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Samsung Galaxy S6 struts its stuff next to the Galaxy S6 Edge in latest leak

While the shots of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge aren't the best in the world (when are they with leaks?), we're at least able to get a clear picture of what Samsung will be bringing to the table. Interestingly, looking at the Galaxy S6 Edge, it appears as though the display (and its dual-edges) will work differently to the Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The devices match what was revealed in an earlier leak, confirming that the next wave of Galaxy smartphones will look similar to previous models, except now we've moved to a glass back and metal sides.

There's not long to go until Mobile World Congress 2015 kicks off, so remain tuned for when Samsung officially unveils both handsets. That said, what are your initial impressions thus far?

Source: XDA Developers, via: SamMobile

  • Fail, huge home button Posted via My G2
  • It could be a full fingerprint reader rather than a swipe one, which would require it to be bigger to read the whole fingerprint.
  • this is likely what it is. Although if pricing that leaked yesterday is real, they have bigger problems with this scenario than a large physical home button. they will price themselves out of the market. people wanted a premium device... not a premium price tag. Especially, when i am not seeing anything in these shots that make me think "wow, thats an expensive phone".
  • Seriously..!!!
    I'll buy the dual-sided Galaxy Note 5. Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy S III
    LG G2
    If it ain't Tech, it ain't Right.
  • But don't most people buy there phone on a 2 year contract? There are some that buy there phone outright but most pay over 2 years. So when people keep saying they price themselves out of the market I don't get it. I imagine that the 32gb will start at £40 in the UK and by summer will drop to about £30-35 Posted via the Android Central App
  • How else are they going to copy Apple!? Posted via the Android Central App
  • By stripping out all customization options prolly?
  • by having zero multitasking and no app drawer!
  • iOS literally was just an Android app drawer. First came Siri. Since then they've added Palm Pre style multitasking cards, Android's notification shade in reverse, Touchwiz / Sense style quick setting toggles...and the other notification shade where you can put widgets sort of...but many people love it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well apple had bin copying android for the last three years. Apples the one playing catch up
  • not to mention that if anyone thinks apple was the first to do fingerprint scanner in a phone, you need to check your head.
  • ERIC:
    BIN < *BEEN*
  • Maybe it was a sophisticated geek pun... bin, as in binary? ;)
  • This has to be the funniest thing I've read all day.
    Jesus Christ. Posted via my Galaxy Note 4 running on The Nations Fastest 4GLTE network. T-Mobile
  • The edge dose not look any Apple phone that I have seen Posted via the Android Central App
  • Fail, you were expecting no home button
  • like your parents birth control
  • Exact opposite opinion here. Would be a fail if it LACKED the home button. Sometimes physical contact is good, (just like shutter releases and viewfinders are good on physical cameras.) It is Samsung, however... wouldn't be TOO shocked if they made 4 models S6, S6edge & two more without ANY buttons. ;)
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • It's a Samsung, what did you really expect? lol
  • what never FAILS is that the first comment is almost always some outrageous negative statement or complaint. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Hey Mr. fail....I want a nice big home button!!! Not a fail to me!! Posted via Android Central App from Samsung Note 3 or Surface Pro 3
  • Not that impressed tbh.. Glass back feels a bit outdated. It looks like the nexus 4 but with metal borders.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Borrowing from the Nexus 4 is not a bad thing. It is a classic & svelte design, despite being over 2 years old.
  • Everyone, at Samsung: Give it a premium look!
    Sammy: Okay!
    Everyone: Meh, I don't like it. SMH
  • Yeah, shame on them.
    For me, my wish is that they get rid of the buttons.. I know a lot of ppl like the extra screen real state.
    But I get plenty annoyed with 2 things: pressing hard on the home button and the layout.
    I know I'll get used to the layout, I'm not too sure if I'll get used to the home button.
  • Pressing hard, get out of here. It's OK not to like physical buttons, but to say you have to press hard is silly, unless you were just born, then you have a point. Posted via the Android Central App
  • what's wrong with being too lazy?
  • I've gone back and forth on this. When I first made the switch from physical buttons on the M7 to software buttons on the Moto X, I thought on screen buttons were great. The more I used them though, the less I liked them. Now I have a Note 4 and can decidedly say I prefer physical buttons. Lacking physical buttons isn't a deal breaker for me, but it could certainly be a factor if I were torn between two similar phones. A big issue for me is that with on screen buttons, if you use an app like Lux, CF Lumen, or Twilight to dim and redshift your screen, the on screen buttons are unaffected and remain bright and white unless you root your phone.
  • I definitely agree with you here. I really dislike the on screen buttons on my LG G2. So looking forward to switching back to Samsung. I really do not want a glass back though. I hope the Note Edge 2 or Note 5 doesn't have a glass back! Posted via the Android Central App
  • It looks nothing like the nexus 4 Posted via the Android Central App
  • Smh Posted via the Android Central App
  • I assume the glass back pretty much confirms that samsung have ditched the removable battery option then? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Unfortunately Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • so this is project zero design ha ......... flop,dud ........ looks like S3,S4,S5,grand,grand 2,neo,mini,note 2,note 3,note 4 etc I think this yr I will buy htc/windows high end....xiaomi mobiles offers similar design with similar processor at half price that of Samsung... Samsung just selling shit after S3.
  • Lol hrc m9 looks same like m8 :D
  • Lame Posted via the Android Central App
  • Cute hair cut, is your boyfriend your stylist?
  • Hahaha Posted via the Android Central App
  • well aren't we a cunt
  • Once again Samsung has failed and this galaxy product will flop like the rest! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Actually, devices in the Galaxy S series sell more than Android flagships from all other manufacturers combined.
  • THAT
  • Fact Posted via the Android Central App
  • Very true. Sad but true, even last year when they took a tumble, they still sold more than all others combined. of course their is only one that can compete against Samsung and that is the polarized company that is Apple. Posted via the Android Central App
  • While that is true that the Galaxy S phones sell like hot cakes when compared to other Android OEM's the S5 was proof to the fact that if you don't pay attention to your customers and continue to innovate you will start to see your numbers dwindle. The S5 sales didn't come anywhere close to what they were expecting and they started replacing alot of the people that were involved in the designing and marketing of the S5.
  • that was probably more related to competitors creating better products to compete with the S line and less about the S5 not being a worthy device. Still though, to this day the S5 is the most requested android device in the store I work in. Speaks a lot about how much of a success the 3 and 4 were if the 5 is considered a "flop" but still manage to crush the competition's numbers
  • Right... Be in denial. Thanks that Samsung was not in denial and made some much requested changes. If everything was going well they would have put out another Fischer price phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • denial about what? I'm telling you what I see in cellular retail. At least half of customers come in asking for the GS5. Most of the time I talk them into a different device. There are a ton of great android alternatives to the S line of phones now. When the S3 was out that wasn't really the case, and to a lesser degree that held true when the S4 released.
