Samsung to unveil Galaxy S III in London on May 3

You can forget all those fake renders and dubious press invites -- this is where the real Galaxy S III story begins. Samsung Mobile has just sent out the invite above to UK press, along with details of a "Samsung Unpacked" event in London on May 3. The message asks members of the press to "come and meet the next Galaxy." That'll be the Galaxy S III, then. Samsung says it plans on live streaming the event, which kicks off at 7pm local time (2pm EDT, 11am PDT), via its official Facebook page.

We'll be there, of course, bringing you live coverage of the Galaxy S III -- sorry, the "next Galaxy" -- as it's unveiled. Keep it locked to AC in the weeks ahead for all the latest developments, as we await one of the biggest Android announcements of the year.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Please come to Verizon.
    Please come to Verizon.
    Please come to Verizon.
  • If it does come to Verizon they better not be granted another one of these "exclusive" rights and burn the rest of the US carriers like they did the GNex... We see how well that has turned out...
  • I am with you on this one, look how bad Google f themselves by doing that.
  • I hope Samsung finally has the courage to release it on all the carriers at once and with the same name. Apple has shown that to build buzz worldwide you need a consistent message.
  • What consistent message would that be? We love only one carrier. Screw the rest of you guys. Oh wait, we could be making even MORE money? We love all the carriers!
  • Exactly.
  • Or what will happen if they do again? Besides more people shifting over to Verizon for equipment. No one is going to boycott Samsung anymore than they are Motorola for giving Verizon exclusivity on their flagship devices.
  • No way! Verizon, Samsung and Google are not playing nice with each other right now. Verizon botched the Nexus launch and I doubt they get anything nice for a while from Sammy.
  • I suspect Sammy sandbagged Google just as badly as did Verizon.
    (The camera, battery, slow updates.) I doubt either company will get another Nexus phone.
  • Oh it'll come to Verizon. 6 months after it comes out in Europe...
  • how can you make such assumptions when verizon NEVER got the device and EVERY OTHER u.s. carrier did (granted, yes, it was 6 months after european release)? that's just silly
  • Oh it'll come to Verizon. 6 months after it comes out in Europe...
  • This is awesome :)
    I've had the original international SGS since launch, and I'm still happy with it. Easily the best phone I have ever owned, and honestly, the only one I have kept more than a year... I'm 29, so you can imagine how many phones I've juggled since I was 17.
    I will gladly give my money to Samsung for the SGS3 and I have no clue about the hardware other than all those rumors. I just know that the way things are going, this will be a fantastic piece of equipment.
  • Same here. I still have my SGS sitting next to me, running ICS as smooth as ever. If I could pre order the SGSIII right now with just a guaranteed release date, I would do it without a seconds guess. Yeah people will say that's lame, don't know what spec it'll have bla bla bla, but I have been down this route with HTC and the feeling was a lot different. I am just glad I did my research on the One X before falling for the Tegra 3 trap.
  • Given the euphoric anticipation surrounding this phone, I get the feeling that Millions will be very disappointed on May 4. Some are gonna be mad because it doesn't have that 1080p Super Duper AMOLED + Advanced Screen they were expecting, Others will be mad that it doesn't have that quad channel 2 GB of DDR3 RAM they were looking for. Others will be mad that the phone is thicker than 4mm. Then there is the crowd that is expecting a 2.5 ghz Quad core Exynos. I haven't even touched on the 12 mp camera, 4000 maH battery, and waterproof technology people are expecting. -- And that's from the sane folks. let's not even start on the people that are looking for a liquid metal phone that can change shape, bullet proof, and a phone they can make love to. Yep, Millions will be disappointed.
  • It for sure will still cure cancer though, won't it Starfleet? Because if it, then it's in the epic fail category.
  • Right^^...After reading through the many comments/threads on this site about the unannounced SGS3, you get an idea of why that would/does happen. People set themselves up for disappointment with their expectations of "an unannounced phone" and some start to believe the expectations/ Suppose this isn't the SGS3? Maybe a new phone called the HEAVEN...sorry, I just think the hype people bring on themselves is funny.
