Samsung Galaxy S III will launch on time, Apple's push for early injunction hearing denied

Apple won't be able to hold back the Galaxy S III tide in the US, as their request for an early injunction hearing against Samsung's latest has been denied by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose. Because her calendar was so full she had no time to hear the case before the June 21 Galaxy S III launch, effectively dashing Apple's hopes to keep it out of your hands. This does not affect the trial itself, which will go on as planned -- just not when Apple wants it to.

This is a big deal to both sides. The Galaxy S III is expected to sell well, and many users will be under a new two-year agreement when Apple releases their next model sometime later this year. According to analyst Dan Levine (read the source link), postponing the launch of the Galaxy S III was a major part of Apple's strategy in the battle for smartphone dominance, and we have to agree. Once users get the new Galaxy S III in their hands, they may not want to look at any other phone for a while. 

Source: Reuters

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Glad it backfired
  • Sounds like the Judges are starting to realize that they are being “gamed” by companies (looking to gain a competitive edge) and started to play games of their own.
  • Yeah but Verizon's new data plans just helped Apple's case (no pun int). I was gonna jump all over the SIII, but may take my time shopping different carriers now that Verizon's pulling the rug out from under their "grandfathered". Let the data plan slash price breakdown begin!
  • Still have my unlimited data... So, the new plans don't affect me. I guess if you would be affected, you'd want to shop around. Although it isn't ideal, you can pay full price for the phone and keep unlimited data, assuming you have it already.
  • I still have unlimited too but it sucks having to pay full price of top of the line phone from now on. I do get a 20% plan & accessory discount with the railroad on most carriers. I really don't care for buying one used from someone else either, guess I'm just gonna have to make my mind up and either bite this bullet or bite that bullet. I'm in the Memphis area, anyone have major gripes or compliments about Sprint or T-Mobile? Stick with Verizon? Thanks!
  • @GTALLDAY You can grandfather your unlimited data when you preorder the GS3 on Verizon's website. Whether you're eligible for an upgrade or not, they will grandfather you in on the preorder. Just be careful when you do. There's a step in the process that isn't all too clear to set up the unlimited plan. If you get stuck or aren't sure during the process then just call Verizon.
  • Yep, worked for me. UL data for another 2 years. Then, I'm sure any $600 phone will still have some resale value in 2 years to put against another full retail price. It's not a complete loss every two years if you sell your last device.
  • Yup, I have done it before. If you take care of your phone you can always get $100-$200 easy selling it on ebay or craigslist. That helps. I also get a 20% corp discount with Verizon so the money I save on the plan helps also.
  • I was on Sprint and traveled to Memphis 3-4 times a year on business. The reception on my EVO 4G was horrible at best. Could have been the old building I was in or the location (Old Memphis University Building), but I simple had to learn that my service would be unreliable during those visits. I recently switch to VZW and have the 4GB data for $30 a month. My 23% discount does NOT apply to the data portion of my bill. Reception on 3G and 4G are much much better in Memphis, So Cal, and Houston (the main areas I am in). I will stick with VZW for the remaining 17 months of my contract, but the prospect of paying full price for a phone at renewal or face the newer plans troubles me.
  • The reality behind that, however, is that you're effectively paying an extra $10-15/mo over 24mo when you buy off contract. I understand the benefits, and to each their own, but it is often overlooked.
  • good news....wasnt worry at all when apple made the announcement of the injunction. apple's tactic to slow the advancement of technology..... now onto other news about the GS III
  • Never planned to look at an iphone as an option anyways so have fun failing apple.
  • Verizon screwed apple as the GS3 is the last chance people have to keep their unlimited plans and not pay the insane prices for the new plan People like me who were on the fence are getting the GS3 and not waiting for the iPhone.
  • Can we say FAIL!!! Way to go Apple you are officially Loser of the week!
  • Great news. I have already made my plans to purchase on 6/21/12 - the date my carrier will be releasing it. Have the GSII and have loved it. Got ICS last night on it and can't wait for the the GSIII. 32 Gig for sure, now just to decide between blue or white (I really just want black).
  • I wish all the carriers would get the red version!
  • Yeah, I'm waiting for that one myself. I'm hoping the red one is better than the other two AT&T versions, namely in having 32 GB onboard instead of 16.
