Samsung I-400 breaks cover, coming to Verizon

Big Red really likes Android phones (probably a true fact). The dude, or rather, the guy, over at The Droid Guy, has posted a blury image of the new Samsung I-400. You're probably already looking at this phone and saying, "meh." Sure it may look like a basic phone, but look a bit more. It probably doesn't help the fact that there is a huge glare across the bottom -- but look closer. This new Samsung phone is shipping with two displays: the main large screen and the lower mini-screen. This design reminds us of the Barnes and Noble Nook. No word on launch date or pricing just yet. All we know is that it will ship with Android 2.1 and carry Bing as the primary search engine. Go ahead -- sound off in the comments section. [The Droid Guy]

  • Meh, I dont think im a big fan of the dual screen. Id rather one screen and the choice to put what I want where i want it.
  • ugh, bing. STOP IT VERIZON!
  • Yup, looks like its been Binged. The dismissal by AC editors of the post showing the announcement of Verizon choosing Bing seems more and more ill-informed. So this one won't be appearing on the Android phone page either I guess.
  • lol. what exactly is the point of the 2nd screen? a built in dedicated clock widget? bah, i got beautiful widgets for that!
  • Well... you don't really need to light up that power-hungry 4" screen to see notifications, time, date, (maybe weather), news item headers or whatnot.
    I bet it will save a HUGE amount of battery life for most (non-hardcore) users. Only thing I don't like (actually I hate it with a passion hard to describe) is the form factor that this addition brings. The device is just to elongated for my taste.
    I'd much rather have that thingy that Sony-Ericsson will bring out later this year. The bluetooth "remote control"
  • WTF? Did Verizon give up on the the Google Experience completely? If so, it's probably to get people to pay for turn by turn Nav...
  • I reject you, Bing. I quit you. We are finished.
  • cool idea, but no thanks.
  • Is it just me or does Samsung make the ugliest Android phones?
  • This device actually has a really slick look. At least the one I saw. All black, with the glossy front like the Fascinate which looks like a solid black top when the screen is off. Flared edges, soft-touch back
  • Are the Galaxy S phones ugly??? No..
  • glad to know my phone is still a google experience phone. Verizon is ruining everything. All just a ploy to get people worked up over bingdroid, so some retards will buy iphone. Don't believe the hype people, this is a shit phone and they have said the droids are safe. We will see we will see.
  • Here's my theory. Verizon's DROID line will be their exclusive Google Experience line, and the rest of the regular Android devices will be interactive with Bing.
  • I saw one of these (very briefly) and I wasn't allowed to touch it. It's actually a pretty nice phone design. The bottom screen is used as a "quick access" to give you an idea of what's going on without you having to wake the full phone (should help with battery life)
  • This is probably what the sprint "transform" is like? Minus bing!
  • Bing.. deal break.. nuff said.
  • BING is like Decaf coffee and Non-alcohol beer - nothing but a waste of time!
  • No no no bad Verizon bad bad bad not on the carpet
  • Well noone has said it yet since everyones all worried bout bing, who cares. It will get rooted and then can be removed and you can get google apps on market. Quit crying. Anyone notice that there is no Menu, Home, Search, or Back key Maybe they are on this small screen?
  • The capacitive buttons are located between the screens, as seen here:
  • There's a menu, home search and back key. It's barely visible above the picture flash. EDIT: The link provided shows the buttons a lot better.