  • Not a Samsung crap fan. But the Galaxy series has been hugely successful. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Edge will always just be another Samsung gimmick I'll be upgrading to a HTC with less bloatware and no gimmicks that's why HTC holds the crown Posted via Android Central App
  • Eventually you'll move to the Nexus line. Zero bloatware, no needless skins. Android the way Google meant it too be. Posted via the Android Central App
  • "The way google meant it to be" you mean boring and not very functional compared to sense and touchwiz?? No thanks! Posted via the Android Central App
  • You'd be a hypocrite if you have a launcher over TouchWiz and made that comment. Everyone is still free to customize their machine. Customization is what Android is meant to do. And you know, a lot of people are satisfied with stock because it's simple and it works. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not really. I need touchwiz to SOME extent to allow my s-pen to work.. But I prefer the Google Launcher as my home screen over that. which still works fine with my pen. Even stock, however is not the be all end all... I'd like to have sliding app tray, home screen rotation on phones, etc. Plus, pure Google totally messed up the whole volume and mute issue in L. There is much to like in Pure Android, no doubt, but there are *some* things added in Twiz that are pretty nice, actually. I'm fine with makers making some aesthetic customization to differentiate - but PLEASE do it in a scaled back/reasonable manner that won't needlessly slow down update rollouts - that's my biggest problem with Twiz.
  • Google doesn't mean Android to be anything. It's open source and meant to be different. It's fine to like stock but the commie/Apple attitude is not in line with what your precious Google wants. All Google cares about is the massive amount of data they get to sell more ads. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would never move to a Nexus phone, not until Google gets smart and makes their manufacturing partners support SD cards. I would love to get a Nexus 6 but it won't work with my 128GB microSDXC card. I refuse to buy a phone with a fixed storage capacity. I had that with my iPhone 5 and it was terrible. No thank you, I would rather have something that's skinned (even if it is TouchWiz) in order to gain the ability to use my 128GB microSDXC card and the (eventual) 256GB microSDXC card.
  • Not sure if you were thinking about the S6, but the rumor is no SD card on there either :(
  • Some preinstalled apps can be useful. Disabling apps? Where's my restart button? Universal volume toggle? No thanks. Honestly apart from the price from the old nexus devices, I do not see a point. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Google also considers battery life and good cameras as bloatware..
  • Bruh, hahahahahahha
  • Holds the crown in what, lol. HTC has been bleeding $$$ for years, they don't make in one year what Samsung makes in one quarter in android smartphones. I left HTC years ago, maybe the new M9 with a better camera will help them, but I am sure they will screw the pooch somehow like they did with the retarted ultra pixel "now will be in the front where it belonged in the first place" camera in their previous M phones, this time going with a 1080p screen while the competition is using higher resolution screens. Posted via the Android Central App
  • But sales are not directly indicative of company (or product) quality. McDonald's sells the more burgers on a daily basis than anyone else in the world yet we all know that the Big Mac is not the best burger in the world. HTC has been losing money in their smartphone division but other companies (Lenovo and LG) are also behind Samsung and Apple. As for the 1080p display, that's perfectly fine. You don't need anything higher than ~350 ppi when viewing a 5" display at a normal distance (1-2 ft). The extra pixels cannot be discerned at normal viewing distances (that's a scientific fact). The ONLY time a higher pixel density is required is when using the smartphone as a VR headset. Then again, how many people are actually going to do that? Not many. No, going higher than 1080p will just needlessly drain the battery more. The resolution race is laughable at this point especially when people say that a 2K or 4K resolution is required with a 5" display. That's even stretching it for a 5.7" display.
  • I like having choices. Why don't you buy an Apple phone, or stick with the M8. Problem solved.
  • I'm not sure what about my statement said I wanted a last generation M8 or an iPhone.
  • Threatened much? lol
  • Unfortunately Htc does not hold the crown when it comes to sales. Although it a very well built and designed phone. And if the leaks are true (let's hope not) it will be the same again an almost ran Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think they look pretty cool. I think they're heading in the wrong direction, moving away from the removable back, but these look slick.
  • People keep complaining about the plastic, so now they get something else and they complain. There is no one design that is going to satisfy everyone. Unless you are an iSheep with no choices and have to tell yourself that the current design is the best thing ever. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You are so rt... I personally had no problem with the plastic back. But I have seen many post in here how updated and stupid it is. Now they changed it and it will be stupid again. Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • The issue is that even though the phone is now made of more premium materials, it doesn't look any more premium. Design isn't just about the materials used. Posted on my OnePlus One
  • Ugly Posted via Android Central App
  • Removable battery gone and not-really-edges, only usefull for good looks (we'll see when they reveal it)? At least the device build quality will improve.
  • Look at the bright side, atleast the hypochondriac's still have the oxygen sensor, heart rate monitor and rectal thermometer. Stay calm and wait for MWC. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Only problem with the rectal thermometer is that an ER visit is required to remove it.
  • Wonder will they ditch micro SD expandable storage as well? Posted via the Android Central App
  • No since Android 5.0 reinstates SD card usage. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yea but I've seen the leak on XDA and it also looks like it has no sd card slot. Doesn't matter if Lollipop broke what was fixed in KitKat. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes, but the 128 GB Internal version will cost $1,000.00. Edge version $1,150.00
  • This site says SD card slot up to 128g.. So, yes it will have an SD card slot. They'd be shooting themselves in the foot to do away with SD memory expansion. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just because lollipop supports it does not mean the S6 will have it.
  • I was wondering that too. So far I haven't come across any mention of an SD card slot. Samsung also just showed off their new storage chips for next-gen smartphones. They come in 16GB, 32GB, and 128GB capacities (or maybe 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB), I wouldn't be all too surprised if Samsung takes the Motorola, Apple, and Google route with the S6.
  • Nope. I'm not feeling it. It's not feeling me. HTC is It....even if the EVleaks renders are wrong...
  • What a bunch of hatin ass bitches on this thread. Keep crying, your stupidity is amuzing. Lmao Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • Why? If something doesn't suit our tastes then it doesn't suit our tastes...period. I have the N3, N4, and the S4 as well so I'm not a Sammy hater by any means....but I'm not going to buy something I don't like just because it has "Samsung" on it....
  • Half the people on here's tastes change every three months. Many on here don't even know the insane hardware this phone is gonna be rocking, or anything else about it. Only a couple of supposed leaks of which dont look bad at all imo either. Wait another 3 days and we'll know for sure. Amd we can see the phone from every angle, in every color, and really see wtf the most powerful phone on the planet is gonna be capable of Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • Not disagreeing about the internals and it being extremely powerful. And sure, seeing it in different colors and angles might sway some naysayers into the S6's direction. Great! But for me, it's not going to happen. Glass back? Not a chance. I do drop my phones (and yes, I would put it into an Otterbox Defender) and not going to take that chance. I know the screen is glass but that is a given on "every" flagship phone. No SD card? No removable battery? These I can live with, but those are what makes Samsung stand out from the crowd. My taste doesn't change as it varies widely. I know what I like. I know what I don't like. And from the "looks" of the leaks....I don't like it.
  • Apparently people on here can careless about actual functionality. They look at a smartphone as if it's some girlfriend and refer to it as "ugly", and "not sexy". It's a frinkin phone people! Functionality is far, far more important than artificial, superficial "looks". Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh but its so much more than a "frinkin phone" as your very next sentence about functionality is attesting to. ;)
  • Yes, but it isn't a female, which is why I don't make references about looks or sexiness. Posted via the Android Central App
  • so you objectify women, but not actual objects. interesting take.
  • HUH? What? Let's see here and put this into "actual" human relevancy. There's a phone here that's completely functional but ugly to me. Then over there, there's a phone that also completely functional but I find more attractive. Now, most, if not all humans, including me, will pick the one that's functional and attractive. By your statement, no other phone is functional but Samsung. I highly disagree.
  • Yeah, it changes because phones come out often. Plus, Samsung as been teasing it's a project zero, a full redesign, with metal and glass.. and we end up with the same model as usual. That's why people are "hating".
