Samsung offering U.S. Galaxy Note 3 owners $50 Google Play credit

If you've got a U.S. Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung's running a promotion until Jan. 6 that'll allow you to claim $50 of free Google Play credit. Simply hit up the promotion site, enter your details — including phone number, address, email and IMEI — and you'll be able to score $50 credit to use on apps, music, movies or other content on Google Play. The offer is open to all U.S. Galaxy Note 3 devices regardless of when you purchased, but you'll need to sign up before the Jan. 6 cut-off.

And you'll need a valid U.S. Galaxy Note 3 IMEI to complete the process — even if you fake your way through the address and phone number requirement, a non-U.S. IMEI won't work.

Hit up the promotion page to get started.

Source: Samsung Promotion; via: SamMobile

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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