Samsung S-Cloud rumored to be unveiled alongside new flagship phone

With the May 3 Samsung Mobile Unpacked event less than two weeks away, we're starting to hear more about what the manufacturer may be unveiling alongside its next flagship. The latest rumor to hit is that Samsung is planning to launch its own cloud storage service, dubbed "S-Cloud" in tandem with the Galaxy S III in London on May 3.

According to Korean news site, the "S-Cloud" service will offer upwards of 5GB of storage, with no restrictions on the types of content that can be uploaded. "Free and paid" entertainment content is also reported, including TV shows, movies and music. The move could put Samsung into competition with the rumored Google Drive service, expected to be launching soon, as well as more established players like Apple and Dropbox.

Whether Samsung announces a new cloud storage service, or just that other thing we're expecting to see on May 3, we'll be on the ground in London to bring you full coverage.

Source: MK, via: The Verge

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Kinda stupid if you ask me. Why do the hardware vendors insist on trying to provide the services as well? It never takes off and all it does is make Android as a whole look bad when someone switches devices and finds they can't get their stuff. Not everyone that wants a Samsung phone is going to want a Samsung tablet. Time to realize they aren't Apple and trying to lock people into a smaller ecosystem will backfire. Promote the features of Android and why your hardware provides a better experience than the others and you'll get sales.
  • That's kinda my thoughts too. What happens when, in a year or so, you switch phones again and it's not a Samsung device? Sure you can download and save all your cloud files, but it kind of defeats the purpose.
  • Or it encourages purchasing another Samsung. Additional services appear to add value to their products and HTC has whatever cloud partnership Samsung needs to compete.
    Services could have better margins than hardware if they catch on so they will keep trying however unlikely they are to succeed.
  • Thing is when do they finally realize that their services are seen as risky and not universal? It hurts them in the long run by people being burned. I understand trying to lock people into your platform but this is at two low of a level. That person you burn for leaving Samsung for HTC may leave Android altogether the next time. Because it won't be Samsung's fault or HTC's fault. It will always be painted as Android's fault.
  • Samsung will probably have an option of paying for the service since you don't own a Samsung device.
  • Not to mention unless you are on Sprint or a grandfathered Verizon customer you have to worry about your data caps even more. Especially if you decide to stream your music or movie collection from the "cloud".
  • You're missing the point. It's becoming more and more apparent Samsung is considering cutting Google out entirely and following an Amazon track with it's own Android fork. What's to stop them really? They're selling more and more phones than anyone else and have the lions share of Android installs. Toss in Samsung is also rumored to be working on mobile advertising with the S-Cloud story and the picture becomes complete. "Time to realize they aren't Apple and trying to lock people into a smaller ecosystem will backfire. Promote the features of Android and why your hardware provides a better experience than the others and you'll get sales." You're wrong here, everyone wants to be MORE like Apple, controlling the entire vertical is the best way to make money. Being an OEM and just selling a phone isn't enough anymore. As Google quietly tightens the rules on how much differentiation can exist device to device, more will start to wonder why should they listen at all?
  • I think everyone who makes this argument is missing one major thing. HISTORY. There was nothing stopping any of these OEMs from trying this before Android. Fact is they simply couldn't. Samsung doesn't have a brand like Apple or Amazon. People aren't going to trust them to provide services and media. Hell even Apple can't really get the service ball rolling. This is their third try. In media however they were successful. Sure everyone wants to be MORE like Apple. That doesn't mean they can. Remember RIM specifically stating they needed to try to be more like Apple? Where are they now? Isn't Samsung beating the brakes off them? This is too big for Samsung but I guess they'll find out the hard way. It took Apple years to slowly build up a set of devices and a big enough following that they could have their closed ecosystem. Everybody else will gravitate towards centralized neutral services that they can use across any device, computer, OS, browser etc.
