Galaxy Mega

Samsung's Galaxy Mega was a quirky phone-tablet hybrid that arrived on AT&T last summer, and now it appears there may be a follow-up in the works, as multiple reports suggest a 6-inch Mega 2 is in development.

The model number SM-G570 has shown up in previous reports tied to an AT&T-bound device, and Twitter leaker @evleaks now says the device "self-identifies as 'Mega 2.'" The claim is backed up by a recent report from GSMArena in which the site says an insider source provided details of several upcoming Samsung phones, including the G750, which carries a 6-inch 720p display. References to a 6-inch G750 can also be found in India's Zauba import database, having arrived from South Korea for testing.

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The 6-inch screen size would be a step down from the 6.3 inches of the original Mega — though remember there was also a lower-specced 5.8-inch version of the device sold in some countries. In any case, we'll have to wait and see whether these reports bear fruit, and if so whether the G750 is the only "Mega" model available this year.

Source: Zauba, @evleaks, GSMArena