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Should I upgrade from the Galaxy Note 4 to the Note 5?

The time comes each year when the phone you have is thoroughly supplanted by a newer version. In the case of the Note 4, just shy of a year on we have ourselves a new Note 5 to look at — and of course the next step is questioning whether you should upgrade or not. The Note 5 isn't all that exciting to anyone who has a Galaxy S6 right now, but if you're sitting with a last-generation Note 4 you're likely looking to see if the grass is greener.

We're here to help you make that decision — read on.

Read now: Should I upgrade from the Note 4 to the Note 5?

Big leaps in hardware, with two caveats

Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4

Looking at the Note 5 and Note 4 together, there's no shortage of hardware differences to point out. After making a nice move to metal styling on the Note 4, Samsung blew it up and went with a different metal design in the Note 5. It then went a step further to kill off all plastic on the phone, with nicely-curved glass on the back.

The Note 5 looks nice, and more importantly feels really great as well. The curved back and rounded edges — along with the overall smaller dimensions — go a long way toward making this Note work more like a normally-sized phone, and it's great. And let's not forget that the Note 5 made the move to a one-touch fingerprint sensor in the home button, which in itself improves the usability of the phone.

You can't argue it's big step up in hardware, even with the loss of removable battery.

Of course on the other side of the coin, you're losing two big features for many Note users — both a removable battery and SD card. The 3000 mAh battery is sealed up tight in the Note 5 (more on battery life in a bit), and the only expansion slot in the phone is for your SIM card. On the upside, you now get built-in wireless (both Qi and Powermat) charging, which before required a thick replacement back plate or a cumbersome third-party wireless insert.

In terms of hardware overall, there isn't much argument that the Note 5 is a clear step above the Note 4. Having a phone that's easier to hold and use is a big plus, and the fact that it looks and feels dramatically better than the Note 4 just adds to it. The gains in usability are likely to far outweigh the loss of a removable battery and SD card for most people, and those who are really clutching to those features may even be convinced when they hold and use it.

Similar software, with a couple new features

Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4

We saw a fresh take on TouchWiz with the launch of the Galaxy S6 that was quite a bit lighter and simpler than what was available before, and that same refined experience is on offer in the Note 5. It doesn't differ dramatically from what you'll have on an updated Note 4 running Lollipop today, but there are a few subtle changes. The launcher and full suite of stock icons have been flattened out and rounded on the corners, giving the system a more cohesive look but hardly changing how the phone actually works. No matter which phone you use, you're still getting a full-on TouchWiz experience.

The only big change to the experience is in terms of display density (or DPI). The Note 5 declares on a system level a higher display density (not to be confused with pixel density, which is unchanged from Note 4 to 5), which tells apps how many virtual on-screen dots fill each physical pixel of the screen. The higher density means the Note 5 just shows more on the screen than the Note 4, rather than just making things bigger. So that larger screen is actually working for you, showing more messages in Gmail, more map in Google Maps and more tweets in your favorite Twitter app.

Software improvements are nice, but in themselves aren't enough to call for an upgrade.

The software surrounding the S Pen has changed in looks compared to the Note 4, but not dramatically in function. Air Command has received a facelift to be easier to select apps, and you can now even customize it with apps of your own, whether they fully support the S Pen or not. Once you launch any of the apps they work generally the same, though, aside from Screen Write which now has a neat "scrolling capture" screenshot method baked in. At this point it isn't clear how many of these S Pen changes will make it back to the Note 4, if any, so you may only get them with a phone upgrade.

The refreshed look and new S Pen changes are nice to have, but in themselves will not be enough to get you to jump ship from your Note 4 up to a Note 5. Only the higher software density may be enough to move the needle, but still is a relatively small part of the phone experience. There are plenty of features and improvements to be seen in other areas that make the upgrade worth while.

Oh, and, uh — don't put the new S Pen in backward.

A bump in performance, with similar battery life

Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4

Though the software may not look too dramatically different from what you have on a Note 4 with the latest Lollipop update, there's a pretty considerable change in performance. The octa-core Exynos processor and 4GB of RAM in the Note 5 have plenty of power together, and with what are surely low-level software tweaks it blazes past the Note 4 (at least our Snapdragon model) in a variety of tasks.

The phone is faster all around, and doesn't sacrifice battery life

Multitasking is quicker, apps load faster and operate smoothly, and the camera launches to taking pictures in just a few seconds. Of course if you never set the Note 4 next to something else to compare it you're likely just fine with the performance of that model — but once you get the Note 5 next to it and start to compare speeds it'll be tough to forget. Whether or not just a software update could bring such performance improvements to the Note 4 down the road is debatable, but you know when you're getting a Note 5 that it will certainly be faster than your Note 4.

And even with improved performance and a slightly smaller battery (3000 mAh versus 3220), the Note 5 isn't worrisome on the battery life side of things. As we found in our review, the Note 5 can easily make it through a full day of use with 15 or 20 percent battery left. And if you happen to have a particularly though day ahead of you, a few minutes with a compatible fast charger will be plenty to add an extra 20 to 50 percent to that battery.

Beyond the massive changes in external hardware, the performance is possibly the biggest reason to make the move from Note 4 to Note 5. It's that big of a change, and having it not come at the expense of battery life is important.

A similar camera, but that's a good thing

Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4

The Note 4's camera took a dramatic step in quality beyond what the Galaxy S5 offered just a few months earlier, and the new camera setup in the Note 5 (same as the Galaxy S6) isn't as dramatic a jump. The 16MP sensor is the same size but a new-and-improved component, and though both are optically stabilized the Note 5 is just a tad more sensitive to light. The Note 5 can take absolutely wonderful pictures in a variety of situations, and does so just as fast as any other phone — and while the Note 4 is still very capable camera-wise, the Note 5 is just a tad better.

The Note 4's camera is no slouch, but the Note 5 is leading the industry.

The other changes are in the software, where Samsung has cleaned things up a bit. The interface is simple on both cameras, but the Note 5 has the ability to quickly launch the camera at any time with two presses of the home button, and the camera launch itself is dramatically faster. The Pro mode on the Note 5 also includes the ability to switch on RAW capture, as well as manually control shutter speed between 1/24000 and 10 sec in addition to the rest of the standard Pro features. The Note 5 also includes built-in YouTube Live streaming, though that isn't quite as big a draw as it may seem at first.

Much like the software changes noted earlier, there isn't anything particular about the camera that should make you jump to the Note 5. The Note 4's camera is still very capable, and though the Note 5 is just a bit clearer in the day and more capable at night the differences aren't that dramatic.

Bottom line: If you can afford it, the Note 5 is a worthy upgrade

Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4

When you take everything into consideration, there's plenty about the Note 5 that warrants an upgrade over the Note 4. Sure people will mainly focus on the lack of a removable battery and SD card, but to do so is completely ignoring the better external hardware, boosted performance, S Pen improvements and small bumps in both software and camera.

The only thing really holding you back from moving from a Note 4 to a Note 5 is the price. Even if you bought the Note 4 on the first day of availability (and many purchased well after that point) you're not even a year into that purchase, which likely means you're still working on a contract or a payment plan for another year before you're "ready" to upgrade. At $700 or more depending on where you buy, the Note 5 isn't cheap — and you can likely only get $325 or so back for your used Note 4 at this point.

