Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty edition coming to Germany

If you're looking for a decidedly entry-level Android handset, have a fetish for all things Hello Kitty, and live in Germany this one's for you. Samsung will be releasing a special Hello Kitty edition of the Galaxy Y in the Fatherland, complete with all the pink trim you could ever ask for. With a special home button, a two-tone pastel pink and white case, and even special wallpapers and ringtones this one is sure to please your tweener daughter, or that creepy middle-aged guy you know.

Unfortunately, there's no spec bump so you're left with a 3-inch screen, 800MHz CPU, and on old version of the software (based on Android 2.3). Clearly, the lure here is the pretty kitty and not the blazing speeds. We'll pass on this one, and wait it out for the Hello Kitty Galaxy Note 2. Be sure to click through and see the battery cover. ^_^

Source: SammyHub

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • I totally feel a barf coming....
  • This is one of those times to say "why"?
  • Why not? It will be the same price as a shitty pink LG sliding messaging phone, and does two things: Gets another user on a data plan for the carrier Gets Google apps and services (and Samsung's apps and services) into another set of hands. People will buy Hello Kitty phones anyway, they might as well get an Android one. I hope TMNT phones are next!
  • I think you mean, "Y," AMIRITE? /rimshot
  • lmfao, good one
  • -oops double-
  • Andy the android is lurking hello kitty in the first pic, lol
  • The answer to why can be found by asking my daughter. "That's so cute daddy, can I have one? "
  • LOL- Marketing wins. Oh, this would be a HUGE hit in Japan and Korea, would it not?
  • The Disney Android phones are more impressive.
  • Finally! Kidding of course
  • I think it's awesome. I don't want one but I already know at least two others who would.
  • If it was better specced, my daughter would utterly love it.
    She's a girly girl, but she still knows what is good and what is crap in tech.
  • I sense a lawsuit. Didn't Apple invent Hello Kitty as well?
  • Crying laughing
  • Christ, really? This "Lawsuit is coming. Apple invented..." crap is the new "FIRST!!!"
  • just the color pink
  • This is my next
  • I think it is cute as a collector of HK stuff. I can pass on the phone though. Purple wins over pink all day every day.
  • Oh my...a 3" screen...How does someone even use that?
  • Oh my...a 3" screen...How does someone even use that?
  • Two questions... 1 - Does it have Touchwiz?
    2 - But...why?
  • Here are some ideas for hello kitty phone accessories: