Save 10% on a PlayStation gift card at Costco and buy new games, movies, & more

PlayStation Now
PlayStation Now (Image credit: Sony)

Suddenly finding yourself with a lot of time on your hands for video games? Need a way to distract your children who also find themselves with nothing to do but bother you? Whatever your reason, you can benefit from this deal at Costco today that takes 10% off the cost of a $100 PlayStation gift card. That's $100 for spending just $90. You'll need to be a Costco member to get this deal, but if you are one already it should be easy enough to get this purchase since it is delivered in the form of a digital download. There is a limit of three per member in case you wanted to stock up or buy some as gifts.

Added to your PSN Wallet like cash. Spend it on anything on the PlayStation Store, including new games, movies, or downloadable content for your favorite game. Requires Costco membership. No fees or expiration date. Limit of 3 cards per member.

You can add the gift card directly to your PSN Wallet and use it like cash when browsing the PlayStation Store. Once you have the $100, you can basically spend it on anything sold in the store. That includes a wide variety of items and a lot more than just new video games. But if you want to treat yourself to the new Final Fantasy VII Remake or pre-order the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, I wouldn't blame you.

You can also use the money to invest in downloadable content. Get those extra story chapters you never finished for your favorite game or upgrade your mount in the MMO you play.

PlayStation offers a lot of other forms of entertainment you can spend this money on, too, like movies or streaming services. Set up your subscription for PlayStation Now and play all the games you want. There are tons of ways you can spend this money. Let's face it, if you're a PlayStation user you probably already have plans to spend at least this much. Might as well get it at a discount!

John Levite
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