But if you can afford the difference in price and don't absolutely need a removable battery, you should absolutely consider an upgrade to the Note 5. It's a solid bump in so many areas from the Note 4 that it's tough to resist.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • With all the hubbub surrounding the note 5's omissions, it's hard not to be cynical about why this post was written. I guess I fell for it anyway. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think both are great phones that show Samsung's very best in a particular year. Really, it boils down to your usage pattern.
  • Yeah, that's my thought too. Also, there's the fact that glass is a HORRIBLE MATERIAL FOR A PHONE. Obviously, it has to be used on the screen. That's a given. But, considering people drop their phones constantly, why would you put such a brittle material? And why is AC okay with this? They rag on the s-pen design flaw, but love the glass back. WHY? I'm not saying the Note 5 isn't a great phone. If you've never had a Note (and obviously don't care about the lack of removable storage or battery), then definitely I'd say get the Note 5 but to say it's a worthy upgrade from the Note 4 simply because of some minor performance tweaks and "better external hardware"? That's ludicrous.
  • Those Samsung $ go a long way towards making such design gaffes and usability flaws be overlooked. Same as the Moto X hysteria back in 2013. Conspiracies aside, I would never call the Note 5 a "productivity monster" with a limited, sealed, and constantly diminishing battery. For TRUE power users--and yes, those are a very small segment of the populace--there is simply nothing that beats a Note 4 with a massive microSD card installed and a spare battery or even a massive aftermarket battery installed. I would have been totally with Samsung releasing a S6 Edge + with glass, gloss and gimped specs IF they had kept the Note 5 a powerhouse with the same industrial design as the Note 4. A Note 5 Active is a strange but interesting step in the right direction. And no Android device, especially a non-Nexus, is future-proof as long as its software is subject to the whims of Samsung's flaky support and carrier mandates. A Note 3 is still a powerhouse spec-wise but it'll likely never receive an official Marshmallow update.
  • For the replaceable battery issue moving to the 5, just buy a power bank, I have one that charges wireless and wired now because I used to replace my battery daily, not only does this charge my battery full three times, it's just like carrying battery's around. Also the SD issue, I already had a USB adapter made by Samsung, always have a USB on my Keychain so that fixes the no SD card issue. Think outside the box people there are so many things out there for this and is why all manufacturers are heading away from them. Oh and I went from a 32 gb model to a 64 gb model so that helps also. People say replaceable battery and SD card is power users, I think true power users are smart enough to think outside the box for solutions and not think that there gone, I can't use that phone now. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'd much rather carry a slim spare battery than a power bank (or quickcharger & cable). A spare battery slips into pockets and is barely noticeable, if at all. Power banks...not so much. A built-in SD card slot is a much cleaner solution than piggybacking a USB key. Do I want a USB key tethered to my phone while watching movies or listening to music? Nope.
  • Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Try saying it with a French accent. Posted via GS6 Active - aka GS6 M.E. (Manly Edition)
  • And these options he mentioned as a workaround are all additional purchases. Every person that brings these options up (I've read a lot) never say that is gonna cost more money to get these it's not like Samsung is giving powerbanks and USB keys away for free Posted via the Android Central App
  • A pretty small, lightweight, power bank that is very easy to carry around is much cheaper than a stock Samsung battery. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The small ones won't give much of a charge either. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Does your power bank charge your phone to 100% in 30 seconds, when you find a power bank that does that, please let us know. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You can carry around a spare battery in your wallet. Not only that you don't need to tether it to the phone for hours which is a major hassle.
  • A replaceable battery, like the powerbank, also costs money.;
  • agreed!
  • But they're giving away free spare batteries and cradles to charge them? My box was missing those...
  • They are not giving away batteries and SD cards either.
  • MAybe you should go for a cheaper phone then......
  • You all sound like morons! Saying you all have to carry around a USB stick, OTG cable, battery pack, Do you have your balls in a pack on your belt as well? Being able to have a choice is what makes (made) Android great. But it seems the manufacturers increasingly want to be as close to Apple's model as possible which is regrettable not to mention unprofitable for them. Samsung will be looking for project negative zero this time next year as the Note 5 is bombing! I don't want to use all my data streaming things I already own and having to pay for them twice or having to pay to store hem online. I don't want to carry around more objects and have a smaller battery which gets me less battery. I'm not in the crowd who swaps batteries daily but I like to yearly which is impossible on the new Samsung's. Every battery story I have heard from Samsung Note 5 owners have said the