Samsung reveals U.S. Ice Cream Sandwich update list

For the past several months we've had a general idea of which U.S. Samsung phones and tablets are slated to receive an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. But today the manufacturer has stepped in with a full carrier-by-carrier breakdown of which devices are set to get the latest version of Google's OS.

The big picture is that if you've got a Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S II-class phone, chances are you're in line for an ICS update later in the year. The only real surprise comes from T-Mobile, which doesn't have any confirmed devices, though Samsung promises a list in the "coming months." There's also no mention of the original Galaxy S, but then that stopped being news a few months ago.

Unfortunately there are no specifics offered about exactly when these updates will begin rolling out (except for the Nexus S, of course, which already has its ICS update). Though with ICS for the international Galaxy S II already rolling out to handsets in Europe and Asia, we're hopeful S II owners in the U.S won't have too much longer to wait.

Source: Samsung Support (opens in new tab); via: Samsung Mobile USA

Alex Dobie
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  • This is exciting news for me as I'm an owner of the 8.9" Galaxy Tab. I thought I wasn't going to get the ICS update. Cam't wait :)
  • They announced months ago that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 would get ICS.
  • "Thanks, dicks." -- Samsung Infuse
  • 3 stars.
  • LMFAO! Sorry :-)
  • Lucky JT had a break through and Entropy is on the job aye ;)
  • When are us consumers going to learn, Samsung makes great devices they just don't support them after they release them. FA-Q Samsung I won't make the same mistake 2x -Droid Charge
  • I see... This GS2 has problems and it's my second GS2 (ET4G)... If the SG3 dissapoints, that will send me away forever... Sprint and Samsung's answer is to defer to the other smh...
  • Droid Charge? How ugly can they make a phone... What is wrong with your phone that you MUST have ICS? I have tried ICS with the ET4G a couple of times, and while it is nice, it doesn't offer so much more than the Gingerbread device.
  • Its not that I need ICS, The complaint is that they do not support their devices very well. The Droid Charge was Verizion's "4G LTE DROID" It was one of the last high end phones to get the gingerbread update, which we can all agree had some very useful improvements over FROYO. ICS has some more things nothing that I have to have. When consumers shell out 200.00 + for a phone they would like to see some effort like HTC or other MFG, that get it. Customers want new updates, they want security issues fixed etc etc.
  • From what I've seen so far, the ICS builds that have leaked all still have some of that Gingerbread look and feel. Why must they mask AOSP ICS so much??? I guess it has alot to do with Touchwiz, which isn't that bad.
  • Im agree completly with you, though I dont know why everyone seems to have a problem with Touchwiz.
  • Because it blows thats why. My tab 10.1 was much more responsive before the touchwiz update.
  • So stop complaining, root and remove TouchWiz. You don't want TouchWiz, buy the Nexus. Plain and simple.
  • Why don't these phone manufacturers start working on rolling out the actual update instead of formulating these lists every week? By now we all ought to have a pretty decent idea if we're getting ICS or not. Enough with these stupid lists.
  • amen to that.
  • Hardly surprising, but interesting none the less. I wonder what the hold up with T-mobile is? They should have according to that list, the following devices at minimum: Galaxy S II
    Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Galaxy Tab 7.whatever Slacker
  • Pretty pathetic on Samsung's part. ICS has been out for how long now? It took the development community no time to get ICS running on my GT 10.1 and Samsung says I have to wait till "later this year". Oh well, I had to root my GT just to get rid of that touchwiz crap and will stick with what I have. Who's going to want ICS with touchjiz all over it anyway?
  • Why do we need to remind you guys that is not Samsung fault? IT IS THE C A R R I E R S. danm is it that difficult to understand?
  • Rubbish! My Galaxy tab 10.1 doesn't have a carrier!
  • But the 10.1 in general is available from carriers, which means they have to approve some of the ROMs with a carrier. Why do multiple ROMs for the same device when they can make one... And again, I ask what is wrong with your device that you MUST have ICS?
  • WTF the INFUSE is not getting ICS... i'm playing LOL im happy with my INFUSE update of both offical and unoffical GB updates LOL
  • Lets be honest here, if the Nexus S can run ICS, so can the original Galaxy S line of phones. Now by the time Samsung gets finished wizing it up they might not be able to, but then that's Samsung's fault for adding bloat to perfectly good software.
  • Lets state the truth also. Samsung wants Touchwiz on the phone and the carriers want all their stupid apps on it. Along with ICS, none of that shit is going to work well together.
  • Man, that list is pretty short... How many devices did Samsung release last year???? Like.... 50? lol
  • i was expecting to have dates on here, pretty ho-hum announcement stating the obvious that eventually they will get ICS. not news to me.
  • I've been rooted and running my AT&T Galaxy S2 on a solid build of ICS (SHOStock 2 v2.1) for 5 weeks now. My phone performs better in every way than when it was on the factory rom. Longer battery life, faster response, more accurate color, added functionality that merges what is mildly useful in Touchwiz with the very best of ICS. The point isn't whether you should have to root your phone and flash a custom rom. If you even care what version of Android is on your handset - you care enough to bitch on here about not getting ICS officially - you are the one who needs to flash a rom. 98% of people out there with phones introduced 18 months ago (Infuse, Galaxy S, etc.) couldn't care about ICS as long as they have a functioning phone with a functional OS on it. Gingerbread runs every app in the Play store. It will be ok. If you care, I know there are ICS roms for said older phones.
  • I have the GS2 Epic 4g Touch, whats the best root for it? \ My phone has slower data speeds on average than my first Epic 4g... My battery life is also bad but the android OS and display takes up most of my battery life, and I don't fanatically use my phone neither...
  • Woulda been nice to include the actual LIST since they were posting about the story. Ok.. Samsung releases the list.. now we have to go searching around for the list itself when it could have been included in the post... fail.
  • If you click the blue words- SAMSUNG SUPPORT right next to SOURCE: it will take you to the list, not really that hard to find it.
  • Finally my 10.1 will get ICS!!! I cant wait till the ROM devs get ahold of the source code and start popping out custom ICS Roms.
  • F**k Tmobile. The Skyrocket is getting ICS, but my GS2 isnt, the only factor here can be Tmo. So screw them, Im running NexusMod anyway :OP
  • No love for the Galaxy Players.
  • samsung if u f@ck this up for the hercules im ditching u forever even though im already running ics through the skyrocket leak. damn it we need the official version for our phone
  • My Epic 4G is going to be obsolete :-(
  • I dont understand why i have to wait longer for touch wiz. Why can they give you an option of using ot or not. The idea of waiting so more crap can be put on my phone is insane. Then i have to work to clear it off..??? Galaxy note delayed cuz they want to add more stylus apps wtf? Ive had this phone for 4 months ive used the stylus 3 times. Release the update. Add your crap after.