Score all your home office essentials at Lowe's with deals on Nest WiFi and more

Google WiFi
Google WiFi (Image credit: Google)

Lowe's is plenty well-known for being the go-to store for home improvement projects, but not many are aware that improving your home office qualifies too. Now that more and more people are working from home in 2020, it's important to have a solid, reliable internet connection but there are also a few other improvements you can make to improve your workspace past the obvious. Lowe's offers free in-store pickup where available to help you save on shipping costs; alternatively, you can score free shipping at Lowe's by reaching an order total of $45 or more.

If you've been trying to work at home with a shoddy internet connection, it's time to make a change. Lowe's is home to way more than tools; you can find plenty of home office essentials there too from routers and cable ties to desks and more.

The model of router you own can significantly improve your internet connection at home. Your current router could be fine to use casually, but for business purposes, ensuring your internet connection remains fast and reliable at all times is crucial. You might not even be making proper use of the current upload/download speeds that you pay monthly for if your router isn't able to properly send an internet signal to your computer or mobile phone wherever you are in your home. Mesh networking systems like the Google Nest WiFi ensure you'll receive a fast, solid wireless connection in any room of your home, and now that it's more than 25% off, it's seriously worth considering. Currently the two-piece set is down to $199, saving you $70, through August 30.

Your internet connection is easily one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when trying to set up your home office, but another concern has to be organization. Keeping your desk and workspace tidy and free of any potential eyesores can help to keep you on task and focused. Past the decor in your office, one product that some forget to include is a set of cable ties. Lowe's has plenty to choose from to help keep your cables untangled and out of sight. Plus, you'll probably find quite a few uses for them around your home even outside of your office.

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