battery is simply OK and barely makes it a full day. Also most of the things mentioned are additional purchases as many have said but most already own a microSD and even though we might not use it everyday a IR blaster was cool to have. You guys are making excuses for a phone which is supposed to be a productivity machine and for power business users. I don't consider 32/64GB even a medium amount of memory. And productivity users DON'T CARE what their phones look like as we put them in cases (well 75% of all of us do)! Basically Samsung has taken Apple's model and adapted it for their own but the problem is those who want an Apple phone aren't going to look at Samsung and say, man that is what I would rather have. Not unless there are some other factors like cheaper price, more features, etc. And right now they can get a 128GB iPhone 6+ and not a Note 5 one. Plus why buy a cheap Apple imitation while the real thing is the same price if not cheaper! The only reason knockoffs do well is that they are cheap! You guys sound ridiculous making excuses. No SD, use your limited data plan which will cost you 25x as much. No removable battery, carry around a brick or get near a wall charger, oh and in a year when it goes bad spend the $100 and month to send it in to be fixed. No IR blaster well too bad! Go ahead and enjoy your new Note 5. Don't forget to try out the new RAW camera images and 4K video... Oh wait your can't?! I mean after you get the 32GB model you'll be at 22GB after updates and app installs/updates. Then I mean RAW pics only take up what, 20MB each (vs about 3MB for a normal JPEG. But wait you can ave a ton of great 4K videos when you go on a trip... oh no you can't as with that 22GB left you'll be lucky to get 5 videos 10 mins long each (4GB per 10 mins). Don't worry you can take a pic and copy into the cloud.. err no, no signal or slow speeds. No sorry it wasn't slow speeds but I'm simply out of data for the month! But I can take out my OTG cable and copy it to my SD card, oh wait I dropped it in the sand. Now you just spent an hour of your life copying files when you could have been enjoying your vacation. That is how stupid you all sound when the Note 5 should have had a huge 4500mAh removable battery, metal frame/plastic back (as signal levels on the Note 5 are horrid next to an all plastic device like the Note 3), microSD card (and I don't want to hear they can't do it as they can if they wanted to and I'm willing to bet next years phones will have them), 128/256GB models, IR Blaster, front firing stereo speakers. And for the love of God Samsung give up that stupid patent on a n automatic s-pen ejection! We all know Samsung phones have great internals, for the most part, paired with a great screen but they need to be more than that to sell. They were more than that up until this past year which is why they were number one. I don't think it's coincidence that now Samsung is falling now that they are no longer offering users choice. Will Samsung learn... I doubt it!
  • Fifth Element, you have said exactly what I wanted to say... trust me Samsung I want the Note 5 but dammit, yes, you have taken away 3 things I use almost daily... Fifth Element is the only one that mentions the IR blaster.... I use that ... when my wife hides the remote I always have my trust Note 4... and can turn the TV down or change channels.. BTW the Peel Smart Remote is awesome. OK, I don't use the changeable battery daily but I do take pictures daily and they go on my SD card. The battery in the Note 4 goes from 6AM to 11PM or more every single day... so I haven't had to use my spare. As far as your fancy glass is concerned... who cares, I have put my phone in an Otter box case... Every phone I have owned. SAMSUNG I love the improvements you have made internally... improving the S pen, which I use daily, and the camera, which I use daily. Also faster speed... but you took away so much that we who use the Note series love you have made it very tough to upgrade. Maybe just maybe you will make a Note 5 extreme. Yes I am willing to pay more for it.
  • My Lord. That's a grand slam of a post!
  • Wow, you not only sound clearly ignorant, mad, hater and super psycho. It's a better phone get over it. Instead of making mostly negative comments to make you feel better look at it the other way around. You sound very mad and pathetic.
  • What are you talking about? I'm not any of those things you mentioned in your post except for perhaps mad. As many of us who have posted on these types of threads, we are Samsung supporters who have been ignored. Most complaining have a Note device now and feel that Samsung has gone against everything they have stated, amd created, in the past. If we stay silent Samsung won't know how we feel and they should. All companies should be made aware of their failings so they can correct them in the future. I'm not a business owner but if I were I would want to know what my customers wanted so I could fix it. The Note series has become a joke and it will sell as such but they need to know why it will. And as tired as you are of reading posts like these we are tired of reading posts from people who think it is ok for Samsung to do a 180 in their most prominent product line. Not to mention following the sales model that they l have staunchly opposed in the past (read: Apple). The market will show Samsung that they have a horrible business model but it is up to us, the users, to show them what is wrong with that business model. Most of us love of Samsung devices, Sam's a few issues, and we want our devices back. I'm surprised no other company, looking at you LG, hasn't made a large pen device with great specs? I mean if they did it could be east money for them?! Hell, I'd even say no pen if you make a nice large device with great specs! I'll even be happy to wait till spring for the Snapdragon 820! Since the only thing that really pushes companies to change are other companies. So have a good week Wesley, sir.
