Samsung Galaxy I7500 Coming to O2 UK This Week?

The Samsung Galaxy is reportedly slated for release in the UK this week, kind of. Reports have shown that O2's retail staff have found the Samsung Galaxy, Samsung's first Android phone, in their inventory system and that shipments will arrive this week. Though this doesn't necessarily mean that the Galaxy will be immediately available to customers, it shouldn't be too far off in the future.

O2 representatives have stated that the handset will launch in the next few weeks and our own report has expected an August release date for months now so we believe that this rumor of a Samsung Galaxy launch on O2 carries some weight. Though the Samsung Galaxy has taken a back seat to the HTC Hero, Sony 'Rachael' and others in our eyes, we're definitely excited to see it back in the spotlight and hopeful for its success.

Any UK'ers out there going to buy a Galaxy?


Casey Chan
  • My wife has a Blackberry on O2 - it is coming up for renewal in October or November, so we'll probably switch to the Galaxy at that point - if she likes it. :)
  • I was in an O2 store last week (Oxford St, London) and *finally* I was able to get some staff to not only acknowledge the existence of the Samsung Galaxy but also state that they had the phone on their system and that the store was getting some in this week (starting 17th Aug). He recommended checking back towards the end of this week. I'm quite keen to get my grubby hands on one for a look-see. The 3.5mm jack and flash on the camera are really want I'm looking for in my next phone. I was disappointed with the HTC Magic as the UI was a bit jerky and I'm hoping the Galaxy doesn't have the same problem.
  • If you check the O2 UK forums you will see many people have been waiting for this phone for weeks, unfortunately for O2 many got impatient and went for the Hero. I'm personally holding out for the better screen and camera, but if only O2 would give a firm release date they might have not lost some sales. Last comment I read in the forums was that the in-store stock inventory system changed from the 17th to the 24th August so a bit longer yet.
  • i spoke to 02 today and the chap i spoke to was very helpful, he said that i can order the phone from tuesday to upgrade as the phine is out today but not on the system, and then i spoke to the store, they said that the warehouse has got them in stock so waitin for their delivery which will be either thursday or friday, lets hope we see this happen.