Samsung Galaxy Note 2 now available on Verizon Wireless

Hey, how about that -- it's Nov. 29, and that means Verizon Wireless' Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now available to buy online and in stores. Verizon's Note 2 sells for $299 with a two-year service plan, and comes with a rather ridiculous home button bearing the carrier's logo.

Besides the cosmetic differences, this is the same Galaxy Note 2 we've been seeing since its debut at IFA -- it rocks a massive 5.5-inch non-PenTile HD SuperAMOLED screen, a Wacom-powered S Pen, 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos CPU and 2GB of RAM. And it's running on Verizon's 4G LTE network, of course.

If you're buying today, you may want to think about a sticker to cover up that unsightly home button. If you're still on the fence, check out our review of the international Galaxy Note 2.

Anyone picking up a Note 2 on Big Red today? Shout out in the comments!

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • My N2 should arrive via FedEx around noon. The nasty home button did not deter me! Has Alex, Phil or anyone else at A.C. had hands on experience with the VZ GN2? I've heard from others that the unsightly home button branding is really not such a big deal with the unit in hand. I'll gladly trade this cosmetic no-no for the LTE experience on the VZ Network.
  • I'm in front of a Verizon store right now waiting to get it
  • Just walked in and got mine! I can't take my hands off of it.
  • Leaving work now to be at VZW right when they open. Can't wait!
  • Getting mine tomorrow from a friend who can do the upgrade swaperoo with a dumbphone on my family plan so I can keep unlimited data! I'm pumped! Just got my wife the S3 a couple weeks ago. Anybody got the AllShare Cast hub? Any good? Worth it?
  • That's it! When my pre-order arrives today I'm going to refuse it, send it back because of that gawd aweful home button logo. And just on principle over it, I'm going to also leave Verizon's excellent LTE coverage and my grandfathered unlimited data for T-Mobile and the Nexus 4! That'll show em! ;P Nose cut, face spited!
  • Yup, I'm right there with you. I'm considering an "Occupy" type of activity at the Verizon headquarters in N.J. T-Mobile, here I come.
  • I wonder if I wait a while, enough people will complain and the next batch of phones wil have that logo removed. But by that time, I should just wait and see what Samsung shows off in Jan with there 1080 screen...
  • Your right, I did show'em and stick it to VZW up their bung! HAHA.. F-em and their ridiculous monthly plan and slow LTE! Have fun paying 2-3x more than I do on TMO and N4..LOL :P Cut and split deesh!
  • Doubt I'm paying 2-3x more: $65 a month with corporate discount ($72 without). Includes 450 anytime minutes (for calls to those not on Verizon) which I never go over because everyone I know is on Verizon, grandfathered unlimited data with fast LTE (average 15-20 down, 10-15 up), no texting needed (loathe it). :)
  • Had a TMO Note 2 for a week took it back because their coverage stinks and the plan price was the same as my unlimited verizon plan but hey I did give them a chance. But picking up the note 2 from Verizon. Unlimited means nothing if you cant find service half the time, but hopefully one of these carriers will step up and get the coverage Verizon has they need more competition so we can get a break.
  • Exactly about unlimited.. It's worthless for about 90% of VZW's customers.. Sure I have it too, but why pay for it if I'm NOT using it. TMO rules and yes, VZW customers DO OVERPAY unlike that poster above. Even with my corp discount. VZW can suck it
  • Mine arrived yesterday, it's a beautiful monster.
  • I've been using Verizon for almost 10 years now and I currently have GS3 in NYC. Everyone touts Verizon LTE so much, but here in New York, it's often slower than HSPA+ (probably most of the time) - I rarely get over 5mbps in Manhattan. Last time I tested with my colleague's iPhone 5 w/ATT LTE, Verizon got raped. Maybe next time around, I should just get a Nexus and move to T-Mo prepaid...
  • See ya! Have fun! You will be lucky to even make a call let a lone data on t-mobile once you leave the city area. I get 12-16 megs down 6-8 up consistently in Queens on VZ. Can't wait for my Note 2 to arrive later today!!
  • For the past 7 years I've been in the city, I never visited Queens so that doesn't really matter for me. (And I will carry my company's ATT blackberry if I go outside metropolitan areas so..) But good for you if you're getting faster speeds.. VZ just needs to set up more towers or do something to provide proper LTE service to New Yorkers.
  • People on Verizon here in New York City are simply fooling themselves been there done that. I kicked Verizon and it's overpriced overbloated network to the curb June 28th 2012 for tmobile. Since I have enjoyed my wonderful Galaxy S3 and since November 15th i added another line and now rock my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Unlimited data for this beast is all that matters and YES TMOBILE shits all over Verizon here in New York City with it's hspa plus 42 mbs network. When i left Verizon June 28th their vaunted LTE network was crappy slow then now with those crappy Iphones hogging it up Verizon is putrid. Thank God for a much better option tmobile rules this space and our Galaxy Note 2 is the real deal not some accident cosmetically changed orphan created by Verizon.
  • And when T Mobile finally gets the iPhone, & they will eventually get the iPhone, you'll have where to go? You were all over Sprint & the Evo 3D as the greatest carrier & phone ever. Then Verizon & the G Nex. Now your just completely Samsung & T Mobile. Good for you. Until you bless us all with your next conquest.
  • hahaha!!you go rob!
  • 1. "People on Verizon here in New York City are simply fooling themselves been there done that." Just because YOU had a crappy experience with Verizon does not mean the rest of New York, let alone the USA, is having the same problems. It also does not mean that they are "fooling themselves". You, on the other hand, are fooling yourself if you think your word is law or your opinions should should be everyone else's.
    2. You continually cite this "42 mps network", but have never once stated your actual speeds. Sad that you don't realize 42 mbps is only the theoretical maximum under the most optimum of network conditions. You probably don't even get 1/4 of that. Idiot.
    3. "Thank God for a much better option tmobile rules this space" Yeah... keep telling yourself that when T-Mobile is STILL being talked of as "the nation's 4th largest carrier". Have you been guzzling some of that T-Mobile Kool-Aid?
    4. "our Galaxy Note 2 is the real deal not some accident cosmetically changed orphan created by Verizon." I love how you continue to make such a big deal out of this when it's a non-issue for most buyers. And if it's such a big deal to certain people, they can certainly slap a cover on it to hide most of the branding (as well as protect the phone), but can also take a knife/razor and some nail polish remover to the Verizon logo on the home button.
    5. A little over a year ago you were praising Sprint/HTC and how "prefect" they were all the while talking about "Samsuck" and how Verizon was "the devil". Then you moved on to Verizon, LTE, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Now you're up T-Mobile and Samsung's ass. Who's next? Cricket and LG?
  • Wow...way too harsh. It's just a phone.
  • Just picked mine up and I'm up
  • Dumb question from a dumb premium retailer. I'm moving back to Australia soon. I want to swap my S3 out for an international device so I'm shooting for the DNA - buuut, I would prefer the GNote 2 if it has the capability. I presume the VZW ver(given the shitty Verizon logo brandished all over it) is locked to VZW, and can't be unlocked just like the VZW GS3. Lil help for an ignorant douche?
  • Trying to figure out what to do. I currently have the Unlocked GN2 running on Straight Talk, on ATT. No LTE, but performance is very good, 8mb down,1mb up. No where near my VZW LTE speeds. Do I pay full price for VZW GN2 and keep unlimited or leave VZW and stay on Straight Talk. I expect updates will come faster from Samsung than from Samsung and then VZW testing? What are most of you doing, upgrade or full retail?
  • Hopefully the price comes down to $199 soon!
  • I want to get it on Verizon but I don't want to lose my unlimited data
