Secret Sony Ericsson device photographed by another secret SE device

Leaked images of unannounced devices aren't uncommon, but they always seem to make waves in the blogosphere.  But the waves are a little higher when an unannounced device is caught on camera by another secret device.  Speculation suggests the handset we're seeing here is the Sony Ericsson Hallon -- a yet-to-be announced device toting Gingerbread and front-and-rear cameras.

The device responsible for capturing these images is believed to be the Sony Ericsson Anzu -- which is rumored to be the successor to the Xperia X10.  Formerly referred to as the X12, the Sony Ericsson Anzu is said to have a 12-megapixel camera.  However, the resolution of the images that appeared on Picasa were 8-megapixels.  So either these shots weren't shot at maximum resolution, or Sony Ericsson went with a lower-spec camera.  And for all we know, these images could have been captured with a completely different device altogether.

Check out another image of the SE Hallon after the break.  [Blog of Mobile!! via TechRadar]