Samsung dropping its Galaxy J series and merging it with the A series

In an official teaser video on its Malaysian YouTube channel, Samsung has now decided to drop the J series of phones and merge it with the A series. Hopefully, with this change, it will bring more order to Samsung's already crowded roster of phones.

The Galaxy J series was Samsung's lineup of entry-level affordable phones. Now that it has officially merged with the Galaxy A series, let's hope that the affordable pricing of the J devices continues with the more premium features and design of the A series.

While you most likely know Samsung for phones such as the Galaxy S10 and Note 9, the company also make a wide range of phones to cover all price ranges. Even though flagship phones get all the marketing and press attention, there's still a large market for more affordable phones such as these. In recent years, due to stagnant mobile sales and increased competition in the entry-level to midrange market, Samsung has had to shift its strategy.

To better compete with its rivals in China, Samsung has put a focus on bringing premium features and design to more affordable phones, such as multiple rear cameras, in-screen fingerprint scanners, and its Infinity Display. The Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20, Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50, and Galaxy A70 are perfect examples of these plans put into motion. Our very own Harish has gone as far to say that the Galaxy A50 is "the new budget champ" in his review.

What's next for the Galaxy A series? Samsung has an event planned for April 10 where it will unveil its latest Galaxy A devices. More than likely, we can expect to get a glimpse at the Galaxy A90 and perhaps some other surprises.

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Jason England