  • What? The phone isn't even official yet
  • The people here's taste changes every year, around the time of the nexus release, not every 3 months. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm not even going to point out the irony of you misspelling the word "amuzing" directly after you commented about peoples' stupidity. I will point out the irony of you commenting about people not knowing about the internal hardware of this phone when you, in fact, do not know the final internal hardware of this phone either. You do not know if this will be the "most powerful phone on the planet" or not, nobody does. You pre-hyping this phone as the second coming of Jesus is just as bad as people blindly panning it. There is also nothing wrong with commenting about how a phone looks. Most people carry their smartphones around for 2-3 years, of course they will want something that looks stylish while being durable. It's fine for them to not like the design of the S6 or S6 Edge and to worry about the glass back. Not liking the design doesn't make people idiots. Being a 49ers fan does.
  • Ouch. The last two lines of your post have made my morning. Thanks for the laugh
  • I prefer Z, lol. Actually yes, I am aware of most of the internals of this phone, and it's Exynos 7420 alone will be the most powerful SoC in the industry upon release. You can say that hasn't been verified, or that it's not certain to be in the S6, but that would be false. I'm not saying by any means that people shouldn't be upset about the non-removable battery or the possibility of the back cover being made of glass, I am as well. Those I was referring to as being as haters earlier at the beginning of this thread probably don't care though based on they're comments. They're just upset that these leeks look like a samsung phone, lmao. Wtf do people expect? Samsung gets raked through the coles for building it's flagships out of plastic for years and they've finally done something about it. Good for them! Anyway, who gives a shit. In 3 days we shall see for certain. As for your last connent, you can suck it ! You little hatin ass biaaach! Lmao Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • Well, you can say that you know for sure but nothing, and I do mean nothing, is confirmed until Samsung officially announces it. That in and of itself is true. Yeah, there is a highly likelihood that this will have a Samsung in-house chip but we also don't know how it will perform both in benchmarks and in the real-world. A state of the art, high performance chip isn't anything without the proper software to back it up and if the S6 is anything like the S5, that doesn't mean much. The S5 had an awesome SoC that was still able to compete with smartphones released 6 months later but TouchWiz held it back. That's more of what I'm getting at. I do see what you are saying about people expecting this to be a radical re-design. Companies (LG, HTC, Samsung, Apple, and even BlackBerry) have reached points where their smartphone designs are solid with each update being small. The differences between the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 were even small aside from the increase in screen size and that was supposed to be a whole generational release. No, I expected the S6 to look like a Samsung phone. After all, the S5, Note 4, S4, S3, Note 3, etc. all look very similar. I also see what you're saying about people commenting on them for using a plastic design. People hated on Samsung for using plastic (I didn't, I actually like it better) and are now hating on them for using glass. But doesn't that point to something? I would venture to say that most people hating on Samsung for using plastic want an all metal phone. I also wouldn't call glass an improvement over plastic. At least I can drop my S5 without a case I know it won't crack, I can't really say the same thing about smartphones with glass all around. Then again, if the S6 is in a proper case, I don't think it will really matter much.
  • Technically nothing is confirmed until launch, but its all but certain it'll be the exynos 7420. there already have been many benchmarks leaked for the 7420. here's the jist of it Youre right about touchwiz on the S5 effecting performance. Its still a fast phone on kitkat, but still too much bloat which caused speed issues at times. However, those issues have not only been corrected with the lollipop update, performance on the s5 is through the roof now with 5.0. unfortunately many of the complaints are coming from people that aren't factory resetting their phones after the update. Check out this video and youll see the significant bump in performance. Now imagine what the S6 is gonna perform like running Lollipop with the exynos 7420. Performance on samsungs midrange/high end phones is no longer an issue. i have my note 4 running kitkat and it performs much better than the s5 running kitkat so im not complaining, but im looking forward to the update.
    People keep saying the back of the phone in these leaks looks like glass, but personally i think it could just be reflection from the metal. atleast thats how it looks to me. we shall see in a couple days.
  • And just like that, the benchmarks are in. The Exynos 7420 is not the most powerful mobile SoC on the market. In fact, it's pretty much neck-and-neck with the 810. The Exynos pulls ahead in some areas (mainly 3D graphics) but the 810 pulls ahead in raw CPU power especially when using multiple cores.
  • Oh really? Lol, ok. Where do you get your information? Because you're way off. How's this for raw cpu performance. The SD 810 had single and multicore geekbench scores of 1200 and 3600 respectively.
    The exynos 7420 scored 1500 on the single core and a mind blowing 5470 on the multicore, absolutely destroying the SD 810. Not only that, don't forget that the exynos 7 is built on a 14 nm process compared to the SD 810's 20 nm process, which gives the exynos significant power and efficiency advantages. The SD 810 is more comparable to the exynos 5433, which is in the intl. Galaxy note 4. Partly because they're both built on the same 20 nm proces, and because they have very Similar scores in a number of key benchmarks. The exynos 7420 is in a league of its own for the time being Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • It's supposed to be carrying Samsung fastest chip ever. Which would make it the most powerful phone ever. Cause the chip is the fastest, and nobody has it but Sammy. Unless you know of a phone that has a different chip that's supposed to be faster than the new Sammy's chip? Posted via the Android Central App
  • But it's not the fastest chip ever. It is the fastest and most powerful SoC configuration from Samsung but that doesn't mean that Qualcomm and Nvidia can't make faster SoCs. Actually the Qualcomm Stapdragon 810 is performing better than the Samsung Exynos 7420 when it comes to CPU power.
  • Lol, wrong Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • +1 Samsung will never win with the nerds online. I'm just ready to see the full announcement. It's either the s6 or iPhone 6 for me. Posted via the Death Star
  • Nerds? Samsung is losing market every quarter to other Android makers. Can't be just nerds.
  • True story:
    nerd brings wife to buy a Note 4.
    Wife thinks is too big, and S5 is too ugly, but the G3 is just right and so cool.
    Nerd buys G3 for wife. Wife is happy.
  • I can believe that... I'm still using my S3 and I still love it. It works perfectly. I skipped the s4 & s5 because neither was different enough to warrant an upgrade. I'm hoping the s6 will finally be the turning point... If not, back to HTC it is. The note, for most women is simply too big and hard to hold. Posted via Android Central App
  • Actually the Note is a hit with a lot of women as it easy t find in a bag and for some reason so is the S pen I believe there are a few articles about this online. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Samsung is out selling all android makers every quarter. Yea I know. Posted via the Death Star
  • You mean hipsters not needs. Needs buy all sorts of androids. Hipsters buy iPhone only. You wear them tight pants? Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • Dang, feels like I'm on a OnePlus thread with NoNote. Posted via the Android Central App with my OnePlus One.
  • I agree, soooo much agree! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Definitely a no go for me.. Battery swapping and SD, plus glass on the back? I've always liked Samsung for it's durability and options and I don't see that here. "Premium materials" is not all it's cracked up to be...
  • Also, the other version shouldn't even exist, keep the "edge" one as the only model... The regular one looks rather shiny and blah. What happened to releasing less models?...
  • Agreed. Posted via Android Central App
  • If the Edge doesn't come with any extra functionality or compromises and it's just a cosmetic gimmick, then I agree it should be the only model. Unfortunately, because it looks cool they will get suckers (me!) to pay a premium just for that.
  • I really only hear people in the technology world or on these websites that really care about "premium materials". Most people slap a case over their phone anyways. I love the soft rubber back of my Nexus 5 and I think it looks great without any logos or makings on the front. Glass back just means one more thing to break.