  • ""I think everyone who makes this argument is missing one major thing. HISTORY. There was nothing stopping any of these OEMs from trying this before Android. Fact is they simply couldn't."" And you're missing one thing...lifecycle. See Android is hitting the maturity point, post the massive exponential growth period, especially in the 'West'. When Android was growing at 3555% a month you can sell a dud and it will still sell because Android was the craze. We're leaving that period and these guys must REALLY compete now. Moto and HTC are learning that lesson hard and fast. You're right, they couldn't do this before Android, but they can now, Android's open source and the 'other guy' is developing it for you for free. Really, why DOES Samsung need Google directly? Samsung is already testing the waters this know they already have 5 million people running Bada.
  • Seriously? You think 5 million is a lot of devices? Thats a complete failure. I know most people just voted me down because it looks like I'm supporting Apple or something. I'm just telling it how it is. Apple dupes people into buying their products through a very clever formula. Samsung does not have this ability. Amazon tablets are being bought by Kindle users that want that next step up Kindle. That's a large market. If you think for a minute that Samsung could wall off their version of Android and sell phones and tablets with their own market and services you've got to be crazy. You think Samsung is going to get media content deals that Apple and Google can barely get? Hell Netflix can barely keep their content and they along with Hulu have started producing their own. What are they going to do for email? Are you going to trust Samsung email? Are they going to have their own maps? Navigation? Where are they going to find all these engineers as they are not a software company? I mean seriously folks. Are you all thinking about what all it takes to launch a full stack of services like this? And this is not even considering if they'll get developers to their market. Amazon still can't get all the Android devs on their market. I'm not saying Samsung won't try. I'm simply saying it will fail. Ask Microsoft about Kin.
  • I think you're thinking on too small a scale. Samsung already sells phones like nobody's business, and their tablet sales are poised to improve with the new variants, so sales and hardware are not issues for them. An ecosystem is exactly what they need for the new technological era, as they already have all the pieces and only need the infrastructure to pull it all together. Imagine buying a movie or album on your Galaxy S3 when you're out and about, and having it available to stream to your Galaxy Tab or even your Samsung connected TV or Blu-Ray player when you get home. No matter which device you're using, everything is always there, always available. This is just what Google Play, Apple's iCloud, and even Amazon's services are all about, but none of them are in your living room. This is uniquely Samsung's field to dominate.
  • I was going to say we have Google Play until I read "TV or Blu-Ray player". You're right. Currently Samsung is a huge player in these fields but not Google or Apple, let alone Amazon. Perhaps it will work.
  • I think the people with Apple TV would beg to differ. It is very much in their living room. Its in my living room as well because I have HDMI out on my phone. There are two things you're missing however. Apple people are a special kind of cult. They want all Apple products in all Apple homes. Nobody is thinking about all Samsung products in an all Samsung home. They simply don't have it like that. Second they don't have the content. Apple, Google, MS, Netflix, Hulu.... all of them have a hell of a time trying to get content. Samsung is just going to waltz in and get it? Folks a TV is a long term purchase. Nobody is going to buy a TV based on it working with your phone or tablet today because tomorrow your phone is obsolete. And companies are notorious for changing standards and integration system. Your next phone and tablet will be compatible with the latest TV...not the one you have. The way into the living room is through cheaper devices like Xbox, AppleTV and GoogleTV is they can get it together. This way you can use it on the TV you have and not the one Samsung wants you to buy. I understand wholeheartedly what they are trying to do. But Apple was a long time in the making and is somewhat of a fluke honestly. They landed a standard in music players to the point that people call all music players iPods. And now they almost call any smartphone an iPhone. They call every tablet an iPad. Each product helped build the cult up to what it is today. Samsung isn't going to do that. People aren't going to call TVs after some Samsung model. They aren't going to call tablets Tabs. All Samsung will do is weaken Android and crash the house for everyone.
  • 5gb is 2 hd movies go figure. Just let Google or use a cloud service.
  • Sorry but what immediately came to my mind was iCloud when I saw S-Cloud.
  • Exactly what I thought too. Samsung has got to stop making it far too easy for the iCrowd to criticize them as always copying Apple.
  • I'm hoping this doesn't hint at non-removable storage for "the new device"
  • That's the first thing I thought about when I saw this. Not that I plan on getting this phone, but I sure hope it's not the future for all phones.
  • God, I'm so sick of Samsung. They are trying to ruin the Android ecosystem with this crap. GDrive. That's what you need to fing put on your device, NOT this crap.