  • Absolutely right on the money. Couldn't have said it better myself. Just for those reasons I will be picking up my new Note 4 in a few days and enjoying all the features that I've come to expect from Samsung's top of the line phone. It will be my last Samsung purchase.
  • Spot on. I have a Note 4 with a spare battery I carry in my wallet. Yes, my wallet. Once I forgot to charge my phone and swapped it for a new one in seconds. I use the Peel app as a smart remote for the 5 TVs and cable boxes throughout my house. Now Samsung has dropped the IR blaster. Are they insane? Drop the stupid heart monitor on the back instead that no one uses to fund the IR blaster. Glass back? My case covers my back, so what's the point? With Gear VR video files easily using up 2 to 4 GBs each, my 128GB external SD card comes in very handy. Transfer to/from an external USB drive is too slow and inconvenient. Downloaded Audible books, Spotify playlists, home video recordings while offline riding on the NYC subway are real use cases requiring real local storage. Samsung doesn't even offer a 128GB model, WTF? I will skip this year's Note and hope next year Samsung gets this right before I ever upgrade to a newer Note.
  • Ditto!!!!!!
  • +1!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Epic post. I couldn't have said it better myself. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nothing more, nothing less. Thank you. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I 100% agree with you! I think samsung made a huge mistake trying to copy apple. we loyal note fans are angry because if we really wanted the iPhone we would buy it. i feel like samsung forgot about that and now they made a horrible device that in my opinion isn't as good as the last generation note phone. i am also upset that samsung basically downgraded this years model and yes i do believe samsung could like you said put all of the things that we are wanting in the phone. i really hope for samsungs sake that they bring back the things that the note fans want otherwise they will fail and that is on them, i really hope next years model is better otherwise that will make me very disappointed.
  • I agree with you 100%
  • YES! I couldn't say that better my self thanks for expressing what we feel 'FifthElement" :)
  • Thanks Fifth Element. I just bought my Note 5 yesterday and I'm returning it. This battery doesn't last me 8 hours. I don't like the fact that I can't use my SD card and change the battery in this very expensive phone. I always carry an extra battery in my purse for my Note 2 and I like the flexibility of an SD card. You are absolutely correct and thanks for your post!
  • Yea, but it doesn't matter how much you B***H and whine, you will get to a point where you will have to get one of these devices and move on, with with the guy on top, I take my phone to a really high level of daily usage, and I really have milked my note 5 the last two weeks, and Mophie has been my savior. I went with the 64 Gb model and I decided to start fresh ( Just Contacts, and started all over again just putting the stuff i needed) and I'm absolutely loving the smoothness of it all. This is the way manufacturer's are manufacturing their high end devices, you will have to make a choice sooner or later, specially if you want to take advantage of all the new goodies coming from google.
  • If that day comes, then yes, we'll obviously need to resolve ourselves to the fact that the SD card slot is gone. It's not yet, though, and being vocal might show these companies there is still viability in it.
  • LOL at carrying around a power bank when a slim extra battery in it's clear plastic case can't even be felt in the pocket. As far as the USB OTG, the Note 4 can use that AND an installed SD card at the same time making file transfers even more of a breeze. Thinking outside the, more like thinking within the box........that Samsung puts people in. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm sorry I'm not stuck with one way of thinking, there are a ton of solutions out there for this. Also battery charger, battery's and SD card cost money as well so that argument of a power bank, USB adapter costing money is a more point, I spent the same. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The point is there's no reason why that "thinking" is necessary. It's a pain in the ass to have to bring a large power charger with you which also requires you remain tethered to it for however long it takes to charge. With a spare battery, it's a simple swap and you're at 100% again. And carrying around a USB stick is also a pain in the ass when the SD card is IN the phone already.
  • You're not really thinking outside the box as you say. You're being forced by Samsung to research alternative options. I don't have to do that with my Note 4, and it's a very valid reason for staying away from the Note 5. Regardless of all your "solutions", what are you going to do in a year or so IF your Note 5 battery degrades noticeably? I just bought a new battery for my Note 4 for $20 (OEM Replacement) and it has done wonders for my Note which I bought last October on release day. It sounds to me like you're happy with carrying around many different items to accomplish the same thing. I thought the point of a smartphone was not needing all the additional pieces of equipment? I get home, swap out my tired battery and swap in the new, and i'm off for the evening with a full battery. I don't need a USB dongle on my keychain because i've already got my house key, gun lock key, truck key, and keyless entry fob. I don't want another nonsense item hanging from it if I don't have to. With the Note 4, I don't have to. With the Note 5, you do if you want more storage. Again, you're not thinking outside the box. You're willingly allowing Samsung to turn you into a pack mule.
