The Sevenhugs Smart Remote U on sale for $150 can control your entertainment system

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote U smart remote control is on sale as part of Best Buy's Deals of the Day. You can get it through Best Buy's official eBay store or the main site for just $149.99 when it usually sells for $200. This is a limited-time deal and may sell out before the price expires at the end of the day. Best Buy is the only reliable place to get this remote, so it does not go on sale very often.

The upgraded version is the Sevenhugs Smart Remote X and it's currently going for $300 at Best Buy. This version includes some advanced features like room sensors you can stick around to give the remote contextual awareness, but you get much of the same tech for half the price with today's deal.

It's a universal remote designed to control your living room and all your entertainment devices. The Smart Remote U works via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the embedded touchscreen, and infared to detect and control anything new. It is compatible with around 650,000 different devices ranging from televisions to media players to smart lights. Handle up to 80 of them at one time or up to 20 via infrared.

You can even create custom scenes that let you control multiple things at once. That lets you do things like turn on your TV and dim the lights or switch to a DVD player and turn on your surround sound for movie night.

The remote comes with a companion app on both iOS and Android. You can use it for easy setup when you first get your new remote, and it can be used to customize the remote's interface.

If you've never heard of Sevenhugs, think of this remote working like the Logitech Harmony series, which is probably the most popular example of this type of remote around. Unlike Logitech's Harmony Express, though, the Smart Remote U does not have voice control through Alexa.

John Levite
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