While wonderful cases for the Note 10 and Note 10+ are available from just about every case maker on the planet, Samsung's official cases are still definitely worth considering. Samsung stepped things up a notch to provide some rather unique case options for its new lineup of Note devices.

Galaxy Note 10

Luscious leather: Leather Back Cover

Samsung's leather cases are certainly not its cheapest cases, but they are incredibly well made, and our managing editor swears by them. Available in Black, Silver, White, Tan, Red, and Blue.

$44 at Amazon

Color-matches grip: Silicone Cover

TPU cases come in every color under the sun, and this minimalistic solid-shaded silicone model from Samsung is available in six colors: Black, Silver, White, Pink, Red, and Blue.

$22 at Amazon

Shine like a diamond: LED Back Cover

This cover looks like a standard plastic cover at first, but when you get in a notification, the LEDs embedded in it light up like stars in the night sky. Available in Black or White.

$20 at Amazon

Smart and sleek: S-View Flip Cover

The S-View Cover, available in Black, Silver, White, Pink, and Red, allows you to use a slim edge panel to answer notifications and control your music while the case is closed.

$23 at Amazon

Carry-all case: LED Wallet Cover

This case has card slots under that LED matrix, hiding your money under important information like the time, unread messages, and caller ID. Available in Black, Silver, White, Pink, and Red.

$31 at Amazon

Kick(stand) it: Rugged Protective Cover

This Black or Silver case is made to take a beating, with mil-spec durability and drop testing, but where it shines is by allowing you to prop up your phone with its built-in kickstand.

$13 at Amazon

Warm and wonderful colors

While the Blue could models available for the darling Leather Cover could make for some interesting contrast with the Aura Red or Aura White models of the Note 10, I suggest going for the classic Tan. Samsung's leather cases have an addictively good feel in hand, and the colors are expertly done, but the classic tanned leather look is timeless.

On the more high-tech side of the scale, the LED Back Cover intrigued me on the Galaxy S10 and with the broader canvas of the Note 10, it could make for a fun and functional case that isn't bulky like the LED Wallet or S-View folios.

Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Love the leather: Leather Back Cover

Available in Black, Silver, White, Tan, Red, and Blue, these supple beauties trade the feel of premium glass for premium leather in a thin case that exudes luxury without getting in the way of ports or buttons.

$44 at Amazon

Starry night case: LED Back Cover

The LEDs embedded in the back of this smart cover light up when notifications come in, giving a shimmery look when you need to look at it but remaining a solid Black or White when all's quiet.

$35 at Amazon

Get a grip: Silicone Cover

Want to add some grip to your slippery glass-backed Note 10+? The Silicone Cover available in Black, Silver, White, Pink, Red, and Blue offers the same colors as your phone and some traction.

$26 at Samsung

Keep it in view: S-View Flip Cover

Control your music playback, respond to missed calls and messages without ever opening your S-View folio case up. It comes in Black, Silver, White, and a very lovely Blue.

$40 at Amazon

Military-grade, Samsung style: Rugged Protective Cover

This case is drop-tested and butterfingers-approved, helping you keep your Note safe and productive in either Silver or Black with a built-in kickstand for presentation propping.

$15 at Amazon

Cash or card: LED Wallet Cover

This cover has a deep card slot that can fit 2-3 cards or some cash inside while the LED cover on top shows your notifications, incoming calls, and the time. Available in Blue, Black, Silver, and White.

$44 at Amazon

Cover up that glorious gradient

For the larger model, we don't have the pinks or reds of the Note 10, but we swap them for a sultry blue that I adore and think looks a little more sophisticated in hand. The blue on the S-View Flip Cover and Wallet Cover is especially lovely, though the silver models are quite fetching as well.

For the classic Leather Cover and Silicone Cover, we have a few more color options, such as Tan for the Leather, but I prefer color-matched cases because they help the phone mesh with the case more in the wild. Our managing editor swears by Samsung's swanky leather covers, so no matter your shade, know you're getting a premium case for your premium powerhouse.

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