Samsung Galaxy S6 struts its stuff next to the Galaxy S6 Edge in latest leak

While the shots of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge aren't the best in the world (when are they with leaks?), we're at least able to get a clear picture of what Samsung will be bringing to the table. Interestingly, looking at the Galaxy S6 Edge, it appears as though the display (and its dual-edges) will work differently to the Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The devices match what was revealed in an earlier leak, confirming that the next wave of Galaxy smartphones will look similar to previous models, except now we've moved to a glass back and metal sides.

There's not long to go until Mobile World Congress 2015 kicks off, so remain tuned for when Samsung officially unveils both handsets. That said, what are your initial impressions thus far?

Source: XDA Developers, via: SamMobile

Rich Edmonds