  • I'm quite enjoying my 13mp camera on my waterproof dual core smartphone though... doesn't have all these other specs but the tech is closer than many think. I guess you were right mentioning those expectations were from the sane people, albeit exaggerated expectations still lol.
  • Many who know me would argue I am not sane. I will be greatly disappointed if: there is no NFC, the battery is non-removable, or there is no SD card. If the phone has all three then I will gladly wait for it and buy it. If it has a 1080p screen, or quad core processor or anything else I will be quite happy, but those things aren't deal breakers for me.
  • Then there are those that lurk around for any excuse to post the words UGLY and HIDEOUS.
  • It will not have a 1080p resolution screen, it may not have a microSD card slot (though that would be a very bad move in my own personal opinion) it may not have a 100000MP camera, it may not have 2GB RAM, it may not have liqupel technology, and it may not have the portable toaster everyone is raving about in China, but what I do know, what everyone can be rest assured is.... ...This will be THE Ultra-Smartphone of the year and will oust HTC's One series from the top (maybe not in design as those are sexy pieces of tech, but quite possibly in shear performance/power) and will easily beat Apple on mere specs alone. ****That being said, an Ultra-Smartphoen is an Ultra-Smartphone and it will not be for everyone, not everyone needs a supercomputer in their pocket, and not everyone needs/can fork out £40 a month for one either, so this will be a beautiful piece of technological engineering with boundary pushing innovation/specs, but it won't be for everyone :) *****
  • I'm going to laugh when it is only equal to the One X.
  • It may possibly be equal lol, perhaps worse....nah it will at least be equal or better. But because I am now fed up of HTC, customer service and their Sense, even though I have routed and tried out many custom ROMs, I would go for the SGS3 over the One X anyday, especially since I want an SAMOLED+ HD that will look beautiful and finally be able to see in the sun haha, I have envied my friends SGS2 for that reason.
  • Unfortunately, it is a Samsung.
  • I don't qualify for an epuipment upgrade until March of next year, plenty of time for the S3 to down in price!!! I am so, so sick of paying $300+ for a drinking smartphone!!!
  • Dude, if you can't upgrade till March, just hold out a little longer for the GS IV
  • Or the Quad core Sammy Note II with Ice Cream...
  • If it is bigger than 4.3, I am NOT buying it Enough with that
  • Guess you are not buying it then... You may want to take a look at the HTC ONE V.
  • There's no question that it'll be larger than 4.3. It seems like if you can't get a great Android phone at a reasonable size anymore. Am I the only person who wants a great 4.0 inch phone anymore?
  • You're not alone, i had to get the evo design 4g due to it being more easier to carry, I'd love a LTE enabled sprint 4 inch phone but android are soon gonna be 5 inches and above.
  • agreed, I like 4" screens. I want phones that I can fit into my pocket and FORGET about.
  • The Sprint LG Viper is your phone.
  • If it is smaller than 4.7, I am NOT buying it.
  • better get used to mid range phones then. seriouslly stop being a p@ssy 4.3 is nothing. u act like it wont fit in ur pocket i bet u wear those girl skinny jeans huh
  • The day society accepts wearing your clothes based around your phone fitting in your pocket will be a sad day, fortunately I can fit my friends note into my skinny jeans so for now, peeps don't have to worry.
  • FINALLY!!!
  • Finally! I can't wait. I'm a proud owner of the sgs2 (epic 4g touch) and it is definitely the best smartphone I've ever owned. I've even purchased the galaxy note thinking it'd be better and I had to return it because it simply cannot compete with the exynos processor in the sgs2. If the s3 has any kind of improved exynos, they'll have my money. I challenge anyone to challenge they're device with the current exynos, there is simply no comparing it. Check YouTube dogfights. Now other specs I'd like to see which I don't think r too ridiculous are quad core, HD screen, 5 inch max, maybe a little bump in ram (1.5?), and 16 gb onboard storage with expandable memory. Also, needs to be easily rooted, of course. Can't wait!
