Best answer: No. While the Galaxy S7's hardware is great, its software isn't expected to be updated for much longer. Instead, if you want to spend around $200 on a used phone, you should look at the original Pixel, as it is still receiving Android updates, and has a great camera.

Why the Galaxy S7 isn't the right buy in 2019

The Galaxy S7 was released back in March of 2016, meaning we are coming up on the third "birthday" of the device. At launch, there were mixed reactions as Samsung continued to lead the charge in hardware, but the software left a bit to be desired.

In our original review, we gave the S7 good marks for providing a great camera, and "excellent refinement of the GS6." However, software features, carrier bloatware, and the lack of future-proofing made it tough to really recommend the Galaxy S7.

Things have slightly improved for Galaxy S7 owners over the years, and Samsung has even brought over Android 8.0 Oreo to device owners. However, any hope for Android Pie can be put to bed, as it seems that Samsung will be cutting off the S7 from future major updates.

Buy one Galaxy S10 or Note 10 and get one free at Verizon

The biggest reason, in our eyes, for our suggestion to look past the Galaxy S7 is thanks to Google. The original Pixel was also released in 2016, making way for Google's emergence in the smartphone market.

While you can get the Galaxy S7 for around $205, you can pick up the original Pixel for just $10 more, at $215. Plus, you will get Android Pie, along with stock Android and the great camera offered by Pixel devices. It's just a better package for a phone that's about as old.

Why would you consider the Galaxy S7?

The answer here is obvious for some. If you love Samsung's hardware design, but don't want to deal with the Infinity Display and the removal of a home button, the S7 is great.

You get a great camera, great hardware, and a few more features that could be beneficial. One of those additional features is the inclusion of the IP63 water resistance. This means that you can take it five feet of water for about 30 minutes before things will go south.

One more thing to consider is that unless the S7 you are purchasing has been professionally refurbished, the water-proofing has likely worn out over the years. Nonetheless, it's still there if you are looking for a cheap, but solid, handset.

Our pick

Google Pixel

Stick with Google

Surprisingly, the original Google Pixel is still chugging along almost as well as it did when it was released. Google has updated the original Pixel line to Android Pie, and you only have to spend a couple of bucks more than the S7.

Next Up

Samsung Galaxy S7

If you must

If you just have to have the Galaxy S7, it's still somewhat solid. Just don't expect too much on the software side of things. But for $200, it's a decent deal of a device in 2019.

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