  • For the first time ever I was considering getting Samsung but after seeing this... meh. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I am not a Samsung fan, but you should wait for more information before you make any decision. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Posted via the Android Central App
  • Don't bother clicking on this people, it has nothing to do with the S6. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Thanks for the heads up. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Appropriate for all the comments of people who are apparently not buying an S6 now. Not for fanbois. They, of course, are now butthurt. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why don't you describe what is in the link that you provided?
  • It's Gene Wilder from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the "You lose, good day sir" scene. Wow, people are really that afraid to click a youtube link? I still have a few tin foil hats left! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Anybody know what those black markings around the area of the capacitive buttons are? Are they some kind of identifier marks for the demo models?
  • Yes.
  • Probably covered in a sticker to hide the button . then removed, leaving behind the sticky residue. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yup. Leaker is probably screwed :-P
  • Production units won't have those black marks.
  • Im not one to bash Samsung just for being Samsung, but its just so dull. Its a boring design, its dated, it doesnt make me want one at all.
  • Personally I like it. Sure it looks like somewhat like an iPhone somewhat and prior Samsung models but it looks nice and classy without going over top. Simple is always better. Sad to see the removable battery go, also sad to see the SD card go, hopefully their is still hope for that. They shouldve gone the Alpha and gone with the metal sides and soft touch removable plastic on the back. I somewhat prefer soft touch over slippery glass or metal. Doesn't matter since I'll always put my device in a case. Very polarizing look, that's not surprising. I find the the HTC m9 more disappointing compared to this, but at least that has a sd card slot of what we know of I suppose. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Man I really hope that isn't the final device. The home button is way to big, i mean granted it is most likely neccesary for the fingerprint sensor, but holy hell shaving a mm or two off would have done wonders. Even though i' m most likely going to get it because my s3 just took a naked faceplant to concrete, I will be doing so soley for the amazing hardware inside and those curved edges don't look too bad either.
  • I'll reserve judgement on how they look until I see a black one. White phones all look terrible. Metal frame and glass back is a big improvement in my opinion. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You got a point there!
  • Does the lack of a Sd card mean a 32GB S6 will now be the minimum requirement, if so, at what cost? Unless Samsung have made the glass back unbreakable from both drops & knocks/bends whilst it's in your jeans pocket just how long is that going to last? It's OK saying everybody uses a case, if so, what's the point for a glass back? For anybody who likes a removable battery, SD card expansion and a non glass backed phome HTC now seems to be holding all the aces, particularly if a Nexus 6 is just too big? Alternatively those now cheap deals on the S5/M8 suddenly look very attractive?
  • Who says there won't be expandable storage, you believe everything you read on Internet forums. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Lack of an SD card would really be a bummer - I really do hope this is wrong. I have all my music/pictures/video on a 64 GB card - if a new phone did not have a slot I would have to recopy all that content onto internal memory of the new device AND pay extra for the larger version. Samsung would lose a competitive advantage here compared to other manufacturers.
  • Galaxy S6/Edge while an improvement, still Underwhelming to me. Wish it were more "Alpha-like"... **sigh** M8/9 still far more Gorgeous imo
  • Just wait for the S6 Active on AT&T, it will not have a glass back.
  • Hmm, good point! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ughh Posted via the ACA on NEXUS 6
  • The Edge looks OK. Both look way too much like an iPhone with the grill on the bottom. Huge turn off there. If the Edge has water resistance, SD card then maybe otherwise I'm going with HTC. Same design and all. Posted via Android Central App
  • Looks like the s2, s3, s4 & the s5? Posted via the Android Central App
  • And what if wrong with that. Those phones sold in the millions, and the S6 will continue that trend. Posted via the Android Central App
  • 10s of millions Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • "Forty percent of the manufactured Samsung Galaxy S5s are reportedly still in warehouses around the world (reports The Wall Street Journal). While Samsung was confident that it had a hit phone and thus increased production orders by twenty percent ahead of its launch, the S5 has sold 12 million units; four million units less than a year-on-year comparison with the Galaxy S4." Forbes
  • Ha yup all it needs now is to ship with ios Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep Note 4 it is. Glad I'm in 0 rush for another phone. Note 4 best phone they made. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yup
  • I think you might be rt. Loving my note4. Well actually not at the moment. Had to send it in on warranty repair. Loud speaker never worked rt from day one. Got a bad speaker. I haven't heard anyone else with that issue. So I just got lucky.. But the phone is amazing. Not sure the s6 will over take the note4 Posted via the Android Central App
  • I can get over the home button. But if it has a fixed battery and no sd card slot, then no dice. Those are the only reasons why I'd even consider a Samsung phone. Otherwise, they offer nothing over any other phone.
  • They had to make it bigger to accommodate the touch fingerprint reader, it's different than the ones in the S5 and Note 4/Edge as this one shouldn't require that you actually swipe your finger across it. All you should have to do is press your finger against the sensor. I'm alright with a bigger home button if it means a fingerprint scanner that works better and less awkwardly.
  • Hey look.. it's the same phone all over again!
  • Hey look, another retarded comment on the www, what did you expect a phone to look like, they all look the same nowadays. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So the edge is the same phone Posted via the Android Central App
  • Here's to hoping they're waterproof still... Posted from my note 3 :3
  • This is it? This is the "project Zero"? Add glass to the back and metal trim while keepin the same used-up and boring design? good luck with that.
  • Cue people complaining about the glass back and no removable battery. Same people that complain about cheap plastic back. SMH. When you see it, you know it's a Samsung. 100% guarantee that is what the company was going for. Can't deviate too much from the design language. Why people don't understand this, I don't know. Thank heavens THEY are not running Samsung. Would be a complete redesign every year, and then people would complain with something like "why does Samsung not stick with one or two designs and evolve those?" Blah blah blah. Keep on complaining. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Most people here just complain because it's Samsung. Posted via the Android Central App
  • No. Most people here complain...about EVERYTHING.
  • Agree with every word! For all of you bitching and complaining....what the hell did you want? You bitched and complained about plastic (which I personally prefer), you have what you asked for so stfu!!!!!!!!
  • +1,000,000 Posted via the Android Central App
  • hoping thats packaging plastic on the back causing the reflection. I want to keep swappable batteries, damnit.
  • I think they are trying to go more for the casual user the phone looks great imo but isn't for me as I have to have removable battery but I know my girlfriend will love the s6 her s5 battery last hers days my note 4 battery I'm swapping out 2 to 3 tines a day.... hopefully they don't give the note 5 similar treatment. Posted via the Android Central App
  • My Note 4 battery is a beast, what are you seriously doing on the phone all day, and how bright is your screen set at, you know there is power saving mode, it does a fantastic job, no reason to have all cores running at full bore for day to day tasks. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Lol 2 3 times a day? If you watching movies or games all day what you expect? I have all day no problem on mines Posted via the Android Central App
  • they need to play games on a phone, thats why they need two batteries.