  • Wow all of you that keep bitching about the Note 5 not having a swappable battery & SD card slot are retarded... I Own a Note 4 but I dont need to swap batteries out all the time & barely use my SD card as it is. Listen to (LegalAmerican) He sounds like a Small Weiner Guy that has to drive around a big truck to compensate, because notice how he purposely goes into offtopic Unneeded Unwanted blabber about EXACTLY what is on his key ring (my house key, gun lock key, truck key, and keyless entry fob) Seriously who the F**k other than a low self esteem person needs to assure them selves that everybody knows they've got a "Gun" A "Truck" & dont forget the "Keyless Entry Fob"? Really dude are you seriously trying to be a "Keyboard Bad-Ass" cuz other than to feed your fake ass alter ego & try to convince others that your someone other than a "Keyboard Joky" why did you feel the need to even take the time to type that bullshit out, face it you most likely live at home with your parents, you do have a key ring but what keys are on it are much different than what you say, more than likely you have a house key in case you come home after 11pm, a car key to an older beat to shit honda civic that you put a $30 muffler end on from Autozone to make it sound like total shit Rice Rocket ( but you think it make you look cool), & that wireless Key Fob you talk of is non existant unless your holding your parents keys after they sent you to pick up pizza & allowed you to take their car cuz your to cheap to use your own gas to go get it, I know this is true because if you did have any type of alarm system on your car who would ever need to tell people that its WIRELESS? (last time i checked no one offers a WIRED version) & who the hell needs to basically spell it all out by including "FOB". You've got some serious Small Penis Syndrome happening, you should really think about sticking to your Zelda Warrior Princess games or World Of WarCraft before someone steals your Unicorn.... As for Power users you act like your putting yourself into that category, but why sit & watch movies on a 5" screen all day (well i guess that would be a big screen after using the urinal for you). A power user is not someone that loads their phone with Movies & Music cuz really do you go out at night to a club & sit in the corner watching your movies or trying to hear your latest Lady Gaga music download on your phone that has a speaker port thats a 1/4" wide? No a true Power User is one that would be constantly on the phone, responding to emails & texts, & sometimes making those last minute adjustments to their Power Point Presentation or Excel Spreadsheet. Oh & those TRUE Power Users would have no need for an extra battery to swap out because unless they're commuting they're in their office where last i checked come standard with tons of power outlets & you can even have a wireless charger on your desk to eliminate the need to plug it in, so they'd be able to pick it up when they needed to respond to a txt or make a call & then back down it goes onto the wireless charger while they WORK (WORK may be a foreign concept to you, because being the lead McFlurry maker at McDonalds doesn't really count, but your fine with that cuz your able to listen to your crap music downloads & show a few co-workers that you have the latest popular movie release already downloaded on your phone before its out on dvd & you can prove it cuz you have 40GB more worth of movies on that SD card of yours, just make sure you dont fill up to much of that space cuz you wouldn't want to run into a space problem when you go to get the new version of Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds. SD cards are no longer necessary when we know have that Cloud that allows us to have basically unlimited anything & everything, without even having to spend money I have over 140GB of OneDrive Space & multiple 50GB DropBox Accounts that came with all new Samsung phone purchases the last time around & the time before that for 2 years, Then you just get yourself a 6TB WD MyCloud External NAS Drive (Yes the same accessibility as DropBox etc. except tons more space with NO annual fees... So In short your a Dumb-Ass & I felt the need to Point someone out like you, & Getting the Note 5 even though it doesn't have an SD Card slot or a removable battery, it is about 10x faster being that its a 64 bit OCTA-Core Processor compared to our Note 4 Quad Core 32 bit processor & the 4GB of Ram isnt just 1 Gb more than our 3GB on the Note 4 because if you had looked into the Specs sheet of the Note 5 you would've noticed that not only is it the New DDR4 but its also soldered straight onto the Chipset making the Latency basically 0 (time it takes to transfer info), I think even though I dont consider myself as any type of power users but rather just a tinkerer that runs down the battery only because im constantly using multiple apps or trying out new ones by downloading them over the network, I am leaning toward trading Up to the Note 5 from my Note 4 although the "Smart Phone" I'll be turning in for that gaurunteed $200 Trade-In will be a much older junker because as long as it works they take it LOL. So Yes I can Have My Cake & Eat It Too, Ill still have my Note 4 & have the new Note 5, but I may just wait a bit longer for them to release the 64GB Variant which shouldn't be long. Stay in School, Educate Yourself on any & all topics that you choose to put your two cents into. Next time leave out your made up crap. if you had kept going with your made up story I'm betting that you would've tried to somehow work in how your dating a girl that is a perfect 10 & how your constantly hit on by the hottest chicks in the club when your out, thats just the way your type makes things up, (ill bet its all those Movies & music on your removable SD card. Thanks for being that easy target for a bit of fun lol. keep up your marginally entertaining stories im sure you've got a bunch of them just trapped inside waiting to get out...
