Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gets UK price and release information

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German pricing for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 was available for all to see at carriers’ booths at IFA, but so far the device’s UK pricing has remained something of a mystery. Today we have the first tentative UK price tag and release window for the 5.5-inch Note successor, by way of British online retailer Clove Technology.

Clove reports on its official blog that the Note 2 will cost £546 inc. VAT when it’s launched in “mid-October.” That price is undeniably steep for any smartphone, but it is in line with the Galaxy S3’s late-May launch price (and let’s also remember that the original Note wasn’t exactly cheap at launch either). As always, this is a SIM-free price, so you can expect to pay much less if you pick up a network-subsidized model.

Would a high price like this deter you from picking up a Galaxy Note 2 at launch? Hit the comments and let us know.

Source: Clove (opens in new tab); More: Hands-on with the Galaxy Note 2

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  • I could never pay full retail for a phone since I am always changing between phones. That would be a major loss for me.But I know many will...
  • I absolutely cannot wait.... but still not sure if i will wait for Galaxy Note 3. i am not so happy its 720p and not 800 but i guess i can deal with it overall it just doesnt seem that big of an update over the original just yet. it looks great, but the note is great now. there are few things that really need change, and i know il want galaxy note 3 much more then note 2.
  • Got all excited for a moment and then discovered that only the 16GB is mentioned. If I am going to spend over £500 on a new phone I would rather not "spoil the ship for a ha'port of tar" and get either the 32GB or 64GB model. Guess I'll just have to wait and save!
  • 16GB iPhone 4S is £499 and 64GB £699, so don't really see this price-point that out of place (not to say that I agree with it...)
  • If it makes it to Verizon, I will buy it!