Should you buy the Google Pixelbook or Microsoft Surface Pro?

f you're in the market for a Chrome OS device, the Google Pixelbook is one of the best ones you can currently get. The Pixelbook is ultra-fast, has an incredible design, and comes with outstanding battery life.

However, if you know how to shop around, you can find Microsoft's latest version of the Surface Pro for quite a bit cheaper than Google's offering.

The biggest difference here is that the Surface Pro runs Windows 10 instead of Chrome OS, and when faced with the choice between these two machines, one of our forum users reached out for feedback for opinions on what they should do.

The question of a Chromebook being able to fully replace a conventional laptop really boils down to if you need something that's only available as an installed program, and doesn't have an online or Android app counterpart. If you subscribe to Office 365, then you should be fine with the online version or the Android app version (although I'm not sure if the installed Office suite might have...

B. Diddy

Well I'm one that asked the question, made the jump and never looked back. There are things a Chromebook can't do but for those things I have other laptops. I mostly use the my Pixelbook now and you just can't beat the speed that this thing opens with and cruises at. You also never wait hours while Microsoft takes over your machine to update. I might add that another great feature is that if...

Mike Dee

Totally agree. I made the switch from Mac & IOS to chrome and android. I actually went all in with the chromebook. My best advice is to see which programmes you use and see if they or their alternatives are available on chrome or goggle play store. I went all out and bought the pixelbook as I fell in love with it but I agree the specs are overkill but in my eyes totally worth it. The...


As an Surface Pro (2017) user I recommend the Surface Pro. It is the most flexible of the two. I use mine for work, school, travelling, and even photo editing using Photoshop and Lightroom. I can work on homework while my daughter is in gymnastics. I've even taken camping with me, so I could do image editing of any photos I took while camping. My daughter will use it while we're stuck...


Now, we'd love to hear from you — Would you recommend getting a Pixelbook or Surface Pro?

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  • Surface pro. Why not. Why should I have to decide if I can leave without something when I can just have it all
  • Because the Surface Pro doesn't have it all. The Pixelbook is faster in all aspects and is more future proof than the Surface because it's hardware well exceeds the operating systems current requirements.
  • Yet my Surface Pro 4 shipped with Windows 8 Pro and has been updated all the way up to the Windows 10 April 2018 update i.e. the most recent version of Windows 10 and it's still just as fast as the day I got it. I would say that my SP4 is futureproof enough, wouldn't you?
  • No apps in the store for the surface, so it doesn't have it all
  • Yet the Surface Pro is x86 based and runs Windows so it doesn't HAVE to use the Store for applications.
  • LOL is this comment a joke or something? You do understand this Surface Pro runs full Windows 10 and doesn't require an "app store" when it can run full programs.
  • I actually have both of these right now and I am trying to decide which one to keep. Both have pros and cons. If there's an app then the pixelbook wins but the surface can do more. It's just a matter of what your going to use it for.
  • This conversation feels similar to Mac vs PC years ago when the Mac didn't have as many applications but people liked how easy the system was to use. I'm curious to try Chrome OS because I mainly use my laptop for bidding the internet and I would appreciate having some Android apps on my computer as a bonus.
  • Pixebook especially if you are an Android user. Chrome is is becoming more like Android with Android app support and what not.
  • While I think the PIxelbook seems to be a solid device from everything I've read (which has been a lot since I've been considering a new device purchase and facing this same dilemma), I'm to the point where I feel like the better comparison from a device perspective with the Surface Pro will be devices like the HP Chromebook X2 and other similar detachables that are on the horizon. The Pixelbook being a 2-in-1 is similar in function, but the Surface Pro is really more tablet-esque than just folding the keyboard back around and still having that added/extra weight & bulk (even though many options - including the Pixelbook - are not exactly considered "heavy").
  • That's not the comparison being made
  • Wouldn't the Pixelbook vs. Surface laptop be a better comparison?
  • Why?
  • Surface Pro for sure.
  • Pixelbook if want better security
  • really sucks what androidcentral has devolved into.
  • Depends what you're looking for really, doesn't it.
  • Why buy a toy when you can buy a real computer? I mean, really? The whole Android is more secure thing means nothing if your productivity is limited to the point of not being able to work..
  • Pixelbook definitely.
  • Surface Pro it's a better option, you require internet to use your Chromebook in many aspects and you can't find an app that can function as a window program all the time.
  • If you don't care about security then by all means buy the overrated Surface Pro. I'd pick the Pixelbook all day long as I cannot stand Microsoft if not because of video editing and being able to use Chrome I'd have ditched Windows a long time ago. My long term future lies with Google.
  • The surface pro for me. I tried using an Android Tablet many years ago for my on the go productivity. While it did ok in a pinch, The Surface pro was worlds better. That thing has got the new the the best thing Microsoft got right in a decade!
  • I just got a Surface Pro yesterday since they have that sale/bundle going on. I had an iPad and sold it and am very glad in the long run.
  • With the current sale Microsoft is having on the Surface Pro line then I would say Surface Pro for sure. i5, 8gb of RAM and a 128gb ssd for $799 with the fancy touch cover. I'm sure the PixelBook is good and I heard good things about Chrome OS but full blown windows at this current discount and pretty good battery life to boot is too good a deal to pass up and not having to worry about app support. Just install a program and go, it is a lot more future proof.
  • I'm sitting in a campground on a mountain top replying to this from my Surface Pro. That same device can remap the fuel injection on my motorcycle, or run the diagnostics. Those programs require Windows with an x64 processor. I can do my software development on the Surface, again needing Windows and an x64 based processor. It is as close to a do it all machine that I have seen, for my situation.
  • Suface wins for me
  • F Surface and Microsoft, Pixelbook FTW.
  • Ahhhh the fanbaby beno chimes in. The pixelbook is a cool toy. The surface lineup are for when you want to work, relax, create, etc. Simple.
  • I'm the hugest Chromebook supporter I know. But in my eyes, Chromebooks definitely have their uses and the overall scope of what they are useful and enjoyable to use for leaves several key gaps in functionality when compared to something that offers similar (some might even argue better) portability and versatility in its hardware but even more software capability. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I love Chromebooks, but as of right now, for someone who uses their computer greatly for work and creating things (drawings, video editing, photography), the choice is absolutely clear that even a mid-range Surface Pro will pretty much be all the computer you need. A Pixelbook is an amazing tool, but it still, even with all its power and specs, is too limited for those who do less consuming and more creating. Another key detail is this:
    In Windows, I am able to have much more versatile control over having multiple accounts open at once, as well as better command over integrating the file systems of various cloud storage services into the Windows file system for easy drag and drop access and management. I'm able to have several Chrome windows independently running separate Google accounts, without limitation. And I'm able to save directly to and between different cloud storage services simultaneously integrated INTO the file system of Windows with ease (Google Drive File Stream, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) When juggling between my personal Google account and my two work ones, my OneDrive, my work OneDrive, my Dropbox all on the same computer, there's simply so much more power to work smoothly and functionally on a Surface Pro. On a Chromebook, yes you can switch between Google profiles but the entire computer is running primarily on one at a time, and it doesn't play well with OneDrive in the file system at all, and can only integrate with one Google Drive at a time depending on which account you're logged in to. I'm not even going to get into the lesser compatibility with different content creation programs, but I will say that if you need Adobe's creative suite at all, the choice is clear. Surface Pro is the device I take with me wherever I need to go where I might need to do something productive. The Chromebook is what I have around the house for convenient use.