  • Wall of text .... "K.O"!!!!
  • Educated people don't normally talk about other men's Pennis's. I had the note 4 I'm test driving the note 5. Very nice phone. But I think Samsung can keep there sealed up glass phone. I used to make fun of apple and there glass phones.. Who the hell thinks glass is a great material for phone is beyond dumb... I will stick with my LG with removable battery /SD card... Posted via the Android Central App
  • First off I had all the stuff that I posted already so I wasn't forced into anything. Second I upgraded from a Note 3, anyone saying that's not a pretty big upgrade doesn't have a clue. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh and to your battery comment, I have a tech friend the works for Sprint that can change out my battery for only the price of the battery, so that isn't an issue for me, all these big rants, remember everyone uses the phone different and has different ways to get stuff done. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You obviously DO get it.
  • Jason, The problem is not being stuck in a way of think. The problem is that the way of thinking that you are using to make this hollow argument is faulty. Nothing. I mean absolutely NOTHING comes close to a swappable battery that is slim, cheap, and can almost INSTANTANEOUSLY return your phone to 100% battery life with almost zero bulk and complication. It is the favored method of power management for power users because of one simple thing. It's far better, period. Listen to these guys who are responding to your post and you will learn some important things.
  • Simply not true. I'd dare anybody to question my "power user" status, and I think having fast charging and wireless charging clearly trump the battery packs. I've had every Note to date, and used spare battery packs for each... until the Note 4 made that completely unnecessary. It's convenient that every one seems to forget that you have to buy the spare batteries also. You can buy at least 3 additional fast chargers for the price of an OEM spare battery during the launch window. Also, you have to factor in the cost or "thought" around keeping both batteries charged. Ok... you swap it once. Then what? The first one is dead, clock is ticking on the second. You either have to buy another dock/cradle to charge it separately (ahem... 3 more Fast chargers to spray around everywhere), or you double your charge time on the phone itself just to reset for the next day. Come on people... there is no spoon!
  • I am guessing you under the thinking that everyone uses a cell phone the same, I don't need a swappable battery, I have a charger in my car, a wireless at my desk at home and at work, I use my phone a ton but at the same time moment I'm done, bam wireless charging, you guys make life so hard and keep crying over SD card and battery, I understand your points, and understand its about choice I already said this, but everyone keeps going lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • What if I already have an SD card? I can re-use that rather than having to buy an OTG USB on top of a power bank. Just because there are other options does not mean they are better options. In the end the best solution right now is SD and a removable battery. Will that change eventually? Yes, but it had not reached that point yet. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is more of an argument, but not that there's an expense to having a powerbank. There's pros either way. Your option, smaller and more compact. But what if travelling with your partner and each have a phone and tablet? Carry 4 batteries of just the powerbank?
  • I agree with you, I have wireless charges pretty much everywhere I am with my phone lol, but when I'm not I have my wiress/wired power bank, people always assume here that I keep it on me, I just keep in in my glove compartment in the car for those times I'm not going to be near an outlite for the night. It doesn't bother me at all. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Again I am explaining this issue. Try walking around Disney World trying to recharge your phone with an external battery instead of just slapping a fresh one, NOT FUN! Waiting for a charge instead of 10 second change. I want an Android phone, not a fruit phone, As far as storage, I carry around movies and all my songs on my phone and NEVER had a speed issue with a microSD card. Samsung decided it had to make an iPhone and I for one do not want it.
  • Make it an iPhone? So I am guess most Android manufacturers are making iPhone then because most do not have an SD card or replaceable battery. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep, exactly, you are starting to see the point.... We are all seeing less and less choices just like iPhones.
