Should you buy the Google Pixelbook or Microsoft Surface Pro?

f you're in the market for a Chrome OS device, the Google Pixelbook is one of the best ones you can currently get. The Pixelbook is ultra-fast, has an incredible design, and comes with outstanding battery life.

However, if you know how to shop around, you can find Microsoft's latest version of the Surface Pro for quite a bit cheaper than Google's offering.

The biggest difference here is that the Surface Pro runs Windows 10 instead of Chrome OS, and when faced with the choice between these two machines, one of our forum users reached out for feedback for opinions on what they should do.

The question of a Chromebook being able to fully replace a conventional laptop really boils down to if you need something that's only available as an installed program, and doesn't have an online or Android app counterpart. If you subscribe to Office 365, then you should be fine with the online version or the Android app version (although I'm not sure if the installed Office suite might have...

B. Diddy

Well I'm one that asked the question, made the jump and never looked back. There are things a Chromebook can't do but for those things I have other laptops. I mostly use the my Pixelbook now and you just can't beat the speed that this thing opens with and cruises at. You also never wait hours while Microsoft takes over your machine to update. I might add that another great feature is that if...

Mike Dee

Totally agree. I made the switch from Mac & IOS to chrome and android. I actually went all in with the chromebook. My best advice is to see which programmes you use and see if they or their alternatives are available on chrome or goggle play store. I went all out and bought the pixelbook as I fell in love with it but I agree the specs are overkill but in my eyes totally worth it. The...


As an Surface Pro (2017) user I recommend the Surface Pro. It is the most flexible of the two. I use mine for work, school, travelling, and even photo editing using Photoshop and Lightroom. I can work on homework while my daughter is in gymnastics. I've even taken camping with me, so I could do image editing of any photos I took while camping. My daughter will use it while we're stuck...


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