It's really difficult to engage in a video call with people who don't have the technical know-how or the equipment to do it right. Help out your Luddite family members by getting them one of Facebook's newest smart displays, the Portal Go. Buy two devices through the Facebook Portal website, one for yourself and one for them, and you can save $100 off the total. Since the Portal Go is $199, that means you'll only pay a total of $298 instead of $398.

The first time this deal came around the Portal Go wasn't released yet, and the savings didn't apply. Facebook's newest device was just announced at the end of September, so it's actually quite surprising to see this deal even applies given new products tend to take awhile to go on sale. Of course, the same thing applies to Facebook's another new device, the Portal Plus and any other Portal devices that are available, including the 1st-gen gear.

Portal Go Facebook

Facebook Portal Go | Save $100

Facebook's newest device, designed to take on other portable smart displays like the Amazon Echo 8. It comes with a wireless charging dock to keep its long-lasting battery regularly refreshed, too. Buy one for yourself and one for your family back home.

The Portal Go is all about giving you the freedom to make video calls to anyone from anywhere whenever you want. Not only is it designed with a long-lasting battery that can last all day, but it even comes with an integrated handle so you can literally carry it from room to rom.

All of Facebook's devices have these really smart cameras with sophisticated technology built in. It's a 12MP camera and it can adjust automatically to you. If you're on the go, moving from room to room, doing chores or whatever, the camera will keep you in the frame and let you move freely without losing focus. Plus it'll still pick up your voice even from a distance, so you can keep talking while you cook or clean or take care of the kids.

The smart display works with all of the major programs for video calls like Messenger and WhatsApp and Zoom. You can also use it to stream from your favorite media sources. Play music from Spotify or Pandora. Use it as a Bluetooth speaker. It also has Amazon Alexa built right in so you can control your smart home and go hands-free when you need the news, weather, or a recipe.

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