  • I agree, all I was saying is I found ways to deal with it, I still wouldn't call this or any other Android phone an iPhone. But I do see the points made about choices. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Most? You got some stats to back up most androids are sealed with no SD? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Kinda odd your using ur phone that much at Disney World, but I understand in the situation a replaceable battery would be better. But movies and TV shows, I have and have had a Plex server for that, I would rather use Plex then an SD card anyday. And before you say but but that cuts into data, I don't have to worry about data, I actually have a good cell phone plan. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I know this is a late reply but this story never showed up in my AC app. Anyway, I was using my phone a ton at Disney World. We used the Disney World app to find our way around the Magic Kingdom which came in very handy. We also used it to manage our fast passes. Again very handy. Also used my phone to take videos and pictures of the kids. What frustrates me is not the lack of SD card or removable battery. It's that my phone that isn't even a year old isn't being updated with all these great features. I know Samsung makes money from devices but why would I buy another Samsung knowing that don't bother updating their current devices. Like what feature will the Note 6 have that the 5 won't get and so on. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Try going hiking and be in need of a charge to look at a map, herb guide, flashlight, or listen to your audio book. No plug there and the less you carry, the farther you hike. A fully charged, spare battery always comes in handy for me. I can't see the sense in getting rid of this option. I use it whenever I want to reboot my phone too. I take it out when its low and I want to make sure nothing is draining it. I used it when my phone got a virus/ hacked. I love the option of taking out the battery.
    I see the lack of an sd card as a way of them to try to force us to use unsecure and compromisable cloud storage, then start charging us for it and holding our private info hostage until they get their money. I never want to use cloud storage for private documents, photos, videos, or files! Period!
    What is the difference in the price of the 32gb note 5 and the 64gb one? I can get a 32gb class 10 micro sd card and add it to my phone for 12 to 17$. I also pull it out and put it in other devices when I want.
    I respect all these arguments for and against the new note but I won't be getting the new and improved note this time. The loss of these options is too great for me. I will be waiting for the next one or looking at other modles/brands.
  • I won't repeat all that's been said here about your flawed thinking but I'll bring up just one ... You assume I carry a battery around (I don't) - I have it at home on the charger and swap batteries when I get home (100% charge in 60 seconds). I don't understand people thinking "Fast charging" in 1.5 hours is fast.
  • Good post.
    In many situations so called "fast charging" is a joke compared to simply making a near instant battery swap. That's true fast charging.
  • yeah that's pretty effin' smart- carry around extra gear just to make up for what $am$ung took off the 'updated' version.
  • I understand the lack of SD on the S6, but to remove it on the Note AND not offer a 128GB option like the S6 has is idiotic imo. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm guessing they didn't sell well on the S6 (the 128 gb) and that's why they decided to not do that on the Note 5. But if they were going to try a 128 gb model it should have been the Note they tried it on for sure, Note users tend to want more storage so odd move by Samsung. What I'm wondering is if they will release it one day due to so many people that are wanting it. I guess time will tell but I feel they won't :( Posted via the Android Central App
  • Having a flash drive in your pocket isn't going to replace the ability to have apps that are all really installed and ready to run. If you have the ability & time to keep something attached to your phone all the time, great. Not everyone has that luxury! Many of us buy androids for the fact we can adapt the phone to our lifestyle, not the other way around. Now that Samsung has decided to make an IPhone clone I'll have to find a new brand that still gives me what I need & want in a phone.
  • I agree with JasonKrewson
  • So how does one replace the I/R Blaster that they've grown to love and was featured on the previous Note models?
  • HKK, Have not seen you out on the interwebs in many years. I see you still have good insight on tech. :-) I like your thoughts on the power users Note 5 and S6 Edge +. I truly expected Sammy to go this way and have two distinct products that would be fabulous for both market segments. One for the pop-culture crowd and one for the work-horse crowd. Unfortunately, they just threw everything into the pop-culture mix. I'm sure that's the fatter market overall. But, that's why there have been droves of power users taking over AC and other sites with pitchforks. This article itself shows that AC editors are listening and willing to create more click bait for the rage. At least Andrew made a slightly balanced statement like "The gains in usability are likely to far outweigh the loss of a removable battery and SD card for most people, and those who are really clutching to those features may even be convinced when they hold and use it." When the S6s came out the tech journalism community (aka Nexus/Google fan club) basically discounted SD & removable batteries as irrelevant. At least now, these guys are starting to refer to them as having some sort of merit. That's what happens when Samsung anger blows up in your forums and you can't ignore it any longer. Andrew (and others) have apparently never experienced the liberation of swapping batteries during the da