SaskTel says Samsung Galaxy S II will arrive next month in Canada

We made note last week that Samsung Canada was ramping up for a release of the Samsung Galaxy S II having posted it up on their coming soon pages. At the time, it was speculated that Bell would be one of the first carriers to have the device available and the news today fits in with that quite nicely. Regional carrier, SaskTel which offers service in Saskatchewan and has tower sharing agreements with Bell has posted the following to their Twitter account:

We will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II device in the next month that has the dual core. ^KK

We're hoping it's not another case of miscommunication and that they will indeed have it next month but to play on the safe side of things -- we'll wait for the full press release before we get overly excited. In the meantime, if you're looking to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S II go ahead and check out our previous hands-on.

Source: @SaskTel Thanks, Brendonsled!

  • Is it coming to Sprint
  • That would be the best move from Sprint if they did get this phone
  • I would switch to Sprint if they got this phone and TMo didn't
  • No love for the USA!? ; _ ;
  • I'm gonna wait til it comes to Sprint! After watching this go toe to toe with the sensation, I'm sold! Bringit!!
  • Finally! I'll be more then happy to ditch my milestone.
  • Now time for one of the Big 3 in Canada to announce it.
  • Well considering SaskTel gets their phone stock from Bell I am guessing an announcement will happen soon
  • I had to go into a Verizon store in Texas yesterday to get my wife's iPhone to work and for grins I thought I would ask if they knew when the Galaxy S 2 was coming out. He told me that it had already gone through some sort of corporate technical procedures and it would be released on June 22nd! Evidently this guy works at the local corporate office and was in the store helping out for some reason. The other guy helping me that just works in the store put my name on a list to call me when it was available. I asked him if he knew if it would be 4G and he said he didn't know, but doubted it since it would directly compete with another Samsung 4G that was recently released. No 4G may be a deal breaker for me. I have been waiting for this one. On to waiting for the Bionic now?