The JBL Link View with Google Assistant 8-inch smart display is down to $99.99 at Best Buy. That's $200 off the regular price, which you can still find at retailers like Target. We have seen it drop as low as $95 before, but today's sale is only $5 off that mark and that's the lowest it has ever gone. The savings at this price do not last very long, so grab it while you can.

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JBL Link View with Google Assistant 8-inch smart display

Has Google Assistant for hands-free voice control and Chromecast for instant streaming from your favorite mobile device. Uses Google Home app for easy management. The 8-inch display is a touchscreen. Bluetooth, 5MP camera, and JBL-powered speakers.

$99.99 $300.00 $200 off

Our review of the Link View gave it 4.5 stars and called it the "best-sounding smart display yet." The review went on to add, "Its design may not be as functional or aestheticly pleasing as its competition, but when you add together the excellent sound quality, video camera, HD display, and snappy software performance, that one gripe quickly fades into the background."

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This is both a smart speaker and a very good 8-inch display. It has Google Assistant inside so you can control the speaker with your voice. That lets you ask questions or control your smart home without using your hands. If you need to use your hands, you can download the Google Home app to your smartphone and control it that way. You'll be able to manage its settings and set it up pretty quickly that way. The built-in Chromecast lets you stream music, movies, podcasts, and more directly from your mobile device.

The display is eight inches and a touchscreen. You can use it to view camera feeds or watch YouTube. Scroll through a recipe easily using your fingers or switch between apps with a flick of the finger. The front of the camera also has a 5MP camera so you can use the screen for video calls with friends, family, and work. It's also splashproof and easy to clean in case you're using it in the kitchen or during a backyard barbecue.

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