  • Good news! Glad people are seeing what Apple is trying to do. They can't just throw lawsuits left and right and say they haven't stolen a few ideas. These guys swear they can regulate the cellphone market, sorry buds.
  • Did you read the article at all, Apple is still suing, they just are not getting the date that they wanted. And they probably know that they have no case, they just wanted to prevent Samsung from making a preemptive strike and releasing before they could grab a lot of fence sitters.
  • YES!
  • Ooooo, that's gotta hurt Apple...
    Well, TOO BAD!!!
    Trying for market domination always fails. Now we see what carrier wins the battle of data plan costs...
  • Hey guys help us stop corporate greed, sign our petition and spread the word! Verizon Wireless:
  • Signed!
  • I'm not going to sign it because it won't do anything. I sign with my wallet. Take your business elsewhere or Verizon won't take you seriously. Petitions only work for political issues, not business ones.
  • It works on businesses too. Remember when Verizon tried adding a $3 surcharge for online bill payments? Poof, gone! People complained, petitioned, what not and it worked.
  • Yeah, $3 a month was cancelled... ...then they went and instigated 1GB of data for $50 a month instead. Stop trying to help. -Suntan
  • All the more reason to speak up since it does work. There, I helped you out again. How about this one? Grandfather in the unlimited data plan on the best network for $30? Beats $50 for 1 gig sharing among your ten brothers and sisters, don't it?
  • And now they add 30 dollars to your phone purchase
  • All the major carriers do. You can blame the Iphone for that.
  • Instead of signing a petition people should really make them pay attention and drop their ass. Nothing makes a company pay attention like hitting their bottom line. But that requires sacrifice which consumers are never prepared to do. Instead they make online petitions and continue to hand over money to Verizon each month. Yes I'm a little on the pissy side because if you think Verizon would care about some electronic petition, well. we'll see what we'll see. Good luck, nonetheless.
  • Thanks to some forum members giving me the heads up, I will be pre ordering the SGS3 for the Mrs to lock in the Unlimited plan. I just have to order it before 6/27 and it will count as a purchase now, and we will just activate it when it comes around 7/9. Pretty sweet, she is looking forward to a new phone.
  • Well CRAPPLE thought hey we can do it to the HTC ONE line...why not the SG3. Crapple has been behind the times. Look at their keynote...let's um get rid of Google Maps and replace it with ummm Maps with turn by turn voice, full screen support in landscape, upload pics, face time over over celluar....(there goes anyone with a data cap. Hasn't Android been able to do this for a while? But hey good luck Crapple with your macbook with "faster" speeds. Maybe instead of all the lawsuits of how people "stole", maybe you should look at yourselves and quit taking and borrowing and claiming what is not yours. Your coming out of this as the black sheep. Get ready to be Galaxafied.
  • Apple has been losing more than it has won with these cases. Android OEM's can consider them simple suits for nuisance value at this point.
  • This makes me happy.
  • Anything that causes Apple to be pissed is a good thing. That said. This was a tactical long shot on Apple's part and they know it. If it worked out cheers. If not they move on to whatever BS they can pull next.
  • I can't help but laugh at all these feeble attempts to thwart innovation. Samsung innovates Apple litigates plain and simple. Samsung has thrashed apple since 2010 in my book. The Galaxy S3 will simply make the iphone 5 useless before it launched..Great too see this...
  • Except they're not feeble attempts...they're quite effective, no matter how slimy. Only reason it didn't work this time was scheduling... They'll still take this to court and continue to stifle innovation etc, it just won't affect the first batch of SGSIII shipments.
  • As long as it doesn't affect the first batch of VZW shipments! -Suntan
  • You say that like you know how the judge is going to rule.
  • So, was the GS3 included in the Galaxy Nexus trial or was it excluded from that trial? This is actually a serious question, I've kinda been off the internet for 4 days because I've been visiting my GF this week.
  • ha...gotta love it
  • Mmmm... Apple's tears are delicious
  • Apple will defecate bricks.
  • HAHAHA how about them apples? (no pun intended)
  • After all of this I'm really hoping that Samsung goes after Apple for LTE patents on the new iphone. If they are infringed upon of course.
  • Ha, ha! ! ! Take that Apple!!! If Apple were a government they'd probably be like North Korea!!!
