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Samsung offering personal engraving for Galaxy Note in South Korea

Samsung's Galaxy Note publicity machine continues to churn, with the manufacturer now hoping to win over consumers in its native South Korea a unique personalization option. According to Samsung's official Flickr stream, personalized laser engraving will be available for Korean buyers until Mar. 31 at "Samsung Digital Plaza" locations across the country.

Apple has long offered engraving when buying certain iPod and iPad models as gifts, but Android device manufacturers have until now shown little interest in this kind of customization. However, it seems Samsung's keen to attract the attention of gift buyers, as it promises "a wide variety of fonts" to "reflect your personality".

The promotion runs in South Korea until Mar. 31. There's no indication just yet of whether Samsung intends to offer this promotion elsewhere, though with the Galaxy Note launching in Canada and the U.S. next month, our fingers are firmly crossed.

Source: Samsung on Flickr; via: OLED-Display

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

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  • That will increase resale value...
  • LOL
  • I'm sure a replacement battery door is not that much. Unlike with Apple products, it's there for life. +1 for removable battery doors...
  • ba dazzle that sht
  • Yeaaah!
  • I love the black Galaxy Note with Hangul(Korean Language)on it. That's very cool.
  • Wow, how about a note that has the 1700 mhz band turned on since the hardware is 100% capable of it.
  • That woman must be very small, since the size of those battery doors make the Note look like at least a 7 inch tablet.
  • As a mandatory offering, AT&T will stamp your contract expiration date in 2" numbers. As a friendly reminder of course
  • As always, manufacturers/brands tend to focus on their core market first. Maybe an opportunity here for all the engraving shops worldwide ;-) We are already doing such engraving on Samsung and iPhone here in Singapore on a case by case basis but should be able to promote such service as a standard product, to be added to