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Samsung smartphones and tablets to appear on the X Factor

It seems that sponsoring the Olympics wasn't enough for Samsung. The South Korean company has reportedly signed a deal for their smartphones and tablets to appear on the X Factor UK starting this Saturday, Sept. 29.

The new partnership will also see online advertising on the X Factor website in the form of Samsung banners and in addition there will be a dedicated Android application for the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland head of brand and communications Avikar Jolly said: “We’re excited to be working with ITV and FremantleMedia Enterprises on this partnership for The X Factor. We pride ourselves on our devices being innovative and industry-leading so the fact this is a ‘first’ fits perfectly with our own ethos and ambitions as a brand.”ITV sales director Mark Trinder said: “We are delighted to be working with Samsung and this initiative is a key part of a wider and integrated multiplatform partnership. Editorial integrity remains at the heart of what we do, and we feel this is an excellent brand fit.”

the X Factor has a huge audience in the UK, so it'll be interesting to see how 'in your face' the product placement will be. Any crazy tie-in ideas? Shout out in the comments.

Source: mobilenewscwp

  • I Figured you were going to say xfactor USA becasue they had so many commercials last night LOL
  • Maybe Samsung will release a new phone that has no talent but everyone will buy it and it will be really famous for 5 minutes then everyone will forget about it forever or at least for 30 years until it arrives on a Celebrity Big Brother spin off.
  • Ouch... Pretty harsh don't you think? Let me guess... Simon called your audition "Atrocious" and shot down your hopes and dreams of singing alongside Taylor Swift. It's okay, it's okay. Trust me, I feel your pain, just like that one Christmas I didn't get Pokemon Red or Blue for my Game Boy pocket because the stores were sold out. I'm here for you.