  • Then you'll have to pay full retail to keep unlimited data or wait for one to show up on craigslist or elsewhere to bring your own. Those are the only two ways to keep unlimited data.
  • Gonna wait in front of the store at 10am here. 2 hours and 14 minutes to go! Haven't been this excited about a phone since the Palm Pre!
  • Any idea if it come with the multy task enabled
  • It does come with multi-tasking available. It's suspected that this is part of the reason it was delayed (to include the feature), so they didn't have to push out an OTA update for it like other carriers had to.
  • Lol if you really think that Verizon delayed launch of this device so that they can get multitasking ready you're putting way too much faith in them. Verizon has never cared about getting the latest and greatest software into their devices for launch, all they care about is making sure that the device has as much bloatware from them as possible and that the bootloader is locked down as tight as possible.
  • Will there be an update to the Int'l version's review? I'm wondering what changes the LTE/new carrier have on the experience with this phone. Home button notwithstanding ;)
  • Mine is on the FedEx truck now. I ordered a Marble White home button sticker to cover up the logo. No big deal. I won't even know it's there. Honestly I think everyone is overreacting about the home button logo. If it bothers you that much cover it up with a white sticker. They are on eBay for a few bucks. Quad-core LTE! Bought this phone at retail to keep my unlimited data like I did with my S3 I just got a couple months ago.
  • Yes!! Boobies are going to look a lot bigger on this 5.5 inch screen!!
  • OMG, can we got off the whole sticker thing? So there is a logo on the button, get over it. While you are at it, why not cover up that Nike Swoosh on your sneaker, or take that Ford emblem off your car. Maybe scratch that Toshiba sticker off your TV. Give it a rest already.
  • hey mr genius, you've got to be kidding me.
  • Does it sound like I'm kidding? Get over it dude. Carriers come up with creative ways to put their own mark on a phone, especially when the same phone is on multiple carriers. That's why you see some phones with exclusive colors to some carriers. It's business, grow up and move on.
  • I totally agree with this guy. If you don't like it cover it up. I just bought the stickers off ebay. Who cares. I don't like it so I'm simply covering it up.
  • Has anyone heard ANY speculation about when the 32GB variety will arrive? My S3 has 32GB but the Note 2 arrived with only 16GB. Cheers ! (I'm with the guy that sez quichyerbitchin about the freeking button logo)
  • Not too sure, but I got a 64GB card for $60 on eBay. You'll be paying $50 for 16GB extra. Think about it...
  • Got mine about 10AM and am loving it! Logo is not that bad.
  • Yeah, don't bother me. It's so big =D (That's what she said).
  • Hoping to get one soon. Was thinking about selling a testicle. I only need one...
  • Bloody Wirefly is still "expecting" Note 2 shipment. And not one CSR asshole knows/cares when it arrives (if it was ordered at all)... I'm about to cancel my order with them and go to Walmart or something.
  • Got mine this morning from the only 24 Hour Best Buy in the world (Union Square NYC). Exchanged my Galaxy S3 and paid the difference. Best Part? I had my phone over 30 days and still had another 30 to exchange it. THANK YOU Best Buy Reward Zone Silver!!
  • so anybody getting a flat panel mount to hold this monster on a wall at home?
  • Did the Verizon variant come with headphones?
  • No, it does not.
  • I went to VZW today planning to purchase one with my girlfriend's upgrade but couldn't get one. The line eligible for the upgrade is her sister's and we didn't have the phone with us. The VZW employee told me if I bought the phone it would shut off her sister's phone. Her sister was at school so I left empty handed. I might be able to get it on Saturday.
  • Just got mine from hhgregg and got it for 279. dont mind the vzw logo button. This is my 1st samsung since old flip phones. This thing is amazing. Retired my trusty droidx finally
  • is evryone retarded in this forum f.... the logo on home button verizon makes you change plan with upgrade which comes with bigger bill and less data[ no more unlimited] what a ripp of from verizon time for lawsuite