  • Ha! I love it. I disagree though that they are trying to thwart innovation. They are trying to stymie sales - bottom line. That's all. The technology is already in the S3 when shipped. With regard to Verizon, they have been gouging their customers for a long time. Yes, I understand they have one of the better networks a, but their rates have been outrageous over the past 5 years. That's why I left. Oh well, lol at Apple getting jacked!
  • I'm happy with this outcome, but everyone needs to recognize this is a tactical win for Samsung (essentially just a delaying action), not a strategic one. Apple is continuing with lawsuits against Nexus claiming infringement on two patents. If court agrees with either of these, Apple will immediately file injunction against GS3 (and probably every other phone Samsung makes) for same infringement. If this happens, Samsung will have to remove offending code, disabling some capabilities, before court will lift the injunction. Unless Samsung can get these Apple patents declared invalid, it appears to me Apple will continue try different approaches until they find the right combination of patent, Samsung phone, and legal argument that a judge will rule in their favor. Google and the OEM's need to come up with an equally threatening case against Apple.
  • Sweet! Even though I'm not getting a GS3, anything that thwarts crApple is good news in my book since they delayed my EVO 4G LTE. As for disabling capabilities, I'm sure the dev community will be all over it and restore the original functionality pronto. They've already fixed HTC's offending code, and I use my middle finger to tap my app of choice to open a link as my own little F U to Apple.
  • The judge probably pre-ordered her SIII.
  • lol @ Nev.........Good comment sir
  • Now let's go sprint. Get some phones in the warehouse and ship those boys out!
  • So scheduling caused this to backfire eh? Note to court clerks; We need significantly more scheduling issues in the courts. And not just in patent nonsense either!
  • F U C K I N G Apple cant bet them so sue them.Everybody I know who has a iphone 4s hates it says it drops calls all the time.My boss complained to Att they said it was the phone not there network
  • I'm glad the hearing was delayed.
  • Screw you Apple, you tried to keep the sweetness of the HTC One out of my hands and partially succeed with your red tape in the USA rather than innovating, and copying google with ios 5 sp1. Love the way you ripped off Google chrome at the WWDC with you Safari Sync / chrome infringement. Google has enough decency to not send you to court but if it were the other way around it would be bloody murder. I was going to pick up a MacBook but I'm fed up feeding money to you pricks so I will go for an ultra book.
  • Like a boss. =p
  • I am glad for the delay. A delay because I know you will not stop. IMO it was clearly an attempt from Apple to impose its will on us. But don't worry, when the iStatus 5 comes out the mindless Drones you have already assimilated will still line up and fork over the cash for your latest and greatest. Good for the rest of us that can see though your B.S. tactics.
  • Being a big Android fan and owner who enjoys hacking his phone appreciates the mindset behind Android. I listen and read all the podcasts from Android Central and will say Android Central obviously is pro Android they never rip or get nasty about anything Apple. Saying that I can not say the same with other podcasts or writers who are basic Apple fanboys just writing trash about Google and Android. I find that so irritating that these so called journalists will lower themselves to this kind of trash writing and then put it out there for the public to read. There are several people from I-More, a female and male that sling crap and I think they believe their trash. There is this site BGR and the owner named Geller who also writes trash just to get people to visit his site and it must work because he writes this trash on a regular basis. I give props to all the workers and journalists from Android Central, I can honestly say they never lower themselves to these standards and if anything always will have something positive to say about the competitor. Too bad the other sites are not the same. I was shocked because these people are not dumb and this kind of writing is so juvenile and the comments and snide remarks about Google and Android are pathetic. I will finish this by saying that any OS that will dictate to their customers what they can and cannot use because of personal reasons would be enough to make me change. To remove the best map experience in the world for a unfinished product that can not be used on all their phones is not thinking of their customers. To put a positive spin on this kind of move is comical and makes me very glad I am with the best platform in Mobile Land, Android. Thank You Google for not being anything like Apple.
  • No one I know has a iPhone
    .. with that said need I say what phones they have hmmmm.....
    I'm currently using a sprint galaxy nexus and Im really happy with this phone... Android > blackberry > apple
  • Yo u left out windows phones. =p
  • I'mm glad the hearing good news.
  • #WIN for the Android team. I just sold my iPod touch since I'm tired of the fruit phone trying to show its @$$. When will they ever realize they are just left over apple juice from yesterdays breakfast? #losers
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