Galaxy Gifts

Get over $575 worth of software when you buy a Galaxy S5

Samsung is continuing their habit of giving bundled software and freebies away with their high-end devices, and the Samsung Galaxy Gifts promo for the Galaxy S5 is a whopper. With app extras and subscriptions galore, this bundle from the Samsung App store is filled with things you'll probably find useful, such as a six-month subscription to the Wall Street Journal, three months of Evernote premium, or $10 worth of in-app purchases for Cut the Rope.

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OK, we're not going to suggest you run out and buy a new phone just for the free apps and goodies that come with it. But if you're going to be upgrading this year anyway, this sort of thing certainly can weigh heavily in your decision.

Hit the link below to see the full list and all the details.

Source: Samsung Galaxy Gifts

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