Sept. 9 a possible launch date for the Verizon Fascinate, tie-in with MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 12

Where, oh where, is the Verizon Fascinate? We've been waiting for the final U.S. version of the Samsung Galaxy S to hit (and watching our hands-on with it over and over), and it looks like it might be in a couple short weeks. This screen from Verizon -- it actually has to do phones provided to Verizon employees -- shows "Device shipping around 9/6 based on a 9/9 launch." Add to that the fact that the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards -- taking place Sept. 12 -- are sponsored in part by the "Samsung Fascinate - A Galaxy Phone," (thanks, orcares) and it seems like we're getting pretty darn close.

That could well just be a 9/9 "launch" for employees, but that's on odd term to use just for that, right? And with all that said, the usual caveat about not counting our chickens before they hatch, but the Fascinate can't get into our fat little fingers soon enough.

(And, yes, that's the Microsoft KIN that's mentioned there. Verizon's trying to get it out of its employees' pockets, and we certainly can't blame them.)

Phil Nickinson