  • Did you not read what I just wrote? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I admin several facebook pages with over 1 million fan base. So yes I am constantly on my phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah admin that kind of stuff should be done with something bigger than a phone if you got switch 3 batteries a day. Just my opinion. Can't really complain about battery life. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm not complaining about battery life. Thr note 4 battery lasts longer than any other phone I've had before. I was stating the lack of a swappable battery would make the s6 a phone that would not work for me. It's for casual users not power users. Looks to be a great phone for that purpose as well. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ok. I see. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What? Prediction: will not have girlfriend for long, unless she likes boyfriend's head buried in phone all day and being ignored. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Where i have not been a Samsung Galaxy fan since the S2 i have to say i think the S6 is looking rather nice, especially the edge version. Never thought id say this but i may like that phone enough to trade out my Nexus 6
  • To all the crybabies, this phone will sell like hotcakes. People will be impressed by the internals, the beautiful screen, and great camera, and the speaker will also be an upgrade from past Galaxy phones, sorry but no other android OEM comes close to Samsung. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah that's definitely why phone manufacturers have been taking market share off of them for a while now. Posted on my OnePlus One
  • The sales of the one+ are what Samsung do in half a day. Look how long it took one+ to get to a million sales. The only amazing think I can see about the one+ is price and that's it the design is nothing special the screen is OK not saying that Samsung previous build was any better. The Ads the One+ have run for there phones have been the worst I have ever seen in history. They have told lies this phone will be the greatest design ever its just a slab Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wow You Samsung Haters Are So Two Faced One Minute you complain about cheap plastic phones now you complain about metal and glass and how the hell do you know the phone won't have a removable back are sd card slot don't is the answer wait on till the phones are on the shelf before judgement I thought the same thing about the note 4 until I pick it up in my hands then loved it every phone company has a design cue that they have to stay with even the new iPhone 6 has some resemblance to the original iPhone 3 did you guys actually think Samsung was going to ditch the whole styling that is their trademark get over it folks either buy it or don't buy it but stop all the complaining Posted via the Android Central App
  • This was hard to read, next time comas do help. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Note 4 still rules, apparently. You guys see transparent plastic over the back and jump to a conclusion about glass back, no removable battery, and no SD card? Wow. SMH. Posted via Android Central App
  • I love my Note 4 and my Gear S. I type almost every text on my Gear S now, so my Note battery lasts 2 days now. For the S6 I was rather hoping for a Metal trim and soft back like the Note. Friends in the office with Iphones all say I should never cover my phone because they love the back also.
  • I dropped mine once, so I put on a case. The Samsung protective cover is really slim and nice looking, and comes in red and blue as well as black. I do agree with you about the feel without a case, but I do like it when the manufacturer makes a slim case that looks good.
  • This is the best thing about new phone releases! Nevermind that you can walk around with a computer in your pocket that makes phone calls and takes pictures. Let's bitch because they did exactly what we wanted them to do...make a high end device. "It feels cheap! Make it premium! I want a removable battery! sd card slot?!" It's the same complaining over and over and over. Amazing.
  • I´m amazed on how you guys just make anything but complaining for everything. Come one, for years you guys have been making jokes all over the different websites about plastic shit from samsung, making some BS noise about how cheap the phone feels because of the plastic. COME ON, now you receive a phone with glass and metal and now you criticize about that, writing that glass is outdated, WTF are you thinking? or smoking? wait for the announcement, if you do not like Samsung keep ahead and buy something else but PLEASE stop crying for nonsense like this. You are a shame.
  • It's sad the hate on Samsung... All the jokes will stop now ppl find ways to complain lol... When average consumers walk in a store and see a metal and ass s6 they gonna sell like hotcakes... Posted via the Android Central App
  • So far, for me the design seems fine. It's clean and minimal how I like my devices. I'm more concerned with the software and other features like the fingerprint scanner, waterproof and wireless charging included. Pricing and memory options(hopefully includes micro-sd support) are pretty big on my list as well.
  • The new S6 isn't waterproof
  • I'm not complaining they can do whatever they like with the S6 just please please don't bring non removable batteries etc to your note range later in the year! Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1 to that!!! Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • EWWWWWWW...... :(
  • Boy, people will complain about anything. BTW, it's naïve to think Samsung would ditch the home button.
  • they could've at least modernize the design of the phone, instead of keeping same design for 3 years in a row.
  • So the Edge is the same design name a phone that is on the market now that has to 2 edges please? I am saying that I would even buy it but please name one Posted via the Android Central App
  • I seem to be alone - I rather like the look of the edge version. it's definitely different and the proportions look good. I'll have to wait for the reviews to assess the performance, and of course see if verizon will even carry it and at what price.
  • You're not alone.I happen to LOVE the S6 Edge version to me it looks a little more fun!
  • I don't understand why they would make another edge phone knowing that the note edge isn't popular? Ppl complaining how they can't use the Note Edge in there right hand because of the curved edge.. and now they come out with two curves? I don't get it
  • And yet, the Edge version of the Galaxy s is getting a much more positive response so far.
  • Probably only because it is cool looking and new... But if ppl complain about it and they don't like it, why would they continue with the S6
  • People looking for a new Samsung Galaxy phone I think are more likely to buy an Egde S than the Note line. Completely new set of circumstances.
  • Ur right on that.. just my point is that if u can't use note edge with one hand what would make ppl think that u would be able to with the S6?... That's all I'm saying
  • I guess we'll have to wait and see how functional this version is.
  • Yeah.. I won't get it though, I love my M8 lol
  • And I love my Note 4. But I'd get that Edge in a second if I were on the market for a phone. lol
  • The Note Edge was just to test the market. It sold more units than they anticipated. Trust me this phone is going to be everywhere and they are going to advertise it to death. Brought to you by the Fantastic Note 4
  • Brought to me by the fantastic Note 4.... But noticed u didn't say Note Edge... Ah ha!!
  • I Don't understand all this concern about copying, why would anyone care? the bottom line is that the consumer gets a better phone, the consumer wins, let Apple, Samsung and the rest spend their time, effort and money on lawsuits while I enjoy the phone, I have no brand loyalty, I buy what I want not what some nobody thinks I should buy, Apple copied Xerox, Apple copied a lot of people but so did they all and out of the whole mess I win and the fighting between companies makes for fun reading.
  • The one thing I'll miss with the non removable back is the flip cases. I personally love the flip case and how they are incorporated to the back. The removable battery is irrelevant to me as I never had any phone that needed to replace the battery. I don't hate it I just think that Samsung had a great design language moving with the alpha and Note 4. I hope the Note line does not head down this path. But as I said I'm very content with the Note 4. There honestly nothing that is being bright this year that is better with last year line up. Samsung will do good. Regardless of the critics this will be one of the best premium builds Samsung has done with the S line. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Question! How many people like the Edge? I mean seriously what real purpose does it serve? It doesn't even look cool. If I was going going design a phone I would do something crazy like Ahhhh front facing speakers..... Removable battery expandable memory..... All the perks of other flagship devices combined with the Galaxy... You get me! I
    Hey what do I know other than I am in need of some "ONE WIPE CHARLIES" right now Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oooww, really Samsung?
    after seeing this, I only have two options:
    1. Jump for first time in my life to HTC M9
    2. stick to my current S4 phone
    also, I am not wasting my time watching the unpacking
  • Come on Samsung unpacked is priceless its always a good show because sometimes its so bad. I can't wait to watch it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • FAIL. good grief. they had a solid year to do something new and fresh. even the icons are the same out dated look. how many engineers does it take to say "lets make it look the same and put a metal frame and a glass back on it". seriously. I will buy the flex 2 or one of LG's products. They seem to be the only ones not scared to innovate. Let's hope HTC brings something new to the table.
  • Something can't fail when it hasn't even been released yet... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Guess you didn't see the M9 leaks yet.
