Samsung Galaxy S live wallpapers hacked onto other phones

Things like this is why I love Android.  Hacker extraordinaire persiansown has ripped the new live wallpapers out of the Samsung Galaxy S and ported them to other devices.  They all make a very nice subtle background, and with 4 to choose from there's probably something there to tickle your fancy.  As for me, I really like the Blue Sea one.  Hit the break to see some images and a short video of them in action, and you can find the download (tested on the Nexus, Moto Droid, HTC Evo, but should work on any Android 2.1 HVGA device) at the source link. [xda-developers]

aurora live wallpaper

Blue Sea live wallpaper

Aurora (left) and Blue Sea (right)

dandelion live wallpaper

ocean waves live wallpaper

Dandelion (left) and Ocean Waves (right)

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  • Download unsuccessful. :( The forum leads me to believe that need to be rooted to get these. Sadly I am not. Any tips?
  • There is a way supposedly if you are non rooted. If you go to there are APKS for download there. I tried downloaded and installed on my Incredible... got an error "unable to parse package" when trying to install it (app installer). I rebooted the phone and they all installed perfectly and work perfectly. Though, just a warning: If using the non-rooted way (SD card APK)... it will lag your phone a bit.
  • VERY helpful. THANKS!
  • these require root correct?
  • Yes and no...see above.
  • Works beautifully on my non rooted N1 running frf83.
  • Live wallpapers don't do much for me. I'm not that easily amused. I find them mostly annoying.
  • You were amused enough to weigh in here and rain on the parade.
  • i was able to download and install these from the web browser on my incredible. unfortunately when i tried to apply them, each one force closed. =(
  • You need to download the APKs for unrooted phones apparently. Check the thread. Load APK's onto SD card. Use Apps Installer. If "error on parsing package", reboot. And install again. Worked for me on my Incredible.
  • The APK's download successfully and it even "previews" when you try switching the wallpaper but once you apply it the wallpaper it leaves a blank black wallpaper. EVO user btw
  • Funny! I was just playing with the new 4G samsung "galaxy pro" and was going to mount and steal the live wallpapers mysel!
  • pics plz
  • oohh, sexy!! unrooted here and i have successfully gotten them thru the link above! i really like Blue Sea but i REALLY wish ocean waves didnt slow the phone done like crazy!
  • Download unsuccessful. :( I have a rooted droid and it did not work
    looking forward to updates
  • Here is what you need to do. Go to the Market and download installer (it will look like a wand and is free). Once you have done this, download the apk files. Then open installer, go to download file, select the download you want, click on it. It will then prompt you to install and click install. That should handle it for you. No need to reboot phone or anything like that. My EVO is not rooted and that is how I did it. Very easy. Hope that helps.
  • Unsuccessful too. Unrooted Evo. Downloaded the unrooted APK files using Dolphin HD. Ran the APK after download and message reads: Download Unsuccessful, No Application can be found to open this file. Yes I deleted the APK, rebooted, and redownloaded with the same results.
  • On my Incredible, I downloaded to my desktop computer. Plugged in my Incredible via USB. Transferred APK's to SD card. Rebooted phone. Then installed via Apps Installer. Does that method work for you?
  • They worked on the Incredible. Unrooted, installed the APKs via Astro. However they are rather sluggish, like the original poster on XDA mentioned, and I think that's down to how and where they get installed (into /data as complete packages). Maybe they'll be snappier on Froyo, or someone will find a more efficient method for installing them?
  • on the Nexus One Froyo frf83 every one of them is like any other live wallpaper except for the Ocean Waves one, that one slows the phone down heavily! makes it very laggy!
  • Its due to how/where the files are being run from on non-rooted devices. This is the non-conventional way of running live wallpapers. Uses more processor. I am going to hold off on these until I root. Even though i have the 2150mah on my Incredible, i could save the battery juice for better things.
  • Successful on Nexus One with Froyo (FRF72). Very neat. Thanks!
  • It lags a bit on my unrooted desire. I wont usett them. But they sure look amazing
  • Can't vouch for unrooted phones (I don't have any lol) but these work just fine on the Evo and every N1 ROM known to man
  • Cannot access the files since i'm not a member of the forum they were posted in......anybody have any ideas?
  • it's XDA. join the forum :) Horrible place to socialize (IMO) but if you're into customizing your phone you'll find being able to DL attachments from there is quite handy. The reason the files aren't uploaded to another place? Traffic stealing is a douchebag move (again IMO) and I'd rather point everyone to the XDA thread.
  • Tried all of these and they all installed fine. You will need to register with that forum to get the APK files in the linked post. They all lag a little, but the Dandelion and Blue Sea ones work pretty well. Can anyone tell me how well these are running under Froyo on the Droid at the standard clock speed? Or on a rooted overclocked Droid? (I am using unrooted Droid btw)
  • Awesome wallpaper but it drags my N1 2.2 FR83 big time. I'm sure it will be a battery killer also but oh so pretty! Wish Google would have released some new LWP with froyo!
  • Just give me the dang phone already
  • To install unrooted just go get the APKs in that forum link, copy them to your SD card, use a file manager (like Astro, which is what I used), navigate to them and tap the APK file to launch. I didn't do anything fancier than that, and they installed on my Moto Droid perfectly.
  • Hey. Will not work on my unrooted EVO. I tried all the fixes such as...uninstalling. They all force close. Beat! Any ideas?
  • EVO: Downloaded from xda, copied to SD card, installed with Astro file manager. Installed fine with no errors. The ocean wave one is incredible. It does slow things down a bit, but the Evo is fast, so it is quite usable. I won't keep it on, though, since I imagine it will destroy battery life :) But it is a kewl thing to have on hand for showing off
  • Installed all 4 Live Wallpapers on my unrooted Droid. They all work great, and I don't notice them slowing down the phone at all.
  • Getting force close on htc evo
  • I did unrevoked fake root, i did the zip file of these wallpapers..un zipped, went into data>app and clicked and selected "open app manager"(with Astro file mngr) and i wanna uninstall them, i used quick uninstall no luck and even looked in market app under downloads, any help would be cool, email bryanjfaber@gmail or illl check back here i only put on email in case its a long reply and need some back and forth conversation...thanks in advance
    *********big ole freaking edit...haha
    I realized on the open app manager section it has now an uninstall section, sorry im on painpills..
  • I was able to install them on my Evo, no problem. I downloaded them to my computer, hooked my Evo up and dragged them into a folder, then I used ASTRO to find the files and install them. Ocean Waves is my favorite, but there is a little slowdown with it running. Nothing terrible, but I do notice it.
  • Installed on my Evo, same as the others, drag-n-drop and install using Astro. They work perfectly. I held off on Ocean Waves because of the issues with lag people have been reporting. My personal favorite has to be Dandelions. :)
  • attache file to your email then open email from your phone, it worked on my unrooted N1 FRF85B
  • try this one guys! A lot better: