fast charge that thing in like 30 minutes, mine in 40; which I was very surprised by and thought was an S6/Note5 feature. Gladly I was wrong. The battery life is so damn good on the Note 4, I haven't yet needed to change my battery with my recent schedule. Whenever I need power, I simply plug in for 15 while I'm doing other things and it's back in business. Here's the thing, with my Note 2 I constantly swapped the battery, just about every time I went out for an extended period of time and it's just a marvelous feature. While I just received my new Note 4, I've found myself using it even more where I'd would just rush back and get it done on the PC instead of fiddling with my phone in the past. It is a highly productive workhorse and I envision my usage will only increase while I continue to slowly kill the performance of the battery over the coming year. That's really the key here. I need an on demand phone so to speak and those who NEED a fresh battery and experienced the benefit of having such an option, will find it very difficult or simply be unable to give up. Now I did buy a QI charging slip which didn't affect the case and works rather well for overnight charging, that was $10 delivered on Amazon. I also had a 64gb microSD handy which had made this Note 4, for me at least, the perfect tool. The IR blasted should not be made light of. It turns your phone into a Harmony device to remote control everything you own. I knew it had that feature but haven't had the chance to install a remote app yet as I'm still setting it up and messing with all the new functionality. Definitely going to check out Peel remote as mentioned below. Note 4 - Pros
    - Highly versatile and replaceable power solutions for all traveling and usage scenarios.
    - Expandable memory for those who require it
    - Fast enough and capable of doing everything you need.
    - Fast charging to full in 40 minutes is just incredible.
    - Can easily be upgraded to QI wireless charging for $10-$12 without a different back.
    - Optically stabilized camera
    - IR Blaster Note 4 - Cons
    - it's not quite as fast as the Note 5 The Note was originally designed to change the level of mobile productivity that could be achieved and they succeeded in creating something truly unique. We've seen incredible refinements and upgrades to that model over the years but in my opinion the Note 5 is a step in the wrong direction. Samsung should have kept building on their success by adding more functionality, not reducing it or making the Note more similar to many other phones on the market. I believe that was a poor business decision. With the Note 4, they satisfied the needs of ALL types of users yet seem to have hurt the very market who made the Note so successful in the first place. Hopefully, when I may actually need an upgrade; the Note 6 will see a feature revival based on feedback from the many highly vocal and clearly loyal customers Samsung has earned throughout the years.
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  • Do you really know what you are reviewing?
    "I see myself as a pro user based on my occupation (I am a coder by the way) and the knowledge of the mobile industry. What is missing: I will list some of other useful features that Note 4 has but Note 5 lacks. 1) text recognition in smart selection (S-Pen feature).
    I don't know if I can download some add-ons to have this feature back but
    Note 4 has it as a default feature. It helps users to extract texts
    from captured screen shots and it's a very useful feature if you share
    opinions on social media often. 2) One-hand operation.
    I know Note 5 has this too BUT it's a very awkward way to enable it. You
    have to press home button 3 times to use this feature. Compared with
    Note 4 (which is just a simple swipe left-then-right or right-then-left
    on the screen), this one becomes useless to me. I do believe that
    Samsung is imitating Apple's "reachability" way on its iPhone 6 plus
    (which is double taps on the home screen). But when you have a fairly
    good product which is working well, don't try to be someone who you will
    never ever be able to become (not an opinion refers to who is better
    and who is worse here). 3) multi-window tray:
    again, Note 5 has the multi-window feature but the way of waking it up is not
    intuitive. On Note 4, you only need to long hold on the back button and
    the tray will show up. You can drag and drop apps to use the
    multi-windows feature. This is way more intuitive than Note 5 offers. 4) Camera app does not support multi-window feature on Note 5.
    Yes, this might not be a deal breaker for most of the users but it's a
    pretty sweet feature on Note 4 since it's a comparably huge phone than
    others. Also, having the camera app running as one of the pop up windows
    can allow you to have recordings and taking shots fairly quickly. The
    other thing is that you can browsing the web or sending text messages
    while you are recording which is pretty insanely useful in some cases. 5) The steps that you need to have in order to use the S-pen.
    On Note 4, only 1 step to quickly release the S pen. On Note 5, it
    requires 2 steps (pressing in and then pulling it out). Again, it might
    not seem like a big deal but since S-pen is the feature most users use
    the least, the additional step significantly reduces the use of this
    feature, at least in my case. As the title mentions, it's a comparison of Note 4 & Note 5. In my
    opinion, Note 4 is a much more powerful device than Note 5." 6) removal of my beloved and very useful tv remote functionality that I often used to mock iPhone users. The Android 5.1.1 already took up 5GB + 5GB totally junk software, so you
    have about 20GB left for all that matter. THE WORST: WHY WOULD YOU GLOSS THE BACK OF A LARGE PHONE, AND THEN CURVE THE EDGES. I DROPPED THE THING 3 TIMES ALREADY SINCE PURCHASE! This phone is no doubt a downgrade from the last generation (Note 4)
  • hell, i love my note 2 running lollipop 5.1. am thinking of the note 3 or note 4 upgrade. the removable batttery/sd issue make the 5 a nonstarter
  • Lets see...... My battery gets low, but I swap it out. Have 3 spare Batts, and 3 Docks, one at home, one in office one in car. I'm a realtor and a licensed contractor. My ir remote controls my ceiling fan, 4 tvs, cable in office and at home, my mom's house my ceiling fan.,my ps4, my av receiver. I shoot tons of videos while on the job and showing clients. I have a class 10 micro SD card at 128gb so I can shoot high Def pics and video. Add the 32 on board memory, I'm around 150, as the system probably uses 10. I'll screenshot it later if anyone wants a demo. With that being said, these 3 ELEMENTARY KEY FEATURES are the reason I will NOT upgrade from a Note 4 to a Note 5, 6 or 10....
  • I don't consider it a worthy update, I hate that they removed the SD that's key for me, 32gb is not enough because out of the box you actually get ñike 23gb, then after installing the main apps I use, that is reduced a lot, leaving like 6gb for media, and that is nothing, the cloud is still not ab option since there are no longer unlimited data plans nor universal coverage. It is a beautiful phone and if they had released it with 64gb and 128gb only models may be, but with a differencr in pricr between them of no more than $30 usd that I could buy, since sd cards (64gb) cost that. But charging over $100 usd for the extra memory between models is is ridiculous. Hope sales are bad so Samsung can see how they screw their users.