  • I think this looks more premium than the S5 but I was really holding out hope for the edge model. It looks nice but the edge displays don't appear to have the same level of functionality as the edge display on the Note Edge. The S6 Edge's displays (well, it's all actually one display but you know what I mean) appear to be there more for aesthetics and slight functionality. The Note Edge's edge display was big enough to house app icons where the S6's displays aren't. Just like previous Galaxy updates, this is more of an iterative update and not a complete re-design. The standard S6 doesn't look much different from the S5, that didn't look too different from the S4, that wasn't too different from the S3, etc. So HTC isn't the only one coming out with an evolutionary, instead of revolutionary, flagship smartphone. LG was already guilty of that with the G Flex 2. It looks like the HTC One M9 is in my future.
  • No removable battery OK it's a shame no microsd card but there's more storage options, the design still looks like a old Samsung on the front, remove the front logo give me a better speaker look and touchwiz even if optimised it looks dated with the icons but I will wait til Sunday to see if the s6 or HTC replace my s3
  • I knew they wouldn't really change the design that much. I'm willing to bet that they didn't really tone down Touchwiz, either. I'm not sure they know how to get their sales back up. It seems like they aren't willing to take any chances to make it happen. There's nothing really risky about the edge version, especially when they're releasing a regular version right along side it. And I'm sure they'll release like 10 other variants of the S6 as the months go on. Same old Samsung.
  • Hopefully not the final design. Its just an iPhone at this point. If this is truly the final, pretty sure I'm going with an N4 instead. No SD and no removable battery, no thank you. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Really? This doesn't look anything like an iPhone... Not from the front or back at least. The sides definitely do though. Posted via Android Central App
  • I think companies should always strive to stream line their product and make it look nice, but their is a point where it becomes ridiculous. I like Samsung phones based on the fact that they are willing to try new tech and features in their product as well as create stunning screens. I think they don't need to listen to what people say about a premium look of metal if it means eliminating the one thing that consumers really liked about the phone and that is the replaceable battery. Yes people carry external portable battery packs, and there are quick chargers, but nothing is faster than swapping a battery that bis already at 100%. Also would you rather walk around with a external battery pack attached to your phone or charge a spare battery in your bag or purse with the external charger. The problem I have is if the back is glass. Apple tried it with the iPhone 4 and it was a complete fail. Not only could the front get cracked, but also the back. What I want in a phone is durability, great internal specs that help the product run well and last a good while after software updates, and the ability for me to just change a battery and not have to bring my phone into a store and wait for the tech to schedule me in to do the process. Plastic or metal doesn't matter as long as the phone is durable not cute and there is a removable cover and a removable battery.
  • 99% of people dont need a replacable battery, only you people on these tech sites constantly whine about it.
  • I'm glad you've surveyed everyone out there to get that 99% figure, it's nice knowing that people actually put stock behind what they are saying.
  • He doesn't need to . iPhone sales prove it.
  • There's also Apple stores everywhere to where, if the battery fails, you take it in there and they replace it for a small fee. We'd have to send our phones in for a couple days to a couple weeks. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Clintw22 Apple does not replace batteries on site; iPhone owners are required to ship them out to a repair center and pay $79 and shipping costs.
  • It's not that I disagree with them per se but rather with their attachment of a number. I do think that most smartphone user don't care about having a swapable battery. There is a niche group of users who do want and use swapable batteries, I have no doubt about that. But I think they are a small group not necessarily made up of people visiting tech websites and forums (I actually know someone who swaps their battery out during the day and they do not visit this website or similar websites). I just don't agree with the "99%" number.
  • +100 Posted via my GALAXY NOTE 4
  • You lost me at glass back..... Posted via Android Central App from a beautiful Ebony backed Original Moto X or the amazing Nexus 10
  • Ooooh, I'm really liking the look of the S6 Edge. Really liking it. Had planned in switching to a Sony this time, but now.......
  • So it looks like, on the S6 Edge, the "normal" screen wraps around to the edges (as opposed to the Note4 Edge, where your normal screen is on the front, and widgets etc. go on the side part).
    Should make typing very interesting, especially the "q" and "p" keys...
  • For me personally, I really hope the S6 Edge isn't as "edgy" as the Note Edge (e.g., sports ticker and notifications on the edge etc.). If it isn't and the dual edges are just for aesthetics and not to scroll clocks, news and notifications, it will make my decision that much easier and I will have the Note Edge by the end of next week. :) If however the official announcement shows the dual edges are useful, I will have to be patient (which I don't like being) and I'll have to wait until the S6 Edge is released.
  • Its funny how Samsung made fun of Apple users for being "wall huggers" but now that's exactly what future Samsung users will be. I like Sammy but I'm definitely going to explore different phone manufacturers after I'm done with my current device. No removable battery??? Say it ain't so Sammy!!! Posted via my GALAXY NOTE 4
  • Except a few of those manufacturers you'll be exploring will be following Samsung.
  • I like the design damn some of you guys complain about it so much but will still get it Posted via the Android Central App
  • I never like the gnote edge but the S Edge though...... LOVE IT!! And call me fanboy but if there is anyone who could popularize edge to edge displays and still sell millions of phones with glass backs is samsung...... and apple. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So, no surprises really on the hardware, we'd seen the renders. Looks like even with all their money, they still can't get it right, although still an improvement over previous years. However, it the software that's the let down for me. We were promised a totally modernised UI, optimized, slimmed to near stock Android, but what do see here? Samedung Touchshit looking indentical.​ And so, this disappointing week continues after the M9 leaks, nothing to see here, move along, move along....​
  • Did you honestly expect them to totally redesign their UI just weeks after updating it with lollipop? Come on man, get real. Also, touchwiz has improved dramatically in the last year. All you need to do is browse around the UI of the note 4 and you can see that ( im not talking about the launcher, which can be changed easily anyway). As far as optimization, this is gonna be the fastest goddamn phone ever built. The exynos 7420 is in a league of its own. Add that to the optimization samsung will implement into this version of touchwiz and it's gonna be faster, and more power efficient than anything else on the market. Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • I think the fact that Samsung are going to only put 2 off there apps on the phone is big and the fact that you can decide on the rest. The promised to scale and strip down there software. I am looking forward to it and at last a better build the last Samsung phone I had was the S3 and the build was as cheap as. And if they can take some of the rough edges of the Software that will be big Posted via the Android Central App
  • But all my complaining about removable battery to the side, the S6 edge looks SICK!! Posted via my GALAXY NOTE 4
  • You wouldn't put it aside yesterday. All you guys are the same as lily livered spineless deserters. You're admitting your rants are baseless.
  • Not rly that impressed. Wonder if I should wait or get a Note 4. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I can't help but notice that there isn't any information displayed on the "edge" panel as it was on the Note Edge. not it's just a "no bezel" gimmick.
  • The way people complain about "bezels" around here, what's the problem?
  • I like the look and build of the new phone. I do wish they would update those old ugly "samsung" icons ....
    other than that, looks good to me.
  • I personally like the edge design, but would wonder about a case for it, how would that be
  • Extremely ugly. Like all other Samsung devices Posted via the 64 GB OnePlus One on AT&T
  • Lost all hope for Samsung Amazing Verizon Galaxy Note 4
  • I'm very happy with my Note 4, but if I were upgrading, I'd probably go with that cool looking Edge device over anything HTC is putting out. I happen to love the physical home button, the bottom speaker is a nice touch, and the glass back remains one element that I loved about the iPhone. Plus, any phone that offers MORE screen real estate rather than less, is a winner in my book. Also, as much removable backs for spare batteries is what always set Samsung phones apart, I rarely if EVER actually needed it. Having said all of that, I am happy I went with the Note 4, and don't really have a stake in this. lol
  • I'm routinely away from power sources for several days. I won't buy a phone that I can't quickly remove the battery and swap it out with a fully charged one. This has kept me buying Samsung's phones since the S2. Hopefully they aren't completely ditching this feature.
