Samsung Media Hub extends on-demand streaming from phones and tablets to TV

For over a year, Media Hub has offered owners of Samsung smartphones and tablets access to on-demand streaming of TV shows and movies. Today at their CES 2012 press conference, Samsung announced that they would be expanding the service to their selection of smart TVs, so if you buy a show on one device, it would be available on others. NBC Universal is one of the premiere partners in this endeavor, and they'll be showcasing Battlestar Galactica through Media Hub.

It's a sensible move to include TVs in Media Hub, considering the breadth of Samsung's business, and a great way to get people on the hook to buy other Samsung products if they already own one. While I'm sure the selection isn't quite up to snuff with Netflix, if you're just interested in renting titles a la carte rather than signing up for a subscription service, Samsung Media Hub might be for you. 

Samsung had a few more interesting announcements in their press conference that at least indirectly effected smartphones, in addition to the AT&T LTE handsets and the Verizon Galaxy Tab 7.7 announced earlier today. Stick around for all the rest of our CES 2012 coverage! Remember kids, the show hasn't even technically started yet... 

Simon Sage
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