LG G3 Seido Dilex Pro Case Hero

High quality case that you won't want to take off

When it comes to deciding on a case to protect your beautiful expensive LG G3, you want one that looks great but will also keep your device safe from drops and tumbles. With the Seidio Dilex Pro you're getting a case that not only looks amazing protecting your phone but also one with some added functionality that other cases normally do not include. Read along for our quick review of the Seidio Dilex Pro case with Kickstand for the LG G3.

Look and feel

When you first place your LG G3 into the Seidio Dilex Pro you will find that there are two separate layers to the case. First, there is a stiff inner layer of plastic that is used to absorb any shock to the phone if it were to fall and hit the ground. The outer layer is a hard plastic shell that encases most of the inner plastic case and locks into place around the edge of the phone. The added functionality of the case comes after you have installed the outer shell as there is a kickstand securely attached. This kickstand protrudes out of the back of the case slightly but not enough to be noticed when not in use. The kickstand itself is kept in place with a magnet so that it does not accidently pop open when your phone is in your pocket or just laying on a table.

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LG G3 Seido Dilex Pro Kickstand in useLG G3 Seido Dilex Pro Back and Bottom

As this is a two piece case, it is relatively easy to have difficulties getting the case to fit the LG G3 perfectly at first. When you first unbox the Seidio Dilex Pro the inner plastic casing comes already installed inside of the outer plastic shell. Normally this is perfectly fine but without first knowing that this was a two piece case I would not have thought that they were supposed to come apart as they were difficult to separate. Once you have easily encased your phone with the inner plastic layer the outer plastic shell easily snaps into place. With a little adjustment to the soft plastic that is still visible around the edge of the LG G3, the Seidio Dilex Pro is now completely installed.

I kept this case on my phone for over a week because of how premium it made my phone look and more importantly, feel. The Seidio Dilex Pro is no small case as it makes the LG G3 slightly bulkier but this just made it easier to handle. The only difficulty with the size increase was when it came to putting the phone in my pants pocket as the phone no longer had the slim and smooth exterior. Additionally, the exposed inner plastic layer of the case did not like to slide against the cloth of my pocket which added to the difficulty of storing my phone when I was done with it. After about a day of use the problem went away as the soft touch of the plastic naturally started to wear away.

The main attention grabber on this case is its pop-out metal kickstand. This kickstand not only looks premium but also functionally works better than any kickstand that I have ever used for any of my devices. As stated above, there is a strong magnet that holds the unattached end of the kickstand to the case when not in use. On the bottom portion of the metal there is a small lip that you can use to pop open the kickstand. When in use, the phone has to sit horizontally as the angle of the kickstand will not hold the phone upright vertically. The angle that the phone lays cannot be adjusted but I found that the phone sat at a degree that allowed me to watch videos or scroll through my Google+ stream without worrying about knocking the phone over.

Overall the Seidio Dilex Pro is a great case if you want the top of the line protection when it comes to your LG G3 and also want more functionality than normal larger cases. With the addition of the kickstand this case added to the experience of owning a LG G3. While the case does add a little bit of girth to a very slim phone, it is quickly forgotten due to the Seidio Dilex Pro's premium feel and functionality.

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