Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available at Cricket on March 18

Cricket has announced that its customers will be able to purchase the Galaxy S7 beginning March 18. This is just a week after it launches on the major U.S. carriers, but it will be available both in-store and online for purchase. Customers who purchase from Cricket will be able to claim the free Gear VR headset, and games, which is roughly a $150 value.

The carrier will be selling the phone for $649. For more information, see the details below.

Press release:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Debuts at Cricket Wireless March 18

Purchases made March 18 - April 1 include Samsung Gear VR headset, powered by Oculus, and 6-game bundle free of charge

ATLANTA, March 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Committed to providing a great selection of premium phones customers love, Cricket Wireless will offer the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S7 for $649.99 in stores and online beginning March 18, 2016. In addition, those who buy a Galaxy S7 from Cricket between March 18th and April 1 can dive right into the exciting world of virtual reality with a free Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus, plus a 6-game bundle – an estimated $150 value.* This promotion will last for a limited time only, while supplies last.

With the first Dual Pixel sensor in a smartphone camera, the Galaxy S7 is packed into a refined, water-resistant design1, providing fast and precise auto-focus, even in low light situations. It combines enhanced performance, fast-charging, and thoughtful usage-enhancing experiences that power users adore. The Galaxy S7 from Cricket Wireless comes with 32GB of internal storage2 and is available in Black Onyx. For photo and video enthusiasts, the device also enables users to insert a microSD card3 that supports up to 200GB of additional storage. More detailed information and feature specifications are available in the product specification sheet.

"Cricket customers are not just value seekers. Many are power users wanting premium devices and service, without the costs associated with mobile contracts," said Janna Ducich, Cricket vice president and chief marketing officer. "This is just one of the reasons Cricket is one of the fastest growing prepaid wireless companies in the U.S."

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be sold in more than 3,800 Cricket Wireless retail stores nationwide and online at

Customers can enjoy one of the hottest devices on the Cricket network, with more 4G LTE coverage nationwide than T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint or Boost**. Everyday benefits for Cricket customers also include:

  • No annual contracts
  • Simple plans starting at $35/mo after $5 Auto Pay credit
  • Plan prices already include taxes and fees– no surprises
  • Unlimited talk, text and data access – in and between the U.S., Mexico and Canada – included in Smart ($50/mo) and Pro ($60/mo) plans
  • Unlimited music with a Deezer subscription
  • Access to Cricket Rewards, the only customer loyalty program of its kind in the prepaid space

To check out the new Cricket or find a store near you, visit

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  • Wow nice to see cricket as a priority. Would recommend their service BTW very reliable and priced competitively Posted via the Android Central App
  • I mean it must be reliable, it's AT&T after all. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I will wait until their usual Black Friday sale to purchase this.
  • Will it be unlocked so you can change carriers, in the future if you need to? Posted via Android Central App
  • Most likely it will be able to be unlocked after 6 mos. Of course you can go to various websites that offer unlock codes and try them.
  • if you plan on using cricket, which is pretty great btw, i would recommend buying the phone from AT&T or unlocked (if they end up offering it) because cricket branded phones almost never see updates of any kind.
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is very tempting Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ultimately, this should be the same as the AT&T model, since Cricket operates off the same towers. Will it have a different SW load? Will the AT&T bloatware NOT be pre-loaded on this phone? If that's the case, couldn't you buy this outright, and just migrate it to your AT&T plan?
  • No ATT bloat but it will have the couple from Cricket. Nothing major though
  • Does anybody know if S7 Edge will be on any prepaid carrier? Thanks.
  • More Priv news please. Posted via the Android Central App
  • After dealing with the Cricket S6 for a year I'm definitely gonna buy the S7 from them as well. It's basically debloated from a lot of crap and has about 4 carrier apps on there of which two are useful (visual voicemail, and my Cricket) also updates are usually a couple weeks out from when ATT gets them. And they also support Samsung pay. Posted via the Android Central App Oh and you can only unlock it after six months of service.
  • So Cricket phones are not unlocked? Does Cricket unlock it for you?
  • Cricket Wireless phone are not unlocked when you purchase them. You have to maintain 6 months of service with on time payments and then Cricket Wireless will unlock them for you upon request. Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on the Sprint Network
  • I have been using Cricket for about 3 months now. The service(ATT) is just as good as Verizon in my area(OKC). The network speeds tests were actually faster on Cricket! And my bill is half. I am using an international unlocked Note 5 - SM-N920C. Everything is working great except I cant install Samsung Pay. The play store says my device is not compatible. When I look at settings in the play store it lists my Note 5 carrier to be - Aio. Im guessing this needs to say Cricket unless they dont allow the model of Note 5 that I am trying to use.
  • I don't believe the international variant will allow Samsung Pay since it's not offered all over.
  • I can't believe any other carriers even exist when you compare them to Cricket. I could not be a more satisfied user.
  • You and me both. I'm not even tempted to switch to another carrier. I love my 20GB of Data and that AT&T coverage. Posted via the Android Central App