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Samsung to hold Galaxy S IV event March 14 in New York

According to a Samsung representative, Samsung will hold a Galaxy S IV inspired event March 14 in New York city. This will be the first Galaxy S event in the U.S. since the first round of Galaxy S phones were announced at CTIA in 2010, and Samsung mobile division chief JK Shin says the venue was moved because they were "bombarded with requests" from US carriers to hold the show in their own country.

Nobody knows exactly what to expect from Samsung's latest, but we are sure it will give us plenty to talk about. Expected with everything stronger, faster, and higher resolution that the current Galaxy S3, the handset is sure to be a hit amongst consumers.

All the details aren't known just yet, but you'll be able to count on Android Central to deliver you all the news about Samsung's next. 

Source: e. daily (Korean); via: Reuters

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I'm so excited for this
  • I was 100% sure I was gonna get a GS4 but then I saw the front speakers on the HTC One. Now, I need some convincing. The GS4 is gonna have to amazing to peel me away from my Nexus 4 and keep me from getting the HTC One.
  • S4 is flooded/loaded with features ... HTC One though a beefy one AFA the hardware goes, it isnt a match when it comes to features. The looks for HTC one however I am pretty sure would be far better than what S4 would look........let see.
  • God I hope Samsung figures out their screens. The screen is the achilles heel of the GS3--it just looks like garbage next to my Rezound or iPhone 5. It's still my main phone, so obviously it doesn't matter that much, but it's not in the same class.
  • I knew this was coming but I couldn't wait. So I ordered a Nexus. I'll revisit this decision next year.
  • The Nexus is a great device, but the Galaxy is light years better in pretty much everyway, except that you get software updates faster with the Nexus and the Nexus doesn't have that stupid central button on the Galaxy
  • You might be envious of the S4 for a few months, but then KLP will drop and you'll remember why you bought a Nexus.
  • I stand corrected: I didn't think the Galaxy S4 event would occur so soon. I expected May at the earliest. Nonetheless, I am excited to see what Samsung has up its sleeve.
  • Yea but he device will probably not be available for a month after the event.
  • I realize that; but last year's event wasn't held until May of 2012. That's almost two months earlier from the same time last year. I have no doubt that it's to compete with the US launch of BB10. Strike while the iron's hot, I suppose.
  • True
  • Last years event was May 3rd, and I got my GS3 June 25th! The good thing about this event being held in the US is that perhaps we will get it at the same time as everyone else instead of a month later.
  • Awesome news, but I'm more interested in the Galaxy Note III.
    Samsung has to improve both the Galaxy SIV and Note iii in the following areas:
    1. Much better battery life that last at least 24hours on LTE with screen at full brightness all the time.(most important factor) 2. Premium build quality yet much thinner, and much lighter than current versions. 3. More colors at lunch with black being one of them (what the heck is the fascination with a white phone. More people want a black phone than those who want an odd while color for a phone) 4. 1080 screen with perfect sunlight legibility. 5. Better camera. 6. Improved software- Make the software significantly faster, improve the current features and add many more useful features 7. They should make a 64gb and 128gb versions available on lunch date. Don't care about SD card if I can get 128gb and I'm willing to pay the price for it. I much prefer ample internal storage to sd card especially because it's much faster. 8. I would also love for them to apply water proof and dust proof and finger print resistant feature to the phone (they can even make these optional and many of us will be willing to pay for it) 9. We want wireless charging 10. Much better and louder quality speakers, at least 2 front facing speakers would't be bad at all. 11. Please get rid of that infuriating central button and just use virtual buttons like you have on other Android devices. Have the central button and it definitely sours my experience on my Current Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II.
  • I like my white Note II :-P
  • 1) No one needs LTE 24 hours a day, let alone full brightness during that same time frame; that's overkill and just retarded. 3) That's personal preference. 4) Depending on the amount of sunlight, no screen will be perfectly legible. 6) It's sort of an oxymoron to add features and make the software faster. More features and bloatware equal slower performance. That's why they bump up the specs, to support the additional features. 7) Again, personal preference: The majority of users don't need that much space on a smartphone. The Note is already a niche product; you probably will never see a storage capacity exceed 16GB. That's why an SD card slot is provided as consolation. 8) Your number eight contradicts your number two. A ruggedized phone will never be thinner or feature premium build quality. A ruggedized Note 3 would never sell anyways: individuals requiring a rugged phone are far from the target market of the Note series. 11) Based on the successes of the S3 and Note 2, I believe the majority of people are indifferent on the physical home button and capacitive keys. I apologize, I couldn't resist replying to your comment =)
  • 8) If only they could include the new Liquipel thing, that would be fantastic. And it wouldn't have to sacrifice the form at all, it can stay sleek, sexy, and shower-proof ;)
  • Haha yeah, we'll find out on the 14th, for sure.
  • My Note II lasts 24-30 hours on a single charge. That's 4-8 hrs screen on time, and brightness at 45-50%. WHY WOULD YOU WANT BRIGHTNESS AT 100%? ARE YOU TRYING TO BLIND YOURSELF?
  • Well, at you aren't asking for much lol. Couldn't resist sorry. Good ideas but the cost for all of them would be astronomical.
  • Better battery life goes hand in hand with a larger size, since a larger battery can be used. iOS doesn't run apps fully in the background, only select functions, so they don't really use CPU power when in the background except for select functions. Gorilla Glass 3 was shown, so with that, the S4 would survive a drop a bit better. Samsung improved things in the design of the Note 2, so we will see progress in terms of how durable the S4 is. Color and white, with a small group that wants pink and red, maybe a blue. Really, color choices are the least of my concerns when it comes to a new phone, and teenagers may be the ones most concerned with the color of their phones. 4.99 inch screen at 1080x1920 is expected, and there were already improvements to the screens in the Note 2, so again, it is a fair expectation that the screen will be better. Being perfectly readable in bright sunlight may be asking a bit, since a color screen will have issues with THAT. My S3 is fine under normal viewing conditions. 13MP cameras seem like they will be the standard for 2013 across much of the industry. Better software implies that Android is improved, since that is where most of the features come from. KLP should come to the S4 if the S4 isn't delayed so it can launch with KLP. With a microSD card slot, they don't need to offer more than a 16, or MAYBE a 32GB version of the phone for installed apps, or if more apps can be put on the microSD card. You may not want to be bothered, but the number of people who want more internal memory, just because they don't want to insert a card is very small. If you have an issue with inserting a card, why don't you pay someone a price premium of $100 to add a 16GB card to the phone, or $200 to add a 64GB card? Water proofing and such generally will prevent the battery from being user swappable. I'd rather have the option to swap the battery myself as needed, or to do a battery pull to get around software problems than worry about the phone being waterproof. The S3 actually supports Qi charging, except that the back cover that comes with it doesn't provide the necessary support, and Samsung never made a widespread release of back covers to support the feature. The "infuriating" home button is actually good for converting iPhone users who expect a physical button to be there. I feel that capacitive buttons down there, or make it a gesture area similar to what was on the Palm Pre phones would be a positive, with the option to hit where the current buttons are providing the functionality of "buttons". The only real negative was when Verizon slapped their logo over the button on its version of the Note 2.
  • Samsung refuses to drop the cheap plastic. That's the only reason I'll consider HTC One versus GS4. I need brains but body too!
  • I don't mind the plastic on the phone seeing as how I have a case on it all the time anyway. I don't care if it is a tad bit thicker either. I just want battery life similar to the Galaxy note 2. That's all I want. Everything else would just be a bonus.