Save up to 24% on portable storage and internal drives today at Amazon

Samsung Storage
Samsung Storage

Running out of space for video games? Or maybe you want to carry more music with you on your commute to work? We all have different needs, but the one solution to all of it is more space. Amazon's one-day sale features internal and external hard drives and solid state drives from a variety of major brands including Western Digital, SanDisk, Crucial, Toshiba, and more. Get drives as large as 16TB down to their lowest prices ever with some options like Toshiba's 1TB external hard drive on sale for just $42.99. For many of these drives, the prices today are either the lowest we've seen or a match for the lowest, and it all expires at the end of the day.

From brands like Western Digital, SanDisk, Crucial, Toshiba, and more. The options include internal and portable solid state drives, internal and external hard drives, and more. Get drives for your NAS or for carrying media around with you.

Grab the SanDisk Extreme portable solid state drive with 2TB of space down to $239.99 in this sale. That's an all-new low price, $10 better than any previous deal and $60 off what it normally goes for. Since it's an SSD, you don't have to worry about the same moving parts you'd find on a portable hard drive, so it's a lot more durable and can bounce around in your pack without you worrying about it. You'll also be able to transfer data to it rather quickly with speeds up to 550 MB/s.

Want to improve your computer's internal performance? Grab the WD Black SN750 2TB NVMe M.2 solid state drive. It's on sale for $237.99 today. This matches its lowest ever, a price it has only reached once before during last year's Black Friday sales. The drive normally sells for around $310, so you're saving a huge chunk today.

The WD Black has transfer speeds up to 3100 MB/s, which means improved load times on everything you write to it. WD also has exclusive software, the WD Black SSD Dashboard, you can use to customize your experience and maintain your drive. Get the most out of your SSD by tweaking it based on how you work and play.

Check out the rest of the sale for even more great ways to upgrade your storage and save some money.

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