  • You should buy am external battery pack. I prefer removable batteries as well bit it's the next best thing Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • Only last week you were railing against external battery packs. Even the beast Snapdragon 810 made your 100 times less bloated Touchwiz run as smooth as silk with a third party launcher, of course. And what about NoNexus' "scratch and dent" plus "drop and shatter"? It's amazing how you Samsung fanboys are now so quickly singing a different tune. Go ahead and pay $1,150.00 for the 128 GB S-edge. Then you can tell us about how Samsung improved their profit margin at your expense during 2015.
  • Wtf are you talking about jimbo? Are you high right now? Because you sound high Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • Correction
    'Snapdragon 805' not '810' on the Note 4 where you claim Touchwiz is a 100 times better especially when using a third party launcher. Points of discussion, unchanged. Despite your desperately childish claim I sound high, specifically what points do you have as an alternative?
  • I don't know what you're talking about with this 100 tines less bloated touchwiz, I never said anything like that so whatever. We I talk about touchwiz being much better on the note 4 I'm talking about the aesthetics of the OS compared to the note 3. Everything from the notif. Panel, to recent apps and every native touchwiz app. I hated the software aesthetics of the note 3 and think it looked terrible. Not the case anymore. And yes, the note 4 is an absolute performance beast, even running kitkat, and it runs liquid smooth with its stock ROM. Unfortunately every device with the SD 805 is about to get trounced by the exynos 7420 on the S6. Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • Ok
    I agree.
    Except not quite liquid smooth with some functions, albeit significantly improved. Despite the high cost to consumers, Samsung's new internal memory chips in combination with the new Exynos 7 show promise for beastly performance and state of the art security. Improved battery performance and charging capabilities essentially eliminate the need for alternatives. Nevertheless, I doubt other OEM's devices will be suddenly rendered less functional nor less desirable. Samsung must release some cost efficient alternatives because their market, for the most part, does not include Apple's socio-economic segment.
  • I agree about them needing to release more cost efficient devices with decent specs. I think that's what they tried to accomplish with the A series, though they are still too expensive. But they are really nice phones, and they perform quite well too. Yes, the combination of they're new internal memory standard and the 7420 is going to make for the highest performing phone on the market. It's gonna be odd seeing a touchwiz device blow away the latest and greatest nexus 6 in speed tests and performance, but then again, the intl. Variant of the note 4 with the exynos 5433 edged out the nexus 6 in a number of speed test videos I've seen on line, and that was running kitkat too. Samsung is just making some extremely powerful hardware right now. Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • Among the general public, it will come down to preference; Beauty or Beast. And, of course, affordability Obvious outcome
  • It looks like an old version of TouchWiz, so it is unlikely. The back might be legit, but the front resembles that of a Note 4 Edge. Seem fake or just an early prototype. Posted via my G3
  • Well, here are my first impressions on this leaked device, even though it *may* receive a lot of downvotes. Design-wise, nothing too great. It's the same Samsung design that everyone knows. There's nothing wrong with it and it does the job well and sets it apart from others, but I seriously can't help but think that it looks very similar to the S5, and the S4. Then again, unless the M9 looks like the evleaks render, it looks VERY identical to the M8. Materials are definitely better. Metal and glass all make a device feel more premium and should help the S6 feel more like its price-tag. However, I have 3 concerns. 1) TouchWiz. I know this is a leak but the screen on the Edge variant still shows the same-old TW UI that we know since 2012. I would've loved a major redesign like that one we saw before the S5 came out. I know they're slimming it down and making their bloat uninstallable, but, to me, it just looks.....stale. 2) Glass back. One doesn't have to go further than seeing iPhone 4/4S devices with cracked backs to see why this is an issue unless a case is used. 3) Non-removable cover. That means no removable battery, which is a big deal to those who swaps batteries, like what I did with my old S3. Also, if the rumors that the S6 will not have a microSD card slot is true, then Samsung will be in serious trouble unless the phone comes with a good amount of storage at the bare minimum.
  • Glass back isn't an issue if high quality glass is actually used. The iphone 4/4S used absolute junk. The glass on phones of the past 1-2 years have been much better, from corning or otherwise. The Optimus G, Nexus 4, Sony's Xperias, etc. have all survived quite well to drops and pressure so I don't consider it a con anymore. The main advantage, however, that Sony's glass design has over this one is that the back is flat. This allows for one to put on an extra tempered glass protector over it and the screen. Not only does it offer a lot more protection, it maintains the overall aesthetic of the device.
  • Looks like the speaker isn't on the back (either using the big earpiece speaker or a side one? Hard to tell), which I like. What I don't like, is that it appears removable battery is gone. Hopefully they come back to their senses by the time the S7 rolls around. I'm on an S5 now, so I would likely not be getting an S6 regardless, but if they don't bring back (or keep?) the removable battery, I'll have to check out LGs latest offering. Hopefully the G4 fixes their annoying flash exposure check delay from the G3. Also, I don't understand why glass backs are considered "premium". I see that as "easy to break". I like the way they did the back on the Galaxy Alpha. Basically remake the Alpha with a better battery and specs and you'd have a winner. The Alpha was a relative failure, because the crippled it compared to the S5.
  • Well let's see what it does and is it a good or better phone than the I phone 6. Monday they will show you.
  • Glass back and metal sides? Really? Who on earth wants a glass back on their phone? The Nexus 4 and iPhones with that are shatter magnets. It's bad enough you have to protect one side of your phone at all times, now we have to worry about protecting both sides. Mine will be in a case to shield that shatter magnet, but the case will be oddly designed having to leave the curved sides usable.
    Not sure Sammy is really moving forward with this. Just feels like a few new gimmicks on the same tired Galaxy.
  • I have to admit, that edge display does look kinda awesome. I really need to go and look at the note 4 these days (or just for get it long enough to see the S6) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Finally starting to look like a premium device. I am tired of Samsung and their plastic designs. I've loathed for something more premium from them. The physical home button is growing on me, again. I hope that it has the sensor in it that will allow you to unlock like Apple's phones. If there is one thing I think Apple did right it was the finger scan unlock. That action is so smooth and seamless. I would love to have that unlock ability.
  • It's the iphone 4 galaxy lol. well whatever, it's unfortunate the removable battery is gone that was one of their selling points over the iphone. i'm only annoyed about the fact that i have the note 4 and my biggest gripe is they removed the speaker from the bottom of the phone like it was on the Note 3 and now it looks like Samsung is going back to that after it's too late for me to get another phone for 2 years.
  • Both look good to me in this photo. I just think Samsung went with the glass finish to separate themselves further from the IPhone and HTC's M series. There aren't any other flagships with a glass finish so I can understand why they went with it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Good point.
  • Assuming there is no SD card expansion on the S6 perhaps there is no actual need for it if Samsung are going to use the new ultra fast memory chip, let's hope the 32 & 64GB versions don't have inflated price. If they don't I could live with that and the non removable battery although that rear glass will have to be tough to convince me not to get an M9
  • No, even if the internal memory is 64GB, we still need micro SD. When the phone does not boot, you cannot read files stored there, but you can easily do so with files stored on a micro SD card. 64GB will be never enough for saving lots of media files. Surely, there is Google Music but the Google Music app is not that good and you cannot use other media players with it. If they sacrificed micro SD and swappable battery in exchange for metal casing, that will be the stupidest thing that the company has done in 2015.