  • The headline does say "Come and Meet the Next Galaxy", however, it does not state that it will be the S III. There are several devices in Samsung's lineup that carry the Galaxy logo and there is no guarantee that this will be the S III. But we can all hope that it is. Chances are, there will be more than one Galaxy device announced/unveiled because that's just the way that Sammy rolls. LOL
  • Those were my thoughts, too. Could be outing for the Galaxy Espresso, with May 22 for the GSIII announcement. That would make more sense, given sammy's tsblets gave struggled to differentiate in the market. As the gsii is still selling well, why would they rush to replace it?w
  • If it doesn't come to at&t I will go with the OneX .
  • This is the real litmus test for Android. With Samsung increasingly the dominant Android OEM, the platform's actual health could depend on whether or not it's a truly good phone. There's a good chance it will be, but remember that we all thought HTC was on top of the world in 2010, and look at what happened in 2011. A weak Galaxy S III would lost the confidence of a lot of people.
  • ^^^ Good example of my point...People will be very disappointed...
  • Good point, true.
    Fortunately the HTC One line has done a great job of giving us excellent products in every category for Android; entry level, mid and high end.
    If the GS3 disappoints, I'm all in for the One X
  • I am glad it is being announced before the evo lte is available. It would take a lot to change my mind though. Unfortunately i doubt it will be out before October in the us based on the sg2. Carriers aren't going to want to release a new one so soon.
  • I would be awesome if it IS the GS3, my upgrade date is 5/9. But if not it's no biggie I still love my ICS GS1.
  • If history repeats itself, a May 3rd announcement will mean an October '12-February '13 release.
  • Lets hope for a simultaneous release across all US carriers similar to what they did with the SGS and SGSII. That is the way it should always been done. Enough of this "we get it first stuff..." This only hurts the consumer in the long run...
  • You probably have a better chance of seeing a unicorn, than that actually happening. Expect a not too far release outside the US, and then the normal 5-7 month waiting period inside the US. It happens all the time.
  • LOL on the unicorn... Just saw one the other day... Lets hope the SGSIII is not far behind... I'm sure it will be here in time for holidays as a perfect X MAS gift but lets hope for a bit sooner.
  • As long as it has: 1) The latest Quad core Exynos processor
    2) A micro sd slot
    3) LTE
    4) Tone down the touchwiz like HTC did with Sense 4
    5) 12 mp would be cool, but I'll take a GREAT 8mp camera
    6) 1080p screen? Bring it on, but I'll take a 720p that blows every other phone around.
    7) 4.6-4.8 inches would be perfect.
    8) Not too concerned about being the thinnest phone, but it needs to have a HUGE battery. Nothing under 2000mah. I think it has to be kick ass in order to compete with the upcoming iPone.
  • It better wash my car and give me a back rub as well. LOL Never has a phone, even the Grand Daddy Nexus series, given us everything we want. The companies like Sammy and HTC don't seem to want to give any one phone the whole ball of wax. Not sure if that is a marketing thing or what but it drives me crazy. I wish they would just make one Mother of GOD awesome phone and increase the price a little to pay for it and then we (phone geeks, cause those are the only ones who read and post on this site) will be happy for a total of 10 mins until someone else comes out with an even better MORE awesome phone. But those 10 min will be wonderful.... aaahhhhh! Livin' the dream! Waiting breathlessly until May 3rd.
  • I would prefer: 1) Dual OR Quad processor, as long as it has a great GPU and is optimized for LTE battery life
    2) microSD OR 32GB+ of built in memory
    3) Agreed, LTE
    4) Agreed, although I will also take an unlocked/unlockable bootloader instead
    5} I would much prefer a great back-illuminated 8mp camera
    6) I'll would go with a non-pentile 720p please. 1080p is just a waste of processing power (and therefore battery) on a device this size
    7) Ugg. Give me 4" as at least an option. 4.3" is already pushing it for me. I don't wear baggy pants and there's no way I'm getting a holster.
    8) I would want either a removable battery, or a RAZRMAXX-ish built in huge battery that also allows the phone to be waterproofed.
  • You lost me at #7. You seriously think 0.3" of extra screen space will make you get an extra 3" on your new baggy pants?
