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Samsung Gear S2 is now available for pre-order from Verizon, coming soon to T-Mobile

The Samsung Gear S2 is heading to both Verizon and T-Mobile and will be available on the US networks from November 6 and 15 respectively, though you'll be able to place a pre-order with Verizon right now. Those who wish to add the smartwatch to an existing mobile phone plan will be able to do so with both companies for just $5 a month.

Verizon has the Samsung Gear S2 listed for $349.99 ($299.99 with a new two-year activation) with dark grey and silver options available. T-Mobile pricing for the wearable is $10 dearer at $359.99 ($15 for $24 months or outright) for the same colored variants. As noted already, both carriers will allow you to add the Gear S2 to an existing smartphone plan for $5 a month.

Pre-order on Verizon or register your interest with T-Mobile:

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab), T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

  • hmm, I was kind of hoping for a payment plan via Verizon. But $5/month isn't bad (glad it isn't $10/month). I'll wait to see if they carry the Urban LTE.
  • *urbane
  • WARNING: the S2 doesn't currently connect to Bluetooth on phones running Marshmallow. Will connect once, then won't reconnect. Not fun!
  • Samsung probably hasn't heard of Marshmallow yet. One day.
  • Even worse, they released their Marshmallow version of Gear app on Monday, so they've heard of it, they just broke it.
  • For $24 months? I didn't know you could put a price on a month lol
  • Anyone else notice that they have it listed at $349 or $299 with a 2 year contract and $350 ETF
  • yes, I saw that. Ridiculous. That's why paying full price is the only way to go for VZWs variant. I do wish they did a EDGE payment plan, though.
  • Yeh..i was hoping for an edge plan as well. I am trying to figure out if actually counts as a line on your account
  • that's what I'm unsure of. The article states "As noted already, both carriers will allow you to add the Gear S2 to an existing smartphone plan for $5 a month". Verizon does $10/line for hotspots, tablets, etc., so the $5 is news to me. But it probably is another "line". EDIT: connected device is $5 according to this, so it looks to be another line, but not as high as a tablet or hotspot the thing is, I don't have this new plan because it would increase my monthly bill by $20 (the $15 -> $20/line change sucks) so I wonder if connected device is still $5 on the older more everything plan.
  • Yeah that what i uncertain of as well. and their CSR doesn't know. But i am maxed out at 10 lines already so wondering if that inhibits me