  • This just makes me want a Z3(which I already have). Better design, probably better battery life, better software imo. I definitely like this more than anything that Samsung has done in the past but, I mean, come on, there are still better alternatives when speaking of design, even from their own products. I think the Galaxy A7 and A5 have a better design than the S6. I do actually like it more than the iphone 6/6 plus. I still think the Xperia Z3, HTC One M8/M9, and Moto X 2014 with a leather or wood back are the best looking devices yet.
  • Yea but I here that if you tried to throw Sony phone division at anyone they would jump out the way. For all of Sony's great build camera waterproofness with about a million flaps they can't actually sell them. It does not help that they kind of shot them self in the foot with a new flagship every 6 months Posted via the Android Central App
  • Basically the same design they've been using since the S3 with different materials. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm not sure what type of redesign you guys are looking for? You wanted "better materials" you have them, you wanted smaller bezels like the S4 has they're there too, also seems you'll get a better fingerprint scanner and improved sound. These are the complaints people made over and over and over throughout 2014. What's missing for you besides removable battery and micro-sd?
  • +1. This phone could have the ability to convert into a drone and some people would still bitch, lol Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • Where the normal speaker on the back? Do we have front facing speakers? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Judging by the picture, there are no front-facing speakers. If they somehow employed "hidden" front-facing speakers, that would be the greatest surprise at next week's announcement.
  • They wanted some fantasy phone that doesn't and never will exist. We go through this every year, no matter the phone, no matter the manufacturer.
  • Not sure what the fuss is about? Nobody likes the plastic, aluminum bends, glass breaks? What other lightweight material would have you guys had them make the back of the phone with? Posted via the Android Central App
  • As long as it is Apple, any material is a superb choice. iPhone 3GS was plastic but nobody complained. When Apple changed it to aluminium, suddenly all plastic phones became cheap, ugly potatoes.
  • Also I'm going to guess on the marketing move. Way more girls love the smaller footprint. So they made it probably for more ladies in mind. As more and more guys are buying the bigger phone. Just look around people. At all phone apple and Androids. You will see what I'm talking about. Also ladies don't care about SD cards, and more batteries in general. Before I get bashed. I said in general. In general 1/100 ladies have I iPhone 6 plus in there pocket.. Lol or note3or4. So calm down and think about the ladies for a min. They will like it. It will go good with there evening attire.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • But the Note line is a hit with women Posted via the Android Central App
  • AC if you are listening. We need some sort of way to scroll to the bottom of the page on post. Without thumbing through 200 comments to get the last updated post. Maybe just a simple button that takes you to the last post? Something simple. Not pages link, just click last post comes up. And we can scroll back up to see if we missed anything from the last time. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh and a way to refresh. Without going all the way back up to first post.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This.. S6 is simply a fail.
    If indeed the rear has been sealed and is now glass.. and due to this cosmetic change, the SD-Card Option has been mothballed.. along with the S6 NOT having front-facing speakers.. well.. all I can say is yes, it will sell but it could have been so much more and set new standards..
    I see nothing here to warrant a switch from my Note 4, S5's and certainly not iPhone owners.. Too Bad Samsung you had a chance to move forward for 2015..
  • That's a bit dramatic, don't you think? I agree with alot of what you said, and I still prefer the note 4 (in part simply because of the larger display) but one things for sure, The SoC and internal memory the S6 is gonna be packing absolutely destroys our note 4's, and every other device out there for that matter. There are more than a few ways samsung is moving the industry forward. Producing the most powerful hardware available is one of them Posted via the Unrivaled Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • When the game is 50:50, losing 10, does not make you 10 behind your opponent, it is 20 (40:60). Last year, Galaxy S5 flopped and Apple earned huge profit. In smart device industries, I think there is a vicious circle. (1)Your products do not sell, (2)your profit goes down, (3)you cannot invest more money, (4)your products have subpar software support, (5) Goes back to (1). As an owner of S4 and Note Pro 12.2, CPU speed is not one of my top complaints, it is the software. Surely the S6 will have faster CPU, but it does not mean it can compensate my wasted time due to bad software. For example, when I open a file often there are multiple apps and if I choose set one as default, Touchwiz shows "To clear default, go to ..." popup every single time and there is no way to disable it. This does not exist in stock Android. Perhaps one Samsung engineer thought it might help novice users, but I have dismissed the same message hundreds of times for the last 2~3 years. How much CPU time does it take to execute the selection process, probably less than 0.1 second. But how much time does it take for me to dismiss the message, probably at least 1 second. So even if the S6 CPU gets twice as fast as the S5 CPU, practically it is from 1.1 second to 1.05 second. Not noticeable at all. If Samsung's main focus of S6 is the design, I am not sure if S6 could sell more than S5. And if S6 flops this year, again, then perhaps there shall be no second chance.
  • Looks like the rest of the Galaxy lineup. Not that I'm complaining, just a lot of hype and nothing drastically different. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I hope Samsung would not spend their time inventing a "different look" for difference's sake. Damn Apple lawsuits. How different a cellular phone design can be? All of them are just basically rectangle with a touch screen on it. Like a pizza, how different pizza can you make if Pizza Hut patented the look. Surely, you can make a triangle, or a rectangle pizza, but that would unnecessarily increase the difficulty of making it and customers would have no reason to buy it over conventional round pizza.
  • This is so simple. Soo simple. First, they never should have released the Alpha because they should have used that beautiful design for the S6. It the most striking and simple design ever and I love it on my Note 4. That should have been the S6 design. Second, the removable back cover needs to be plastic so everyone that hates plastic can shut the hell up already. The S6 design and features should have been as follows: 1. Alpha design.
    2. Removable battery.
    3. SD slot.
    4. Infrared remote
    5. Water proof
    6. 4gb ram and 64b processor
    7. Base storage 64gb but 32 would have sufficed.
    8. Brighter screen. Same level as Note 4 or higher.
    9. Speaker on bottom.
    10. Built-in QI charging.
    11. Tone down Touch-Wiz or leave it off.
    12. Camera with OIS. But a smaller module. Don't go 20mpx if the camera is sticking out the back like that. I would go back down to 8mpx with OIS if it meant a flush module.
    13. Make it 5" or smaller with a 1080p screen. Don't need huge dpi unless they plan to make a gear VR for it.
    14. Make sure it comes to the states with an extra battery and charger and don't let shitty ATT dictate how they sell it. You do that stuff up there and you have a runaway hit. I buy 5 of them and pass them out at parties. Don't understand why this is so hard, its not, it's simple. There are 4 reasons I buy samsung. You take even one away and I'm gone.
    1. Removable battery
    2. Back button on right side.
    3. SD slot
    4. Email application. Its top notch. Nobody but apple comes close. If the S6 loses battery replacement, I'm out. Hope it isn't true.
  • Removable battery is definitely gone. I can accept that if the battery life is good. Hopefully the more efficient display, ram and the new 14nm Exynos mean good battery life. What I really hope is that the sd card isn't removed. If it is then I will really consider not buying it and might just get a note 4 or see what the z4 has to say. Sd card and the good cameraa was one of the main reasons I brought a Samsung. Posted via the Android Central App
  • No one can't stop the leaks...