  • I thought Exynos and LTE didn't play nice with each other? Anyway, I doubt it will have more than 1GB of ram and it for sure won't have 1080p. Possibly 720 super amoled +. It really needs to not have a pentile display to compete with the One X screen. I don't think this is going to be the jump in specs people think it will. What people want would make every other manufacturer's best phones look like mid range or last years phones. No one manufacturer is that far ahead in technology and they would be stupid to release something that good when slightly better than last years models will sell like hotcakes.
  • And this is the reason I don't think US carriers will get the SGSIII any time soon. I bet they wait to release it here until the LTE-compatible Exynos is ready.
  • "6) 1080p screen? Bring it on, but I'll take a 720p that blows every other phone around." You want your phone to do WHAT to my phone?
  • This phone is probably gonna be a beast but Its also probably not coming to the United States for about 8 months after the Europe/Asia release.
  • ahecht: 1) Agreed.
    2) Definitely needs 32gb if there's no micro sd card slot.
    3) LTE, ya.
    4) Agreed.
    5) Agreed.
    6) Agreed. Non-pentile is a must. According to this site, it looks good.
    7) Nope, sorry, but I like a bigger screen, although, I don't want to go over 4.8".
    8) Agreed, but it still needs to be a big battery with over 2000mah, minimum.
  • Simultaneous worldwide launch (And yes, the USA is part of this world, believe it or not samsung) ---- PLEASE!
  • Thank god my upgrades don't come til next summer. By then, everything you guys are hoping for will be common and kinks worked out.
  • Introducing the one phone I'll give up my Rezound for! The SGS3!
  • Who's to say this is even the GALAXY S III? They have other devices in the "galaxy" family. My Note is called a "galaxy note". I hope it is the new GSIII, but you could be set up for a let down.
  • So COMPLETELY different topic that no one has brought up... Does anyone think that they may be bringing this new Galaxy device in a white and what I'll call "Pearl Wood Grain Blue" body at launch? Just thinking that the invite may be giving us a hint that we're ignoring.. :)
  • Interesting. Could be.
  • ah finally the only worthy phone for me (yea screw the nexus cheap hardware u know what i mean)everything else is obsolete yea u too one X
  • I don't get all the bitching and whining about screen size. I'm open to any as long as the tech is there. To me a great phone is a great phone.
  • If the rumor that this phone will do 1080p at 60fps, I'm in. And I'll switch carriers if I have to in order to get it.
  • ^This is exactly what sets people up for disappointment.
  • From Taylor Wimberly at Android and Me. "Another option for Samsung, that is looking more likely by the day, is the inclusion of their latest dual-core Exynos 5250, based on the newer ARM Cortex-A15 CPU core and using the faster Mali-T604 GPU. We already covered this part in depth last month, where we discovered that Samsung has two versions available. There is a higher-clocked 2 GHz model for tablets, and a more power efficient 1.7 GHz model for smartphones. In a previous rumor report we said the chances of Samsung going with the newer Exynos 5250 in the Galaxy S III were about 50%, but with all the recent news I’d bump that up to about 90%. Samsung started sampling the Exynos 5250 last year, showed off prototype devices at CES in January, and said it would hit volume production in Q2." This phone is gonna rule.
  • The 4.5" Skyrocket fits in my pocket, no problema. A larger screen with a slightly thinner bezel should work as well. Only thing I am worried about is dealing with a "super duper" processor that is incompatible with LTE. Doesn't matter how great it is, if the ATT version is gimped. Bet we have to make the choice again-international version with slowe dl speeds, or carrier version with slower processor. Can't wait myself...
  • Bring on the Note 10.1!
  • This is the last day of my 30 day trial on ATT with my note. Perfect, so now I can decide if I should return the note and wait for the next big Samsung phone or not!
  • Im still rocking the fascinate with miui ics and its still going strong. As long as the sgs3 comes to Verizon quickly and has a good battery and a display better than super amoled hd I'll be getting it!
  • Idk what everyone's deal is with phone size. I have the note and it fits in any pants pocket without problem, my girlfriend even fit it in her skinny jeans, he only pants it doesn't fit in are her pair where the pockets only lage enough to hold a condom
  • I can easily fit my friends Nook touch in almost all of my pants pockets and I wear pretty tight jeans. Stop complaint about pocketability.