Samsung I-400 breaks cover, coming to Verizon

Big Red really likes Android phones (probably a true fact). The dude, or rather, the guy, over at The Droid Guy, has posted a blury image of the new Samsung I-400. You're probably already looking at this phone and saying, "meh." Sure it may look like a basic phone, but look a bit more. It probably doesn't help the fact that there is a huge glare across the bottom -- but look closer. This new Samsung phone is shipping with two displays: the main large screen and the lower mini-screen. This design reminds us of the Barnes and Noble Nook. No word on launch date or pricing just yet. All we know is that it will ship with Android 2.1 and carry Bing as the primary search engine. Go ahead -- sound off in the comments section. [The Droid Guy]

Andrew Melnizek