Android phones and tablets don't just exist as standalone devices. We use our phones and tablets everywhere, including on the couch when watching television or playing games. In fact, there's a whole category of apps that encourage use while doing things in front of the biggest screen in the house. These are called Second Screen apps, and it's a category that has been growing in popularity for movies, television, and many video games over the last year.

Second Screen apps cover a fairly broad range of concepts. They can be the little helper that provides you with extra information while you game, the real-time commentary for the movie you are watching, and even the central hub that ties the rest of your living room hardware together while you watch your favorite shows. These apps are built to act as your companion, either to give you a competitive edge or plug you in to a network of folks who are watching the same thing you are watching right now. The one big thing these apps have in common is you and your television, immersing you deeper into whatever it is you are doing.

While developers try to put together ideas that give just about everyone a reason to give these apps a shot, we're going to sift through the different experiences out there and show you the best. There are only a couple of Second Screen apps that are truly great, and we've taken a look at what the big benefits to these apps are. This page will have everything you need to know about the different options that are out there today, so you can stay informed and get the best experience out of your favorite movies, tv shows, and games.