Samsung to add premium subscription to Milk Music service

Samsung partnered up with Slacker to release Milk Music last month. The service was freely available to all high-end Galaxy smartphone owners, opening up a world of music with a personalized experience. That's all set to change as the company has revealed plans to add a premium subscription to the streaming service.

Boasting over 200 stations, just how much will consumers be required to fork out? $3.99 will bag you an ad-free Milk Music experience with some "exclusive features," though it's not confirmed what exactly this functionality will include. The price alone is competitive against other solutions, especially if you're already rocking the headphones on your Samsung device. Fear not if you love things free as Samsung will offer free, ad-supported streaming.

Milk Music

We're not sure when this premium model will be implemented, so be sure to enjoy the free service for now. Check out the Samsung blog post for the full infographic on Milk Music. What do you make of these proposed changes to the service?

Source: Samsung

Rich Edmonds